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Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!

I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. Monsanto will do anything to bury this story… and as of right now, it’s working. Not a single mainstream media outlet has covered this appalling new report that shows millions of people being poisoned by a chemical that does not belong in our food. This chemical is ending up in processed foods like Cheerios, Ritz Crackers, and Oreos and being consumed by humans across the world. The health of millions of people is on the line and this news must go mainstream! That’s why I’m calling on every single one of you who reads this post to share this breaking story now. The only way this injustice will be corrected is if enough of us stand up and demand that something be done to stop the poisoning of our food supply.

Share this shocking new report with everyone you know….

A FDA-registered food safety laboratory tested iconic American food for residues of the weed killer glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup) and found ALARMING amounts. 2016-11-14_1536


{See the test results and full report by Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project}. 

Here is why we all should be concerned about eating glyphosate:

  • Independent research links glyphosate to cancer (sources: 12345) and it has been deemed a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s team of international cancer experts. The childhood cancer rate is steadily rising and experts say that they don’t know why. Why are they not taking a closer look at these facts?
  • It binds with vital nutrients in the soil (like iron, calcium, manganese, zinc) and prevents plants for taking them up. Glyphosate is thereby making food less nutritious!

Why is this weed killer in these foods? Even non-GMO and organic food! 

This chemical has gone so mainstream that glyphosate has infiltrated every facet of our environment – our water, air, soil.

  • Glyphosate is not just used on GMOs. Conventional (non-organic farmers) use Roundup as a drying agent on crops, such as oats and wheat. It can’t be simply washed off, as it is taken up into the plant itself.
  • As the active ingredient in popular “Roundup” herbicide, millions of people are using this stuff around their homes, and it’s widely used at parks and other public spaces.

So, that is why it’s not just GMO-filled junk food that is laced with glyphosate. It’s contaminating organic and non-GMO foods, and it’s even in our honey! The FDA quietly found it in almost every single sample of honey that they tested (from mass produced to organic mountain honey). The media has been essentially silent and barely anyone heard this news!

Even if you don’t personally eat the specific brands that were tested (I don’t), how many people are eating Cheerios and Ritz Crackers every day? A lot!

How many of your friends and family have their cabinets filled with these foods? These people need to know this information.

There are still thousands of other brands and whole foods that have not been tested for glyphosate residues, so we can’t be so sure that our own organic, non-GMO, and unprocessed food is safe. Americans are effectively being forced to eat this poison until something is done to stop the rampant use of this chemical. Yes, I said poison.

Monsanto doesn’t want the public to know these findings for obvious reasons. They have our regulatory agencies in their back pocket to make sure they can continue to make a hefty profit while poisoning the masses.

While there are now several manufacturers of glyphosate herbicides, Monsanto completely dominates the market and this is a best seller. They are raking in BILLIONS every year and certainly don’t want that to stop. They are clearly, without a doubt, using their prosperity to influence our government regulators. Why else would those entrusted to protect the public from harmful chemicals turn a blind eye to this?

Our public agencies are allowing corporations to poison Americans for profit.

In 2013, the EPA massively increased the industry standard of what is considered a “safe” level of glyphosate on our food, in order to make enormous amounts seem A-OK. Instead of properly regulating, they effectively raised the “safe” level so that no one can blame the industry for poisoning us with unlawful amounts of chemicals. This is corruption at its finest. The EPA has a long and sordid history of doing whatever Monsanto wants and you have to ask yourself why this continues to happen and how we can make it stop.

The EPA continues to pander to Monsanto, as they keep postponing and dragging their feet to evaluate glyphosate’s link to cancer in humans. The industry is fighting tooth and nail to make sure that the EPA “evaluation” will be in their favor and is trying to control who will be on the panel. Why won’t the EPA do their job to make sure that the world’s most widely used herbicide isn’t causing us all to get cancer? Don’t you think this should be a top priority? It’s time for the EPA to put the public health above the corrupt desires of corporations.

