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The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter

I’ve been getting the question “What do you think about PB2?” a lot lately on my Facebook page. PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, made by squeezing natural oils out of the peanut and then dehydrating what’s left, yielding a powder in which 90% of the fat is removed from the peanut.


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This is the truth about PB2 and why you’ll never see me eat this manufactured substitute for peanut butter:

      • PB2 Is Not Whole Real Food – When I talk about the foods I eat, I tell people I want to choose the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and PB2 is just not one of them. The beauty of a peanut is that it contains all of the nutrients nature intended. It has a healthy dose of fat, protein and vitamins.  PB2 extracts almost all of the essential monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, leaching the vitamin E content which is fat soluble, therefore reducing the nutritional content of the whole food. The fat is what keeps you satisfied and reduces cravings making just a tablespoon of real peanut butter so satisfying. This powdered form looks pretty clean when you review the ingredients, but it’s just another way for manufacturers to trick you into thinking less calories is better for you. They have to add a mixture of sugar and salt into the powder to make it taste better without the fat. I know I’d rather have the fat vs. the sugar and salt!


      • PB2 Is Not Organic – Conventional peanuts are some of the most heavily sprayed crops ever. The amount of toxic pesticides sprayed on peanuts is suspected to have caused the increase in peanut allergies.  As you know, peanuts have a very thin and porous outer layer and shell that allows toxins in easily. These toxins are not something you can wash off. Remember increased exposure to pesticides are linked to birth defects, nerve damage and cancer. The President’s Cancer Panel has urged us not to consume food sprayed with pesticides and doesn’t believe any amount is safe. 


      • PB2 Has Added Sugar – It might not be that much added sugar but knowing what refined sugar does to my mind and my body – I try to avoid it at all costs unless it’s a special occasion. I eat nut butter almost everyday so I make sure that my variety is sugar free and made from whole organic nuts. Also, this sugar could be made from genetically modified sugar beets.  (The company recently confirmed they do not contain GMOs.)



    • And… Almond Butter is Better For Your Health – According to this analysis taken from Prevention, almond butter has 69% more calcium, twice as much fiber, 86% more iron, and 169% more vitamin E than peanut butter.

Screen Shot 2012 09 17 at 9 27 31 AM

And just in case you ask – I like Tree of Life Organic Almond Butter and Once Again Organic Almond Butter. In both these products, the oil stays nicely mixed in when kept in the refrigerator, it’s extra creamy, raw and delicious – more than any other 100% pure almond butter I’ve ever tasted. A lot of stores don’t carry these brands, but if you live in Charlotte, you can find them both at Healthy Home Market.

If you still like to eat regular peanut butter – always choose one ingredient organic peanut butter like this one.

I hope I didn’t burst anyone’s bubble about PB2. Just remember when a product seems too good to be true, it probably is!

What’s your favorite nut butter?

Food Babe

P.S. If you know someone who’s eating PB2, please share this post with them. 

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459 responses to “The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter

  1. What are your thoughts on MaraNatha Organic Peanut butter? They make their products in small batches and dryer climates to reduce the molds and Aflatoxins. I think it’s pretty neat, and it’s the only peanut butter I don’t feel bad about eating–just can’t give up peanut butter!

    1. I just got a phone call and a text telling me that the Maranatha peanut butter I had purchased had been recalled due to salmonella contamination.

    2. Well who honestly cares!! The good I dusty has addicted us to to normal pb by adding sugar to. atleast the affordable ones that taste good. Pb2 tastes good and has lower calories if you dont wanna get fat because I’ve eaten half a jar no problem I love it so much. Pb2 is totally worth it so I’m not 500 lbs. It may not be the best but it’s worth it to some of us. Unless u are making your own PB sorry honey everything is manufactured.

    3. I was on weight watchers still am. Used pb2 peanut butter to set my catch and release tubes traps for mice in my house there are perforated holes to keep them alive and I used it successfully. I ran out of peanut butter and used pb2 the two mice Ai caught were lying dead in the trap and I was shocked! Used it again and same thing. Used real peanut butter and caught two that were alive. Enough said????

