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Emails Reveal: Coca-Cola’s Shocking Plot To Take Us Down

While working on my new book last year, I received a STARTLING email from U.S. Right To Know. They had obtained an internal email from Coca-Cola… and when I read it, I was shocked.

Right there in black in white, I read how Coca-Cola tried to lobby the FDA against us, the Food Babe Army.

In the months following our successful campaigns to get “yoga mat” out of Subway, the artificial dyes out of Kraft Mac & Cheese, and the caramel coloring out of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, Coca-Cola took aim at our ability to convince major food companies to change. You see, we were hurting their bottom line, and they wanted to put that to a halt.

As I read through Coca-Cola’s correspondence I couldn’t believe the lengths they had gone to try to stop our movement. An email proposal was sent to the head of the FDA, written by none other than Alex Malaspina. Alex is a former senior vice president at Coca-Cola who founded the front group International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) way back in the 70’s (1). This front group still operates today, funded by Coca-Cola, Nestlé, McDonald’s, Pepsico, and other processed food and chemical companies (2). Notice how Alex greets FDA head Michael Taylor in his email… 

“Dear Mike: How are you? I hope with the summer you have slowed down a little; Our friend Mat Echols, whom you met at our breakfast is asking, as per his email, if you would have an interest in becoming involved in this most important debate. i assume that, if your time would allow you, you will try to consider this task as this would be so important in FDA bringing good science to the table and as a result help people make the proper choices in such critical health issues. If you are interested, and could do it, please contact Mat directly to obtain all the details. Many, many thanks. Warmest personal regards. Your Friend. Alex”

Pretty interesting to see that “friend” Alex Malaspina, Mat Echols (a senior vice-president at Coca-Cola), and the head of the FDA had been breaking bread together. Makes you wonder if they’ve worked together in the past, doesn’t it? Sure sounds like they have a close relationship. 

And, there’s more. The email thread included a FDA Roundtable proposal written by Coca-Cola…

“Recent events—the vaccine scare in California, investigations by AMA and others into Dr. Oz, criticism of the Food Babe’s misuse of science and pledges by food service establishments and companies to remove ingredients in response to ‘consumer pressure’—have created a window of opportunity to drive an important message about the pervasiveness of pseudo-science and the unintended consequences it creates among consumers who now fear perfectly safe and beneficial products.”

Hah. I’ve heard many outlandish things from Big Food companies, but I never thought I’d hear someone defend soda as “beneficial.” And, this is what they wanted the FDA to do…

FDA chairs a roundtable discussion on “Junk Science Reporting and its Unintended Consequences on Consumer Confidence, Consumer Choice and Public Policy. FDA convenes experts from a variety disciplines from nutrition policy, food science/academia, healthcare and journalism. During the discussion the experts will examine case studies where junk science is driving media attention, corporate action and consumer decision-making. They will look at how this information is communicated, its effectiveness in raising concern among consumers and how it could be addressed in the future to prevent alarmism and risks to consumer health and wellbeing.”

Risks to consumer health and wellbeing? Isn’t removing risky additives linked to cancer and other health issues helping consumer health and wellbeing? Who’s really risking consumer health here? Could it be that Coca-Cola’s PROFITS were at risk because of all the caramel coloring and additives they use in their products? 

I’m not the first person to be targeted by Big Soda… and I certainly won’t be the last. They will try every tactic under the sun to trick the public into buying their unhealthy products, and that includes infiltrating our government agencies. When the food industry can’t get people to trust them, they use front groups to help weasel their way in. And ILSI (that front group partially funded by Coca-Cola mentioned above) has been successful at this… 

A new report published in The BMJ and The Journal of Public Health Policy document that ILSI has huge influence in China (3). So much in fact, that ILSI operates from inside the government’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing. Pretty crazy.

What’s most ludicrous is that ILSI is supposedly “fighting” the obesity epidemic in China… organizing obesity conferences and paying scientists to attend these events. They’ve launched public health campaigns heavily promoting the idea that obesity is caused by a lack of exercise – and not from drinking sugary sodas and processed food. Anything to make sure people keep loading up their grocery carts up with Coke, right?

