Clowns, Raw Grits & Foodless Trucks

These clowns at the park were very friendly - a little too friendly, if you know what I mean


I’ve had so much fun all week! It all started Sunday. I txted “Freedom Park @ 2pm, bring a snack, a drink and a blanket” to some of my girlfriends that I desperately needed to catch up with. The reason I picked the park was because I really feel you don’t have to go somewhere and buy something to really enjoy yourself. Sure, we could have met for brunch or at a coffee shop…but it was Sunday and some of my favorite spots are closed (Luna’s Living Kitchen!)…. so I started thinking out of the box….

When I go out now, I really want to spend my time and money on businesses I support and believe in. I really like to vote with my dollars. You’ll never see me at a place like Jason’s Deli or other fast food eateries to grab a “quick” bite to eat. I’d rather pull something out of my fridge, go by the grocery store, reach into my bag or cooler for something I know is delicious and nutritious!

So after my girls confirmed our plans – I got busy in the kitchen, I wanted to make a little treat for all of us to snack on.

I ended up making wonderful little vegan oatmeal raisin cookies (Check Recipe Rendezvous for details)…The girls loved them and ate them up like little cookie monsters!

Also – I packed some sprouted wheat pretzels I am in love with and some truffle honey mustard I got last year in Napa Valley at the Hess Winery. My goal was to have something sweet and salty. 2 water bottles filled later with our wonderful filtered water from home and I was off to the park.

When we got there, the park was full of folks, including random clowns. Thank you Nicole for facing your fear and getting close enough to take the photo above!

Mon-Tues-Wed went like this. Wake up, gym, work, yoga, cook, sleep

My desk at work

And then last night was jam packed!

It started off at a “raw” cooking class at my FAVORITE health food store – “Home Healthy Market” on South Blvd. Ami and Rian prepared so many amazing raw breakfast treats including cheese grits made from cauliflower and fresh cashew cream, tofu scramble made with fresh ground almonds, buckwheat porridge and chia seed pudding. They were all delicious and will be trying the recipes soon!

I even learned a new word in which to describe my eating habits  from a friendly lady I met named Carol. “Intuitarian”  – The act of eating exactly what your body needs, your mind needs and your spirit needs at the moment.  I love it!

Rian and Ami gearing up for the show
Making fresh almond paste for the tofu scramble (with no tofu!)
Rian serving the samples as fast as he can - so he can get to YOGA ONE to teach class
About to try raw cheese grits for the first time - mmmmmm good and warm from the dehydrator
Raw buckwheat cereal with fresh almond milk
Chai Chia Seed Pudding - Chia Seeds can grow 10x their size in a just a few hours when submerged in liquid
Hanging out backstage with the chef after the show

After the cooking class, we went uptown to hit the “Chowdown” food truck rally to support “Roots” and the “Southern Cake Queen (SCQ)”…. but to only be faced with disappointment. Everything we wanted to try was sold out.

I asked Roots for a special vegetarian inspired dish - as you can see behind me - they were out of everything! Those lettuce wraps sounded great!
Pitiful - No more cupcakes either
I guess next time we need to call the Southern Cake Queen first!


The other food trucks, unfortunately were not our type of fare. I am hoping more organic/local farm to table trucks will sprout up since they may be doing this rally every Thursday on seventh street!

Leaving the rally, still hungry, we ventured over the “Wooden Vine.” I had never been and was dying to sit outside and relax. We ordered a Sangiovese wine from Tuscany, it was delicious. However, I was surprised the wait staff didn’t follow the proper procedure for serving wine. They almost didn’t let us taste the wine before serving it and the glasses had just come out of the dishwasher very hot! Hopefully this is just because they are still training their staff and in the learning process.

We ordered both flat breads (one with goat cheese and fig, another with mozzarella), white bean hummus and the jalapeno dip. I wanted to try everything, but with some raw veggies instead of the white bread.  The waiter looked a bit confused when I asked for some raw veggies to be brought out with the dip and said they didn’t have any.  The flat breads were outstanding, but the dips left much to be desired.

Good thing they have a sign


We couldn’t leave the beautiful night outside without trying the Chocolate Bouchon and Strawberry Pinot Crumble. I really want this cute place to make it. It’s great to be able to sit on Tryon street and people watch while enjoying a great class of wine.  We are still so bummed about “Zink” turning into Fifth Third Bank!

It was a perfect and relaxing night until we were all startled by some crazy lunatic honking their over the top loud horn at everything and everyone. Mayor Foxx and City Council – Please please please find the funds to make Tryon a pedestrian street!!!

Poor Graham, a little camera shy, he ordered the strawberry pinot crumble - a much better choice than the Chocolate Bouchon
This tasted more like a brownie than chocolate cake - I opted for the rasberries instead


After the wine bar, we went over to the Epicentre to meet up with a dear friend I met in Detroit that recently moved to Charlotte. We got home late.  This weekend – Food Babe needs to count some serious sheep and get some sleep, but has a jammed packed schedule, as usual :)

Steve and Rob wearing my scarf - he looks rather Indian, especially with his beard.
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  1. Erin Glusenkamp

    Great blog!!! The sauce looks a little thin. From my understanding a “bouchon” is traditionally very dense and fudg-y, like a brownie. Not like a traditional fluffy cake

  2. Food Babe

    Erin thanks! It’s funny because the waiter described this as “a moist chocolate cake…” The bouchon I had recently in Napa Valley at Bouchon Bakery is hard to live up to!


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