When it comes to the FDA, they are not protecting the American public from glyphosate either. After announcing in February that they would FINALLY begin testing foods for glyphosate residues, they just decided to suspend their testing this week. Could it be that Monsanto didn’t like the results they started getting – especially since the FDA found glyphosate in foods that should be especially safe like BABY FOOD? Monsanto will do whatever it takes to keep that story out of the public eye.

Doesn’t the public deserve to know this information? It should be shouted from the rooftops!

It is shameful that the American media has thus far failed to cover this breaking news, but WE HAVE THE POWER to make this information go viral. If you really want to stop the corruption perpetuated by Monsanto and the large chemical companies – this is how we shut them down!

CALL TO ACTION: Share this post with everyone you know. Tweet, share, and email this information to major media outlets and ask them to cover this story. 

Remember the best way to avoid glyphosate is by choosing certified organic foods because it is prohibited on organic crops. Although contamination is a real threat, the levels on organic foods are minimal compared to what’s been found on conventional foods. It’s been shown that people who eat organic foods have less glyphosate and other synthetic pesticides in their system

The people of this country must be informed and this should be our top priority. Go, Food Babe Army, Go! 



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Update 2/25/2017 (Snopes (a controversial fact-checking website) has wrongly reported this post as false… here is my response to that.)

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657 responses to “Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!

    1. I see that the products listed are all grain-based. Many people argue for a grain-free diet. This is another good reason to do so. Besides grain, does anyone know what other crops are sprayed with glyphosate?

      1. It is well known that glyphosate kills the gut microbiome, so in my opinion, if it kills the good bacteria within our gut from foods we eat sprayed with glyphosate, glyphosate is responsible for killing the earth’s biodiversity, which is why all vegetation grown outdoors is not as healthy as it was one hundred years ago! Monsanto has killed the earth, so the end of times is very near at hand!

      2. Only Genetically Modified Organisms are sprayed with Round up, this is their list:
        Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
        Apple (Malus x Domestica)
        Argentine Canola (Brassica napus)
        Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
        Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)
        Chicory (Cichorium intybus)
        Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
        Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera)
        Eggplant (Solanum melongena)
        Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.)
        Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)
        Maize (Zea mays L.)
        Melon (Cucumis melo)
        Papaya (Carica papaya)
        Petunia (Petunia hybrida)
        Plum (Prunus domestica)
        Polish canola (Brassica rapa)
        Poplar (Populus sp.)
        Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
        Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
        Rose (Rosa hybrida)
        Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)
        Soybean (Glycine max L.)
        Squash (Cucurbita pepo)
        Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris)
        Sugarcane (Saccharum sp)
        Sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum)
        Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
        Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)
        Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

      1. Add Canola Oil To List of Most Toxic Polyunsaturated Oils in your food! It’s in a plethora of products on grocery shelves now and in Health Food establisnments! There exists no Canola plant. Its a product of years of genetic modification of the Canadian Rapeseed. Approved by FDA with GRAS LABEL (generally regarded as safe) in 1985. There exists no true Canola Plant! Canola is product of years of GMO modification of Rapeseed. Read this well rounded very scary compilation of Canola History ” Why Canola Oil is Not the Healthy Oil You’ve Been Led to Believe” by Roxanne McDonald, June 18, 2015. 16,663 Facebook Shares

    2. We are unable to reverse the damage done to the earth, so our only option is to have faith in Jesus Christ to be resurrected onto the newly restored earth to its created beauty and splendour after the end of times!

      1. 🙂 no one is coming to save us. You have to roll up your sleeves and do the best you can with what you got. The only ones who might be able to get us out of this mess will be the micribiologists, to develop bacteria that eats up specific toxic chemicals and plastics.

      2. Biodynamic agriculture would start healing the soil, the water and the air from the highest Christian Initiate, Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

      3. Amen! I also agree that we need to do all we can to make the best of what we have right now, but I am ultimately greatly looking forward to the wonderous day of Christ’s coming as well!

