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The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter

I’ve been getting the question “What do you think about PB2?” a lot lately on my Facebook page. PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, made by squeezing natural oils out of the peanut and then dehydrating what’s left, yielding a powder in which 90% of the fat is removed from the peanut.


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This is the truth about PB2 and why you’ll never see me eat this manufactured substitute for peanut butter:

      • PB2 Is Not Whole Real Food – When I talk about the foods I eat, I tell people I want to choose the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and PB2 is just not one of them. The beauty of a peanut is that it contains all of the nutrients nature intended. It has a healthy dose of fat, protein and vitamins.  PB2 extracts almost all of the essential monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, leaching the vitamin E content which is fat soluble, therefore reducing the nutritional content of the whole food. The fat is what keeps you satisfied and reduces cravings making just a tablespoon of real peanut butter so satisfying. This powdered form looks pretty clean when you review the ingredients, but it’s just another way for manufacturers to trick you into thinking less calories is better for you. They have to add a mixture of sugar and salt into the powder to make it taste better without the fat. I know I’d rather have the fat vs. the sugar and salt!


      • PB2 Is Not Organic – Conventional peanuts are some of the most heavily sprayed crops ever. The amount of toxic pesticides sprayed on peanuts is suspected to have caused the increase in peanut allergies.  As you know, peanuts have a very thin and porous outer layer and shell that allows toxins in easily. These toxins are not something you can wash off. Remember increased exposure to pesticides are linked to birth defects, nerve damage and cancer. The President’s Cancer Panel has urged us not to consume food sprayed with pesticides and doesn’t believe any amount is safe. 


      • PB2 Has Added Sugar – It might not be that much added sugar but knowing what refined sugar does to my mind and my body – I try to avoid it at all costs unless it’s a special occasion. I eat nut butter almost everyday so I make sure that my variety is sugar free and made from whole organic nuts. Also, this sugar could be made from genetically modified sugar beets.  (The company recently confirmed they do not contain GMOs.)



    • And… Almond Butter is Better For Your Health – According to this analysis taken from Prevention, almond butter has 69% more calcium, twice as much fiber, 86% more iron, and 169% more vitamin E than peanut butter.

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And just in case you ask – I like Tree of Life Organic Almond Butter and Once Again Organic Almond Butter. In both these products, the oil stays nicely mixed in when kept in the refrigerator, it’s extra creamy, raw and delicious – more than any other 100% pure almond butter I’ve ever tasted. A lot of stores don’t carry these brands, but if you live in Charlotte, you can find them both at Healthy Home Market.

If you still like to eat regular peanut butter – always choose one ingredient organic peanut butter like this one.

I hope I didn’t burst anyone’s bubble about PB2. Just remember when a product seems too good to be true, it probably is!

What’s your favorite nut butter?

Food Babe

P.S. If you know someone who’s eating PB2, please share this post with them. 

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463 responses to “The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter

  1. “The fat is what keeps you satisfied and reduces cravings making just a tablespoon of real peanut butter so satisfying”

    This is either a lie or just delusional. What is more satisfying: literally 16 grams of peanut butter, or a whole apple? or 4 carrots? or a kilogram of lettuce? If fat was so satisfying we could just tell everyone with appetite issues to drink olive oil…

    1. The statement is referring to fat taking longer to digest in the stomach. The nutrients are slowly released over a period of time, thus leaving a feeling of staying full. Therefore, eating foods containing fat leaves you “satisfied” in terms of giving the body a longer period of satiety.

  2. I need calcium. I ate 2 bottles of pb2 with amazing calcium. Excellent flavor. I loved it. Then, read in Dr Google. But, there is not inspection of toxicity and metals. Horrible saying about exposure. And about risk in cancer. That is sucks

  3. Powdered peanut better has a “healthy dose of fat, protein and vitamins.” Healthy dose of fat? Where are you getting this from? Mine has 1.5 grams per two tablespoons of reconstituted peanut butter powder. Regular has peanut butter 16 grams. Reduced fat has 12 grams. Powdered peanut butter does not have a healthy dose of fat. It has almost all of the fat removed leaving only a great peanut butter substitute. Organic, not “whole,” processed? I could not care less. I’m 40 pounds overweight and on a severe fat restricted diet (>10 grams per day). Is it better to be a fat load like me and eat only “organic non-processed, whole food” or get rid of my excessive body fat and be healthy? 10 out of 10 nutritionists would agree that getting rid of body fat is much more important. When I get to my proper weight, I will incorporate these “whole” foods more into my diet. For now, it’s lowest fat foods all the way and powdered peanut butter is a massive help.

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