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Label GMOs In North Carolina – ACT NOW!

If you live in North Carolina or know someone who lives here or have friends, family or colleagues that follow your blog, website, and/or business from North Carolina or even if you are NOT from North Carolina – I NEED YOUR HELP.

We need to get as many signatures as possible on the following petition to –

Label Genetically Engineered Foods in North Carolina

Share this post – like it – tweet it – print it – do everything and whatever you can to get everyone you know who lives in North Carolina to sign this petition NOW.

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Why is this so important?

As many people may know, our food is missing a very important label – one that President Obama, the FDA, and the USDA have made a concerted effort to deny us from having.

This label is for foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are in 90% of our processed food. GMOs are foods biologically manufactured in laboratories – injected with new DNA, viruses, herbicides, insecticides and/or other chemicals – to be resistant to synthetic chemicals and are completely different than hybridizing techniques allowed by nature.

GMOs receive patents by the U.S. Patent Office because they have been deemed to be unique and different. GMO’s have not been tested for long-term impacts on human health, they increase costs for family farmers, and they require more chemicals to grow that can get into our water and air.

In the last 15 years, since GMOs were introduced into our food supply – an increase of more than 500 million pounds of herbicide and 19 million pounds of the pesticide “Roundup” have been sprayed on our crops and into our environment – The same type of chemicals that the President Cancer’s Panel has determined is the reason why 41% of us will experience cancer in our lifetime.

Over 60 countries around the world require GMOs to be labeled or regulated. The U.S.A. does not. Despite polls consistently showing that more than 90% of the population want GMOs to be labeled, our leaders in Washington refuse to acknowledge this truth and will not implement mandatory GMO-labeling at the federal level.

Lucky for us – we don’t have to wait for Washington – the States can do this on their own – and I believe this is the only way we will get Washington to wake up to a federal mandate.

This is why it’s extremely important – even if you aren’t from North Carolina – to share, like, and tweet this post. If we label it here in North Carolina…there a much better chance that your state will be labeled too.

As you know – this issue is near and dear to my heart – and evident in the fact that I used my position as an elected delegate to protest in front of the Secretary of the USDA Tom Vilsack during the Democratic National Convention last fall.

Listen & read more about that here: Food Nation Radio: DNC Delegate Stands Up To Obama And USDA At Convention – Audio  and Washington Times: Delegate’s front-row seat a bully pulpit on what we eat

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Sign this petition today – I know with our combined love, spirit, and passion for our RIGHT TO KNOW we can get North Carolina labeled…and remember if you are not from North Carolina – share this post anyways – one of your family members or friends may know someone here.

We need EVERY SINGLE SIGNATURE to make this happen.

And if you have another minute – please leave me a comment below and tell me why this issue is important to you…I want to know who you are… because I’ll be contacting you soon for an important event.

Much Love.

Food Babe

P.S. You better believe, I will be keeping you up to date on everything related to this – Subscribe to get personal emails from me and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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79 responses to “Label GMOs In North Carolina – ACT NOW!

  1. Food Babe! The ladies at the Cornwell Center told me about you and forwarded your petition! I’m a Board Certified Health Coach in Charlotte and LOVE teaching kids about the hidden toxins in their foods! Hat’s off to you for making a stand! Hopefully, we’ll get to meet someday soon! Carmen

  2. love your site and all your recipes 🙂 what specific GMO’s are you against? because GMO’s have been around for 1000’s of years. I do understand the debate and it should continue but if labeling is required then all corn would have the GMO stamp on it. Tomatoes, wheat, barley well you get my list. would it not hurt the family farmers who are strapped as is? lets be real about this we need GMO’s to help feed the over populated planet. land is at a premium. we need food that can grow twice as fast in a smaller farm. we wont have anything left land, space, food……people.

    1. H. George S. Correct me if I am wrong, but according to your statement…if Gmo’s have been around forever (which is true, yet very vague) and everyone and their mom knows that the gmo’s that are packed into the “food-like products” that we consume are almost 60% different, (genetically) than our grandparents wheat bread that they could purchase in grocery stores. The point is is that GMO’s are evolving faster than our digestive systems are. And you have to be stupid to think anything with more than five ingredients made by a big food company is remotely healthy for you (in regards to how the ingredients are grown…etc). Another point I would like you to address since you are so willing and bold to make such a claim: can you tell me why other countries BAN the use of gmo products in their food? And why are big companies such as Monsanto paying off research institutions to help fund them, thus producing contradicting results in comparison to independent food research.

