Panera Bread – The Healthiest Fast Food?!?

My lovely mother sent me home with a bag full of home cooked food last week on Easter. It included her famous Indian flat bread stuffed with radishes, lentil soup and stir fried cauliflower.  While everything was super delicious as usual, something caught me a little off guard… the Panera Bread bag she reused for me to carry home all those goodies.

Panera Bread is popping up all over the place…I see one outside my office window at work. I drove past three on my way to the park last Sunday…

IMG 0939

And then while my friend Amy was traveling through a small town in South Carolina that I frequently visit, which is also a food desert (a place that shall remain nameless or my better half would kill me) … She texted with an urgent “Where do I stop to eat?” I didn’t have a good answer for her and I certainly didn’t suggest Panera Bread.

So given these signs, I had to feed my inner curiosity of why I just cringe at the thought of eating there. What I found was some startling ingredients this oh so fresh and so clean looking bakery style deli uses in their famous salads, sandwiches, soups and breads.  With industrialized food sourcing over 90% of what Americans eat – It’s easy to get fooled, even with the simplest and freshest sounding menu items.

Luckily, Panera (like all companies should) provides you with all the information you need at your finger tips via their website where they list all the nutrition facts including the ingredients for all of their dishes. Here’s just a sampling of some of the ingredients that might make you think twice before stopping off for a bite…

First up - The Fuji Apple Salad. Looks pretty healthy doesn’t?


But nope… This salad is heavily processed. Those apple chips on top are made with canola oil and corn syrup which is highly likely to be genetically modified. The greek dressing has an ingredient most people use in their car engines as anti freeze aka propylene glycol… (If you want to know more about this substance – I go into detail about it in a Supermarket Birthday Cake Exposé.) Oh and look at all those tasty “natural” flavors (probably from Givaudan, a chemical food manufacturer).

Screen Shot 2012 04 16 at 10 17 59 PM

Screen Shot 2012 04 18 at 12 23 23 AM

And then if you are brave enough to order something as simple as a ham & swiss on rye… you’ll get a dosage of nitrates. Nitrates are dangerous for your health and are toxic to the brain. They are linked to Alzheimer’s and many forms of cancer. No one should be eating them. There’s really no reason to eat chemically preserved cured and smoked meat. Get it fresh, get it organic, and or don’t eat it at all.  It’s that simple.

Screen Shot 2012 04 16 at 10 19 35 PM

What about the whole grain bread… It’s got to be whole grain, right? They are Panera BREAD for goodness sakes.

Screen Shot 2012 04 16 at 10 13 48 PM

Nope… Don’t get excited, it’s not 100% whole grain, just half. Like the rye bread that is used for the ham and swiss, the first ingredient after water, is enriched flour.  There is nothing whole grain about enriched flour – this bread should actually be called half white bread if they were really going to name this correctly and were telling us the whole picture.

The most upsetting menu items were in the soup department… check out the hidden MSG in this Broccoli and Cheese Soup & Low Fat Black Bean Soup under disguise names “hydrolyzed corn and soy protein, autolyzed yeast extract and yeast extract” This is food industry trickery at it’s best!  A little off topic, but relevant, the food company that makes Pop Chips is using this same trick too….I avoid this additive at all costs because MSG is an ingredient that literally excites your brain cells to death.

Screen Shot 2012 04 16 at 10 18 48 PM Screen Shot 2012 04 17 at 4 01 14 PM

Now comes the worst part of this whole story. Health Magazine rated Panera Bread as the #1 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant in America.

REALLLLLLY?!  Is this the best fast food we can get?  Does fast have to automatically assume processed? Salad dressing with propylene glycol? Meats with nitrates? Enriched bleached flour bread? Soup filled with MSG?! A whole menu full of GMOs?

Health Magazine looked at the use of healthy fats, sodium content and the use of organic produce to determine their top 10 restaurants. Panera Bread got the #1 spot because they offer organic yogurt, organic milk, and organic cheese on their award winning kids menu, which I have to admit is a step above places like McDonalds but they are still using the same cheap ingredients that other fast food restaurants use to make money and to get you hooked.