    3. My wife used Monsanto’s Roundup four years ago around our 1/2 acre lot before we sodded the property around our new house. Also, she has been planting and pulling weeds in the flower and shrub beds around our house without gloves. Monsanto has never warned consumers about the glyphosate risk of causing cancer. Monsanto executives KNEW glyphosate was very dangerous and kept this from consumers. MY WIFE NOW HAS FOLLICULAR LYMPHOMA.

    4. Class action litigation is being prepared, with the intent to force Bayer into bankruptcy for poisoning american farms and food supply, with its nontoxic assets (does it have any?) being liquidated to pay for regeneration of american farms.

      Current and former executives as well as “lobbyists” and regulators may be named co defendants.

  1. This is disgraceful and in a land that suppose to care for its people.I think we need to boycott these foods until they can give us something worth eating.what has happened to our country,or should I say people?God cant be pleased with this.No wonder there is so much sickness,sounds like a third world country where people are kept in the dark about such things going on..

    1. The big pharmaceutical companies use the 1.2 trillion they make yearly through prescription drugs sales to control the mainstream media to report only what they want the general public to know. They have kept every discovery of natural cures for every known human disease from the general public, so they can continue to make money from people’s illnesses. The big pharmaceutical companies controlled medical system is not health care but an illness business or the greatest scam of all times, because they not only take our money but our health, wellbeing and lives also! Cancer is their greatest money making illness, yet the cause and cure for cancer were discovered in 1931, by a Jewish Doctor Otto Warburg, whom Adolph Hitler himself protected to enable him to continue his cancer research. Hence the big pharmaceutical companies are a worse evil than Adolph Hitler, as they are responsible for every illness-related death since the development of the natural polio vaccination from which they made no money! They hid the greatest medical discovery of all times. A second dormant immune system, autophagy in our bodies that is activated by fasting and it is, therefore, a zero cost cure for every known chronic disease

    1. I wouldn’t think so Jack as the rise in Autism started way before the Round Up was added to many seeds to make the plant Round Up resistant. But certainly other additives that are found in food could be.

      1. Gail, glyphosate was not added to seeds per se – they were genetically modified to be resistant to it. Monsanto patented glyphosate in the mid 1970’s & it was a best-selling herbicide by 1980 – not long before we started seeing a rise in autism rates. The effect of glyphosate on the gut microbiome is well known. It is also well known that people with autism have altered gut bacteria & higher permeability of the gut lining & blood-brain barrier. It’s not unreasonable to at least consider the correlation, if not study glyphosate as one possible cause of skyrocketing autism rates, particularly considering how prevalant it is in our food chain.

      2. I learned that autism increase is a result of modern wheat that was never tested for safety, but is a poison to humans, causing leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune diseases! I became sensetive to eight different foods and extreme bad body odour from my leaky gut from overconsuming modern wheat! Thank Jesus, I learned the cure was to eat an organic raw vegetable smoothie diet including frozen organic green bananas! frozen organic green bananas are high in resistant starch that aids healing leaky gut syndrome!

      3. I learned from HSI that 1992 is significant as the year Monsanto started using Chemical M in processed foods in the US and the FDA did nothing to prevent it even though studies revealed it’s deadly yoxic to humans by destroying the pancreas! look at the correlation to the increase in type II diabetes from 1992 up 500 percent since 1992 Chemical M is in 70 percent of the US food supply. The only solution is to eat organic raw vegetables grown inside greenhouses to be free of the glyphosate in the environment! Stop eating animal products to cure heart disease and move towards stopping global warming!

    2. That would be the vaccines that are forced upon us. Check out VAXX it’s devastating what government is doing to our children and the thousands or more lives that have been changed because of it.

    3. There has been much work done to correlate the increasing use of Glyphosate with rises in Autism as well as many of our other modern day “Chronic Illnesses” that real people are suffering from everyday.
      Here is a Video of Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT with Jeffrey Smith discussing the topics you want to know about. Autism, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, Parkinson’s. Alzheimers, etc. ……….

    4. One of the possible causes of Autism is actually Iodine insufficiency, according to Dr. Brownstein. While Glyphosate may not be to blame, toxins in most foods in general are. Specifically, high amounts of Bromine in lots of processed foods, and a severe lack of Iodine.

