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Why Are We Being Attacked? The Gory Details On A Dirty PR Campaign Finally Revealed.

Recently an activist friend reached out to me in desperation looking for advice, counsel and support. My friend is being attacked, threatened, cyber-bullied and harassed because of her recent critical work in exposing Monsanto’s glyphosate in popular food products that children eat. Unfortunately, I know all too well what’s happening to her because it’s happening to me too. This is why I think it’s absolutely critical for us to stick together and not be afraid to tell the truth. These bullies want to intimidate us into submission. They want us to be too scared to write, investigate and share our findings. So scared, that we quit.


Well, we cannot let that happen. I need you to read this shocking new report and tell everyone you know. The non-profit group U.S. Right To Know‘s report “Seedy Business: What Big Food is Hiding with Its Slick PR Campaign on GMOs” couldn’t have come out at a better time! This is an expose (with lots of details, evidence and facts) on the shady public relations tactics that the biotech industry has been employing. After reading their report, everything is starting to make sense to me now. I have personally experienced these tactics and finally can pinpoint what’s happening to me and other activists.

The big players in the industry – Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont, Bayer – are engaging in an extensive public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaign to make sure that genetically engineered crops (GMOs), and the pesticides they require, continue to proliferate in the U.S.

To improve their public image, they are attempting to manipulate everything we see and hear about GMO crops in the media and on TV, the internet and print articles – using propaganda-laden commercials, “mommy-blogger” articles, farmer endorsements, and front group websites. The biotech industry is feeling threatened, and their profits hang in the balance. This is their last stand.


Their agenda is clear. They desperately want you to believe:

  1. GMOs are safe,
  2. Anyone who disagrees is untrustworthy, and
  3. The biotech companies that produce GMOs care about our farmers, families and a sustainable environment.

I’m not going to go into great detail about all the juicy details that are aptly described in the U.S. Right To Know’s report, because I want you to read the entire report yourself. But – here are some of the most important highlights:

The Biotech Industry is using the same PR firms used by Big Tobacco.

The tobacco industry wants us to forget their deceptive advertising from the 1950s that depicted smoking as “Best for You” as approved by “50 years of scientific tobacco research”. The truth is the tobacco companies only cared about their own profits and not about the health of their customers. They hired big public relations (PR) firms to spin their message and to help them manage the flow of information and truth that was coming out about cigarettes and disease. This is similar to what’s happening in the biotech industry today. Several of the PR firms hired by biotech companies were “once employed by the tobacco industry in its efforts to evade responsibility and liability for the millions of Americans they killed. These PR efforts on behalf of the tobacco industry – perhaps the most significant and destructive PR campaign ever – raise questions about whether these same firms are spinning a similarly deceitful PR campaign for the agrichemical industry to hide any health or environmental risks of genetically engineered food”.

Fleishman Hillard – Monsanto retained the PR firm Fleishman Hillard in 2013, to help them “resuscitate its image”. A couple decades ago, Fleishman Hillard represented The Tobacco Institute, the main tobacco industry lobbying organization that was forced to disband following a suit brought against the tobacco industry by the U.S. National Association of Attorneys General. Fleishman Hillard has been implicated in converting Healthy Buildings Institute into a front group for the tobacco industry to hide the dangers of second-hand smoke. So, next time you see those Monsanto commercials on TV (and ads in Oprah’s magazine!), keep in mind that this is who is behind them. 

Ogilvy & Mather – DuPont Pioneer hired this PR firm that had an agreement with The Tobacco Institute to provide strategy development, writing assignments, media tours, and contact with target coalition groups.

Ketchum – The Council for Biotechnology (a biotech industry group openly funded by BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta) recently hired the PR firm Ketchum to run their website, GMO Answers “to help promote the industry’s views on genetically engineered food”.  Ketchum worked on cigarette advertising campaigns in the 1970s, trying to convince Americans that Fact brand cigarettes were safer than regular cigarettes. Now their focus is on GMOs. This firm is actively communicating with some of my detractors, who brag about getting included in news media about me. 

Jayne Thompson & Associates and White House Writers Group – Both of these PR firms hired by Syngenta, previously worked for cigarette-maker Philip Morris to help them with a public relations crisis a little over a decade ago.

Attack anyone that disagrees…

Scientists that speak out against GMOs do so courageously, knowing they will likely be attacked by the biotech industry’s PR minions. If a scientist publishes findings that go against what the industry wants the public to believe, they are harassed, their findings are suppressed, and some careers have been destroyed. Syngenta has been known to have “trained critics” that have undergone media training follow scientists to speaking engagements that have dared to speak out against their products, in an attempt to discredit them. Some notable victims of the biotech industry’s wrath are Dr. Tyrone Hayes, Dr. Ignacio Chapela, Dr. Arpad Pusztai, Dr. Gilles-Eric Séralini, Manuela Malatesta, and Emma Rosi-Marshall.

This same thing is happening to myself and other activists as well…

As part of their “multi-million dollar” campaign for the biotech industry, Ketchum closely monitors Twitter conversations and “seeks out negative (biotech-related) tweets on Twitter”, and attempts to counter their arguments. They are being paid by the biotech industry to discredit any negative information about GMOs, just like Monsanto’s new Director of Millennial Engagement, Vance Crowe, who recently claimed on Twitter that he’s “paid to help untie the knot of fear and misinformation woven together by people making money selling snake oil”.

Ketchum is described as “notoriously secretive” and has a history of targeting consumer and food activist groups like the Center for Food Safety, Friends of the Earth, and GE Food Alert, through their work with the private investigation firm Beckett Brown International (BBI), which apparently hired officers to spy on the activist’s computers, phone records, and trash during Taco Bell’s GMO scandal in 2000. Likewise, Monsanto’s PR firm Fleishman Hillard has targeted public health advocates in the past, conducting espionage and secretly taping tobacco control meetings and conferences. Monsanto has also been caught using “mommy bloggers” to promote the idea that they are a sustainable company that cares about farmers, and about you. Meanwhile, they are largely responsible for the millions of pounds of harmful pesticides that are dumped on crops, polluting our land, water and food.

GMOs don’t benefit customers, just the biotech industry’s pockets.

Don’t believe for one minute that GMOs were created with your best interests in mind. Companies are spending over 100 million dollars to prevent us from knowing the truth!