If you don’t go into Panera knowing all the facts, you can get duped pretty easily.  Take for instance that acclaimed kid’s menu….if you end up ordering the kid’s ham sandwich instead of the grilled cheese for your little one, you end up feeding them nitrates, but it’s still considered the “healthiest” because your child has the option to wash it all down with organic milk.

Until fast food companies make some serious and bold decisions to be consistent in their messages about the quality of their food, what additives are in and not in their foods and use a measurable trusty worth standard – I won’t be buying it or supporting them. It’s far too confusing to keep up with all these ingredients for the typical consumer, so the food industry continues to win.

Luckily for us, in this case, we don’t have to work that hard to find the ingredient list. Let’s applaud Panera Bread for providing us the information to make good decisions about what we eat and what we feed our families.

Unfortunately for them, I’ll be looking elsewhere to spend my dollars. Where are you going to spend yours? And how do you get your food fast?

If you know someone who could benefit from hearing this information about Panera – please share this article with them.

In the Best of Health,

Food Babe

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586 Responses to “Panera Bread – The Healthiest Fast Food?!?”

  1. Pete

    WOW. Can we trust anything anymore? The greed and deception of man knows no boundaries.

    • Shannon (to Pete)

      You hit the nail on the head with that one, This is why we need to get rid of corporations and go back to local grown food, and mom and pop shops… Its a shame what this county has become …

      • Patty (to Shannon)

        I fear the corporations have given us exactly what we wanted. We wanted low prices, so they create products that meet that price point. We want to get the exact same food at every location across the country, so they prepackage with a bunch of chemicals so it is precisely the same. Most people don’t like the flavor of 100% whole grain breads, so they give us bread with enough enriched flour that people will like it.

      • Tara (to Shannon)

        I agree, I want low prices. I despise the fact that whole wheat bread is twice as much as white. I could eat healthier, but I go for the sale and what is cheapest. Recently, I did buy a healthier bread because it was BOGO. Organic is rarely bogo or still costs more even when it is…. When we go to a restaurant, I often choose what I will eat, not based on what I want, but what is the cheapest thing on the menu. What I don’t understand is why the healthy items are often so much more than the non-healthy. For example, we went to Chick-Fil-A. I know, not a healthy place, but they do offer grilled nuggets vs fried. They also cost more! You would think that since the fried have the batter on them, those would cost more, but it isn’t the case.

        I do try and limit HFCS and artificial colors and flavors. I’m not 100% there, since there are some food items I just won’t give up (Jello, boxed cereal for artificial colors…. very hard to get rid of HFCS, I’ve found.)

      • james (to Shannon)

        Get rid of corporations? A bit of am overreaction don’t you think?

  2. Jeffrey

    Thanks for the info. I think I just may stop eating completely. Is it possible to survive without eating? Food is overrated anyway, don’t you think. ;-) It’s awesome to know what’s going on out there and I am glad you enlighten us to the dangers out and about. With that being said, it seems to be exponentially more difficult to trust any company these days be it eating out or when getting food in the grocery store. Oh well, I’m sure the new Soylent Green will be just the ticket to proper eating.

  3. anonymous

    sigh….whats the solution??? it seems you are pointing out issue without any solution!

    • Linda Dixon (to anonymous)

      Subscribe to her page, (it’s free) I get hundreds of great food ideas from her that are healthy and delicious! Follow her and you will be solutioned out! lol Good Luck!

      • J Reed (to Linda Dixon)

        Yep, if you dont have any kids her food ideas are great. But how can you afford to buy organic and feed 4 kids.

  4. Kristen

    I know what you mean! I started becoming aware of what I was putting in my body and the acute and chronic effects of it, and then I noticed that there really aren’t many healthy places to eat when you go out or healthy choices on menus. And something may sound healthy, but you don’t always know what the true ingredients are. We are also surrounded by available and quick food in large proportions, so our brains are constantly signaled to eat.

