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Set Down Your Jack & Coke Until You Read This! (Find Out What’s Really In Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks)

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. In January we are going to be offering some absolutely INCREDIBLE bonuses for everyone who pre-orders their copy of my new book THE FOOD BABE WAY. I can’t wait to share with you what we have in store… BUT I also couldn’t wait for you to read this one very important chapter in this book, so I convinced my publisher for you to have access to it RIGHT NOW!

Jack & Coke

The chapter I am talking about is all about alcohol. I investigate beer, liquor and wine just for you to know the truth – and for the first time ever, I am revealing what’s actually in the most popular alcoholic drinks, along with giving you helpful tips on what to avoid and the best options. With the holidays coming up, I wanted to make sure you have access to this critical information ASAP and know how to make the best decisions when it comes to alcohol consumption. There’s a lot of partying going on and I want you to be armed with the facts!

As you might have read before on this blog, the government agency that regulates alcoholic drinks does not require alcohol manufacturers to label their ingredients or tell consumers what’s actually in their drinks. After months of investigations, I finally got down to the bottom of this and spill all the details in this chapter of my book.


Order your hardcover copy by clicking on any of the retailers below:


I know this book will help us change the world together with our collective decisions and voices.



P.S. Pre-ordering actually affects the distribution and orders of this book, which means, every time someone pre-orders a book, book retailers get the confidence to carry this book in their stores. As you know, we are facing giant multi-billion dollar food, beverage and chemical industries that don’t want this information getting out – so this purchase is absolutely critical in getting this into bookstores everywhere! Thank you for your incredible support! Everyone has the right to know what they are consuming!



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101 responses to “Set Down Your Jack & Coke Until You Read This! (Find Out What’s Really In Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks)

  1. I think there is alcohol in alcohol too lol! It’s a class 1 carcinogen that’s socially acceptable. Thru modern science organic alcohol is just fine. #noItsNot

      1. Actually, I just didn’t wait long enough. Got the bonus chapter today. (I hope she ends up selling a lot of books. 🙂

  2. People have been drinking wine for ages. Red wine with your meal …is good for the spirits . Off course, doing too much of anything is not good. One – two glasses on the weekend is not going to kill anyone. I prefer to take pleasure in my dining experience every now and then than to be holed up in some diet etc…

    1. It is not that we are drinking alcohol it is the fact that companies are putting new chemicals in these drinks. This is a relatively new concept esp with some of the preservatives and sugars these companies are using.

      1. Alcohol is one of the most toxic substances to humans in existence. It’s literally poisoning us when we feel a little tipsy. Drink too much at once and you’ll never wake up again. Drink too much over time and you could find yourself facing a host of medical problems, including cancer.

        Worrying about additives in alcohol is like worrying that there may be too much sugar in your rat poison. It’s completely illogical.

      2. Our body has a natural way to fight alcohol. Our body has no idea how to treat GMO’s and the many preservatives found in these products that are linked to all sorts of issues. I am not the med doc doing these studies, there are plenty out there. I understand your point on alcohol being toxic, I do not drink myself so that is not my worry at all. I may a 12 pack a year so i guess you can say I drink. I am way more concerned about these chemicals leaching everywhere vs alcohol which is naturally occurring in nature, GMO’s are not (yes after the first time they are planted they can reseed themselves but GMO’s are not naturally occurring. Please don’t mention hybrids or other types of cross breeding as that is not even close to what a GMO is)

        Too much water is toxic, too much of almost anything is bad for you. Food Babe just posted a link to a couple studies that linked GMO’s to bad issues. Go look them up.

        My point is not at all illogical. Wine drinkers of the past are not facing the same drink they are now drinking unless it basically organic. Even then one must be cautious at what the FDA still allows in those drinks. Most sugar consumed in America is considered poison in my opinion. A super highly refined addictive substance similar to cocaine.

      3. Good Response, Ler. Many people aren’t aware and don’t even consider that the wine they speak of is very different from the wine being sold, manufactured, and served today. With guns and GMOs, fracking and plastics, America has become a very dangerous place in which to live today.

  3. Organic alcohol? Do people actually think an ethanol molecule is different just because it’s organic? It’s still a class one carcinogen that can also ruin relationships.

