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Another Fabulous Vegan Potluck…

Good Evening! I broke Habit #3 last night – but for good reason. I started the day with Habit #1 and Habit #4 (do you know these habits by heart yet?) I also had some protein powder mixed with chia seeds after a quick 3 mile run. I practiced another Habit #4 with a Hari … Read More

Vegan Potluck & Vegan Cleansing…

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of dedicated individuals who are currently finishing up a 3 week vegan cleanse.  These vegan cleanses are led by one of the most inspiring people I have met in a long time.  Her name is Elle Palmer – if you know her – you know … Read More

Forever Cookies

I named these cookies “Forever” because they are so darn good that you will wish you were eating them…like… forever! They also have ZERO junk in them…hopefully helping you look young forever too!  There are no refined flours, no refined sugars, contain all organic ingredients and taste so freakin’ good!  No one has them beat … Read More

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