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The video I was afraid to show you

I didn’t want to share this video with you, because every time I think about it, it’s too painful to relive. And quite honestly, I didn’t want to deal with the backlash that I knew I’d get… but now it’s time. In this video below, I’m talking to over 3000 people at the World Domination … Read More

Announcing My Next Book: Feeding You Lies

My mom called yesterday and said “Have you turned it in yet?” – I responded with a big “YES! It’s done.” And we both rejoiced. I have been heads down for the last year working on something very important. I’m so thrilled to announce that I just turned in the manuscript for my next book!!! … Read More

Announcing My Own Product Line: Truvani

Over the last few years, the Food Babe Army has accomplished a lot… We have influenced Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Kraft, General Mills, Subway, Panera Bread, and many other big food companies into changing for the better… But here’s the truth: Big companies don’t change fast enough. And most companies don’t value our health over profits. How many … Read More

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