    1. Organically produced alcohol in insured to be free from trace amount of pesticides and insecticides as well as the plants grown to produce the alcohol are using more sustainable practices which are better for the environment. You seem to be a little ignorant of the reality. It only ruins relationships if you can’t handle alcohol, i have no problem whatsoever.

      1. Well said, pesticides in the production chain and over consumption., little and often

      2. I believe the point he is making is that ethanol is a poison whether it was produced using organic methods or not.

        Obviously, if you want to add other poisons to your poison, that’s another matter.

        But he’s right about the ethanol (aka: ethyl alcohol, and drinking alcohol). It is a poison biochemically. Your body treats it as a poison.

        There is a lot of ignorance on this issue and it includes this little mind-blowing fact: fructose is just as poisonous as drinking alcohol. That is: fuctocse’s effects on our bodies are biochemically the same as ethanol (minus the buzz of course).

        In other words, count up all the foods we are eating daily which contain high fructose corn syrup (or any fructose) and swap the HFCS with, say, Jack Daniels.

        How much Jack Daniels are you eating every day?

        What’s that doing to your liver?

        If you want the fully skinny (or obesity to be more accurate) on this, go here:

        Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology breaks it down completely.

    2. Certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, organic alcohol must use production methods without residues that can potentially pollute air, soil, and water. This means that organic alcohol is produced from products free of pesticides and fertilizers, chemicals that, when ingested frequently, can potentially increase the risk of cancer other health risks .

      According to Dr. Adolfo Murillo, President and CEO of organic tequila producer Tequila Alquima, chemicals used to speed up alcohol production can leave salts and heavy metals that might make it through to the final product. Organic producers like Murillo try to eliminate these chemicals at all stages, from the field to fermentation and bottling. Murillo believes that because organic alcohols lack such compounds, drinkers will tend to feel diminished hangovers. Though more research is needed to measure the effect organic booze can have on reducing hangovers, some evidence suggests gulping down a cocktail free of added chemicals could leave a lighter sting the morning after.

      Besides providing a buzz with less chemical fuzz, producers like Murillo argue organic alcohol production is also more sustainable, forgoing substances that can harm soil. Looks like that next drink’s impact could go beyond a happy night out.

      Sustainable Sipping — Your Action Plan

      With the billion dollar organic foods industry on a fast rise, organic alcohol is making its way into many bars and liquor stores across the country. And while making the switch to organic may potentially be the more environmentally friendly and healthy choice, there can be too much of a good thing. Besides being a little pricier than its inorganic counterpart, making that umpteenth drink organic won’t fully prevent a nasty hangover the next day.

      Research also suggests frequent and high ingestion of alcohol— organic or not— can increase esophageal cancer risks as well as cause liver damage . It’s also unclear exactly how much of those potentially toxic compounds normal alcohol actually contains. Switching to organic, however, might help prevent chemical residues from landing in a drink (and possibly agricultural fields), possibly providing a “cleaner” (but just as fun) alternative. But as always, please drink responsibly!

      Organic Alcohol is made by following the same set of strict guidelines set by the USDA for all organic foods. This means the alcohol is produced from organically grown grains, grapes, or other products and are free of synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO’s as well as herbicides. Ultimately the benefits of drinking organic alcohol are completely dependent on frequency of alcohol consumption, which varies widely from person to person. For those who only have 1-2 drinks per month, then the type of alcohol is not significant in the scheme of things. On the other hand, for those who have higher intakes of alcohol, conventionally grown or non-organic products that contain pesticides or chemicals pose more of a health risk during pregnancy or in children. It is also advised to drink alcohol in moderation (1 drink a day for women and 2 drinks for men) to prevent negatively impacting health. The major benefit of organic alcohol, like most organically grown foods, is that it does support the environment. Drawbacks include higher prices and it can be much harder to find in stores.”

      1. Thank you Neil, very GOOD reply!… that’s what I LOVE about the Food Babe Army! Such well educated replies vs, well, the nay sayers and ignorant trolls. It’s truly uplifting!

      2. Yes, Thank you Neil for your reply, very helpful info. I do like tequila, but not too much, and am curious about the Organic tequila Alquima, may have to give that one a try for the holidays.

      3. As I mentioned in the previous comment, this is all great but it wasn’t Dent’s point. His point was that ethanol is still itself a poison, whether produced organically or not.