  • Most GMO crops were genetically engineered to either be (1) pesticide-resistant or (2) herbicide-resistant (or both), and not to be more healthy for us.
  • The GMO crops that we eat most here in America – soybeans, corn, sugar beets, canola – are not more nutritious or tastier than non-GMO crops, and are definitely no improvement.
  • Just like the overuse of antibiotics can create “super bugs”, these resistant crops are creating “super weeds” and “super bugs” that require them to be sprayed with heavier doses of poisonous chemicals – which are often made by the same companies.
  • The biotech industry is contributing to a “pesticide-treadmill”, by creating an environment that fosters the growth of pesticide-resistant weeds and pests. This allows them to sell more of their toxic chemicals along with their GMO seeds, to further increase their bottom line – and it’s escalating fast.
  • Remember that the companies that produce GMO seeds often also produce the chemicals that are sprayed on them – it’s a win-win situation for them!

If you are not following U.S. Right To Know (USRTK) on Twitter, please do here – they are doing some great things and really need our support! They just filed a Freedom of Information Request for correspondence from science professors employed in public universities who write for the GMO Answers which is a website funded by the biotech companies. U.S. Right To Know wants to better understand how these professors (including one that has attacked me personally) are working with biotech companies and PR firms, such as Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow, Ketchum, Fleishman Hillard, Ogilvy & Mather. 

I never thought in a million years I would be subjected to this disgusting PR game. The only way I and other activists can continue our work is for you to share the truth and spread the word!!! Please share this report with everyone you know.

Thank you so much for standing with me and with everyone who is working for a better food system. 




P.S. Your reviews of my new book The Food Babe Way have blown me away! I know many of you are just getting it this week. After you’ve had a chance to read it, please take a moment to leave an honest review on Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Please vote for the review you find most helpful too.

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76 responses to “Why Are We Being Attacked? The Gory Details On A Dirty PR Campaign Finally Revealed.

  1. You rock Vani! Thanks for continuing to expose the corporate deception. Your detractors arguments are getting weaker and weaker. They’re grasping at straws, trying to discredit those of us who have one simple request. Tell us what’s in our food and let us decide if it’s SAFE. Fear of labeling discredits the supposed “scientific” community more than any one person. If they have nothing to hide then why not open up to the public and explain the need for poison in our food?

  2. Well said Stephen…I agree! Keep exposing those deceitful liars and all of their dirty tricks Vani. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Vani,
    Congratulations on the enormous success of your book! I read it last night and gave you the glowing five-star review that your book deserved (”operation one-star smear campaign” is an epic fail). These chemical companies are scared of you because you are getting close to exposing their dirty secrets. Air Force flight crews have a saying that, “You know you’re over the target when you start taking flak.” That’s the time to go on the offensive and open the bomb-bay doors. Keep calling out these bullies and their PR firms by name. Keep shining the light of truth into their shadowy realms. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Don’t worry, you’re not alone here. You’ve got Food Babe Army at the ready. We’ve all got your back.

  4. Hi. Did you every think about dropping the Food “Babe” name. You are doing great work and this name does not add to all the credibility issues. I think it is time to rebrand and use a more serious name for your efforts. Best of luck!

      1. I’ve seen others comment on the name. People have nothing better to do than worry about that?
        How about worrying about what is being done to our Earth, food, bodies & children for generations to come

        Thank you for everything you do Vani ♡

      2. Just to be clear — I was making the suggestion as part of a “credibility strategy” to deal with your nasty critics. Far be it from me to take away a very well deserved title of babe 🙂 Thanks for all you do and keep educating and fighting !!

      3. Hi Food Babe,
        But first, a detail. As you know from Elaine Ingham, the Soil Food Web provides food to the plant roots from the remains of bacteria – and the identical processes are ‘food’ that pass into our blood from the intestines. This is stated in elementary nutrition texts.
        Hi Ben David,
        I agree with your sentiments, and note that negative responses are by Vani’s FEMALE admirers. As a guy, I have to confess that I think of “a babe” in a sexual way, so it is a challenge to accept nutritional and scientific teachings along with titillation – but if the FEMALE admirers don’t mind, I’ll stand down. The gals control the food budget, which is the key element in the battle to take down GE foods.
        It is not easy forget the Food Babe title, and we need all realms of our human tribe to fight the Corporate Death Stars. To develop cogent arguments against the outrageous “Genetic Engineering Legality” does require a full range of rear defenses. The FDA did not listen when our more elementary concerns were presented 20 years ago, and now we are deep in the GMO mud.
        So, thanks Vani, keep digging up the dirt!

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Food Babe name. In fact, it is perfect. Whenever you read about all the sweat equity this “Babe” has put into her research, names don’t even matter. I have been eating her way for years before I found her blog, and I applaud her for doing what she’s doing. You go, Food Babe!

    2. FOOD BABE NAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
      We love you Vani!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep strong and don’t look back!!!!!!!!! We are here for you!!!!

  5. I can’t even express how enraged it makes me to hear the term “mommy bloggers” like it’s an inferior class of human, from these evil corporations. How DARE they attack the family so blatantly! Mommies (and Daddies) are the backbone of ALL stable societies. That statement alone is frighteningly telling about what they really think about the families they claim to care about. They clearly believe that the government and industry is better equipped to raise a new generation (of GMO automatons) than traditional (for millennia) families. Oh my gosh Vani, the burden you are carrying! I so applaud you.

  6. So just because an advertising agency has done work for an agency you don’t agree with, you are blasting them on your blog? I used to work at one of the agencies you listed above and what I did had absolutely nothing to do with anything you mentioned in this post. Do you attack a person because they eat GMO’s or McDonald’s or anything else you disagree with? If not, why would you attack a company whose sole mission does not have anything to do with your issues with food?

    1. Her naming of PR firms involved is completely relevant. I don’t think you see the big picture. She’s not attacking these firms, she’s using their names to point to the fact that big business has used the same old tactics from very clever PR and advertising firms in the past. The PR and advertising firms are just doing their jobs as directed by corporations.

    2. Is it really any different than a trail where the news report specifically mentions that Lawyer X or their firm was on the OJ Simpson team or helped defend Casey Anthony? It communicates something – that the person involved and their company has a history of representing a certain type of client. Not exclusively but enough that when they’re involved you know what the can do.
      Not saying that what you did for them was wrong or that all of their clients have a problem. But at a high level money is money and the CEO’s know it. So
      in this case knowing those same firms went hard and heavy defending big tobacco is important. When it’s a high profile item for a high profile company that’s relevant because whether the product is good or not good you know what the PR firm will do to market it and, in some cases, how deceptive or twisted their marketing defense can be.

    3. my guess is Lynn’s on the payroll and if is not one of those media hacks hired to do nothing but insert dissenting comments online (yes, they really do exist), is employed otherwise (secretary, computer geek, mail room, etc) and is experiencing the highly unpleasant sensation of knowing she actually works for a company that doesn’t mind signing contracts with the devil (says one paralegal who discovered a former “new job” firm defended pedophile priest bro bono for the Catholic church AND was involved with Monsanto Intellectual Property suites against farmers –hence former).