You may remember that Coca-Cola tried the same tactics here in the U.S. and it backfired BIG TIME when they were caught secretly funding a nonprofit group called the Global Energy Balance Network. Emails obtained by the Associated Press and U.S. Right To Know outlined how “the group would use social media and run a political-style campaign to counter the ‘shrill rhetoric’ of ‘public health extremists’ who want to tax or limit foods they deem unhealthy” and “quickly establish itself as the place the media goes to for comment on any obesity issue.” (4) The group disbanded and Coca-Cola’s chief health and science officer retired after the scandal broke. (5They might have been caught then – but we both know they are going to try another tactic. And another. And then, another.

This is the reason why I wrote my book Feeding You Lies.  Not only are the food companies using front groups to feed us lies in the U.S., but they are doing it across the globe. It’s happening everywhere and they won’t stop until they are exposed.

There’s more to this story too. I have so much more to share and put all of the information you need to know in Feeding You Lies. Just like the tobacco industry lied to us about the dangers of cigarettes, the same untruths, cover-ups, and deceptive practices are occurring in the food industry.

It’s more important than ever that people know about this. Feeding You Lies is written for you – it’s a tell-all on the food industry in one book that’s super easy to share with your friends and family.


Feeding You Lies

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82 responses to “Emails Reveal: Coca-Cola’s Shocking Plot To Take Us Down

  1. The so called science based medicine is the third leading cause of death (~700 000 a year) in the North America and the first leading cause of bankruptcy. There is no doubt that the so called science based food industry contributes to the wide spread illnesses and create new patients every day for big pharma.

    1. You’ve got a point Riki! Sadly – much of the science is bought and paid for when it comes to nutrition science.

      1. Vani!!! I am one of thousands of ardent, enthusiastic and dedicated followers of the “Q” phenomenon since it started on 10/28/17. [ref:] Whenever anyone is receiving flak for what they are doing and posting, we all rejoice because for sure it means that they are OVER THE TARGET!!!! Congratulations, Vani!!! May God guide and protect you always.

      2. HI FOOD BABE,

      3. Hi Vani, somebody else mentioned and here about what the FDA is trying to do to dr. Burzynski based in Houston Texas. He is the only one out there with the greatest success in treating cancer and with no side effects! The only side effects are the cancer cells Vanishing! My sister died of cancer and if I only would have known about him earlier I don’t think that would be the case! The FDA is not to be trusted in actuality it should actually be eliminated and each state should inspect their own Food and Drugs with private companies! Much easier to hold them accountable then the big FDA! Thank you Vani for all you do and God bless!

    2. I refuse to do meds by Big Pharma. I am type 2 diabetic with almost complete insulin resistance
      trying to find in mother nature something that works. Even their insulin isn’t working. The only thing
      I’m finding that works is exercise and Fenugreek. I hear more people die each year from taking their drugs than get shot in bad neighborhoods. They want to kill us off.

      1. Look into the natural supplement, berberine to help with your diabetes. My husband was on Metformin but hated the side effects. He is taking 500 mgs of berberine before each meal. It seems to be working as good as the Metformin and without any side effects! He has also stopped eating processed food so that also helps and be sure to exercise even if it is going for a walk each day. Good luck!

      2. Check out this website: Mindful Diabetic. Thousands are completely reversing Type 2 Diabetes with a Whole Foods/ Plant Based diet or more correctly termed- lifestyle. The science and success of this way of eating is coming into the limelight and has the medical community and the pharmaceutical world concerned.

      3. Go to Dr Aaron Ernst can definitely help you. He is located in Charlotte, nc just like food babe is .He has seminars that have been recorded on his website. Project detox was one of them and he had a man at the seminar that had late stage diabetes and does not have it now. His name was Mr. Clements. He has a free health seminar on Jan 26, 2019. You might still be able to get a free ticket. You could talk to him at the seminar on how to get rid of your diabetes. The number to call is 704-906-2094. Call right away and good luck
        Your friend, Drew

      4. Suzy Cohen has a book “Beating Diabetes without Drugs” that I highly recommend.

        It’s crazy what these companies will do to brain wash people and even bribe officials to see it their way – the way to profit. I teach truth and advocate getting back to basics. Let’s fight back with our purchasing dollars.

      5. Pam, check out some of Dr. Jason Fung’s videos on you tube and watch The Magic Pill on Netflixs…All the best to you

    3. Vani has zero training or understanding of what a dietician does, she has no education or understanding of biology, she has no education or understanding of chemistry, she has no education or understanding of biochemistry. Yet she thinks she knows how to determine what constitutes a healthy diet, or the difference between beneficial and toxic chemicals. She doesn’t even know that everything from water to chickpeas is chemicals.