        Of course, if we are going to drink poison, we should drink it with less additives, but don’t think for a minute you’re not drinking a poison when you’re consuming ethanol.

      4. I’m afraid you missed my point entirely. I was simply asserting as to why a person would bother to drink organic alcohol versus regular alcohol.
        I am well aware of the dangers of ethanol intake but you do realize that we also consume fructose daily.. Do you scold people if you see them eat a piece of fruit? No because fruit is still good for you in moderation despite unfortunate issues that arise from the fructose. Numerous studies have also shown alcohol to be beneficial in moderation despite it’s toxic nature.
        Protecting the environment alone would be good enough reason to buy organic.

  4. It appears that the professional that take drunk drivers off the road supposedly,
    Are as addicted to alcohol as drunk drivers.
    4 people every day in canada are killed by a drunk driver and many more in the usa.
    are people just crazy or are they afraid of showing their true self?
    I had an uncle who, when he was a child, was molested by a choir master in a small town; owen sound, ontario canada. My uncles life was destroyed by alcohol to help him forget which I don’t blame him for.
    all of us are responsible to stop the evil doers from molesters to big corporations who pervert our food and taste buds which I thank you food babe for shedding a bright light on.

    1. If my county were to eliminate all DUI’s they would go broke. The loss of revenue would send the county into bankruptcy. Sad, but true.

  5. Interesting… You are only willing to give this *important* information to people who are going to give you money. SMH. Information should be free. I’m sure you’ve made more than enough money to retire comfortably so don’t even say you need to get compensated to keep the blog up and support yourself.

    1. Also, I agree with all the straight edge people. Why even drink the stuff in the first place? Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

    2. It’s called capitalism. We live in America (most of us, anyway). We get a LOT of information here for free. Historically, you paid for a newspaper, or purchased a book. You have two options, purchase the book and get the information, or don’t purchase the book and don’t get the information. Complaining about someone’s tactics about how they make a living and profiting off of their knowledge and hard work should not be an option.

      1. I agree, attacking Vani in that way by expecting her to always give her information away for free is just not appreciating all the hard work she does. She shares information with us daily for free. Obtaining that information costs her plenty in her time, commitment and money. Her mission is to make us aware of what is in the food we we eat and she fights those battles to share that information with us.

        So, please don’t complain if she is selling a book and expects us to pay for it so she can continue her important mission. Of course, I realize that not everyone may be able to afford the book, but just keep following her posts because she provides a lot of valuable and life saving information in her free posts.

      2. Please understand that I actually agree with your comment. This is a capitalistic world we live in and you can’t expect to receive anything for free. However I feel that most people who follow Vani Hari have the idea that businesses they don’t agree with don’t have the right to make money. If one person or business has the right to make a buck so does the next guy. Even if the next guy is selling a product you don’t enjoy or find wholesome.

      3. Yes, Joe, well said. Amanda… do you realize how many hard long hours of research and hours of writing this book it took for Vani to get this information documented which the Corp. of Food and Alcohol manufacturers have wanted to keep people ignorant of? Let’s see you do it and then see your book! Vani is a precious person who is giving any one who wants it, TONS of free information on her blog! I’ve purchased her book and it will be worth every penny!
        Thank you Vani!!! Things are changing because of you!
        Now if we could just restructure the entire FDA and EPA with people who are not bought out by Big Corp. then we would really be great! The Fraud and Death adminitration and the Environmental Pollution Agengy should all be FIRED and start over.
        God Bless You, Vani! Keep it up!!!

    3. I agree with Amanda. I really love what Food Babe is doing and it’s great that she’s writing a book. But don’t make me waste my time , thinking I’m going to read this new chapter, then forcing me to buy the book before I can read your important chapter.

      1. Yes, her tactic was a little misleading. In her email, Vani wrote, “I just couldn’t let the holidays and New Year’s Eve slip by without giving you access to this information that many of you have been waiting for and asking for.” However, when you click the link, you don’t get what is promised, but a link requiring a purchase in order to get what you were promised. It is kind of shady.

        And while not exactly on the up and up. I don’t hold it against her. She does do a lot. And I appreciate the information she has already provided. And I believe she is due.