  7. Hi Food Babe, I’ve been checking out your blog for a couple of weeks now and up until today I felt labeling GMO products was right on target, but after reading the comments from Rudy and Fran; wow, talk about having an epiphany!

    Why are we demanding labeling for toxic foods when we should be banning them?

  8. I have been directly affected by the poisons in our food and am a 30 year veteran of avoiding the mess they call food now. I even died from sulfa drugs at age 18 months only to find out later they had rushed the drug to market (sound familiar ) and I was the guiny pig. The fact is I do not trust athoraties any more which includes governments corporations and most law enforcement. They are the ones that make sure we do things there way and step on our herbs and healthy foods at every turn. I hate bullies and they never seem to win with me . I was blessed with a 160 IQ and am self taught for the most part so I have extensive in site into things . Neural linguistics was one of the things that I took to learn when they were messing with me and many of these professional trolls have been versed in it . It’s used by cops to control conversations and they really hate me at check stops. Vani is dealing with these professional morons at a level that would crater most of us but this girl is smarter than them and will beat them at this game. Her cause is pure the work she does is out standing and I for one find the drive for our life security refreshing. If you look at the trolls there repetitive they offer no solutions to poisoning our planet and there will always be a vested interest in tearing Vani down. Thank you very much food babe and I spend a lot of time tearing trolls apart so I am in your army. One more thing is I studied sulfa drugs and the chemical bonds that are poison to me so I can avoid them. The chemical makeup of many of these poisons that are killing us wasn’t a hard push to understand and believe me we must win this war. Now back to harassment of trolls it’s a job I enjoy and they are funny if you ĺook at what there defending.

  9. I don’t know if you have targeted the dairy manufacturers industry for adding neomycin yet, but you should. Can you even buy moist types of shredded cheese without the anti-microbial agent sprayed on them?
    I eat to keep my flora happy and healthy so they keep me the same. I don’t want to eat things to kill them off. Seems like allergies can only increase if people don’t have their flora protectors. It’s just sick how things are approved for use in food.

  10. Ms. Hari,

    We at GMO Answers, too, read the report from US Right to Know and we agree — juicy is exactly the right word for it. But before you write off our work as a PR game, we’d like to invite you – and your readers – to have a conversation with us about the work that we’re doing at GMO Answers, and why we are doing it. We don’t have anything to hide.

    We understand why there are so many questions about GMOs. We’re asked those questions a lot, and our commitment is to answer each and every one.

    To that end, we wanted to clarify a few things: you’re correct – we stand 100% behind the safety of GMOs—the science backs us on that stance. That said, we absolutely do not believe that anyone who doesn’t see it that way is untrustworthy. GMO Answers was created because we think people deserve answers to their questions. We don’t believe there are any stupid questions.

    GMO Answers exists for people who are skeptical of GMOs, who have questions, who are looking for answers to them – a place where anyone can come ask a question and get a verifiable, accurate answer from the best possible people to answer that question, including scientists, farmers, and dietitians, who answer questions voluntarily (unpaid). If someone has a question about a specific company that develops GMO seeds, we’ll ask an employee expert from that company to answer their question. To date, we’ve answered more than 800 questions about GMOs and biotechnology from everyday people. We’ve welcomed anyone to ask questions. We don’t filter questions, delete commentary, or dismiss anyone’s views.

    Not only do we answer questions on our site, we answer them in person and on social media. And so yes, we spend time on Twitter talking to people who ask about GMOs, too. That’s what’s so terrific about social media.

    We welcome you to look through our website and our Twitter stream and see the kinds of conversations we’re having with folks. We strive to ensure that everything we say is factual and verifiable and seeks to give people information they can use to make informed decisions about the foods they eat – which is a goal we share. (If you have any specific examples of inaccurate information on our site or Twitter stream since we launched in July 2013, please do let us know so we can address that.)

    And again, we welcome you to have a conversation with us. We say it on our about page, and we’ll say it here, too: Join us. Ask tough questions. Be skeptical. We look forward to sharing answers.

    So please, ask us anything.

    – Cathy Enright, Executive Director of the Council for Biotechnology Information

    1. “… we stand 100% behind the safety of GMOs—the science backs us on that stance.”
      ‘The science’ does not explain why consuming GMO corn and soy make me sick. It does not explain why it makes others sick, too. ‘The science’ seems to all flow from a flawed premise; that there is nothing wrong with the end result of gene-splicing. If there was nothing wrong with it, I would not get sick from the end products. I have no issue with conventional or organic versions of corn or soy, JUST THE GMO VERSION. ‘The science’ doesn’t seem to understand that when statistically and biologically relevant changes happen, there is an unintended result that needs to be investigated instead of being dismissed.
      At what point does willful ignorance cross over to negligent homicide? The links to disease are becoming stronger and clearer. The insistence that fraudulent ‘science’ studies prove safety does nothing to improve the health of those people who are sickened by GMOs. It’s time to take off the blinders and see the damge being done to people and the natural world.

      1. > The science’ does not explain why consuming GMO corn and soy make me sick. It does not explain why it makes others sick, too.

        No, it’s telling you that unless your body works differently than other humans i.e. you have some extremely rare genetic disorder, that it is NOT what is making you sick.

        Corn derivatives are in just about everything, and yet >95% of US corn is GMO, >90% of soy and cotton (not to mention 75% of Hawaiian papayas) are GMO — and yet no epidemics, the sky ain’t falling.

        > ‘The science’ seems to all flow from a flawed premise; that there is nothing wrong with the end result of gene-splicing. If there was nothing wrong with it, I would not get sick from the end products.

        That makes no sense at all. So a peanut allergy is a sign there’s something wrong with peanuts? NO!

        > I have no issue with conventional or organic versions of corn or soy, JUST THE GMO VERSION.

        REALLY NOW?! So you think conventional or organic corn is somehow NATURAL?! Take a botanical history lesson PLEASE – corn is a MANMADE crop, selectively bred and (yes) hybridized over centuries, from a grass called Teosinte (look it up, does that look appetizing?)

        > ‘The science’ doesn’t seem to understand that when statistically and biologically relevant changes happen, there is an unintended result that needs to be investigated instead of being dismissed.

