Habits for the New Year and Beyond – #1 Drink Lemon Water

The new year is just around the corner – a time where a lot of people make resolutions to get healthier and lose weight… The gyms get CRAZY, wellness books jump to the top of best seller lists, and people get radical with their diets. A lot of us start doing all sorts of things we don’t intend on doing for the rest of our lives. This is where the problem lies with new year’s resolutions.

Instead of doing something just because it’s the new year – why not take it a step further and develop a healthy habit for the rest of your life? This might seem crazy and idealistic considering the rate of people that fall off the wagon come March, but it’s really not.  Especially since your health should be your number one priority for the rest of your life. Period.

For the next few days – I will share some habits that are really worth developing this year and strategies that will hopefully help you stick to them beyond this year’s resolutions.

Here’s the first one…

#1 Drink Warm Lemon Water and Cayenne Pepper first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

IMG 3010

How does one successfully do this every single day?

Every night I fill my electric tea pot with filtered water, place one lemon on the counter from the fridge, along with the cayenne pepper bottle and a cup filled half way with water. As soon as I get up in the morning, I put on my robe on and walk into the kitchen to turn the electric kettle on. I then go into the bathroom and by the time I finish putting in my contact lenses and splash my face with water to wake up – the electric kettle has finished warming up my water. I then pour the water in the glass half full with room temperature water, squeeze one half of the lemon on top, sprinkle with cayenne and drink.

I usually drink this mixture with a straw, so my teeth aren’t exposed to the acid and I gulp down at least 15 ounces. Followed by another 8 ounces of water later before I eat or drink anything else. I’ve done this every morning for last 5 years. I even bring lemons with me when I am on vacation or when I am not sleeping in my own house. I just throw a few lemons right into my luggage – it’s too easy not to do…

Adopting this daily habit has amazing health benefits. Imagine getting sick less, feeling lighter, having regular eliminations, clearer skin, more energy and having a boost in your metabolism leading to weight loss over time…

Doing this ritual every morning provides a super stimulant to the liver, your main detoxing organ in the body. Your liver will release uric acid and create bile to safely eliminate environmental and lifestyle toxins that would otherwise be trapped in your digestive system longer. Remember keeping your liver and digestive system clean and in optimal condition will help your body prevent diseases like cancer in the future. Combining cayenne with lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body increasing your metabolism.

Drinking this combination will cleanse your body every single day safely and naturally. I plan to do it for the rest of my life. Join me and watch your vitality increase!

IMG 3026

A few more tips about lemons –

  • Store your organic lemons in the fridge – they will last longer because they do not contain fungicide like conventional lemons. I take one lemon out of the fridge each night, because lemon at room temperature is easier to juice.
  • Remember not to squeeze your lemon directly into boiling water, you will destroy the live enzymes in the lemon. This is why I use half of water at room temperature and half hot water.
  • Using a stainless steel lemon juicer will allow you to get most of the juice from the lemon and is much easier on your hands too. You can get one off the Food Babe Shop here.

Want more motivation? Check out these articles on the additional benefits of drinking lemon water -

Who’s already adopted this habit? I’d love to know! Leave a comment here or visit my Facebook Fan Page and share your story!

When life gives you lemons, make lemon water with cayenne. Duh.


Food Babe

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379 Responses to “Habits for the New Year and Beyond – #1 Drink Lemon Water”

  1. May

    I started juicing lemons because i was tired of my daughter bringing home viruses from her day care job!! Since i started juicing i notice that it is clearing up my “Tinea Versicolor” (skin fungus) that i have had problems with on and off for years!!! I also notice that i just feel better! So i am now addicted to drinking the lemon water EVERYDAY!! lol *I just juice half a lemon and put it in 24oz of water and drink it down.

  2. Nicole

    How long do you need to wait before having coffee/tea and something to eat?

    • Carey (to Nicole)

      She had mentioned in the earlier comments that you only need to wait about 10 minutes before eating something :)

  3. Melissa

    I am trying this today and my throat is burning!!!! How much cayenne pepper do you use and is there a difference between cayenne and cayenne red??? Maybe we bought the wrong kind. I have had to small sips so far and can’t take another LOL

    • Carey (to Melissa)

      I think she mentioned in earlier comments that you only need to do a small pinch and if it still bothers your throat / stomach, you can just drink the lemon water.

    • Meagan (to Melissa)

      If you let it sit the cayenne pepper gets stronger tasting. Drink it closer to the time that you mix it and it should not burn your throat.

  4. Sandra

    According to my Naturopath, if you don’t follow the lemon water up with soluble fiber the fat and toxins you just released can be reabsorbed. The fiber ensures they will be eliminated.

    • Kristy (to Sandra)

      I’m interested by your comment. How long is recommended you wait to eat after drinking the lemon water to avoid the absorption? And what is my Naturopath? Thanks very much!