  2. Okay! -I recently purchased Once Again Organic Almond Butter. I purchased the Almond butter Crunchy. The labeling stated it was “NATURAL” Almond butter thinking this meant it was still organic and no GMO which made me happy because i am getting into purchasing items that have no GMO. To my disappointment when i got home from the grocery store the butter i purchased had no labeling that it was “NO GMO” or “ORGANIC” and that was the whole point of getting this butter. The labeling was “NATURAL” therefore to the best of my knowledge there is GMO in that product. I looked on the website i see there is an “ORGANIC” NO GMO choice & labeling. However, if the same company is making two different butters with different labeling isn’t that contradictory ? That means both products whether there is labeling “NO GMO” or not there is still a chance that there could be “GMO’s” in either product. As a new customer getting into looking for organic butters and organic choices. I am trying to understand this. If you could shed some light on this what would be great!

    1. You’ll soon learn Natural is just a buzzword/catchphrase with no real meaning.

      You need to look for the proper wording, but there will always be a little USDA Organic badge if its actually organic. Similarly there is badges for Fair Trade certified and NonGMO

      Hope that helps.

      To answer your question. yeah this company has an “All Natural” version which basically is just a way of saying “This is made from non special Almonds!” Its not contradicting, just marketing

  3. I just heard about PB2, and I’m glad I came across your article. I’m on a high protein/fat eating plan and I wouldn’t want to cut the fat! If anything, I try to get more. I’m allergic to almonds and other tree nuts, so I’ll keep hanging with the PB, no 2! Thanks!

    1. Just wanted to mention that I just recently discovered this product and it works beautifully! I really don’t spend my life worrying if something matches the *highly variable* industry definition of ‘organic’. As for aflatoxins, well, there is also the *possibility* of botulism or ptomaine poisoning in any number of other foods. You just do your best to select well and don’t waste your life about worrying about risks (including the specious organic versus non-organic arguments) that are truly minuscule – statistically speaking. I work as a full-time flight instructor and teach my students to manage risks that are real and not waste their lives conjuring up things that do not need to be respected/feared. I’ve long thought that people should really have more training in understanding actual risks versus perceived risk and nowhere is the latter more evident than in the ‘sky is falling’ organic foods crowd.

      Again, this is a great product. Whether it be grown in a field where pesticides were used or not really doesn’t produce any more level of risk that is of statistical concern.

      BTW – the peanut is NOT a nut at all; it actually belongs to legume family (essentially is a ‘bean’ and not a nut at all). The latter explains why people who have problems (gas/distension) eating peanuts, can consume them without issue after using an enzyme product like Beano.

      1. It is all well and good to eat regular peanut butter if you don’t have to loose 50lbs like I did. But when you do you greatly appreciate a product like PB2. This stuff is wonderful for adding to smoothies, making peanut dressings or making plain peanut butter, though the latter is what I use it for the least. Ÿou get a completely natural peanut flavor and smoothness with only one fourth of the calories. And while much of the beneficial fats are removed you still get all the protein and fiber of peanut butter so it is still a highly nutritious food that is also delicious, satisfying, very low in sugar and with a calories count that is manageable.

      2. Ah! Let’s see organic vs non-organic full of pesticides that riddle our bodies with cancer, change our hormones which cause us to gain weight, develop other health issues. You’ve been very short sighted. I’ll choose organic whole over processed pesticides all century! You have your head stuck in the sand!

  4. I was recommended pb2 by a friend who runs 5k’s and counts calories and eats healthy. What I’m asking is it good for me or not?

      1. There is a similar “organic” peanut flour called ” Just Great Stuff” .
        It is somewhat different from PB2 in its ingredient list and is has been listed by an earlier commenter. There is another product, probably not orqanic but with no additional sugars or salt…just peanut flour. I have not yet tried it because it comes in a 1 pound container and simply cannot remember the name. (something valley farms or such) My favorite use for these powders is to mix them with other stuff, not try to make peanut butter. I dip apples into the powder to boost the protein, sprinkle it on packed-lunch salads in the morning and when I arrive at the office I have a salad with Thai flavors, or simply dust the flour onto wet lettuce leaves for a between meal snack. The last is one of my absolute favorites for dieting.

      2. I just reviewed my web search history and Hoosier Hills Farms is the brand that I was searching for in my prior post. It offers an alternative with no ingredients other than peanuts. It may not be non-GMO or organic, I have seen conflicting info from website sources. I have not yet tried it.