      1. It does not take a degree in chemistry or any science field to know that certain chemicals cause cancer or are harmful to humans in multiple ways. Yes everything has a “chemical” bases, but you know she is talking about man made chemicals put into our food that are indeed harmful. To pull out the old “all things are chemical respond ” to try and discredit someone, either shows your ignorance of the obvious or the fact that you know you have nothing else to support what you are saying. The only reason we even have all these additives in food is for some company to make money from them. There are far better ways to preserve foods or enhance flavors. For you to even be on here saying this lets us all know who you work for.

      2. James– Sounds like you don’t know very much. You write like a second grader.
        Have you ever known others who are self taught? The list is endless. Not all learning takes place in Universities.

      3. James, your post is almost comical. You don’t need to be a biochemist to know you don’t want to eat a chemical that goes into making your yoga mat. How silly is that! Eat it heartily if you want while I eat the naturally occurring chemicals in chick peas!

      4. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is good for your body and what is bad for it. Who do you think you’re talking to?

      5. James,
        I have vast education in undergrad and doctorate level chemistry, organic chemistry, nutrition, human biology and more. I don’t need my education to know that what Vanni is doing is highly intelligent. It’s common sense. Profit is priority for these companies. Vanni takes health as the main concern and is the voice of the people. The only ones I see objecting her movement are those involved directly with the corporate profits. So, any time you say anything as silly as your statements above, you’re simply a red flag who SHOUTS “I’M WORKING FOR ONE OF THE COMPANIES VANNI IS EXPOSING.” No parent would ever knowingly feed their child poison but that is exactly what society has been brainwashed to do by these corporations and their lobbying. Vanni is protecting our nation’s children and I applaud her for her endless devotion to her life’s mission as a voice for the people.

      6. I agree with Tony Depa! James, go find something else to do with your time. Why do u waste your time here! LOL! Foodbabe is a genius in my book! It certainly takes no ‘Degree’ or an 8 year college degree to know that everything she says makes sense. Everyone here is laughing at your post, it is almost comical. So go drink your Coke, and enjoy a sandwich made with White bread with plastic wrapped cheese, and Oscar Mayer deli meat from Walmart. LMAO! Omg.

      7. God has a answer to your irrational comment ” Even a fool is counted wise when he keeps his mouth shut ” There is one thing I like about you. You have one of the coolest names ever. Congratulations on having a fantastic name. your friend, Drew

      8. James
        I guess with all you seem to know or act like you do you won’t have any trouble finding a new job. There are people like me who have spent all of their lives sick cause of Idiots like you and who you work for.
        I hope Vani wakes up most of the world and companies like this are sued out of existence. Hopefully soon the world becomes educated as I have had to do to save and preserve my own life. I hope your loved ones suffer just one day of the pain and suffering I have been through and you live the rest of your life in pain.
        I hope you think twice before you come on here spouting nonsense out the wrong end again or anywhere else. I suggest you start retraining in to something useful and keep your mouth shut in public there are millions like me out there who have suffered or watched people die in front of them cause of all these lies.
        The real Truth

        Your a real bright light in this very dark world Vani. I have been following you for a few years and now and have learned a lot from your articles and Emails. Thanks for all you do and I am slowly seeing the world starting to wake up.

      9. James: Vani has absolutely done her homework and I think you know it. Pretty sure she could go toe-to-toe with just about any food industry scientist. She is a scientist in her own right. (I wish a university would end the nonsense and confer a degree on her already.) She knows what she is talking about as well as, and probably better than, most university science grads because she has spent years reviewing the texts and research like any good scientist does. Your annoying comments about using the word “chemicals” are deliberately obtuse: everyone knows Vani is referring to questionable and toxic additives, not ALL chemicals found in nature. Please stop pretending you don’t know she’s referring to trans fats, certain food dyes, BHT, BHA, MSG, GMO’s, HFCS and so much more.

        I turn to Food Babe (and many other educators and nutritionists) to get educated about my food so I can decide whether I want to eat it or not. Sorry, but we all know that it is simply unwise to place blind trust in industries who will say anything to sell a product. Remember how the tobacco companies blatantly lied? Unfortunately, the bald-faced liars of the world didn’t quit their jobs after they failed to tout tobacco as safe.