        Still, I can’t argue with Amy or Amanda. They do make a valid point. Perhaps Vani could have mentioned the requirement to purchase in the email she sent.

  6. It appears that the professional that take drunk drivers off the road supposedly,
    Are as addicted to alcohol as drunk drivers.
    4 people every day in canada are killed by a drunk driver and many more in the usa.
    are people just crazy or are they afraid of showing their true self?
    I had an uncle who, when he was a child, was molested by a choir master in a small town; owen sound, ontario canada. My uncles life was destroyed by alcohol to help him forget which I don’t blame him for.
    all of us are responsible to stop the evil doers from molesters to big corporations who pervert our food and taste buds which I thank you food babe for shedding a bright light on.
    I agree with you food babe that all items should list their content. For example the only drink I ever enjoyed was kahluha with cream until I found it is loaded with corn syrup.
    Keep your fight up…..and merry Christmas and happiest of new years.

  7. Not sure why but I think my comment was removed? I really respect and appreciate all that you do. However, the email that was sent relating to this post is a little bit of a “bait and switch”. You cannot tell someone you are going to give them a chapter of your book (which is awesome), and then come to find out after clicking the link they essentially have to pay for it by pre-ordering the book. Just saying. Best of luck and again thanks for all that you do. – LD

    1. Lizzy – Thanks for your comment. I clearly stated in the email (and in previous emails) that I would be giving away bonuses for pre-orders. This is just the first one of many. I also explained why pre-orders are so important to getting this information out to everyone everywhere. My goal is to change the food system and if everyone followed the habits and plan in this book the food industry as we know it today, would crumble (quoting my dear mentor Dr. Mark Hyman there).

      1. Well, really, I understood this to mean that a bit of your book was to be freely available. I see it is not so, Vani Devi. Feels just a tiny bit “marketing” – but, I suppose, one has to live. Anyway, I read your blog regularly. Season’s Greetingsto your readers and you. John S

    2. I agree with you, Lizzy. It does look like you will get to read a free chapter from the way the email is worded, which would then potentially lead to people ordering the book, but that is not so. Oh well…

      1. Funny. I don’t see the word ‘free’ anywhere in that email. Unless everyone on the hunt for something free saw “Get this chapter now FREE” instead of the way it really reads (an understandable mistake). But to go on a rant about bait & switch tactics as a result seems a bit overblown. Vani, were she the litigious type some of her readers seem to be, might counter with claims of libel. But then, the fact that there is real and valuable information to be had would be lost in the noise. For those of you looking for the shortcut to a long life – there isn’t one. But if you don’t want to buy the book and still benefit from its message, don’t drink. Any simpleton could tell you Jack & Coke isn’t good for you. What happened to common sense?

      2. Burt, what’s the need to be so negative? My comment wasn’t negative at all, just backing up the comments that said the email was a little misleading. It doesn’t mean we don’t have common sense or for you to imply that any of us are simpletons. My comment didn’t even have anything to do with the content of the ‘free’ chapter about alcohol. Are you just trolling this blog to stir trouble?

      3. Not being negative Susan. And certainly not here to stir up trouble. Just coming to the defense of what I saw as honest marketing – I don’t think there was any element of ‘bait & switch’ involved. I would venture that everyone here is in full support of Vani’s mission – that’s not at issue. Nor should her ability to make a buck off her good hard work. Kindly explain however where you get the idea of a “‘free’ chapter about alcohol” that you mention above. Clearly I missed something.

      4. Well, I thought we would be reading a chapter for free, as well, so all of us can’t have poor eyesight.

        I appreciate Vani’s work, however, I do not appreciate marketing ploys. This was meant to be a teaser to draw the reader in and buy the book. Totally unnecessary for a group that pushes for truth and transparency.

      5. Burt, it had nothing to do with the fact that the chapter was about alcohol. It was the implication that it was a preview, a sneak peek, much like what you see on Amazon on books. You dont normally have to pay for a sneak peek. I can see I am not alone in that sentiment.

  8. I have been drinking whiskey for years and the only thing I noticed is that I get drunk but sometimes I wake up with a beast and rarely a beauty.

    1. I never started drinking but if I had, the first beast I met in the morning would be enough for me to stop!

  9. Hi! I pre-ordered a copy of the book on Amazon. I’m very excited for it to come out.
    I emailed my pre-order receipt to [email protected] but I haven’t received the chapter from the book. What can I do about that?