      3. yes, I have it. It is called “just great stuff” non GMO Certified. but it does have coconut sugar and sugar is sugar-but only 4 g.

      4. I found the “just great stuff” in a smaller container, although the grocery store no longer carries it and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Expensive but delicious.

    1. If you’re counting calories, PB2 is a perfectly good peanut butter alternative for when you want that peanut butter flavor! Don’t let this article scare you.

      1. I have to ditto what James said. There are too many benefits to ignore. Don’t buy into the “fear speak”. That is further marketing of this website’s premise. The tactic worked on TV for deodorants ….didn’t it?
        Now, no-one within reach of a TV and grocery store smells like an “organic” human being .

      2. I love PB2. I am also healthy. No, foodbabe, I will not share this article with my fellow PB2 lovers because that’s annoying. Also, your info (per REAL experts found in just these comments) is both questionable and missing (links). I also like how the almond butters you recommended are 20 a jar. Ridiculous.

  5. Why refrigerate peanut (nut) butter? My favorite is Jif (ducking)… I’d like to try the almond butter, seeing the health benefits, but it costs twice as much…

    1. My friend help me keep the high cost of organic GMO free food into perspective. I think nothing of buying a $20+ bottle of wine when there are $8 bottles out there but for some reason we stop and cringe when it comes to the food we put into our bodies…I try to remember that when I am shopping.

  6. Aflatoxin is a contaminant found mainly oilseed crops (corn, peanut, cotton) and has been found as a contaminant in nearly food product on the market. “Soil quality” doesn’t matter; what matters are post-harvest storage conditions, how stressed the plant host was prior to harvest, and what Aspergillus strains are present. Aspergillus is isolated from all soils; it’s ubiquitous. Jungle Peanuts won’t keep you from consuming aflatoxin or Aspergillus; Aspergillus is in the rainforest too. Please be careful about where you are getting your information.

    Side note to people: There’s no such thing as GMO peanut or almond on the market.

    -Your friendly plant biologist and pathologist

    1. But there is such a thing as GMO sugar, from corn and sugar beets, and GMO oil, from Canola, Soy beans, etc. That are added to many peanut butters. So, peanut butter can very much contain GMOs.

  7. “I hope I didn’t burst anyone’s bubble about PB2… Just remember when a product seems too good to be true, it probably is!”

    Not my PB2! *joking I was recently introduced to this product by a fit and healthy coworker. I really thought this was a great product especially after reading the label. This is why I LOVE this site and appreciate all of your research. I try really hard to avoid GMOs and processed foods where I can and this site is one of my main go-to-sites for updates and tips.

    Thanks so much for all that you do!

  8. As a lifelong PB addict and obese person who is making difficult dietary choices to become slim once again, I am attracted to the concept of a food with the flavor I crave with significant reduction in fat calorie burden. I also understand your arguments about comparing nutritional value of almond butter with peanut butter. However there is a flaw when using this argument against a peanut flour which has some oils removed. They are simply not the same product. I also understand your aversion to processed foods, however, perhaps, for the sake of us dieters out there we should also look at nutritional value per calorie as an additional data point. If we were to do that peanut powders like PB2 and Great Stuff have approximately 1/3 the calorie burden of traditional nut butters. Since we could could eat 3 times as much peanut powder as almond butter or any other nut butter your nutritional value data comparison will swing in favor of the powders.

    Your other fears of pesticides and GMOs in our foods are ranked with the other fears of life in the 21st century like brain damage from radiation from cell phones, dangerous chemicals in the building products in our homes and cars, and dangerous metals in our seafood and light bulbs. All are valid and must be weighed against our individual lifestyles. Who among us wears a filter mask on days with high pollution index? We all should, but vanity prevails, just like the vanity of thinking that we have achieved whole foods dietary exclusivity. Each of us must pick our most important battles to fight and enjoy life as best we can.