        Um – there is no statistically relevant changes – THAT’S THE FRICKIN POINT you don’t seem to get. Even if you genuinely had issues with GMO (you don’t, I actually know how blinded studies are done, & when 50 independantly conducted blinded studies come back w/ the same result we call that evidence ‘beyond reproach’)…but even if YOU had issues, that would make you 1 in half a billion, aka statistically irrelevant… Not that you don’t matter, but when GMO reduces pesticide, fungicide, herbicide and leads to better drough resistance, pest resistance and more – you’ll have to do better than your ‘belief’ that you got ‘sick from GMO’
        Billions of GMO corn husks have been eaten, turned to animal feed (yes, there too), and other derivatives (from dexterin to high fructose corn syrup) – and yet – no epidemics, the sky isn’t falling… Those are the facts, your fear mongering isn’t science.

        >At what point does willful ignorance cross over to negligent homicide? The links to disease are becoming stronger and clearer.

        Right… TO people like you who think your UofGoogle Degree trumps the millions of hours of study & research by those of us who have an ACTUAL grounding in science. Those of us who actually subscribe to JAMA, or the New England Journal of Medicine; those of us who know what statistical relevance is; or who’ve studied the scientific method know it’s perfectly safe…
        BTW: You ingest BT genes all the time, the invisible critters are everywhere.

      2. Debbie, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having these issues.  I would never dismiss anyone’s ailments.  The science I reference is the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence that has been replicated by many scientists across thousands of studies, hundreds of which were conducted by independent researchers. There are a handful of studies that have asserted a health claim associated with the consumption of GMO ingredients but each has been discredited, and to my knowledge, none of the findings have been replicated by other researchers.
        This information may not provide you with much assurance, but it is my field of expertise.  Why am I confident about the application of genetic engineering to food and agriculture?  Because just as with the use of any breeding technology, for example in plants such as soybeans, the genetics of the new plant created are modified.  With genetic engineering, the changes made are minimal.  One or a few genes out of the 46,000 genes present in each soybean plant cell may be modified.  We know what changes have been made, and what proteins are produced as a result of the change.  This information enables us to test GMO soybean, corn, or the other 8 GMO crop plants for safety, for example for allergenicty, digestability or toxicity before they are ever found on a grocery store shelf, in a farmer’s market or on a restaurant’s menu. Every GMO crop on the market today has undergone these tests for safety. 
        With regard to other breeding techniques (which are used in the development of organic and conventional crops) the changes are many, hundreds to thousands of genes are modified, but we don’t know what genetic changes have been made.   
        The anxiety over consuming genes/DNA and proteins is concerning however.  We eat DNA and proteins every day.  They are the components of the cells in the plants and animals in our diets.  The body digests DNA and proteins from all sources the same way.  Because of this, using genetic engineering to modify a plant such as soybean or corn presents no unique safety or health concern related to the modification (DNA and protein).  GMOs are as safe as their non GMO counterparts. So why do we test GMO plants?  As noted above, because we can.
        And highly processed foods, such as vegetable oils or sugar?  The processing removes DNA, proteins and other cellular components from the final product.  As a result, vegetable oils and sugar made from GMO, organic or conventionally-bred plants are chemically identical. 
        I imagine that we probably won’t see eye to eye on this topic, but thanks for giving the opportunity to tell my side of the story.

      3. Ben has no good arguments so he tries to muddy the water on GMO vs natural breeding, lets provide a little science lesson then.
        Artificial genetic modification acts against and undermines the natural process, thus with what we know today we can state categorically that the artificial genetic manipulation is obsolete and inherently unsafe, disrupting and interfering with natural genetic traits and constantly producing uncontrollable and unpredictable results . Mostly these effects are cytotoxic, but they have also been shown to be unstable resulting in yield drag where there is complete crop failure.
        Natural genetic modification is not something that happens occasionally, it is constant and pervasive throughout the life of the organism within thousands of interconnecting genetic molecules throughout the cell and genome at any time. This is why GMO technology has failed to deliver any worthwhile complex traits and single traits are highly unstable. Artificial genetic modification depends on disrupting the natural process in an interfering and hazardous manner that results in uncontrollable, unpredictable hazards; scrambled genomes, dangerous proteins and metabolites. The genetic change is reductionist without regard to the entire organism using stressful methodology; gene guns, electric shock, invasive bacterium and aggressive virus promoters that destabilize genomes and multiply hazards, resulting in horizontal transfer, instability and yield drag.

        Read my list of the TECHNICAL ISSUES (Below)and come back with some TECHNICAL answers for all of these Ben. quit trying to mislead and deflect, tell us how anyone is going to get around antibiotic resistance, gene silencing, genetic drift, yield drag. How are you going to ensure that cancer is not a problem? and don’t come back with any of those 90 day studies, you are insulting our intelligence.

      4. I think the gentleman below missed your pro organic position, but oh well. I’ll tell you what makes bt corn scary; It’s the protein. That’s what has been altered so the corn has better natural resistance factors. Except this trait was not brought forth through any hybridization effort, but rather is created from the lab and test tube. It’s not exact science you know, altering and inserting genes and tracking dna sequences. It comes down to a 10m x microscope and a needle or chemical slurry. The end result is a franken protein that can withstand massive external pressure. Sure the corn yeild stays high, and farmers can douse it with pesticides and not lose yield, but that dang protein sticks to your gut and even your own body cannot digest it. Maize would never have maintained it’s stock food status, if it was indigestible like it is now. Hybridization of corn has been going on for centuries upon centuries. Bt corn is absolutely different than any hybrid before. So, that’s why to avoid mega protein bt corn molecules, you have absolutely no choice except to eliminate all high fructose from your diet. As high fructose makes a great cheap preservative to increase shelf life, you can find it just about everywhere. So boycott everything with fructose, possibly genetically modified corn product, msg’s by other names, and go with alternative staples. We eat a lot of rice out of a rice cooker lately. It’s so easy to make. Pop in 1 cup rice, 2 cups water, slice of organic butter, dash of sea salt, some fresh ground pepper, spices to suit your taste, and a tablespoon of wild rice organic mix. It’s better than ricearoni any day of the week. 2 minute absolutely gmo free staple meal recipie for you there. For gods sake, avoid all corn and msg containing products, because you’re getting a protein in there, that was previously never present on any food market, until just a brief 5-10 years ago. You know, it’s the same old argument about buying local. If your food comes from a world away, it’s doubtful that it’s fresh and it’s likely that it’s adulterated with cheap preservatives. Unless it’s something like organic rice in the 20lb bag. Bulk buy the organics at costco by only shopping ‘green label’, and you’ll be fine.

    2. If you are so sure and can vouch for the safety of your food, then you shouldn’t have any problems with our requests for labeling, so that we may make that choice ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I have done my research, a lot of it, and I think genetic modification is dangerous and should be banned. I think glyphosate is an extremely toxic substance, even though you say it is no more toxic than table salt. Well, it is, and when it is mixed with other toxic substances, which it always is, it become even more toxic. All you have to do it look around and see that our environment is paying the price. Our pollinators are in trouble and the human population is getting sicker and sicker as a whole. Do you have kids? You think this is okay for them? Well if you do, shame on you.

