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The Latest Kraft Petition TV Coverage: Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox News, NBC, and Good Morning America

Since Kraft did not show up to The Dr. Oz Show, we’ve contacted Kraft directly via email (now twice) and left a voicemail. We received an automatic reply that the head of the Mac & Cheese division is out of the office. This probably isn’t the best time for her to be out, don’t you think?

We are patiently awaiting a response… until then, we plan to get this message out as much as possible.

I hope you enjoy the media clips below – 3 of them are from the last 24 hours. All of these interviews with Lisa and me are so different – I’d love to know which one you liked the best. See you in the comments!

Food Babe

The Dr. Oz Show – Food Dyes: Are they Safe?

CNN LIVE: Starting Point – March 15, 2013 (Please note – CNN cut off my last point on their version of the video online – but the live TV version is captured below. After you watch the video, I’d love to know why you think they did that!)

Fox News: Bloggers Against Mac & Cheese – March 15, 2013

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

NBC Nightly News – March 8, 2013

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Good Morning America – Kraft Mac and Cheese: Bloggers Want Food Dye Removed – Friday March 8, 2013

Good Morning America Screen Shot

P.S. Don’t forget to sign this petition to remove artificial food dyes and share it with everyone you know! Also – going over to the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Facebook Page to share your thoughts wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

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153 responses to “The Latest Kraft Petition TV Coverage: Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox News, NBC, and Good Morning America

  1. Fabulous chat on Dr. Oz!!! I’ve signed your petition and would be happy to support more. Our family has been dye-free for almost a decade and our two new additions have NEVER consumed them. Can’t say enough about how millions should be appreciative of the work you guys are doing!

  2. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work! Maybe the big company’s will start listening!

  3. Very eloquent and well-spoken! You guys did a great job! Your websites have changed my life and ulimately my family’s life. Kudos to you and all that you do!

  4. Good work! Interesting opinion piece in todays NYTimes from a former Kraft executive, who now wants industry to stop misleading the public on the lousy food they have created. Momentum is growing!

  5. You guys did so great! Thank-you for all of your hard work! Hopefully it pays off soon! My family has stopped buying products with artifical dyes (for the most part… maybe still a treat here and there). No more Kraft mac n cheese! We just buy Velveeta Shells n Cheese which has paprika for coloring! Both your blogs have changed my families lives. Thanks so much!

  6. The Dr. Oz show was by far the best. I don’t think the other interviews gave you ladies the credibility you deserve. I was really impressed with the support Dr. Oz showed for your cause.

  7. Great job! Especially enjoyed your discussion on the Dr. Oz Show. So true that the gov’t is not protecting us from this crap so maybe getting the companies to change due to consumer pressure will work. There was an ad for wholesome Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese before the NBC nightly news segment, lol.

  8. Wow, that woman on CNN was totally mad that you did not agree with her! (in reference to why you thought they cut the last comment out!)

    You go girls! KEEP GOING!!!

  9. Thought the Dr. Oz interview was the best. Amazing though how surprised Dr. Ozwas about your findings. Don’t watch him, but was he being rather dramatic?

  10. I like the Dr. Oz video the best. You have an expert that has been in the food industry for over 40 years telling you that the dyes are bad, who cares what the FDA says. It’s all politics to them, not our health. Thanks ladies for all you do. Do you mind if I share the YouTube video on my blog? Thanks again, Amy

  11. YEA!!!! You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for using your powers of motivation in helping this country (hopefully) make steps in the right direction when it comes to food! 🙂

  12. Often Dr Oz’s shows can be very juvenile to meet the average intellect of our population, but your message on his show was the best of the 3 shows (because it actually is more intelligent and informative than the silly sensationalism found on GMA and CNN). Thanks so much for finding a way to reach the public on this topic of dyes my family stopped using 20 years ago and no one listened to me then! Now, the next challenge is how to take all the chemicals out and replace them with vegan cheese!

  13. Keep up the good work, You both looked, sounded, & presented yourselves very well, you came across as well informed and very mainstream(which should help secure the attention of many more people).

  14. Awesome work ladies! Congratulations! I’m so happy, because I’ve family and friends in the US and I’m visiting from time to time. So whatever happens that the quality of food (and hopefully of the water) gets better – I’m so thankful for. And I’m suprised that you found out, that even in small, but most beautiful little Austria 🙂 many of the additives are not allowed. We’ve great offer of organic products because people demand it. Be aware that the FDA does not seem to act responsible toward the consumers.
    When President Obama (most Europeans and myself are very found of him) recently offered a free trade agreement to the European Union, many people here were shocked and said: Oh no, not for the food – we don’t want all the GMO’s, Hormons, Antibiotics etc. coming over. It’s bad enough that Monsanto & Co. put so much pressure on the EU to allow all this and not even have to declare it.
    So please keep on going ladies – you’re doing an awesome job. Thanks a lot.