    1. YES. If its not gmo’s then its cancer from cell phone towers or fluoride or receipt paper or gluten or meat!!

      1. We all should continue to wear masks to protect us from covid! I do and will continue to do so.

  9. I had never heard of PB2 until I was looking at a recipe which called for peanut flour or PB2. I have also never seen peanut flour in any market I have shopped and that is a large varieties of markets. Hence, my landing on this website. For what it is worth if I had to restrict my peanut butter consumption I might give this a try but, who knows. But, with so many of my friends being vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and or gluten free I have to have alternatives when baking, or throwing a dinner party to be a gracious host to provide delectable treats for everyone. So, here we are. At the end of the day we all have to eat and we have to answer only to ourselves. Doubtful a helping of GMOs or non-organics are going to make much difference at the end of the day. If that’s the only thing you live on well…..enjoy it while you can. Bon Apetit!

  10. Good info and suggestions, but just keep in mind that some of us are allergic to tree nuts (ie, almonds), while not allergic to peanuts. This means we have limited choices when seeking out the health benefits of nuts. Are you able to reccomend a true peanut butter that meets your whole food, organic and mold free requirements?

  11. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned as there are many, many comments, but commercial peanut butters contain Soy oil, which has been shown to be bad, especially for men because it raises estrogen levels. PB2 doesn’t contain any Soy. I’m sticking with that.

  12. I was told once by a health food specialist that most nut butters are rancid. I was wondering if you live in a place where fresh peanuts or almonds for making butters are not available if this powdered version is a good supplement?

    Ginger of Happy Healthy Living llc

  13. WAIT!! What about JUST GREAT STUFF POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER!?? It is next to the PB2 jars, but it IS organic and they use COCONUT sugar, NOT regular sugar. Totally different company that has been around much longer

    1. I just purchased this last week and have been adding to my protein shakes. Great Stuff organic powdered peanut butter is okay, right?!

  14. I eat all Organic, the way God intended it to be served before MAN thought up a plan that he thinks is better. By processing the PB2 with the added sugars and salt I feel like we are going in the wrong direction again like the FAT FREE Ara which had added carbs, sugars and salts for taste otherwise most products would taste like cardboard. Eat the way God created you to eat and you will be much better off. You follow the owners manual and use the right engineered oils and gas for your car but look for the magic pill for our own bodies. Here is my story:

    I have changed even more since this was published. No WHEY Protein. I eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nut, seeds and lean proteins. The way God created them before man came up with a better plan.

  15. my wife and I just spotted this PB2 at Target this past weekend, read the ingredients and wondered if we had been living under a rock. *now for me personally I keep the JIF To Go chocolate silk at my desk ready for crackers and a protein chocolate peanut sugar rush / or is it a pick up snack. (sometimes I even have the normal JIF To Go peanut butter around).

  16. Is almond butter as satisfying to eat as peanut butter. One of my favorite treats is just a tablespoon of peanut butter! Is almond butter that good? Thanks!

  17. Does anyone else notice all of her links/sources lead to Page Not Found. She’s probably being paid by Jungle Peanuts for all we know.

  18. Just wanted to let all of you out there know that the manufacturer of the Protein Plus peanut flour is the same as the maker of PB2. They just add salt and sugar to make PB2. I did notice that the brand “Crazy Richard” peanut butter flour did not have sugar and salt added.

  19. I just bought a jar of Betty Louis’s organic powdered peanut butter
    All it has is organic peanuts, organic coconut sugar, and sea salt. PB2 scared me, but when I buy peanut butter, I always drain the oil on top, because peanut oil has a lot of the inflammatory omega 6 fats. So so, since the peanut butter powder has already done that and doesn’t contain the harmful fats, and since I found this organic version, I thought I’d try it. Has anyone else tried this?

  20. For the love of Pete, eat what makes sense to you for your own dietary restrictions or goals of weigh loss. Not sure that it is really that bad. I just tried and and I love it. Bought both flavors from Amazon. Like everything else in life….moderation whether it is peanut butter or pB2 🙂

  21. I’m so glad that I read this article. I recently purchased a jar of PB2 and eat it with a fruit to replace peanut butter. No wonder why I love it so much!!! I’m trying to break the sugar eating habit so I really appreciated this information.

  22. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree at all with your post. I am a HUGE fan of P2B. To me, the beauty of the product is that they press out all of the fat, leaving a large amount of protein with very few calories.