      1. OMG Glyphosate woowoo – REALLY?! In 2015? In the age of Google and Wikipedia? REALLY?!

        Don’t let pesky facts get in the way of your strongly held beliefs, lol:
        Early epidemiological studies have not found associations between long-term low-level exposure to glyphosate and any disease.[44][45][46] Neither glyphosate nor typical glyphosphate-based formulations (GBFs)pose a genotoxicity risk in humans under normal conditions of human or environmental exposures.[47]

        The EPA considers glyphosate to be noncarcinogenic and relatively low in dermal and oral acute toxicity.[20] The EPA considered a “worst case” dietary risk model of an individual eating a lifetime of food derived entirely from glyphosate-sprayed fields with residues at their maximum levels. This model indicated that no adverse health effects would be expected under such conditions.[20]

        The European Commission’s review of the data conducted in 2002 concluded equivocal evidence existed of a relationship between glyphosate exposure during pregnancy and cardiovascular malformations; however, a review published in 2013 found the evidence “fails to support a potential risk for increased cardiovascular defects as a result of glyphosate exposure during pregnancy.”[48]

        ohoh, I know, I know…Wikipedia is part of the NWO-Reptilian-Corporate-Big-Pharma Conspiracy too…right? I wonder when this ilk thinks scientists go to ‘the dark side’, is it 2nd year? 3rd year? as soon as they disagree with you?

      2. I would never trust Wikipedia. So sorry. You are misinformed. And the EPA is totally bought out by the corporations along with the FDA.

      3. We’re so lucky to live in the United States.  We enjoy one of the safest food supplies in the world—no matter how the food was produced, organically, conventionally or with genetic engineering (GMO).  I’ve had the privilege of working for seed developers/farmers who produce food using one or more of these production methods, and have observed firsthand their commit to safety. 
        I also support a right-to-know.  In 21st century America, consumers are increasingly asking questions about how their food is grown and made, not just about the production system (GMO, organic, conventional), but about the food ingredients, animal welfare, the water or carbon footprint and the sustainability goals of the producer or manufacturer, for example.  We all need to be working together to provide that information, in a way that doesn’t misinform consumers.  Have you seen USDA Secretary Vilsack’s idea?  An app, I call it the “Vilsapp” that would do just that, using a bar code or other code on a food package or sticker. 
        What I can’t support are mandatory labels that convey a message to consumers that food produced using genetic engineering is somehow less safe or healthful than conventional or organic counterparts.  There isn’t a single credible study that has suggested this, and each regulatory agency around the world that has assessed GMO food safety–in Europe, China, the United States and dozens of other countries—agrees that food produced with genetic engineering presents no new health or safety risk because they were produced using genetic engineering. 
        As a mom, with 4 adult girls, it distresses me to think that consumers who are not only struggling to put a balanced meal on the table, let alone juggle soccer practice, homework, and tween and teen independence, are worrying needlessly about the safety of the food they give to their families.
        On glyphosate, the uncontested science truly speaks for itself.  It is non-toxic to animals, humans and beneficial insects.  Those traits likely have contributed to the escalation in the number of weeds that are resistant to glyphosate, however, as farmers adopted a herbicide that reduces their toxicity exposure, stays in the soil when it degrades, reducing runoff from farms into waterways, and enables them to move to more sustainable farming practices such as low-till or no-till agriculture, which preserves top soil, and again reduces farm off into waterways.
        Regarding weed resistance and pollinator health, these are important concerns but are not new issues for agriculture.  Weed resistance has been around for sixty years and questions about pollinator health have been raised for decades—long before GMO crops were introduced in the United States or became widely adopted.  What’s so cool is that the GMO seed developers are working with weed and pollinator scientists, industry suppliers such as bee keepers and pesticide applicators, and farmers to address these concerns.  Regarding pollinator health in particular, the factors involved appear to be infestation with the varroa mite, reduced forage availability/quality, chemicals and bee keeping practices. Seed companies are supporting efforts to address these possible factors. 

    3. “We stand 100% behind the safety of GMOs—the science backs us on that stance”
      So you absolutely, without a doubt, guarantee the public that down the road, all of us who have ingested GMO”s over the years will never, ever become sick from them or the toxic chemicals that are sprayed on the crops? Wow, that’s a big promise. Cigarettes were also advertised as not being harmful in the past – with ads such as “20,679 physicians say Luckies are less irritating” and “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette”. We all know how that turned out to be a lie as will GMO’s.

      1. I’m not sure you’d believe me even if I had a mechanism to provide you with a guarantee. What I can offer is this: the overwhelming preponderance of public evidence, which includes thousands of studies, and studies that have been replicated by other scientists, remains uncontested.  Hundreds of these were conducted by independent researchers.  All reaffirm the safety of these crops/food ingredients. In addition, as I mentioned here above to Anne, every major scientific body and regulatory agency in the world — including in the EU, China, The United States and in dozens of other countries — have reviewed the food safety data and determined that crops developed through genetic engineering are as safe as or safer than their non-GMO counterparts. 

    4. Cathy,
      Since Food Babe refuses to answer my question maybe you’d be so kind as to answer it.

      “Why are we demanding labeling for toxic foods (GMO’s) when we should be banning them altogether?”

      Based on the information Rudy and Fran supplied – text will follow in separate comment *IF* Food Babe allows it to be posted and not deleted as she’s previously done.

      1. Your question likely did not get answered because it’s what is known as a “loaded question.”

    5. yeah, and “science” has been offering “the overwhelming preponderance of public evidence, which includes thousands of studies, and studies that have been replicated by other scientists, remains uncontested” that cholesterol and eggs were bad for you….until they were not.

      Science, like religion, is made up of humans and money a well known carcinogenic combination….so forgive me if I take any and everything they say with the proverbial grain of salt, toxic or not.

      (disclaimer for the spiritual: notice I said “religion” not “belief” or “faith”)

      1. Hilarious how they use the BS of the thousands of studies (that they paid for) and how they all stopped feeding trials at 90 days! When anyone takes it past 120 days to a year or two, then the problems start. There are no safety trials that would stand up to any basic scrutiny. Try showa denko Killing people with their screw up on for ‘safety’. how about the endless list of technical issues with GMO’s. How about those 600 pairs of extra genes in roundup ready soy that Monsanto did not find for a decade, really precise stuff! So let’s get technical with the marketing arms, get your nearest scientist for help:There are numerous problems with genetic engineering that are often overlooked. There are code scramblers, hitchhikers, chaperones, DNA rearrangement, horizontal gene transfer, gene position effects, gene silencing, environmental influences, light switches, hot spots, waking up sleeping viruses, cancer, genetic pollution via pollen and breathing, synthetic genes, genetic disposition, complex unpredictable interactions, rearranged codes, gene stacking, allergens, nutritional problems, antibiotic resistance and human error.