    I was out in an certain part of town and drove around for thirty minutes trying to find a place to eat. I finally settled on this one restaurant and had to request plain chicken and plain veggie sticks. I was also shocked at what is in all the fancy coffee and tea drinks at popular coffee shops. But the hidden ingredients have done their job to addict people and change taste buds .

    No, we don’t all have time to make our own food or have access to good markets and organic produce (nor the money for it). I think if you have to eat this stuff on occasion, fine. But people eat like this every day and then develop all kinds of health problems.

    I am sorry people are jumping on you and calling you rude for reporting on this. I do not find it rude at all. I find it to be a reminder of what our society has come to and how so much is added to our food for profit and large production and for addicting the consumer. People can be offended and go on eating the way they eat, or they can take the shock of it and do something about it– even small steps.

    I find date night is much more fun to shop and cook at home. I have found amazing recipes for sauces and dressings. There are meats without nitrates out there– just read the labels and research a little.

  5. Karen

    Sooooooooo, what IS the healthiest fast food restaurant ?? OR, healthiest choices possible at a fast food restaurant?

  6. Melissa Bowman

    The solution is to make your own food. That is until these companies change their ways. wich they will not do unless they start losing your money. Thanks for raising awareness about these issues!

    • Sha (to Melissa Bowman)

      The problem is people are lazy, uneducated ( by choice), and would rather be blissfully ignorant than stand up and fight for change… Its sad that millions of people who develop autoimmune conditions, cancer, and many other medical issues because of food filled with chemicals, and the fact that they would rather be oblivious to what is going on..

      • Heidi (to Sha)

        To assume people with cancer deserve to be sick because they are lazy is a gross statement.

      • Greg (to Sha)

        Heidi, I don’t think she was saying anybody deserves to have cancer, only that some cancers are caused by a person’s own dietary choices. The same goes for heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, and even some diseases most people wouldn’t associate with a bad diet, like depression and dementia. Science education is such a joke in this country that a lot of people have no idea that there’s any connection between diet and health. Then there’s the additional problem that even if a school does include diet information in its science programme at all, it probably features the USDA’s upside down, triangular empty carb/toxic waste diet.

    • Tara (to Melissa Bowman)

      I hate cooking, and it isn’t because I am lazy. I just never cared to do it. I didn’t like it when I was a kid, and hate it even more now. On Tuesday I made soup or stew – chicken, chicken broth, celery, carrots, potatoes, onions, and spices – everything had to cut up and the potatoes and carrots had to peeled (my girls did the carrots.) Guess what, the youngest refused to eat it after all of that work.

      So when you figure out a way for me to eat without eating out and without cooking let me know. Until then, I’ll continue to eat out, thanks!

      • Tracy (to Tara)

        And that is absolutely a choice you have! But don’t try to tell me that everything you said about cooking couldn’t be considered a lazy viewpoint–not to mention a WAY more expensive one.

    • Chris (to Melissa Bowman)

      Even if you cook your own food from the store, you still don’t know what is in it. The only way you really know is to grow it yourself. This is unrealistic for most of us. A fully operational farm would be needed. It’s certainly better cooking at home than dining at restaurants but no one is safe from pesticides, genetically modified and fertilizers.

  7. Steve George

    The solution is to Just Eat Real Food! Plan ahead. Carry some Bison Bars or organic nuts! Stop eating at these “healthy” restaurants.

  8. Hiro

    Even the Veggie Grill vegan restaurant chain uses extremely processed prebought frozen foods from Gardein and Match Meats. You should do a similar expose of Veggie Grill. But what is the healthiest of the fast food type places? I say get a few pieces of organic fruit and raw nuts :)

  9. Stephany

    I am curious as to what you think the healthiest fast-food restaurant is. That is a genuine question. The way I see it is just because it was named “healthiest Fast Food Place” doesn’t mean it is healthy. To me that means it the lesser of many evils. I was surprised at some of these horrible ingredients, but Panera Bread is still healthier than McDonalds and some of the other fast food places. So if someone is eating at McDonald’s every day I would say starting to eat at Panera is still an improvement. I am not recommending people eat there. I am just saying just because they have awful hidden ingredients doesn’t mean they aren’t the healthier option if people are eating fast food anyway. Once again, not defending Panera.