    Yes, they add sugar. It is a marginal amount that I am fine with eating. Sugar is nutrient deficient and pretty much the only thing our bodies don’t need – it’s completely empty. But as long as you aren’t consuming lots of sugar each day (for example, soda) I don’t think a little bit will do any harm. I’m going to splurge every now and then and have a big bowl of ice cream, ya know? Following strict rules doesn’t give me the freedom and flexibility to eat unhealthy foods every now and then for the sake of them tasting delicious.

    Here’s my personal problem with regular peanut butter. Once I start eating it, I never want to stop. It tastes SO good. But, more then a couple tablespoons of real peanut butter a day is terrible for your body because it has so much fat. Yes, one tablespoon is a perfect and healthy amount, but for people like me who can’t resist and want to eat triple the amount of a healthy serving or regular peanut butter, P2B is a terrific substitute that is not unhealthy relative to most packaged foods on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely eat a healthy amount of fat each day and am not disputing it’s vital importance to bodily function, but I would rather get my fats from other sources.

    1. I agree. How much sugar could they really be adding anyway. PB2 has only 5 g of carbs and only 1 g of sugar. Regular peanut butter (jif to be specific) has 8 g of carbs and 3 g of sugar. PB2 still sounds better to me in that perspective and for those of you who only eat Organic. I hope you enjoy paying much higher prices for products. So your apple was sprayed with a pesticide. You know what you can do – wash it. LOL. I just tried PB2 today and think it will be a staple in my cabinet from now on.

  23. I found your site by googling recipes for PB2. I just want to point out that while your concerns are very valid, the links you supply to government websites take you to a “404 Not Found” page–which doesn’t look very good if you’re trying to back up your claims. I realize this post is a few years old, and would love an updated version.

  24. I appreciate your position on whole foods and statement regarding consuming fats and a satiated appetite. But your comment on added salt and sugar in this product implies regular peanut butter doesn’t have added salt and sugar. Almost all peanut butters on the market have added sugar and salt, including the natural and organic products you find at health-first markets.

    For someone who is eating a veggie-laden, lower fat diet, this can be used to add quite a bit of flavor. I use it primarily to make a healthy version of a peanut sauce to accompany satays and stir-fries. It’s also a great addition to a smoothie if you’re looking to boost flavor and protein a bit.

  25. Okay, so, my hubby just returned from the store with a big jar of PB2 and thankfully, this article showed up. No, I know that it won’t kill him, but I too am an advocate for whole foods and will stick with my regular PB or Almond Butter!

  26. With all due respect, the almond butter you linked to is SEVENTEEN DOLLARS for 16 ounces on Amazon. Wow, really? It is a sad fact that privilege and food paranoia go hand in hand because they CAN. Most people really can’t pay seventeen dollars for one jar of nut butter, nor can they afford to worry so much about GMOs and so-called organic foods (which are often not much better in terms of growing conditions because of lax regulation). I’m for eating real food as much as the next person, but surely you need to look at your own privileged position and realize that not everyone can afford to pay this much for their food, and must in fact work to get any food at all on their tables. I WISH that all people had access to real, pure, unsprayed food, and with the advent of urban farming and farmer’s markets, more people do. But prices like this are prohibitive for the average to low income family.

  27. Am not interested in knocking writer or anyone leaving a reply. It would profit all of you immensely to consider the Phytic Acid content of both the almond and the peanut (almond has 50% more). I makes NO difference how much/many minerals are in either, until one properly prepares these two foods to remove the Phytic Acid. Phytic Acid binds with the minerals in the food you are eating (not the minerals already in your body) rendering the minerals useless for nutrition. Just thought you ought to be aware of this little caveat. Look it up, you’ll be surprised. Our ancestors could not walk into a store to buy shelled/roasted nuts in any quantity. They had to cultivate the soil, fertilize and grow, water, harvest and clean, shell the food and prepare it for consumption. Yes, ask any Native American how they prepare food to be edible. You’ll get an earful of wisdom.

  28. I think of PB2 as my peanut butter extract. I use the real and I sometimes need an extract where the real thing isn’t appreciated.

  29. I found this product while healing from weight loss surgery. I have read almost every label in the store trying to find the best foods with extremely low calories and although I do not eat it everyday, I do allow myself this treat and I don’t worry about the calories or even any of the things that everyone here has said about this product, but real pb has so much fat and calories I cannot eat it. I also think it is a good snack for kids to help the obesity problem. I love the taste.