      • Sandra (to Kristy)

        Kristy, I follow the hot lemon with milled flax (mixed in a glass of water) about a half to an hour later. Ideally you are consuming fiber rich foods throughout the day, but I don’t want too much with my breakfast so I can take my supplements and get the most from them, that is why I take the flax drink separately. My Naturopath is the Doctor who put me on a program to help heal my liver following lead poisoning. Hope that helps. Have a GREAT day!

  5. Toni

    Hey, Can you use lime if you’re out of lemon? thanks!

  6. Kristen

    is there any problem doing this while pregnant or nursing? i don’t see any, but also wanted to your opinion.

    • Julie (to Kristen)

      I haven’t tried it yet, but just be careful to keep an eye that your baby doesn’t react to the cayenne. I eat alot of spicy food but had to cut back on the cayenne because it seemed to upset her stomach and when it came out the other end… =)

  7. Louise

    Why use the hot water at all?

    • Hazel (to Louise)

      Warm water not hot…it stimulates the liver (cold water would not do such a good job) !!

  8. Ann

    I just read that someone bought a glass Dharma straw. Why that and would just any straw work?

    • Val (to Ann)

      I think the acidic lemon could leach some of the harmful chemicals out of a plastic straw. Glass is safer

  9. Rebecca

    how long, if at all, is it ok to use your cayenne pepper after the expiration date? also, what is the best brand of cayenne pepper to get and is it better to just ground up a cayenne pepper yourself instead of using spices?

  10. tamara

    question #1. why hot water? Years ago, I did the Lemon water with Cayenne cleanse that was the craze when actors & actresses would do to lose weight fast., so the 2 together is coming up in a lot of lists that are good for you.
    question #2 I know Food Babe is very busy, but how come I don’t see her answering her fans questions. I have had most of my questions answered by other people just as popular and probably just as busy.
    thank you Food Babe for all that you do to help all of us see the real deal to what we all put in our bodies, and also for working so hard to get others to change this world for the better.

    • J Reed (to tamara)

      hot water or warm water so your body will not have to warm the water up to you body temp before it is absorb

      • Tamara (to J Reed)

        How to solve the burning of the throat when drinking it?. Am I using too much cayenne? I only sprinkle in on. Could I possibly pre-make a jug of it and sit out a glass of it, the night before? I know I would have to stir it before pouring into a glass as the cayenne tends to sink to the bottom.

  11. Hazel

    I would just like to add……


    One should wash,rinse and detox the mouth full of toxic bacteria that has accumulated overnight.

    You DON’t want to swallow/wash down and reabsorb the potent bacterial concentration that has accumulated in your mouth from your body’s own liver cleansing which takes place during the early to late morning hours (between 1am-3am).

    A Mouthwash/Rinse with theives oil of some type…….The one I use


    • Hazel (to Hazel)

      …..oh and I just started using it 1 month ago…

      -no fluoride
      -made in USA
      -no chlorine
      -no glycerin
      -no alcohol
      -organic ingredients
      -no sodium laurel sulfate

      ….don’t work for these people just really happy and seeing a difference…I too drink the warm water cayanne!!
      Happy day :-)

  12. Brian

    Do you have to cycle on and off cayenne like you do for cinnamon. Can’t the toxicity build up? Or your body will become used to the Cayenne so the benefits aren’t there?

  13. Holly

    Hi Vani –
    I’ve been drinking my warm lemon water first thing in the morning when I wake up. I’ve been reading all of these positive effects of oil pulling with coconut oil and would like to incorporate it into my morning routine. Should I do that first or do the oil pulling first? I know I am supposed to wait 15-30 minutes to eat or drink after the lemon water and I am reading that I need to oil pull first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. So can I drink my lemon water, then oil pull for 20 min and be good to go? Thanks for all of your info!

  14. Lizzie

    I too would be interested to know about the correct order in the morning. Should I oil pull first, and then do the lemon water? I would appreciate any help!

  15. Nancy

    I am 62 yrs young. I have been drinking water with juice of 1 or 2 lemons a day since my late 20′s. No pop! So I have always been hydrated. The last several yrs have been with non fluoridated water. I swear by lemons to start me off every day. Also a green smoothie in the a.m. kombucha we brew and aloe vera juice. Energy to farm the day away!

  16. Kathleen

    I’ sort of new here, so I apologized I ask anything that’s already been answered.

    Is it okay to drink the water only with lemon? And what is the minimum time to wait to eat/drink afterwards, for those who don’t have much time in the morning?

  17. Seazer

    “having regular eliminations,” I love how she puts it. It means poop. Poop! lol. I’m going to try this .Thanks for the tip and thank you New World Next Week for putting me on to this site.

  18. Courtnie

    We don’t have cayenne but we do make our own habenero powder. Would that work the same way?


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