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I’m a little embarrassed to admit this. But I want to share a personal story with you because I know it might help you. It was one of the biggest reminders in my life that diet is so powerful, and that we truly are what we eat. Although I eat healthy most of the time,…

Can you believe 2023 is almost over? Before we start celebrating the holidays, let’s look back at all the great things that happened this year and see what we’ve accomplished. It is so gratifying to see our work is paying off!  Every time you share a Food Babe blog post, a social media post, or…

This time of year is so fun with the kids, but one thing I don’t love are all of the red and green cookies filled with artificial dyes everywhere we go. That’s what makes this new candy cane cookie recipe a lifesaver! These are so fun to make for the holidays and you won’t be…

When I first tasted these I squealed with joy. Wow. These pumpkin spice cookies are perfectly crisp on the edges and soft and chewy on the inside. They are seriously sooo good and perfect for my kiddos.

Things have been a little crazy at my house as I’m running around getting everything ready to host Thanksgiving for my family next week. That’s what makes this new breakfast casserole recipe such a lifesaver!

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