  30. Just a correction – Magnesium – Your math is inaccurate.

    You said that Almond Butter has more than twice the amount of magnesium of peanut butter. By your numbers, that’s incorrect.

    49mg * 2 (twice) = 98mg. 89mg (the number for almond butter) is less than 98mg.

    So 89 is less than twice the amount of PB’s 49. However, it’s ALMOST twice the amount of magnesium of Peanut Butter. That’d be better wording. 🙂

    Just something to fix in your chart.

  31. Let’s take this in another direction. Has anyone else tried Trader Joe’s Sunflower Nut Butter? I like it better than peanut butter. Check it out.

  32. Here is something else to consider. In an ideal world, people at their proper weight might do well to follow the sentiments in this article. However, for many, obesity is certainly the bigger threat than the notion of organics or completely unmodified products. If this or similar products can help them overcome obesity, then they should consider that benefit for the here and now. Once they achieve that goal, they can fine tune their diet with regard to organics and non-gmo foods. In other words, stabilize the biggest threat (obesity) before dealing with dietary nuances. For dieters, portion control and hunger urges are big challenges. Products that can address that are important to long term success.

  33. I used to eat natural peanut, almond, and other nut butters but switched because I was so addicted to nuts and nut butter that I would binge 3,000+ Calories of the stuff at a time. I never intended to go that high and each time I started I rationed it out and told myself, “okay, this is all you’re having” but after that my mind went numb and I just couldn’t control myself going back for more. It’s not about willpower if anyone else has struggled with binges and other EDs. I switched to PBFit and I have not had any binge problems since then, while still having a faux peanut butter taste.

    That’s not to mention the fact that PBFit is really not that bad for you, especially since most people only have a serving or two a day. Sure, equal amounts of natural peanut butter might be healthier for you in terms of micronutrients and such but if you are concerned about the Calories then PBFit is fine.

  34. I thought peanuts grow underground, so how are they sprayed – after they are harvested? Or are the plants sprayed, in which case, the peanuts may be affected by the toxins in the spray?

  35. People in these comments don’t realize how terrible they sound, trying to justify their “low-fat” diet to loose weight. And, any other stuff they are saying… When it does have to do with the soil and how close together they are planted. I have mint in my yard and because they are closed together they grow black mold and fungus. They figure that because peanuts are small that they can be very close together, when you don’t see that with Potato plants.
    They also don’t realize the harm they are doing to their bodies when they try to justify. Either be on the fence and cross-over or don’t bother posting at all, because you’re only angry Vani called out a product you like… which isn’t food, food is supposed to be medicine and therefore no one would need supplements to get vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, etc., to be healthy and wouldn’t have diseases or conditions. Most if not all skin conditions have to do with a lack of Zinc, Vit E [which I think Vani would drive home the fast ball harder if she stated about the impact on your health if the benefits of the vitamins were also involved in her posts] I, myself, do understand that people don’t want to give up something they’ve become accustomed to, but slamming Vani doesn’t make it justifiable.

    Vegans and vegetarians don’t get the zinc needed because all the legumes they consume contain anti-nutrient enzyme which prevents Zinc among others from being absorbed, unless they are sprouted beforehand, and they don’t have to contain “tails” just soak them for 24 hours and then cook them, there are books and articles on soaking.

    I’m not saying that Peanuts are bad, nor am I telling anyone to stop eating them, but one guy stating that there are all these other bad bacteria and fungus on food, really? You can’t wash nor cook the mold off the peanuts. It’s this mold that makes people have allergic reaction, that’s why if any of you read an article about a mother who didn’t want any other child eating any peanuts in school because their own child couldn’t, then you’d know that it’s the mold causing the allergic reaction, as some people very well are allergic to mold, educate yourself. And I find it hard to believe there is this mold on Cotton, as those who are allergic to peanuts also wouldn’t be able to wear cotton and their whole family would have to buy other materials of clothing as even their own shirt or pants would cause a reaction.
    And on the same note: I’ve never read any articles from mothers who didn’t want any other children eating Almonds, bread/wheat, or any other food that of the top 8 allergens just because their own child is allergic.