      I find it amusing, in a sad way, that there is severe Iodophobia in the medical community today. It is in fact this Iodophobia that has caused Iodine insufficiency and therefore the slew of problems that go along with it – hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s…

      Lack of Iodine can cause all sorts of mental disorders as well, including depression, bi-polar, autism, and many others.

      I think I’ve found my own mission in life, and that is to inform people of the extreme dangers of Iodine insufficiency. We are at EPIDEMIC levels in todays’ world. Dr. Brownstein estimates that at least 95% (yes NINETY FIVE PERCENT) of people are at least somewhat Iodine deficient, probably at least 50% or even more of people are SEVERELY Iodine deficient. Some people he measured were so low in Iodine, that he couldn’t even detect ANY Iodine in their body. Now that’s scary.

    5. Most crops are sprayed, it’s high in fruits like Apples with a thin rind and or veggies where you eat the exterior layer, the question in farming practices is not if its when they are sprays, how the plant goes to seed and things like that, wheat is sprayed when the wheat kernel is already formed thus high amount, other fruits n veggies b4 the plant goes to fruit thus less ppb.
      Essentially it should be banned here just like in other countries

  2. TERRIBLE! AWFUL! MALICIOUS! FRAUDULENT!! Who knows how many “things” in the human body could get disrupted, screwed up by this VERY harmful poison!

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING & IMMORAL that Monsanto & other chemical companies have been allowed to tamper with human health, the well being of the thousands of critters in the world???

  3. That “ppb” following the numbers means “parts per BILLION”. Glysophate intake is safe up to 1.75 mg/Kg of body weight per day (or about 155 mg per day for a man, 132 mg for a woman). In perspective, a Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Creme Pie has 0.01 mg of Glysophate. So if you’re an average sized woman, don’t eat more than 13,200 of them per day, and you should be fine.

    1. A quick re-read of the article will show that the images showing the amounts of glyphosate are preceded by the following: “…independent research shows that probable harm to human health begins at really low levels of exposure – at only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate.” If 0.1 ppb is where human harm may begin, and Cheerios has 1,125.3 ppb… can you do the math? If I’m missing something please fill me in, otherwise your comment makes no sense.

      1. And glysophate is actually engineered into the endosperm of the seed did you know that? It’s IN the seed not just ON it.

    2. Inevitably, the paid corporate shills appear. Considering that glyphosate remains and accumulates in bone marrow and tissues in the body, your comment is at best misguided, at worst outright dishonest and malicious.

    3. You are dreaming if you really think it’s “shouldn’t hurt us”. Maybe a few but most people have sensitive systems to anything carcinogenic

    4. It builds up in your system, kills your pre and pro biotics and we do not expell it so this is not facts at all

      1. PREbiotics are fiber and such that your good bacteria ( probiotics) feed on. Common mistake

  4. Please check out the pepperoni’s on Tombstone Pizzas! I have purchased them for several years and now I find out they are banned in Europe because of the carcinogens in the pepperonis – Can you check this out? Thanks!

  5. I am in my early seventies and am still “kicking” and I have eaten these foods all my life and now they are telling us they are bad! Hummm!

    1. Gloria, many of your contemporaries have died from cancer, and younger persons also, But continued good health!

      1. Also. When we were young Monsanto was not involved in making our food….me 1940-1970’s. We were ok back then. My kids in the seventies through the eighties were still ok, but pesticides were big…organic so in supermarkets rare.
        It’s only this new generation who may be eating this poison since birth, 2000-present, that are at great risk. And now that I am “elderly”. My generation is at risk. These poison containing foods should be off the shelves, no one should be consuming them. Let’s wait and see. Trump era promises to remove 75.

    2. How much of your life preceded the time when glyphosate entered the food chain? It’s not the foods themselves, it’s the glyphosate in them. Anyway, your argument really doesn’t hold up logically. It’s akin to saying that over the years your neighborhood has become bad, and you haven’t been shot, mugged or robbed, so the neighborhood must be safe.