  10. Allen

    I saw Panera posted this response “We currently do not offer any products that contain MSG. It is important to note that some consumers are also sensitive to “free glutamate” products with MSG, but MSG is only one of several forms of glutamate – a building block of proteins. Free glutamate occurs naturally in many foods, such as meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, dairy products, and some vegetables, including mushrooms and tomatoes.”

    What is your take on this? Legit?

  11. Andrea

    I think people get annoyed that there seem to be no good options for “convenience” food because the average American lifestyle leaves us so swamped. Time is spent on other things and food is just an afterthought or indulgence. I felt annoyed when when switching my family over to a healthier way of life. But my son was sick, and so I knew I needed to make the change. Once you live healthier and cook yourself, it just starts to become second nature. You can get used to anything. Just because we got used to convenience food doesn’t mean we can’t get used to taking more time to cook for ourselves and read labels. It doesn’t mean I never eat a packaged product but it is becoming increasingly rare and/or saved for special occasions. And life still goes on.

  12. Frank

    For your information,propylene glycol is not in antifreeze. Ethylene glycol is in antifreeze and is a different chemical. So, get the facts straight before criticizing others.

  13. randy

    It should have been noted that the PG used in antifreeze is different from food grade PG.

  14. Joni

    Thank you so much for writing this. I have always felt this way about Panera but didn’t have the data to back it up (didn’t invest the time in the research). I’m very sensitive to MSG (I guess everyone is, though!) And one day after eating a sandwich at Panera I became so violently ill that I was hospitalized for 2 days. It disgusts me that people, including my own friends and family, applaud each other for going here as a “healthy choice”.

  15. Tina

    All i can say is maybe you all should stop eating.

  16. Stephanie Fuller

    Have you ever baked bread yourself? If you had, you’d know it isn’t made with all whole grain flour. It must be made partly from regular flour (I use unbleached) or it will not rise. The usual ratio is 50/50, though it does vary by recipe.

  17. Marisa Moon

    Hi! I really appreciate your articles, and I think you are an incredible influence in the industry. I was wondering if you’ve taken a look at Chris Kresser’s article on Nitrates. Here it is:

  18. Gene MD

    I quit eating there when the last two times I got food posioning from soup that had exceeded the hold time late in the day near closing. It had also turnned to mush. Never again.

    I now try to go to a fresh food salad bar at Farm Fresh that sells by the pound. Most is fresh from the counter veggies and deli. Still have to be careful, but you get what you pay for.

    Most fast food places are all pre-packaged completly or split into compoents then heated up. The problem now is the corporate chain restaurants are doing the same. Most of which is micro-waved and nothing is fresh grilled or prep-ed. Some grilling is done, but still pre-package. They cannot get food out in 15 minuets any other way.

  19. Becky

    I took my son, who is dairy allergic, in there. They have pasta with butter on their kids menu. I asked if I could get plain noodles. No, their noodles come precooked from the company with the butter already on them.

  20. Jennifer

    Panera is a for profit business and they sell a product to make money. If the demand for their products declines, they will offer different products. I think the problem here is that more consumers aren’t interested in what is in their food and aren’t demanding better quality food. I wouldn’t eat 97% of the items on their menu because I am an educated consumer and I know that all commercially produced salad dressings have questionable ingredients. I don’t eat the bread because I don’t eat grains, but if I did eat bread I still wouldn’t eat it at panera because I have yet to find a bread at a chain restaurant that is pure and natural. When I eat at panera, I order off their hidden menu. It’s much less processed, but still somewhat processed nonetheless. If I want to be really informed about what I am eating I will eat at home. You give up that control when you eat out. While companies should be more responsible and ethical with their products, I have to say that the main responsibility lies in the consumer’s hands.