      1. Thank you! I’ve got it now. I’m looking forward to reading the book. I’ve been reading your blog for almost a year now and it has made such a positive difference in my life. When I moved to the United States from Prague, Europe I immediately noticed differences in food and kept asking my friends and husband about it. – How come there is corn and soy in everything I buy. How come the bread stays fresh for weeks? Not suprisingly my husband was suffering from a severe acid reflex at the time for which he had to be hospitalized and was put on prescription medication, luckily soon after that I discovered your blog which answered all these questions I had been asking and which has helped me navigate through american gocery stores, and make better choices for me and my husband. We now both eat fresh home cooked food every day and steer clear of all the processed food, and my husband’s severe acid reflex is gone without any prescription medication.
        Thank you for all your activisim and hard for work!

  10. To all those people who will not HEAR the benifits of Vani’s research, which is only trying to help you, KEEP ON DRINKING those alcoholic drinks you are so found of, and see what happens down the line. Your free to do so. PROFITS are tremendous for the alcohol industry and they are HAPPY to control YOU!

  11. Frustrating to follow the link to read the chapter and then just see the comments with no link. Am I missing something…

    1. I am with you…I sat down just now to read a chapter of her book as a preview to what
      Be in it which I thought a really great idea and helpful to those who need the info but can’t afford the book. There was no chapter – just another link to preorder her book. Disappointing that Vani is starting to withhold information unless paid for. I guess sellig a book is more important than getting health information out there. Food Babe – you are starting to focus elsewhere? Are you gonna end up
      like everyone else who’wants to ‘help’ others?

  12. I appreciate ALL your good work, but I felt I little tricked here as well. Yes, we live in a capitalist market. I believe you should have your income, but your marketing maneuver just feels as tricky as the big food corps you chase….ouch , sorry.

  13. I’m another one that pre-ordered the Kindle version. I did it after I read the article about the nasty things some people have been saying, and I wanted to show some support. Hopefully some of the bonuses come our way, too.

    In this case I’m personally not too concerned, because I rarely drink alcohol. Plus most wine is out because I’m sulfite sensitive.

  14. HI, I found it available as e-book or kindle! Great, ordered now.
    But nothing to click on in confirmation email from Amazon…
    Will Santa send on the preview next week ?

  15. Get over it people. Look up the info yourself, and stop trashing someone who’s doing the research for a good cause…
    Or just keep being a typical Winny lazy american who needs everything for free.

  16. Sooooooooooooooo disappointed in your approach to get pre-orders.

    Just get back on THE PATH, we all make mistakes and lose our way from time to time 🙁

    Please send out an other email in which you apologize (I am assuming your publisher has A LOT to do with this, cause it doesn’t sound like you at all!) and include some info that you think is so important for us to

    I love what you do for us and we all need a million more Food Babes.
    Cheers! & Happy Holidays

    1. Adelinde – I give away plenty of free information (actually working on my next cookie recipe now and excited to share)… I can’t give large portions of my book away for free. This bonus is for the people who support my mission and this book – if you don’t want to be part of that group, no worries, keep reading all the content on this blog for free! I will share as much as I can!

      1. The word “bonus” is used in a variety of ways. The way I see it, the “bonus” that Vani is offering derives from the Latin meaning “To make happy”. Reading that chapter now, rather than waiting until February for the book release, is definitely going to make many of us happy. Thanks for the bonus, Vani. I will be pre-ordering shortly. Very happy, Nan

      2. Hi,

        It’s the approach that many of us have an issue with.
        We ALL like the truth. That’s why we are on board with you.

        I get the result you are looking for. Showing proof of interest in your book so it has a wider audience and higher orders from the book stores. I am all for it!!!!

        So why not ASK us to support your mission by pre ordering. And as a ‘Thank you’ we would be thrilled to get to read The Whole enchilada chapter on alcoholic bevs.

        That approach makes people feel good about being a part of your mission and you would have created a ‘closeness i.e. more of a bond with your audience.

        And yes! you do offer a wealth of free information and goodies to your followers, which is why you receive sponsorships/advertising etc.

        Again, I appreciate your efforts and support your mission.