    3. They have not always had these chemicals in them. So u haven’t eaten them all your life. I’m in my 50’s and I got colon cancer and it has to be from the food. So you are one who has a system that can handle some of the carcinogenic stuff in food better than others. And your still alive so it ccs still hurt you

  6. I found a contradiction that needs clarification. I first read that this ingredient is “contaminating ORGANIC and non-GMO foods”. Then I read that “the best way to avoid glyphosate is by choosing certified organic foods because it is prohibited on ORGANIC crops”. Since “This chemical has gone so mainstream that glyphosate has infiltrated every facet of our environment – our water, air, soil” and “It binds with vital nutrients in the soil (like iron, calcium, manganese, zinc) and PREVENTS plants for taking them up. Glyphosate is thereby making food less nutritious!”, seems as though we can’t avoid it’s consumption.

    1. Yes, it’s pretty much everywhere now. However, you can REDUCE your exposure by choosing certified organic as they won’t be deliberately adding any more when growing their crops. Money talks, so if consumers demand organic & non-GMO food, more farmers will stop using glyphosate which will reduce the future environmental burden.

    2. I live in the heart land and farmers have told me there’s no checking on them. They just have to tell the buyer it was raised organic and they take there word. And they get higher amounts just by saying it’s organic. So they say organic whether or not they grew it organic. It doesn’t stop me from buying organic though.

    1. Yeah. I’m sure trump doesn’t give a “fig” about what impact Monsanto has on the health and welfare of America. He’s probably a shareholder who as usual will sell us all out to make a few more bucks for his cronies and himself. After all, what little good the FDA and EPA do, they’re being gutted at this very moment.
      In other words: trump is corrupt and happy to do the bidding of Monsanto and ALL other OIL RELATED PROFIT GENERATORS. He is worse than useless. Soon only the top 1% will be able to eat. Hopefully they enjoy the taste of money ? with an oil chaser.

    2. Trump won’t improve the situation, but Obama is to blame for the past 8 years of Monsanto-friendly people heading the EPA and FDA. Despite an early campaign promise, Obama never came out in support of labeling GMOs, nor did he make any effort to support organic farmers. A huge disappointment.

      1. The best thing the Government can do to help Organic Farmers is to stay out of the way. Hopefully, Trump will cut down on the restrictions that have prevented farmers from selling their produce to each other, etc.
        Organic Farmers want to be informed if some of their practices are harming the food supply or the environment, but not regulated by a heavy handed government bureaucracy.
        As part of my personal cure for “Glyphosate Poisoning” (which manifest itself in the form of Interstitial Cystitis), we have bought a farm and begun producing our own Organic Food supply as much as possible.

    3. Yeah right! DT and his Cabinet of Shame. Good luck having oversight of any kind n the next few years, less is the norm in this Alt-fact reality of ours. Wouldn’t be surprised if our mental ManChild President is proof that Glyphosate causes brain damage, he surely is proof of this, besides he probably a major shareholder. JOKE! Twitter Twit!!

      1. DJT has nothing to do with this– he just became president in January 2017 youre an ininformed lefty you jumped on their bandwagon without being informed. it’s people like you, that spread propaganda. Furthermore he picked a FARMER for secretary of agriculture. Do your research before you make stupid comments.

  7. I’ve been trying to inform my family and friends about this. With everyone distracted with Bannon and No Ban, No Wall, it’s hard to get anyone to listen. It unreal that the FDA does not have to do studies on how safe it is and they just slipped it into are food starting in 1994, without informing the public. The president will be changing a lot in the first 100 Days: Rules, Regulations, Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke, and Issue. Before the gag on Federal Government Employees the public was allowed to see what he was removing, two that stuck out were, removing FDA labeling and organic standards. I will be paying attention to see what new regulations will be issued if any. This is something we all need to stand together on!

  8. quote: Research also indicates that glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor, which disrupts hormones…..
    Could this be contributing to the growing number of young children who feel they were born the wrong gender?

