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Homemade Fruit Roll Ups!

I used to eat the heck out of Fruit Roll Ups when I was younger. They were a STAPLE in my lunch box and when I’d get home from school, I would eat a couple of them almost everyday. Pulling that fruit leather right off that plastic sheet – ooooohhhh, actually my mouth is just … Read More

General Mills or Generally Toxic? After you see this product, I know which one you’ll choose.

Updated 8/25/2015 (see news below). Recently, I had a conversation with the regional head of a major grocery chain. As we entered the fruit snacks section, oddly and strategically located in the cereal aisle, he said to me “Vani, how does General Mills get away with this product? The label says “Strawberry Fruit By The Foot” but it doesn’t … Read More

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