        Just a thought 🙂

      1. Still nothing all this time later. I’m a fan but your e-mail team is horrendous.

      2. Over ten days later and still nothing. No point in preordering if our “bonuses” never get sent.

  17. Please ignore all of these Negative-Nancy trolls dissing your work! I’m excited to read this chapter and become more informed about alcohol and buying your book to explore your work further. Funny how there’s a major lesson in life: It’s hard to do something good.

    Trolls: Please turn your energies to making your own contributions, not tearing down people who are changing the world.

  18. Greetings from Sweden.
    It seems to me that whether or not the chapter in question is free or not free is not the point in contention. What disturbs the gut of many is the way that it has been presented for, it can/ could be construed as misleading and manipulative. You have set yourself the task of exposing companies and corporations who would rather the populace be kept in ignorance as to the true contents of their products. You seek the truth and many are supporting you and most importantly you are gaining their trust.
    It surely would have been far more real to have written. “Pre-order my book and you can have access to a very important chapter, now.”

    1. Roger I fully agree.
      Here’s my take on the whole thing:
      Food Babe ASK us to join you in your efforts to get book stores to order as many copies by showing proof of pre-orders.
      ‘Reward’ us by early access to the entire chapter.

      Your approach sucks. Sorry goes a long way with TRUTH SEEKERS.

      1. I am a supporter and subscriber, and yet I agree with Roger. I would like to put a finer point on his criticism, though, in an attempt to be of service to you by more clearly identifying the problem. Simply stated, you did not ask people to preorder your book to gain access to the “reward” chapter before you asked them to click over to the order page. So people felt “tricked” or “manipulated” because the deal after they clicked over was different than they thought it was before they clicked over. This may seem like a minor point to you, but as you discovered, people do not like to feel “used” by slick promotions. Up front plain language full disclosure of the conditions for receiving the “bonus chapter” was lacking. Now you owe people an apology since you are the one responsible. I wish you the best and thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I am confident you will turn this episode into a positive for yourself and all your fans.

      2. My apology to Adelinde. I mistakenly directed my comment to you. I meant to reply to Roger. And my comments were really addressed to Vani. Again I apologize for hitting the wrong Reply button.

  19. Hi FoodBabe:
    I am still waiting for a response to an email I sent your company over a month ago. I was wondering if you could check your emails to see if you have any that you or your organization for to answer. This would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Vani I love you girl!


    Keep it simple, remember your goal is to end the confusion…

    Remember the general “joe/jane” needs laymen’s terms… The email was a little confusing to a non writer/publisher…

    You idolize simplicity, (i.e., you love foods in their simple beautiful healthy form) stick with it, you do it well 🙂 much love and respect to you Miss Vani.

    And chin up, you are doing an amazing job! I am VERY thankful for all you are doing in the way of educating all of us!

  21. At 15 my father died from operating on a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. He was a vegetable (they did a lobotomy instead, I think) He was a raging binge alcoholic, and when not drinking he was eating chocolate. (another addictive substance) So we pretty much assume the alcohol was to blame for his blackouts, hallucinations(picking imaginary bugs from his food and hearing imaginary cats inside the sofa) That horrible experience for me was enough to scare me away from both chemicals and alcohol, both well known cancer causers. I have a brother in law with Barretts esophagus (precursor to esophageal cancer) who drinks wine nightly. And a father in law who died of colon cancer who drank wine nightly. And an aunt and uncle who are alcoholics, and a mother in law who was one.
    So I wonder, who does the studies that say red wine is healthy? The wine companies? Please dont drink in excess folks. It is never worth it.

  22. Seems to me that drinking French cognac or wines would be an easy way to drink organic. The town of Cognac’s RELIGION is cognac.

  23. I think the work you do is great. Informative & essential. But this tactic of saying the chapter is free puts you out of the ‘transparent & total integrity’ group. A bad marketing move by the big business people who have managed to persuade you to veer off your path of truth. Sorry to be negative. Please continue your good work. Don’t let conglomerates take you over. Jenny

  24. Hi Vani,

    If I purchase it through Apple’s iBooks, do I still qualify for the bonuses if I email you my receipt??

    Thanks for all you do.