    2. George, GMOs have not been around for thousands of years. Yes, cross-breeding, grafting, selective breeding, etc has been around for a long time (thousands of years), but that would not be considered genetically modified plants. Most of the fruits and vegetables we eat nowadays are the results of selective breeding, grafting, and cross-breeding over many years. Think of it in human terms. If you want to have tall children, then you breed with someone taller. That’s not genetically modifying anything, that’s selective breeding.
      Unfortunately, companies like Monsanto are genetically modifying plants to include non-plant material such as glyphosate. Glyphosate is their mega-money herbicide Round-Up and they incorporate this herbicide into the genetic make-up of their soybean and corn seeds (Round-Up Ready seed). When the farmers spray their fields with Round-Up, it will kill all plants except for the genetically-modified Round-Up Ready plants. Good for the yield for the farmers but bad for us. That glyphosate herbicide is now an integral part of the food we eat – not only is it in the genetic make-up of the plant, but the farmers are spraying it liberally on the plants as they grow. Blech!!!

    3. I sympathize with your point of view George. I’d like to know how the proposed labeling would work and what their criteria for inclusion would be. I continue to see “anti-GMO” posts and websites popping up and have yet to find a single one with an unbiased source to back up their claim that “research suggests….” or “research has linked….”. By unbiased I mean it doesn’t come from some website like As to the basis of my speculation? I have a graduate degree in genetics and must confess a bias against the validity of any discussion wherein the participants (bloggers, not commentators) do not seem to have the necessary qualifications to back up the information they present, or at least they do not try to support their argument with research from a peer reviewed Journal.
      I’m just curious, not attacking. I do actually want to know where I can read the articles to support your stance against GMOs. If I had proposed such a claim to my graduate committee without the replicable data to back it up, I would have never left grad school with a degree.

      Side note: Because “other countries are doing it” is not an ideal support to an argument. i.e. China.

      1. Ponden, you mean to tell me with all your education in genetics you can’t see why injecting viruses, antibiotics and pesticides into our foods DNA might adversely effect humans? Come on, I don’t need a degree in physics to know that wearing a helmet on a motorcycle will keep my brain from smearing over the road should I hit it. World Health Organization or WHO, says “What are the main issues of concern for human health?….tendencies to provoke allergic reaction (allergenicity), gene transfer and outcrossing. ”
        There you have it data from an “unbiased” source. We are all very glad you have a degree in genetics and perhaps you can contribute data that validates these claims one day in the meantime I’ll take my potatoes with out Roundup, thank you.

  3. I just posted this on my pages. I hope you have a great turn out. And, btw, my Mom is now one of your fans! I had been talking to her about GMO’s since last fall, but it seems you got through to her 🙂

  4. A mom who has dedicated herself to learning and sharing a whole foods lifestyle (without GMOs as much as possible). For our family our faith is why we try to be GMO free and actively share this with others (God created perfect foods for us; man simply has tried to improve upon perfection, as if that is possible, ruining what blessings we have been given). I have gardened & preserved our organic food for 10+ years (started with my first born to make her baby food), practice holistic lifestyle, enjoy sharing aromatherapy, herbs, yoga …ya know a Jesus loving, hippy momma who is out to save the world for her kids. I have spent the last couple of years visting our local farms and building relationships with great organic farmers nearby! I was excited to find you & have been following Food Babe for about two years now on Facebook. We are close by near Mooresville. Love and support your efforts for labeling! THANK YOU

  5. GMO labeling is important to me because it will help open the eyes of my loved ones. It scares me to death to think of what they are feeding to their bodies. I have hopes that if GM labeling comes about that these big companies will be forced to change. I want GM labeling in SC where I live!

  6. Signed and shared! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the labeling of GMO’s. I first started following you about a year ago and have heard you speak a couple of times too. You have helped to guide me on the path I have taken. Over the last 2 years, I have become very passionate about the use of GMO’s, as well as promoting an organic, whole food lifestyle, along with my sister-in-law and 14 year old niece. My niece suffers from severe eczema and some food allergies. Her worst one is dyes…even medications have dye in them!!!! We have cut out as much “bad” food as we can and are also working with a naturopath to help clear up her skin without the use of steroids. We look forward to joining with you in the fight to make GMO labelling mandatory in NC.