  21. Courtney Haley

    Although it’s sad that these companies are knowingly compromising the health and genetics of uninformed, hungry people. Our industrialized food system will truly be altered when people stop placing blame on companies and take back control with heirloom seeds and land.

    I can see America slowly making a transition and placing more importance on food origin. You can’t get too frustrated with people who don’t wan to change and be completely organic, because it’s likely that their brain may not be functioning properly. What we eat really affects our critical thinking and decision making.

    What’s really interesting is if you look at the history of job titles in the early history of America, nearly everyone was a farmer. Everyone understood the process of creating food. If we learned it before, we can regain the knowledge.

    Time to start farming.

  22. Krubz

    Makin me hungrrrryyyyyy

  23. Pam Greenberg

    I once believed that bakery bread had more nutrition/less additives – until a baker friend of mine told me that his sacks of bread flour come with all sorts of additives already mixed in with the flour, just like the additives found in supermarket bread. If you are buying from a local bread baker, ask what’s in the flour. The answer should be “nothing”.

    • Greg (to Pam Greenberg)

      Pam, “Nothing” really is what’s in flour, which is why the industry started enriching it in the first place. Unfortunately, they enrich it mainly with synthetic vitamins derived from everything from coal tar to industrial wastes, transforming a meritless product into a poisonous one. Remember all of the studies that say that high doses of various vitamins cause cancer? I’m sure that Big Pharma and the chemical industry were studying their own toxic waste vitamins, not natural ones extracted from food, since natural vitamins cannot be patented and are needed only in tiny quantities. As for Panera, the word “Bread” on their signs was enough to keep me out of their

      • Pam Greenberg (to Greg)

        Greg, I wasn’t referring to the “enrichment” of white flour with synthetic vitamins – back in the day, they processed good whole wheat to make it “white”, eliminating nearly all of the nutritive value, and then replaced a few of the nutrients with vitamins, called it “fortified” (“Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways”: Wonderbread). I was talking about dough conditioners, preservatives, anti-clumping chemicals, etc., etc., which I NEVER would have expected in a sack of bakers’ bread flour!!

        Big Pharma is a rant for another day, though….. keep fighting the good fight!

  24. Juliet Petke

    Thank you for sharing. The more people are educated on this, the more they will pay attention to what they put in their bodies, creating a healthier society overall. I believe many people are not just physically ill, but also mentally ill due to what they are ingesting. We are all individuals, so we can’t eat the same things and expect that our bodies will react the same. Some people have food allergies and aren’t aware. Let’s keep educating others on what to avoid and healthy alternatives.

  25. Lore

    Solution – Purchase organic food from the store and make your own meals. I know … it sounds lame, but is the healthiest solution.

    Q: How long does it take to drive to a restaurant, wait in line, order, pay, and wait for your food?
    A: In an hour, you can make several meals for later. This will probably give you 2 extra hours a week.

    Q: Are WE up for the challenge? I am.

    If we all start taking care of ourselves, perhaps … these restaurants will start thinking of us instead of their profit margin. WELL, maybe not, but I am hopeful :)

  26. pamb (to )

    Not helpful at all, but you knew that. Not every meal can be made at home if you have any kind of life. Meeting friends for dinner? Forgot to pack a snack? What are you supposed to do, starve?

    Do the best you can to investigate healthy options and choose the option that fits your time/budget/surroundings.

    Massive negativity for no reason is unnecessary.

  27. Jeannine (to )

    That’s rude. My intention was only trying to contribute in comments.

  28. Jeannine (to )

    That’s rude. The intention of people here is to help and learn. Get your own blog since your such an expert.

  29. Angela (to )

    Ha. Technically I didn’t say “Yuck” .. but Yes I do think its nasty & no I dont think there is a soup fairy at Panera BUT it is VERY simple to heat things up in stainless steel vat .. if they weren’t so damn lazy to clean them out which is probably why they do it that way. I actually wasn’t sure how soup was transported to the stores but now I’m a little bit wiser.

  30. april (to )

    Sammy to be so health conscious you use a microwave maybe you need to do some research that is the worst thing to do with your food. takes all the nutrition out and it chemically changes the molecular structure of the food making it hard to digest. You also claim your not lazy using a MICRO is lazy.

