Shark or Penguins?

Happy Friday!!!  Woot Woot! Hope you’ve had a nice week and ready for the weekend!  I’ve got a crazy day planned today – Lots of work meetings, a lunch date and things to get done!  This post is gonna be quick and dirty, so I can get to it!

Yesterday started with the usual hot water with lemon and cayenne, followed by some Vitamineral Greens powder (I switch between Green Vibrance and Vitamineral Greens every other day…I can’t decide which one I like better…)

Then I had a cup of tea, a half of an Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Muffin and a green apple…. Lots of fuel before my workout….

IMG 0069

My workout however was kinda lousy – Just haven’t been feeling it the last few days.  I think it might be because my heart rate monitor has been acting up. Without it, I loose motivation to work harder.  I need to see those BPMs!

Regardless, I did get some energy from the sun today!  I ate on my balcony between conference calls…

IMG 0078

Enjoyed another huge salad full of arugula, sprouts, avocado, peppers, carrots, celery, brazil nuts and tahini dressing.  I also had some protein powder mixed with water…

IMG 0072

And a couple of prunes for dessert. What?! Prunes for dessert?  Yeah – I really like them – they are like candy to me – chewy and sweet.  But I still feel like a grandma eating them all the time.

IMG 0080

After a few hours of back to back conference calls later – I stopped at the cutest health food store on the planet – Berrybrook Farms Natural Foods Store.  I ordered an “All Greens” juice and went on my marry way to restock my fridge….It was officially empty after that salad earlier in the afternoon.

IMG 0083

I went down to Earth Fare… which ended up being a pretty interesting trip.

IMG 0084

I met the owner of Paddle Core Fitness – a guy named Ramsay. He and I got to talking after we both realized we were eyeing the same bunch of collard greens.  Turns out we had a lot in common about our passion for nutrition and fitness.  I LOVE THE water – as y’all know from my scuba diving obsession… so paddle boarding sounds like a riot! I might have it give it a try this summer…


Back at home – my fridge was full again!  I don’t use any of the right drawers for the right foods.  I use the cheese drawer to store nuts, dried fruit and seeds and my meat drawer for lemons.  I never have enough room for my greens – they are so bulky and huge. Needless to say though, I love having a jungle in my fridge :)

IMG 0086

For dinner, I made a Mexican Casserole – I included a ton of veggies…. check out the recipe in this post I wrote a while back about GMO Corn… For the sauce this time, I cheated and saved some time by using a good quality jar of tomato sauce (Seeds of Change Organic Tomato Sauce) and added 2 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp chili powder, and 1 tsp red pepper to it to make the Enchilada sauce… )

IMG 0085

Eating lots of fresh and cold romaine squeezed with fresh lime is the perfect accompaniment to this hot steaming dish!

IMG 0091

Because I never leave Earth Fare without one of their Whole Wheat Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies – I enjoyed it for dessert with a cup of ginger tea…

IMG 0094

And a little later after putting up new travel photos in the hallway – I had some organic hazelnut spread on flax/spelt crisps…. the perfect combo of salty and sweet. Mmmm.

IMG 0097

It wasn’t until I put together our New Year’s card we sent to friends and family last week, that I realized that we had gone to 10 different countries last year. I sometimes lose sight of the places we’ve been and want to appreciate it more…so one of my New Year’s resolutions was to display our favorite travel moments throughout our home.

What was my favorite picture we put up last night, you ask? It’s a toss up between this grey shark captured scuba diving in the Maldives (he was big and very friendly with me) ….

IMG 1965

…And the two penguins we caught sitting upon a huge iceberg in Antarctica while riding around in a zodiac boat freezing our little butts off.


On that note – My productivity just decreased as I am already day dreaming of our next adventure…

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Food Babe

P.S. If you ever have any questions about anything, I always very happy to reply!  Leave a question in the comments field on any post or visit my Facebook Fan Page or Tweet me

21 Responses to “Shark or Penguins?”

  1. Christine Poole

    You are inspiring….great to have you in my life..ha!

  2. Nicole

    Can’t wait to see your travel pics in person-awesome! ramsay is amazing, he is one of the teachers at Flex + Fit!