  9. My question is, why give us this report and then not go into detail as to why these companies use this chemical in the foods they sell? Explain who, who and so on as to why its used in food. I hear the report say its in grains and even honey before its used in foods, but some of it is not. How and what reason are the food companies using this chemical? What is the benefit of allowing it in their food products?

  10. On August 20th, 2015, The New England Journal Of Medicine irrefutably affirmed over oneTRILLION gallons per year of cancer causing Monsanto (now AG Bayer) Round Up, Lasso, Dicamba is being drenched onto over 80+% of all seeds, crops, livestock feed, pet food, human food and ingredients, vaccines, drugs, cosmetics, packaging, textiles and clothing, xcolors, flavors, fragrances, pigments, dyes, paints, inks, carbon black, polymers, non gmo’s, organics, soil, water, etc.

    This mass poisoning is in direct criminal colludion with all federal and state bribed regulatory agencies.

    Slow kill is profitsble to sell more drugs for Wall Street profits.

  11. Except the WHO actually said it didn’t cause cancer through diet. “The overall weight of evidence indicates that … glyphosate …was not associated with genotoxic [gene changes] effects…. [G]lyphosate is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet.”
    World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.” This was released after the study that claimed it did when WHO went over the results of the study.

  12. I believe in this kinda thing but some questions do come to mind…. Mainly just one really. If Monsanto and others poison our food we consume, what do these people that know they are poisoning us consume?

  13. After reading and watching lots of info on Zionism and the De-population Agenda, it is no doubt I believe the rollout of Glyphosate in our food supply is about making Humans less fertile for reproduction.
    Please look into Zionism, it is pure evil. It looks as though they follow the Jewish Rabbi book called the Talmud. Dont use Google to research this as it is owned by Zionists.

    The USA, Australia, Canada, UK and other countries have been taken over by this Cult society of people that wish to create a one world government system based in Israel. It will be complete enslavement of people. Freemasonry is part of this system.
    And wherever Zionism goes, so does Blackmail and Pedophilia/child trafficking.
    I am not joking.
    Monsanto was founded by a Jew, and is now in the hands of Zionist shareholders.
    Depopulation is an Agenda that is being addressed by the Club of Rome, and has been since 1968. The Royals are right behind this along with Bill Gates and Ted Turner, plus many more.

  14. The human race is the filthiest most pathetic infection thats plagued the greatest absolutely beautiful and abundant giving planet that any of us will ever know. The only promising and reassuring outcome is the fact that we are also omnisidal. So everytime you think of such greed-pig, waste of space, monsanto types, you can breathe a sigh of relief to know that there will be no survivors on this downward self destructive spiral that we’ve propagated for ourselves. Its such a shame because there was so much potential ultimately wasted in of a powerful being such as a human. Knowing this will not keep me from sharing the knowledge and beautiful research that is provided above. Thank you

  15. This probably explains why I feel bad and have tummy issues when I drink sodas or eat white bread, chips, sweets and anything like that. I guess they put this poison and it slowly disrupts our body defense systems and worsens our health in the long run. With weak immune system the body is more prone to get any virus or flu, especially now when we have this corona virus craze.

    Everything is connected and has its tail, some may call it conspiracy, but whatever you call it you can’t deny or ignore all the facts we see, feel and experience over our bodies. Bad food, bad air, bad weather, bad politics, where(and when if at all) will all this end?

  16. Amen! I also agree that we need to do all we can to make the best of what we have right now, but I am ultimately greatly looking forward to the wonderous day of Christ’s coming as well!

  17. What can we do to make this gain more momentum? It baffles me this is the top of everyone’s mind during COVID! We need to take back our power and stop letting these companies and agencies get away with this.

    The foundational issue is that the law in the US is governed under the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 and says all substances are innocent until proven harmful. This is in stark contract to other countries in places like Europe that operate under the REACH laws, that are based on precautionary principles where each substance is treated as harmful (aka banned) until it’s proved healthy.

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