  31. Gerald (to )

    Well said Sammy. I make dinner at home, so I can buy every ingredient, and make everything, from scratch. The pre-packaged mixes of this and that are just processed dreck, they never find their way into my kitchen. It really doesn’t take long to make dinner, that’s far more nutrtious, and healthy.

  32. Faith (to )

    I think that instead of being negative you may want to ask yourself what is he real root of this country’s food problems. I do agree that there may be an element of laziness.
    However in working on my PhD research in Food Policy what I have actually found to be the biggest cause of our nation choosing dangerous food, is that there is a lack of knowledge about food quality and nutrition in this country.

    You can can call people names and act condescending however, many Americans truly have no idea that our food policies allow food like GMOs, chemical additives, dangerous pestisides, etc to exist. They believe that our government (FDA, etc) are actually doing something beneficial for them and have their best interests in mind. As I learned more and more about the manipulative policies of our own governnent agencies and the large corporations and the advertising campaigns that are in place in this country I began to understand why the majority of the country do not have the information they need to make educated decisions about their own food.

    There is not a day that goes by in my research where I do not encounter someone (even very educated executives in technology or Health Care) who are not familiar with what Organic really means or what a GMO is and how it can negatively impact their health.

    The work that Food Babe does here is starting to open more and more Americans eyes so that they can make the decisions to cook at home or grow their own organic gardens. Until we truly educate this country and get out from under the powerful industries that mask the hidden dangers in our food we cannot simply assume that our fellow citizens are educated the way that we have been blessed to be.

    Instead of your negative responses here, how about talking to strangers at the grocery store about the disturbing ingrediants in that box of cereal they just put into their cart or starting a class in your local community to share your knowledge.

    We in this country need to remember to HELP each other so that we can once again become the GREAT country that we were. I am not sure how things got so off track in this country but working together in a positive way without judgement is the only way to true health and happiness.

  33. samantha (to )

    Hi, Sammy. While I appreciate your opinions & the fact that they may be valid, when viewed in this particular format, without the benefit of seeing your facial expressions & hearing your vocal inflections, they appear to be snarky, & even rude. While those things may be intended by you, if they are not, may I suggest you re-read them before posting, & possibly re-word them, in order to make your point more graciously? Thanks.

  34. missy (to )

    To Sammy
    We get it you like to cook at home!!

    Well not all of us might have the same life-style as you do obviously. Please respect that. Some of us do “sometimes” have to eat outside. And after reading this article… I have the right to be “feed” healthy foods by our local fast-food places. Just because something is prepared “fast” it doesn’t mean that it has to be so unhealthy.

    I support ppl like Babara’s friend who take the initiative to help others staying informed and taking the time to write letters to big fast-food chains like panera to reconsider their menu- options. ppl like that is that we should be supporting.

    (just as a side-note, we do cook at home every day from scratch)

  35. Jenna (to )

    The very fact that these people are concerned with what is going into their bodies is an example of them not being lazy. For most people, eating EVERY meal at home is next to impossible. I do everything in my power to prepare my meals and snacks myself to avoid these ingredients, but find it awfully frustrating that there are slim to no convenient options for me if I cant. Coworkers are going out for lunch? It would be nice to have an option where I could both join AND eat. RUnning late in the morning and forgot my painstakenly prepared lunch in the fridge? Out of town for work, last minute day trip with friends, out on the town and all of a sudden starving?This week, I realised exactly how difficult it is to eat this way. I was sent on a two day training seminar held at a local hotel, sent the company my diet restrictions and even offered to bring my own meals. I was told not to worry, I would be accommodated. Continental breakfast consisted of conventional yogurt, pastries, and muffins (none of which I could eat), thankfully, I had thought ahead and prepared my own snacks. They had to have the master chef come out to speak with me at lunch and prepare me a completely separate meal, as I could not eat off the buffet. At the dinner restaurant of choice, all I could eat was a house salad (non organic) with olive oil and had to settle for a veggie patty and hope the ingredient list they gave me was correct. NOTHING else on the menu was edible for me. I am a young, single 20 something and find it extremely difficult to live this clean eating lifestyle, but do the best I can because I believe so strongly in it. There are plenty of people my age who believe in it, have been turned off this lifestyle simply because they cant find the time, so I applaud people who are pressuring companies to offer these choices and I bet that they are in fact making 90 percent of their meals at home and would just like to have the OPTION of convenience when things like LIFE get in the way.