  7. I posted this to my facebook pages, i tweeted, i pinned, i liked, i shared, and i signed! I’ve never felt so compelled to act as i do now that i’m informed on the horrors of GM food, non-organic, non-humane……. i vote with my dollars every single day. But when i simply cannot find an organic option, i want to make absolutely sure that i’m not supporting big agriculture or GM food production. Food babe, you have turned me into a food activist!

  8. After learning about the poisons being put into our foods, I want my children and their future children to live long and healthy lives without this poison.

  9. This is a newly important issue to me and my husband. We have always thought we were living a healthy lifestyle until we learned of all the hidden things in our food, Monsanto and how the government is denying us the right to know! I have began thinking very passionately about this and feel it is part of our basic human rights to have the information about ANY issue to be able to make informed and educated decisions about whether or not we want a part in it. When we are having things flat out hidden from us it makes it difficult to be properly educated and well, I’m preaching to the choir from this point on! I just want to be able to shop and not be scared, I just want my friends and family to understand what is happening and make better choices for themselves! I just want things to be FAIR!

  10. I just watched Genetic Roulette the movie and I searched to see what’s going on with our law in NC. And I find your site at the top! Yea! I first discovered you on 100daysofrealfood. I signed the petition and spread word. Hope this law becomes a reality. Sure would make food shopping a little easier.

  11. As Hippocrates (the father of Medicine) had written “let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” I don’t want GMO’s in my family!!

  12. First girl, Be aware of where you get your info about GMO and the killer “roundup”. Listening to pre-conceived ideas through “research” only leads to more mislead people!
    I agree that we should be aware of what is in our foods and should be as close to nature as possible. However with the worlds population not slowing down. Yes producing their food should be safe! That doesn’t mean it has to be done Organically! Organic matter is compiled of the same chemical breakdown of “synthetic” fertilizer. If you were familiar with farming you would know that Nitrogen, Potash and other minerals added to the fertilizers are naturally occurring materials are REGULATED! Organic fertilizer has to be made up of the same ingredients because that is what makes plants grow and is NOT regulated. Fertilizing commercially is a RESPONSIBLE way of maintaining our farmland by replenishing the soil.
    Thinking that all farmers do is just needlessly go out and spray their crops full of needless crap is a huge MYTH and highly over emphasized by the media.
    You have some good points but being a business expert living in New York doesn’t make you any more knowledgeable about what it takes to feed the nation. My advice is get out to a rural area where your food is grown and open your eyes to the truth. GO talk to the farmers. Ask them questions. Be open to something you clearly know nothing about but are preaching about the end product.
    If you really want to make a difference, you will realize that the producers need to be recognized, heard and part of the solution in educating the city folk are in what ACTUALLY goes on.. not some cooked up online research with one sided views.

  13. Food Babe, when are you going to let us know how we can do more than just sign a petition? I want actions taken, because I want GMO’s to be labeled. Please let your #foodbabearmy know what they can do.

    I would walk door to door to get a petition signed if you thought it would help. Please use your #foodbabearmy so that we can get GMO’s labeled in NC!

  14. I am a local activist in WNC.

    I have been researching petitions in NC- (There are a lot) and following successful petitions to label, regulate, or ban GMO/roundup throughout the U.S.

    I need help! This is information overload. There are a few petitions I found that had proper wording and a great mission statement, while others were sloppy or missing details.

    As the entire, huge state of NC- we need to come together and have one petition.

    In West NC we are preparing for MAM. We want to petition our local legislators to restrict or ban roundup, especially around hospitals and schools.

    We want a GMO free grow zone in: Buncombe, Henderson and Transylvania counties. (I have met a lot of opposition in speaking with food distributors as they feel their right to profit and choice to grow GMO and use it as animal feed trumps our right to know and our Organic/local farmers rights and farms are in jeopardy from genetic drift as well)

    We want GMOs labeled- IMMEDIATELY.

    I don’t want to begin a new petition if there is already a valid, copyrighted petition with a decent mission statement attached to an organization already in place for North Carolina. Please e-mail me if you are able to help!

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