        So we are also LIED to about how this is similar to the natural hybrids, but they cannot possible inject a gene from a fish or virus into a plant, and they certianly cannot cause antibiotic resitance, gene stacking, hot spots, shall I keep going. When a tobacco plant was engineered to produce a single acid, another toxic compound was also created that was not normally found in tobacco. Monsanto engineered two types of cotton plants, one to produce Bt insecticide and the other to withstand glyphosate herbicide. The first year they were planted, thousands of acres malfunctioned, cotton balls fell on the ground, plants died when sprayed with glyphosate, the insecticide failed, many seeds did not germinate, had lower yield or other problems. How’s that for the exact “SCIENCE” of GMO. The only thing exact is that it will exactly have unexpected outcomes.

        So if they are so great, Label them NOW, if you have no problem with GMO, lets have a trial and YOU be the guinea pigs and eat 50% pof your calories from them, especially the roundup ready ones. also, drink in the roundup, might as well do the concentrated form, Monsanto lost that court battle when they tried to claim biodegradation, now it is found everywhere in everything. Nearly every fact that Monsanto claimed would not be a problem, has become one, and in a BIG way. So they are only consistent in one thing, Lying! They will be the next tobacco, sued into the dustbin of history. I have no respect for people that try to BS me and feed me garbage, and neither does anyone else.

        I have a LOT more, please bring it on so I can reveal it all, it will be 5 pages of pain for GMO. How about that Roundup that your trolls are claiming to be safe:
        -This new study from Sri Lanka showed that drinking water from abandoned wells, where the concentrations of glyphosate and metals are higher, as well as spraying glyphosate, increased the risk of the deadly chronic kidney disease (CKDu) by up
        -Using glyphosate herbicide can wipe out local earthworm populations, a new study shows.
        -This new study published in the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology indicates that the world’s most widely used herbicide – glyphosate – may be contributing to the enhanced growth of the pathogenic bacteria P. aeruginosa in our environment
        -A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology establishes a link between the world’s most sold herbicide Roundup and the dramatic decline in honeybee (Apis mellifera) populations in North American and Europe
        – Serralini, who copied a Monsanto study and took it to two years, huge problems eh? Funny how they tried to say the study was poor, but then the Monsanto study used less rats and only for 90 days, now who did the poor study?
        The more we look the more that will be found, there is a good reason GMO is banned around the rest of the world for human consumption and is being outright banned across numerous countries.

  11. Just in case you inadvertently overlooked my post in your haste to delete the compellingly and thought provoking comments of both Rudy and Fran, I’ll repost it.

    “Hi Food Babe, I’ve been checking out your blog for a couple of weeks now and up until today I felt labeling GMO products was right on target, but after reading the comments from Rudy and Fran; wow, talk about having an epiphany!”

    “Why are we demanding labeling for toxic foods when we should be banning them?”

    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply!

  12. This book is amazing. I could not put it down. I have been learning a lot of this information on my own over the past two years. This is such a well put together book that lets people look at the information and make their own decisions…..rather than listening to propaganda.
    Hopefully mainstream America will get their hands on this book, and not just foodies. (I got mine at Costco) Buy a copy for anyone you know who has kids or grandkids, people that normally would not be on this website. That’s how we get the word out. We sometimes will shrug off info that could benefit us…..but our kids and grandkids, well that is another story.
    I am giving it to all the people I love today for valentines day.
    congratulations Vani, you are an inspiration. I look forward to meeting you.

  13. I am alive today, in at least part, because of GMOs. After a 4-year battle, I am surviving cancer. The battle involved surgery, two courses of radiation therapy, three courses of progressively more intense chemotherapy, and a stem cell transplant. One of the drugs I received with chemotherapy is rituximab, a monoclonal antibody. Rituximab is a first line drug to use with certain blood cancers. Production of rituximab uses a GMO to produce at least one of the three complex protein strings in its molecule. Other monoclonal antibodies also use GMOs to make them.

    I hope that the authors of this site have the moral courage to acknowledge the benefits of GMOs used in the pharmaceutical industry to make certain efficacious drugs.

    1. This does not justify releasing untested genes into the environment and feeding them to people without their knowledge. This fails the ethical test on every level. you knew what you were getting into and were allowed to make a choice. With GMO food we are not! Just because it worked for one thing, definitely does not mean it will work for another, in fact the history of GMO is fraught with MAJOR disasters. IN fact it is now being seen in research that GMO insulin may be causing harm!

      Showa Denko killed people with their tryptophan GMO and they were just repeating the same gene from the same bacteria to increase output, it increased output of toxins as well. Gene expression is not understood by science. Scientists engineer a gene to perform one function and they get multiple issues as a result. The problem is that the main scientific principle surrounding genetic engineering, that one gene produces a single output, has been proven false. Today it is known that genes are constantly reacting real-time to several environmental factors. The Single most common outcome for Genetic engineering has been unintended consequences.

      1. You are making two logical fallacies in response to my comment. First, the Strawman argument, and, second, the Appeal to Nature argument. Both of these sidestep my very simple assertion: GMOs have a legitimate place in the pharmaceutical industry. I inferred nothing else in my comment, nothing at all. There is nothing to read between the lines. You provide no logically sound counter to my assertion.

  14. I discovered you via the Rich Roll podcast this morning. I look forward to getting your book. Please keep doing what you are doing and I am sure we will all be there to support you despite the smears. I know I will! What you do is so important. The world needs more people like you!

  15. I have an urgent suggestion. Why not select one food which is currently available in GMO form, and declare a boycott, until such time as either the genetically modified ones are labeled, or the farmers refuse to plant the GMO version? See how many of us will join in the boycott. I’m already boycotting most of them, and I think if enough of us do it, they’ll get the message. Please try this!

  16. Just read a new gmo apple is being developed. One that will not bruise or turn brown when cut. Apples are supposed to turn brown and get bruised. Stop this before they go to production.

