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Another Fabulous Vegan Potluck…

Good Evening!

I broke Habit #3 last night – but for good reason.

I started the day with Habit #1 and Habit #4 (do you know these habits by heart yet?) I also had some protein powder mixed with chia seeds after a quick 3 mile run.

IMG 0212

I practiced another Habit #4 with a Hari Shake before lunch….

IMG 0213

I followed the shake about an hour later with a salad at my desk. I don’t really like eating at my desk, but you gotta do what you gotta do… especially when there are back to back meetings you have no control over.

I have complete and utter control over what I put in my mouth, though. I stuffed it full of quinoa, arugula, tahini, red peppers, carrots, red onion and raisins, a few buckwheat crackers with almond butter too. Oh and I had a few Mary’s Gone Sticks & Twigs – Have you tried them yet? – they are so great when you are feeling all snacky snacky and want something crunchy crunchy!


After work I did a quick 45 mins of yoga at home – I needed to decompress from sitting all day long.  I did a few hand stands during my sequence… I’ve been feeling rather dizzy at random times during the day since I started practicing them… hopefully this will subside with time.  Any yogis out there experience this?

Last night, I spoke at “Three Weeks to Wellness” and was invited to another amazing vegan potluck before my talk… I made lots of Forever Cookies with cherries to share with all the cleansers just like last time.

I was kinda mad at myself – because I didn’t write down directions to the new gathering spot and I was late. I missed all the yummy food explanations (my favorite part), so I honestly don’t really know what I ate for dinner. My plate looked like this and everything tasted fantastic.

IMG 0218

At the cleanse, I got to catch up with Scott Harris, the owner of Viva Raw. He was doing the cleanse and brought fresh juice for everyone to try. Viva Raw uses local and organic produce to make their juices and will deliver them to your door if you live in Charlotte. I’ve tasted Viva Raw juices and their protein blend a couple of times now and definitely recommend them, especially if you want to do a juice cleanse!

IMG 0222

We had the vegan potluck at Plan Breathe – I haven’t done a breath works class there yet – but I heard it’s like tripping on oxygen. Sounds fun!

IMG 0223

My talk was about dairy.  My favorite moment was hearing the room get silent when I talked about how the female cow is the #1 over worked animal in the world.  Typically kept pregnant by artificial insemination for 7 months out of every year – which equates in human terms to us running about 8 hours every single day for 7 months. Can you imagine the toxic stress hormone we would produce in our bodies if we did that?  Well it’s the same for the cow – and you are consuming those toxins if you consume dairy products. (Maybe I should video tape the next talk I am giving in Feb – so I can play it for all of you…? What do you think?)

At the end of the night – Elle presented me with the most beautifully gorgeous wrapped gift in a vintage apron. A special something from her fashion inspired business – Urban Gypsy.

IMG 0232

Even though I ate a full plate of food…I came home at 10pm absolutely starving! I went straight into the pantry and made a big bowl of “candy”!

IMG 0197

Breaking Habit #3 was worth it, don’t you think?

In honor of the cows – I’m going to sign off with a big loud….


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3 responses to “Another Fabulous Vegan Potluck…

  1. I’m so happy you were at Plan Breathe. I’ve been meaning to check them out the last few weeks but havent had a chance, I really want to try their transformational breathwork class. Maybe next week! When I first heard about how overworked the female cow is, I was mortified. So I can imagine the look on their faces. You should definitely tape your next talk and post it!

  2. Thank you so much for the talk on Wednesday night at our Potluck! I would LOVE for you to video the talk next time – I had my pen and paper to take notes but I got so wrapped up in your speech I forgot to! And, I’m making the forever cookies this week. I’m having a major sweet craving this weekend and I think these will do just the trick!

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