  25. I sent a copy of tha Amazon email confirming my purchase of the book yesterday and haven’t received anything yet…

  26. Cripes, people! Chill out! Food Babe is running a business. The purpose of running a business, is to make money. I think, that so many of you are used to getting everything for free, that you don’t want someone to get paid for their hard work and efforts. That’s the reason there isn no good music, anymore and your favorite new band will never make more than one or two albums, unless they spend their life on the road. Because you pirated their stuff and they made no money.
    Food Babe is entitled to make money however she likes and if you don’t like it, you are just as free to go do your own research and get it all for free, if you like. Those of us that enjoy the convenience of Food babe’s efforts, will have no problem, supporting her mission and buying her books. You are all saying that she is just trying to sell more books and make more money like it’s a bad thing. I’ll admit, I was hoping to read an article and not find an ad for a book. I can’t afford the book, either. I am not, however going to call anyone names over it. Be Nice! Tis the season!

  27. lol are you all seriously whining this hard about 15 bucks? I thought it was gonna be more like $50 bucks until I actually checked. Shame on you ha ha! I’m gonna buy her book and help support her operation cause she’s got the guts to stand up and fight for what’s right…remember subway?
    Thank you Food Babe, keep up the good work 😀

  28. Wow! All this bickering and what a bunch of confusion. It all boils down to common sense. Pre-industrial age approach works for me and my son. I eat 100% organic. Stay away from processed foods as best I can, even if they are organic. I filter my water even for cooking and washing my food. We don’t use any plastics at all. I am even doing gluten free now. I hope to some day soon to grow most of all what I need to eat. I do not support any corporations nor do I condone what they are doing to people, animals or the planet. I also don’t trust the FDA, USDA or any other Federal acronym as far as I can throw them. They are ALL in an incestuous relationship with politicians, pharmaceuticals and big corporations. Until we all wake up and demand an end to this they will have their way. Nothing to see here.

    My Mother who has suffered her whole adult life with fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic spine issues has also gone 100% organic, plastic free, gluten free and also filters her water. She has lost over 20lbs, has next to no inflammation, no signs of fibromyalgia and is working now at Costco as a food demonstrator.

    I can’t even begin to tell you my medical history and why I said enough is enough. Everything from the laundry detergent the shampoo you use your toothpaste and the containers your pre-made food comes in… it ALL matters. It is real easy to make the changes especially if you are the purchaser in your household.

    Keep up the hard work Vanni, I pass your messages on to my family members who aren’t quite awake yet. I’m hoping some of it will sink in.


  29. I pre-ordered your book, hard copy…
    I’ve read some of the comments about the pre-order bonus, its like reading FB post…
    My profession does not allow me the opportunity to drink very often, don’t need to and don’t want to. On the occasion when I can enjoy a good glass of wine I think it would be twice as nice if it were good to taste and easy on the environment…
    I reside on Top of the World, the northern most part of Alaska where most of my meat, fish come from fresh kills/catches (caribou, moose and salmon and grayling). when I have to purchase some food items from the local store it is normally a regular stocked product as organic items are not sold here, would have to ship from Anchorage, almost a thousand air miles away, no roads north of Fairbanks. If you think food cost in the lower 48 are high think again, I pay $18 for a dozen eggs, $11 to 14 for a loaf of bread never mind the $8.83 for the gallon of gas to get to and from the store.
    Hopefully, this book will teach me a few tricks about what not to buy but more importantly on what to buy and best ways to prepare it…
    I bake a lot of my bread, not sure I use the best ingredients, I freeze a lot of my meats and game foods utilizing a vacuum seal. Don’t always need to store in a freezer as it is -30F today, just need to protect my catch from the neighborhood dogs, arctic fox, wolf or polar bear…
    I can use a good book now and then, looking forward to this one, will continue to read all your comments, I enjoy your company, thanks…

  30. I pre-ordered the book and they did not send me the chapter on alcohol. Did this happen to anyone else?!

    1. Whoops didn’t read all the comments before I sent mine lol. I can’t wait to receive the book, but I was looking forward to reading the chapter today!

  31. Bill, we in Northern California are very fortunate to be able to grow our own food, raise chickens of our own and feed our Koi organic chicken food instead of Monsanto poison fish food. We are all blessed in our own ways. I’m grateful and thanks for reminding me of how easy it is to do the right thing because I can.

    Happy New Year to all!

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