    1. Hello I love what you are doing Food Babe but we need to stop attacking each other. Whether conservatives, liberals, pro gmo or anti gmo pro fluoride anti fluoride. Look we has a nation are in trouble. I believe one of the signs a nation is really in trouble is when people treat each other so viciously. Not only verbally but have you seen the scary violent acts done here in the U.S. and around the world. I’m from Germany and I can honestly believe there are similarities to the 1930s. A so called savior came in because unemployment was so high and then the economy was good but it was dangerous because the people started to worship that leader and many were silent and then people were murdered. The tactics are even more destructive today because of the constant stream of propaganda. While I think the government can be used as a source of fear think of it this way the government is only has strong as the masses allow them to be. Is it so much the corporations fault and government are is it the masses who keep believing and buying the products that hurt them. I think it would be good for people to read the elites documents like Edward Bernays. He believed the masses were easy to manipulate through propaganda and saw them as animals and boy was he right. He was related to Freud. Ever wonder who pushed the pro fluoride movement and movement to get women to smoke Edward Bernays. Remember if a person says something loud and long enough people start to believe it. Also are any of you out there believe God created the universe. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe it is dangerous to tamper with God’s creation because then a person is putting themselves above God and think he or she knows more than God. So regardless if it’s safe or not we didn’t create the universe and even though we have free will there are still consequences to free will. Also if gmos didn’t make massive profits would any one still believe gmos are okay.

    2. Hi Dawn:

      Sorry I wasn’t speaking directly to you. I made a mistake and should have put the comment on the bottom. I apologize. They actually I heard already approved the apple.

  17. Hi Vani….I tried to submit the following review of your book to Amazon just now but it was rejected!!! It said I did not follow the guidelines. I read the guidelines and believe I did follow them! I then replied back that I was angry for being rejected when they allowed a 1 star reviewer who simply posted “Lollollol”. In any case, here is what I wrote:

    First of all, anyone who wrote a review of a book they have not yet read (whether they gave it 1 star or 5 is wrong). I LOVE Vani and have read her blog for over a year and was super excited to get her book this Tuesday. However, I wanted to wait until I was completely finished to review it. Unless I was working or working out, I was reading her book and finally finished it last night.

    If you took a look at my attached photo, you can see how serious I was about reading and absorbing what I read. I took notes, highlighted and tabbed my way through, stopping at many points to read aloud to my husband. At times the book terrified me but I knew I needed to keep reading. I appreciate Vani and how she stands up for our rights as consumers. I was disgusted that companies like Little Ceaseas won’t even supply an ingredient list! I do agree that not all of her information is backed by hard research and I did find that castoreum isn’t really used widespread (I went to Despite this, I believe the overall purpose of Vani’s book is to help us become more educated about what the FDA is doing or not doing to insure that we are healthy. I also believe she wants us to take charge of our health. So perhaps some of her evidence was shocking, but if it gets even one person to reflect on how they can live a healthier lifestyle, she has done her job.

    I bought 20 copies and have already gifted 6 of them to friends whom I believe will read and benefit from them. I meet monthly with a group of friends and we discuss healthy eating/living habits. We have discussed many of Vani’s blog entries over the past year and are excited to discuss her book when we meet in March.

    To all you 1 star reviewers…perhaps you really should read Vani’s book from cover to cover and ask yourself the hard questions…like do you want to keep feeding your kids McDonalds fries if the pesticide used on them is so toxic that farmers won’t go in the fields for 5 days after spraying? I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to stop me from ever putting one in my mouth again.

    Vani…I love you…you are an amazing, incredible person and I thank you for changing my life!

  18. Yesterday I saw a post on FB from a group called A Skeptics Guide To The Universe. It was blatantly mocking Food Babe, and the comments section was full of the most hateful, mocking comments, most of which said basically that if you object to eating anything that “scientists” say is ok to eat, you are a ridiculous moron. I’ve seen some absurd things on FB, but this was beyond anything. It just makes no sense, UNLESS this group is actually funded by some food industry or biotech organization. I’m having a hard time finding out much about this group, other than they have a podcast, and come out of something called the New England Skeptics Society, and a Dr. Steven Novella seems to be the loudest voice from them. Does anyone have any information about them, like who is funding them, who does Novella actually work for, etc.? Food Babe, are you aware of this group? Have you had any interaction with them? Any information would be helpful, and I think being able to speak truth about them publicly would be a very good thing. Thanks.

    1. They have a website and it is easier to google than to link honestly.

      They are clearly the worst most ineffectual shills for the corporations out there.

      Food babe would totally be an awesome guest on their podcast though.

      1. AM – I found some information on , and some good background of this whole movement to discredit things that aren’t made by big ag or big pharm. If you want a taste, just go to Skeptics FB page – some of the most vile, hateful, arrogant, derogatory people I’ve ever come across. Really sad.

  19. I have been following the GMO threat since the late nineties when Bill Clinton and his regime touted the benefits of Biotech. It is empirically evident that we the people are being sold down the river by our own governing bodies whom allow large corporate interests (read as bottom line profit) to toy with the well being of our nations health.
    Not only in the arena of GMOs, where the Department of agriculture and the FDA are swayed by pawns in high places, but also the CDC which is ultimately directed by Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Cline and the rest of the legal drug cartel.
    We must, as citizens, question what the media feeds us and what our government deems as necessary, particularly since corporate interests are driving the bus.
    At a grass roots level we need to talk, educate and expose the truth and help each other see through the smoke and mirrors being held before us by the spin doctors. As we all are exposed to truth and reality it will become a ground swell movement that eventually will prevail…I have to believe that eventually we will all come to realize that our stewardship of the earth is far more important than corporate profits. Keep sowing the seeds of change, like the truth about tobacco, Trans Fats and aspartame, GMO dangers will eventually catch up with Monsanto , Dow, ADM and the rest, I hope to see the day when they are brought to trial for their transgressions against nature.

    1. Dan Quayle and Bush I, started the GMO bandwagon by promoting Monsanto Hacks to the FDA and asking for deregulation.

  20. Beckett Brown International (BBI) conducted numerous break-ins of food safety groups, stole their computers and sensitive documents, wiretapped their phones, bugged their meetings, hacked into their emails, planted moles and committed many, many other racketeering and corporate espionage crimes. I know all this because I was the sole investor in BBI and I’m the whistleblower in all of this. There is much, much more going on here. Experts who have only seen some of the evidence are calling the Beckett Brown International spyops the biggest corporate espionage scandal of all-time!!! The massive cover-up of illegal operations from the past, and hideous crimes being perpetrated today by BBI successor companies, is being orchestrated by Baltimore law firm Semmes, Bowen & Semmes. Documentation can be found in the 10/7/14 “Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case To Protect Bank-Robbing Banker From Scrutiny” by investigative reporter Christian Stork and also by googling “Beckett Brown International.” Those who want to stop the saboteurs and predators of the corporate underworld and their crooked lawyers need to act now…

  21. Hi Vani,
    I have also seen a surprising umber of negative comments and articles– more like attacks, really, it’s uncalled for. I like to think I can be impartial and look at both sides of an argument. What I don’t understand is why people are ready to write you off completely because of a few issues they take with you without giving you credit for the scope of what you are doing. I don’t care for conspiracy theories, but I do think there is something very targeted and unjust going on here. I can see that your goal is to educate consumers about what they are eating to help them improve their quality of life. I think that’s profound. As long as your mission is honest, no one can fairly write you off. Please keep up your advocacy work. God bless.