    Funny how very few educated themselves on the issues at hand before commenting on this post. I prefer to be educated on something before jumping the gun.
    If anyone happens to reply to this comment, be it positive or negative, don’t bother wasting your time, I won’t read it, as I won’t know if it is positive or negative, nor will I read the email responses I receive.

  36. Hey there! I think PB2 is a good option for those needing to follow a very low fat diet, such as post-bariatric surgery or pancreatitis. I definitely agree though, if you’re not in that minority, whole-food nut-butters without additives are the way to go. I know this post is old but just noticed PB2 offers organic and almond butter versions now so that’s cool at least!

  37. They now have an organic one. I bought it because it was on sale at such a great price,And I thought it could have certain Advantages, and I miss the taste of peanut butter.I wish the better alternatives were so well priced.But setting aside that, Somewhat agree with most of her points, but need more details before I trash it completely . Does anyone know if it is highly processed? (How exactly they extract all the oil?Did they use high heat?…) I thought the main advantage would be adding more protein & the taste while decreasing drastically the omega six fats. And I would use coconut oil,Which I love, to replace the fats that were removed.(Also add Chia seeds or flax in recipes.) Wouldn’t that make it worthwhile enough? Also it does make a good chocolate flourless cake…We take vitamin E supplements anyway.Can aflatoxin be Baked away?…

  38. Almonds are not that great for you if eating a lot. The ratio of omega 6 to 3 is to high. Not heart healthy to be loading up on 6. Always need more 3 than 6. I believe it’s nearly double on omega 6 with almonds. Ratio closer with peanuts. They do have organic PB2 now as well. Not criticizing just my thoughts.

  39. I’m writing this during the current Covid-19 outbreak. I’d just like to say that I’m glad that we had both “Just Great Stuff” and PBfit in our pantry. While I’m well aware that it’s not the most healthy of foods … but when push comes to shove either are a much better alternative to the processed junk available in the grocery stores. Just saying!

  40. Thank you all for your thoughts about PB2. I just bought some to give it a try. The thought of pesticides on the peanuts gives me pause, which brings me to ponder the question: Would this not also be the case with Almonds and other nuts as well?

  41. 99% sure pb2 was causing my skin condition, perioral dermatitis
    I was eating a tablespoon daily for 6 months and had the worst skin. Topical medication wasn’t working either. After 4 days of not eating it my skin has cleared up amazingly. Try cutting it out if you are getting a skin condition is my suggestion.

  42. PB2 is off the charts when it comes to consumer products but don’t let one biased consumer dictate your decisions. PB&Me is a PB2 alternative that is considered organic as it has no added sugar and very minor salt content. 1 mg salt per 15 grams or 2.5 tbl spoons which is enough for 2 sandwhiches. It works amazingly as a substitute to traditionally fatty peanut butter and tastes identical. Another benefit is the shelf life is way longer, and the price per use is insanely lower than traditional Peanut Butter. One tub for 12$ will replicate 8+ jugs of peanut butter.
    On top of the health benefits, the dollar savings should be having you say Yes! However, because of pessimistic and inadequate research, you may be thinking no. You can research anything these days and they point to cancer causing agents. Why would someone mention this unless they wish to deter your decisions.

  43. Does anyone know if powdered peanut butter (generally speaking)
    contains MORE oxalate that regular peanut butter? I’m assuming it
    would since it’s more well…concentrated?

  44. I’m amazed how many people who claim to be in the know, don’t understand how the consumption of polyunsaturated fats are so bad for you. PUFA is one of the biggest reasons for obesity in our society. PUFA get stored in your fat, it’s toxic, your body can’t burn it well and the fat basically get’s almost trapped.

    Avoid PUFA as much as possible and peanut butter powder is a FAR better option than ANY other peanut butter for this reason alone. I make my own peanut butter using peanut butter powder and from what I have researched, it’s a good product.

  45. I’ve never tried this powdered peanut butter but I am researching it for a “prepper” item.
    It DOES come Organic – it has organic peanuts and organic sugar. I wish it didn’t have the added sugar so I’m looking for one that might not have sugar. My regular pb is Maranatha Organic Crunchy. I don’t each that much pb – but every now and then I want a pb sandwich.

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