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Don’t let Kellogg’s get away with this CRIME! Keep the pressure on.

I was interviewed on TV this week, where I shared the latest on our Kellogg’s petition asking them to remove all artificial dyes and BHT from their cereals. They don’t use these ingredients in other countries, so they already know how to do it. These ingredients are known to cause hyperactivity in children and can even increase the risk of cancer. It maddens me that Kellogg’s knows this, yet fails to do anything about it. 

When you have a news reporter calling Kellogg’s “criminal”, you know you are on the right side of history.

Kellogg’s has their shareholders meeting today. Let’s send them a strong message that we are holding them accountable for their actions. We are forming a coalition of activists and health experts who are passionate about this issue, Jason Karp, Calley Means, Jesse Itzler, Dr. Mark Hyman and more. We won’t back down until Kellogg’s does the right thing. The FDA and our regulatory agencies are asleep at the wheel and not doing anything about it, so we are leading this charge. 

Please share this news clip to your social media channels today on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Let’s make our campaign go viral! 

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We are SO CLOSE to 100,000 signatures on our petition. Have you signed it yet?

Add your name to the petition now here.

Make sure to also share the petition and ask your friends to hop on board. Thank you for making history with us!




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