  22. Just confirmed a podcast with you Vani. Excited to talk with you about this and some of the other big issues we’re facing.

    I’m continually inspired by your courage and think you should start a “face your fears” book next 😉

    Talk soon.

  23. I received your book. Love it. I didn’t get the food guide. How can I get one. The book was sent in my friends name by mistake on my part. Please let me know how I can get my guide. Thanks. Gina!

  24. FYI…..GMO does not produce a more drought resistant plant. The plains states recent drought has proven this. Crop yields were below averages in areas affected.
    The problem many fail to realize are the underlying effects pesticide and herbicide residue has on the sub soil. The microflora of the soil is what we REALLY should be concerned with. Try to find an earthworm or any other bug in one of those fields. Yet, the US government has increased funding to help thwart the inevitable extinction of the Monarch butterfly. Huh!
    I, admittedly, live in an agricultural region of Michigan. We produce more GMO crops per acre than any other county in the state. I have first hand experience with the farmers concerns over the current practices they are forced to employ, just to keep up. They know there is an unsightly end to all this boom in production. GMO farming has allowed the average farmer to produce more crop with less effort. “There isn’t anything that I cannot kill with a spray!”, is the comment I have heard.
    Kind of sad, if you think about it.
    Be concerned for the soil, because once it’s gone… are we!

  25. Keep it up Vani, you are getting to them. You are causing them to lose money so they are attacking. Monsanto, Mcdonalds, they are going down and the rest will follow. Soon we will win and they will lose their troll jobs. there is no discussion with GMO answers, they are only there to provide one side, the Biotech side, so there is no reason at all to talk to them. Keep it up!

  26. you are awesome and I know you are inspiring a lot of courage for a whole lot of us, to stand up and hold to the truth and to do it together. We can only be strong if we band together and this is exactly what they don’t want us to do, so we have to remember that when the going gets rough and not cave in to their lies and deceptions.
    they are masters at deception and that is about all they have going for them!
    rock on Vani!

  27. Nice work! I used to work at one of the agencies and briefly worked on an account team for one of these companies and this post is right on! They go after “mommy bloggers” because it’s easy to get sponsored content and blog posts (since reputable media outlets will not work with them).

  28. FleishmanHillard also works for Corn Refiners Association (lobbying group for high futose corn syrup).

  29. Vani, thank you for such a well written article!
    I commend you and any young person that takes a stand against corporate promotion of unhealthy foods. You are not alone in being attacked and slandered. I was listening to a conversation between Vandana Shiva and Jeffrey Smith, and they were noting personal attacks, and the gross misrepresentations of their missions. It really saddened me when I heard Dr. Don Huber, who is an award-winning, internationally recognized scientist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University for 50 years, answer the question about his retirement. The essence of his answer was – he will continue to educate, and reveal the scientific evidence which exposes the inaccuracies of the GMO claims because he doesn’t have a career to lose. Whereas younger scientists have everything to lose career-wise, if they speak out on the actual scientific research that does not at all agree with or support the chemical company PR. Which just reinforces what you have stated in your article.

    So, continue to spread the word. I have spent the past 2 years doing my own research, and just discovered your site. I really enjoy your writing style, am now following your site, and will be quoting you in future articles.

    As people start to understand how our entire food system is broken, the army of consumers who vote with their wallet will continue to grow and at some point, it WILL reach a tipping point that will bring about positive changes. Moms, once they discover the power of food choices, will be at the forefront of this movement.

    Thank you and your friend for your commitment to dig deeper. There is much scientific research that gives explanations of the problems with Roundup, glyphosate, herbicides, pesticides, and GMO, but here is the bottom line.

    When moms with sick kids remove GMO and processed foods from the diet, and see improvement, that is the most important research for them. When anybody with an autoimmune disease, or gut problems, changes their diet and sees dramatic improvement, that says as much as all the scientific research.

    It is up to each one of us, no matter our age, to pay attention to the type of food we eat, as we ask these 3 questions; “how do I feel when I eat this food?” “how do I feel if I eliminate the food for a month?” and “how do I feel when I add the food back into my diet?” It is a very “non-scientific” test that can produce life-changing results.

    You and your friend are not alone. You are doing a great job in raising awareness. Everyday, because of people like you and your friend, pioneer doctors in Functional Medicine, and scientists who are speaking up, food awareness is growing at a rapid rate. Please encourage your friend to stay strong. Truth will eventually prevail.

  30. Don’t worry about it Food Babe, well educated people all know how the corporate propaganda machine works by now, and we don’t believe one word of it, ever, any more. I beat a massive belly tumor bigger than a softball with a sugar free and gmo free, all organic diet, and I never needed to quit drinking or smoking, but rather just switched to truly organic beer and ultra light limited chemical cigs. I know, not the most inspirational health story, but it amazed the neurosurgeons, who said I would be in yearly for life to keep an eye on the remaining tumor they could not remove. We are ‘green label’ shoppers at Costco, and although our food choices are more limited, we appreciate the organics so much more, and feel good instead of bad, after we eat. We try now and then to splurge on junk food, but it’s not even good anymore, now that we’re free of those rancid oils and adulterated food products. I can’t even eat a single cheeto, dorito, etc. I tried to drink a real sugar pepsi the other day for the first time in over a few years, and thought I was going to die, about half way through it. The answer to the proganda machine is emphasis on honest to god scientific process. The ‘science’ biotech uses to support their claims has not be attained through scientific process, but rather the test and the studies have been developed to support the pre determined conclusions, and they throw out the rest. Only in a conflict of interest setting could such deviation from the scientific method be possible. “Junk science” is just about everything Dow & Monsanto put forth these days. Science progresses on, but these corporations are reluctant to stay science based, because for them, it’s about the dollars. Proper in house correction at these companies would require a total restructuring and none of those guys are willing to put truth and honor over money. That says more about them, than they can ever say about us. Take heart, because the lies are well exposed regarding food fraud and gmo’s. We vote with our wallet, because that’s where our vote has been all along. Free markets work, if you let them. Your pal – Jeremy.

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