  36. Carole (to )

    Oh my goodness, who are you? I have been following these comments and yours are consistently negative and mean. Everyone here is on a different learning curve and it’s not your right to criticize. Please Food Babe, ban this Sammy person from comments – she/he adds nothing to the discourse.

  37. oh my (to Faith)

    Well said, Faith!

  38. Peg (to Faith) (to Faith)

    Faith!!! Thank you for your post!!! I agree with everything you have said. I am just learning about GMO’s and have lot’s to learn. Education and awareness is the first step. I appreciate you!

    And to all the people writing to companies and doing petitions, THANK YOU! I appreciate you.

    And to Sammy, well…… God Bless you! Surely you can’t be a happy person when you call people names and write such mean things to various posters. Unless we agree with you, we are stupid and lazy. This is such a positive helpful thread except for the way you have posted things and the sharp, nasty comments you made. So I’m sure now you will have terrible things to say to me also and I will say again, God Bless you and I hope you find your happy.

    To everyone else…..thanks! The comments have been very informative for me.

  39. marie (to Peg (to Faith))

    Unfortunately everyone has a right to a comment,but that keeps it interesting.
    Its so funny reading the rude comments- its like he is a Monsanto scientist that has drank the Kool-Aid!

  40. marie (to Carole)

    Unfortunately everyone has a right to a comment,but that keeps it interesting.
    Its so funny reading the rude comments- its like he is a Monsanto scientist that has drank the Kool-Aid!

  41. Kristen (to missy)

    I think she is respecting that you can’t always make your own food. She is just letting you know what you might be eating when you choose what is advertised as the “healthiest” fast food.

  42. Rita (to Cory)

    Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are both used in antifreeze.

  43. Kristin (to Cory)

    Not to mention that nitrates & nitrites ARE necessary for human health and healthy for us. Or you can believe the government propaganda that shut down small curing houses in the 1970s and tells us that milk fresh from the cow (or goat, sheep, horse, camel) is harmful.

    If you want more info, WAPF & the Naughty Nutritionist have a great article & study on nitrates/nitrites and cured meats. Don’t dis traditional food!

  44. Scott (to Cory)

    Actually Propylene glycol is used as antifreeze in marine and RV applications, so who looses credibility now. Do your research though that would require some effort.

  45. Jackie (to Cory)

    Well, which one would YOU eat?

  46. silver (to Scott)

    Its not the classic antifreeze, and anything that is able to lower the freezing point of water can be called antifreeze. The reason to use this antifreeze is cause its not toxic.
    The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low.
    Propylene glycol does not cause sensitization and it shows no evidence of being a carcinogen or of being genotoxic.

  47. Shawna (to Jeff Salzman)

    Umm, why is everyone arguing about the relative safeness of ingesting chemicals? Just because your body can readily metabolize a certain amount of anti-freeze chemicals without killing you, does this qualify it as edible food? I’m pretty sure that a little dog pooh wouldn’t kill you either, but just like a chemical used in anti-freeze it’s not (or shouldn’t be…) food and no one (I’d hope, though this chemical safeness argument has me worried) would want to spread that on their panera bread…

  48. Brandi (to Jeff Salzman)

    Really?? You’re actually condoning eating these CHEMICALS? Food Babe is merely pointing out the harmful ingredients in everyday fast food that we are unaware of. You go ahead and eat your chemicals until you glow in the dark–I’ll boycott them and keep eating real, whole foods, thank you very much.

  49. Brandi (to Shawna)

    Amen, Shawna!


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