        James, when you develop one of more of maladies and diseases like GERD, type-2 diabetes, IBS, belly flab, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blocked arteries and some cancers from consuming highly-processed foods, soda, and glyphosate-laced GMO produce, then the army will be glad to welcome you to the fold of those of us, like me, who are regaining vibrant good health with mindful and clean eating. Reading labels has set me free!

    4. Brown seaweed product called Z Radical will help everyone with cancer and most other issues as it mends the cracks in your immune system and helps you be healthy again. If you want to know about this just get back to me with your e-mail address and I’ll send you some info. [email protected].

    5. Their attempt to take you down doesn’t surprise me in the least. They are total satanic scumbags and the only thing that they are concerned with is money. They could care less about people. It makes me sick and what goes around comes around 10 fold. Also, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Mike is breaking bread with Matt. It’s the good old boy network. They can watch you all they want. And we are watching them too. We have nothing to hide. They and their minions have lots to hide. Falsifying documents, lying… Yep it will come out. It always does come out.

  2. You’re always on their radar but this is fantastic!!!! Did you ever think that you could make such an impact?!!!! Your FOOD BABE ARMY is so proud of you… keep FEEDING US TRUTHS!!!!

  3. Many if us know how many ‘studies’ were falsified and/or politicized; e.g., aspartame. Dr. Mercola also exposes the “big bidness” and agency links.

    1. And so does Mike Adams of Natural News. Even Facebook has banned Mike from exposing the truths about Big Pharma and other companies that lie to us. He, just like Vanni, has his own store of healthy for you products and he has his own labs testing their so called “helpful or good for you” foods and meds.

  4. That emails bad grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is SO terrible I can’t believe it’s real.

  5. Thanks Vani for all your hard work. I am hoping this book will be on Audible. Your are a blessing to all that seek the truth.

      1. GREAT! I hope you are doing the reading of it. I love an Author who reads their own book on audible

  6. Wow, this is insane. They will stoop this low…They will do anything to keep poison in their products when they can simply remove them and opt for the better. This goes to show people’s lives are in grave danger.

    1. it is ALL about the money and profits…no matter what…. i honestly think they do not care about the life of the planet or the lives of humans and animals on earth!
      their ACTIONS and words show us who they truly are deep down inside!!! keep up the great work vani…!!!

      1. a long long time ago I was at a dinner party and a scientist from Kraft was there…his job was to figure out how to make the “ingredients” more profitable for the company. That was a lightbulb moment for me…keep up the good work Vani !!

  7. I’m definitely purchasing your book. Your first book was chilling…I can imagine what is in your new book. We can’t let them get away with this. It’s war against people’s health. We are literally fighting multi millionaires and billionaires. They’ll stop at nothing and we shouldn’t either!

    1. Thank you Nandi… Let’s get Feeding You Lies into a movie. I want the whole world to see what’s really happening.

  8. In other shocking news, they’re the ones who are going down, and holding on to a very small thread. Let’s show them that ‘Feeding us Lies’ will no longer be tolerated, and that yes, change is coming, and we are the ones who are making it happen. GO Vani!!!!

  9. Keep fighting the good fight, Vani! This is what happens when you go up against the “sugar trust” or “sugar cartel”, whatever name you want to give them. They’ve been around for centuries, they’ve enslaved hundreds of thousands – maybe millions, poisoned hundreds of millions… ok, truth be told… billions, have controlled all government food agencies, have manipulated the public into believing their very own “junk science” to say that sugar isn’t harmful, have marginalized any valid scientific researcher that has gone up against them, John Yudkin and his 1973 book “Pure, White & Deadly” for example, to name just one of a plethora of courageous people, and they believe that they will be around and in control forever. Their junk science and the public’s ignorance is keeping them in power right now. Keep doing what you are doing. You’re making a difference!

    Keep growing your Truvani product line The products are of the highest quality and taste great, especially the chocolate protein powder.

  10. “Pseduoscience”!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how big business controls everything, from medicine, to food, to news, to education, etc… Pseudoscience! Really! How much actual factual data do they need? Oh, right… it doesn’t matter, because no matter how damaging their products/ingredients are to the human body and/or the environment, they will continue to focus on the money. You go food babe and never stop educating the world and the corporations on the hidden lies that are harming our bodies and our world! Thank you! And thank you to all of the companies that do care, listen, and change. I will support you and your products.

