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Raw Brussels Sprouts Good Fortune Salad

I’m calling this amazing salad I made the other day “Good Fortune” for several good reasons. First, its’ star ingredient is one of the most powerful and under-appreciated cruciferous vegetable there is: brussels sprouts. Secondly, it incorporates brussels sprouts in their raw form, another under-appreciated thing. And thirdly, it has lentils that symbolize good fortune … Read More

Don’t Fall Victim To These Tricky Juice Labels

There’s nothing like making fresh raw vegetable or fruit juice at home with your own juicer. But let’s be honest, it takes time, energy and a commitment to keep up the routine at home. The availability and the variety of store-bought juice concoctions have absolutely exploded on the market and tempt us with convenience, fancy … Read More

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet?

I came across this documentary called “Health Food Junkies” this weekend – It’s been around since 2008, however I hadn’t seen it. It’s about a group of individuals living in England who only eat raw food and don’t eat wheat, dairy, sugar, meat or fish. While I wouldn’t undertake all the habits adopted by these … Read More

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