  3. Jessica

    Love this post! I feel like having that mexican casserole tonight now! Anyways, I have to ask, do you work full time while still getting to do all the great things you do??? I wish I could travel more and cook or prepare meals during the day so I didnt have to do it all at night – I find I have little energy at night when I get home and its after 6pm. Im at work or traveling to work for 10 hours during the day. My plan is to change this soon but until then, i’ll work through it! I had to ask though, if you do work full time, that is pretty inspiring!!

    • Food Babe (to Jessica)

      Good Question – Yes, I work full time – although the last few days I worked from home which made preparing meals a little easier. It’s hard work to live this kind of lifestyle, isn’t it?! It’s all about finding the right strategies and balance that works. When I know I’ll be going into the office all week – I’ll spend Sunday preparing Hari shakes, raw veggies, etc… I’ll also make a soup that will last a couple of days. I’ve pretty much mastered throwing together a hearty salad or a quick rice and bean dish in no time. Luckily my parents live here and my in-laws are just a few hours away – so we don’t need to take vacation days to visit our families. We use all our days to see as much of the world as we possibly can… even if it means taking some days unpaid. Go see the world Jessica – the time is now!

      • Sue (to Food Babe)

        I would love to juice, but I find it time consuming to scrub and wash my veggies every morning . I work 10 hours a day and care for a very active toddler.
        Could you PLEASE share more of how you organize your meals ahead of time.
        –Every time I read your articles I feel inspired to do great things in my life.
        Thank you

  4. Colleen

    Love reading what you ate and how you portion things, because I have a long way to go on this front. Thanks for sharing – we’re listening! :)

  5. Dana Stallings

    Love your posts – ALWAYS! Just had to say – you MUST try Paddleboarding! I am a water baby too and when I did it in Maui this past summer, I was in BLISS!

    MAKE it a fabulous weekend!


    • Food Babe (to Dana Stallings)

      You’ve got me excited Dana… now if it can just get warm. I hate cold water!


  6. Veena

    I really loved your post this time; it could be the picture of shark, or penguins!

  7. Rita

    I have a real problem binging. I ate 4 hamburgers from mc donalds, fries, 3 pop tarts, 2 tv dinners, japanese food and shrimp shumai. Please help. After I get home from work, I want to go to sleep. I am on 2 anti depressants, wellbutrin, and cymalta.. No real problems in life. I am 5 ft 6 and 160 lbs. Help me. I am constantly around junk food.

    • Anon (to Rita)

      This might be a question better suited to a mental health professional, if you have access to a counselor or social worker. Hope you get some help. :(

    • Food Babe (to Rita)

      Rita – Unfortunately, I don’t think I can give you the help you need. You may want to consider contacting a health counselor or therapist in your area. I wish you good health for the future, peace and blessings.

    • Jon Steiert (to Rita)

      Hi Rita. I hope you’re okay, seeing as this comment was 18 months ago. If you’re still struggling with any of these things, there is a wonderful Doctor in Philadelphia that may be of use to your circumstances. He’s helping me battle my own food addictions & behavior.

      His name is Dr. Charlie Seltzer & he can be reached at

      As I said, hopefully you’re doing well!

  8. Judi

    I really do appreciate how much detail you go into about your diet. I am transitioning to a vegan mostly raw diet and I need all the help and encouragement I can get concerning logistics, ingredients, and just making it work every day. Keep it up!

  9. Alisia

    Where did you get the cute silver picture frames? I have been looking for something just like that!

  10. Tash

    Food Babe, wondering what method of water filtration you use? I’m curious if there is a superior way of eliminating most impurities? I’m also freaked out by plastics and try not to drink water if its been sitting in plastic too long. Thanks!

    • Food Babe (to Tash)

      I have an 2 stage water filter that is built into the sink that I use to wash vegetables and drink water from. I also use “Klean Kanteen” and “Bodum Jars” to store my water and shakes on the go. They are priceless to me! Check them out on the food babe shop! Good Luck!

  11. ElleX

    Both photos are beautiful!


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