    1. Most Europeans hate gmo’s, but are fond of Obama!!!!!!!

      Maybe they need to put the same effort into finding out what senator Palpatine really stands for, as they do their food investigation

  15. This may have been the only way to bring attention to the outdated and low standards that the FDA has outlined for the people of US. Yes, the food companies need to show responsibility and demand the highest standard of products on the FDA’s list. This would allow equal competition for food companies, as well. How about going after the FDA ? We need to put pressure on the source of how these ingredients are allowed into our foods. They need to upgrade their standards to PREVENT these products from being allowed to harm people. It is too bad CONSUMER pressure is really the only way things get changed after MANY peoples lives have been detrimentally effected.

  16. You girls are F**ing amazing! I love that this was posted all over the news! The Dr. Oz show was my favorite, and the fact that his followers are borderline obsessed with him gives me hope that they’ll follow you girls too! CNN sucks! If the clip I think was taken out then obviously the message about how the bad mac having cartoon characters marketed just for them hit the soft spot!, and I hope it leaves a big old bruise right in Kraft’s twisted ugly face!

  17. Vani and Lisa: I haven’t heard anything from you guys on this topic in a few days. Don’t give up on this petition! You are the reason why all these people are informed and you have made it so far! So thankful that I found your page!!

    1. Oh we are not giving up – we’ve been working non-stop! On Tuesday – we had a Twitter Party – where we had 4.6 million impressions talking about the petition and everyone stormed their facebook page on Monday – Wed… we are going to release another update by Monday. Thank you for staying engaged – we will do our best to keep you up to date! Are you on Facebook?

      1. Okay good! Sorry I didn’t mean to offend if I did, it just seems like they are never going to respond and it’s unbelievable to me that they are just ignoring everyone, or maybe they aren’t – I gotta wait for your update! Yes I follow you on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you for doing all that you do!

  18. YEAH!!!!! You ladies did a wonderful job on both interviews! I am so glad you are getting the word out about all these harmful ingredients and raising awareness!!! So, which video is better? I did appreciate that Dr Oz allowed you to share excerpts of what people wrote of how children were affected by simply removing artificial dyes from their diets. That time to personalize it and make it real hopefully reached out and maybe touched others in a way that facts alone may have not done. (Personally, I love facts-but we are all human and the human connection can make things more relatable.) KUDOS Ladies! You are doing excellent things!!! I keep sharing your posts-so keep them coming!!! 🙂

  19. So bummed I missed you on Dr. Oz – will have to find it on Hulu or something. I am loving a new cereal from Nature’s Path. It is Chia Plus Granola and coconut! YUM!

  20. Love you guys! And by the way, Annie’s mac & cheese is not only awesome tasting – it has no artificial colors, additives, or perservatives. And unlike Kraft, Annie’s is made with REAL CHEESE! That’s right, Kraft’s isn’t real cheese, check it out!

  21. Greetings from California! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the info you present here and can’t wait
    to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using
    WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, wonderful blog!

  22. How come no one is firing, investigating the FDA, food should be food! We should not have to read the ingredients, it should be food. Wtf FDA ? Time to throw them out, must be bought my the big coronations, come on people lets get this out there, and do something about it!!!

  23. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!

  24. Prices in the non-food category in July were down 2.1% on a year earlier, the BRC and Nielsen said at the end of last month. Food prices last month were 2.2% higher than last July, with the annual inflation rate in this category having fallen sharply recently.
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  25. I would love to know about the laws around artificial dyes in Canada… particularly Kraft Dinner (our version of Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese). I looked up the ingredient list and it only says “Colour (contains tartrazine)”. What does this mean in Canada?

  26. What is the latest on this petition effort? Has Kraft responded? How many signatures are you up to? Have you received any more media interviews?

  27. Dear Vani,

    I apologize if I am writing this in the wrong place on your website. But, I wanted to know what you thought about the ingredient natamycin which is used in almost all shredded cheese and string cheese. When Kraft Foods announced that they were going to replace a synthetic mold inhibitor (sorbic acid) with natamycin in their American Cheese slices so that they could label “No Artificial” preservatives on their package I looked up what natamycin was and was a bit shocked. I learned that natamycin is a genetically modified antibiotic. I am a first grade teacher and a mother of three and it freaks me out that most string cheese, shredded cheese, and now Kraft slices all have this genetically modified antibiotic in it. My children and students all eat Kraft slices and string cheese. When I go to who uses natamycin in their cheeses, they say in their facts section that natamycin is not an antibiotic. But, when I look up what natamycin is on the internet it says natamycin is an antibiotic. I would appreciate your thought on this new ingredient to me. Thanks.

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