  11. I don’t know what’s worse – the email correspondence to take you down, or the horrific display of despicable grammar in the first email from Alex. Keep up the great work! I will continue to support your cause!

  12. Who’s “junk sciencing” who? we know as consumers that there are scientist who are paid and therefore doing their job to convince consumers until someone who is bright enough and cares enough to say otherwise, knowledge is power and we are not stupid, Thank you Food Babe!

  13. Keep fighting the good fight, we know how they are and will continue to spread the truth around the globe. Thanks for takig the lead, they see you and they are hating.
    Sales are going down!

  14. Keep up the good work.I hope more and more of us will stand up and be counted in the fight for good health. When will ”government” come to its defense of we the people? Some politicians defend the proper utilization of the Constitution; we need to support them as well.

  15. Whenever I read your articles, which I am truly thankful for, I wonder what these liars eat and drink. Do they believe their own line of garbage??? Do they eat healthy or organic??? What do they feed their kids????
    Thank you for your articles and books, I spread your word all the time!!! I’m a fan!!!!

  16. Sadly, these big companies will do whatever they can for the money. Make people sicker?? Sure!! More products to ‘heal’ them with, make them fatter?? Heck yes!! Here’s a chemical filled energy drink and power bar to fuel you when you are trying to work out. Thankfully we have people like you, Vani who are helping to educate and lobby for those who want and need it.

  17. Dear Vani: I’m a supporter as I live with multitudes of chemical and food sensitivities. You’ve made an amazing difference, and you are valued more than you’ll ever grasp! However, I must say that your incrimination of a government employee while not providing proof is wrong. I expect this type of behavior from big corporations but not you. As a wife of a federal employee currently working without pay to keep people safe in the area in which he’s employed, I can tell you that they MUST developed strong working relationships with the companies they oversee as well as the public at large. Just because the Coca-Cola exec called him “friend” does not prove that they’re personal buddies. My husband is a man of strong morals and integrity; however, he is friendly with all the employees of companies that he “oversees” from a federal level. These companies hold breakfasts, snacks, lunch, etc. on rare occasions. Sometimes they are industry meetings and the federal inspectors/workers are there as observers, sometimes they are on the agenda to share technical information, or they drop by that day accidentally. They are allowed to receive up to $25 worth of food/gift (with restrictions) if it’s offered or included. Does this mean the employee is corrupt? NO. Yes, I’m constantly concerned about things going on in the government; however, the majority of federal employees are wonderful people who work hard to uphold the Constitution which means balancing citizens rights. You experience misrepresentation all the time, please be careful not to do the same.

  18. The person at the FDA, Mike Taylor, is none other than Michael R. Taylor, former Monsanto lawyer, then as FDA’s food safety czar, then back to Monsanto as a Vice President and chief lobbyist, then back to the FDA again. Currently he is no longer at the FDA. This is a prime example of our regulatory agencies being captured and run by the very industries they are charged with regulating, all made possible by corporate donations to political campaigns.

    Many companies are run by sociopaths and employ a business strategy of sacrificing lives for profit is good for business.

  19. The absolute best thing people can do for themselves is to STOP buying processed foods and stop supporting the very companies that are hell-bent on making you sick and fat. It is very naive of anyone to think that these corporations are interested in anything but their bottom line. Come on people- sodas, sugar, fast food, and processed foods are not healthy and never will be. It’s common sense!

  20. Wow….this is just amazing. Clearer than ever that we can’t trust the FDA, they are just as corrupt as these big junk food companies. They have no moral standards whatsoever. The truth will be known eventually, just as it happened with the tobacco industry. Keep it up Vani!!! Your work is powerful!

    1. The FDA believes that its job is to SELL pharmaceutical drugs by doing enough testing to sucker people into believing that something neither G-d nor Evolution made is safe. (and effective). Those who do this job well get very cushy jobs in the drug industry.

      As to people EVER figuring it out, I dunno. The sugar industry hired Dr. Ancel Keys to distract people from evidence the sweet stuff is harmful. He got over 20 countries’ data on cholesterol consumption and heart disease rates. No relation, but after he cherry-picked 7 data points, he had a beautiful graph. But others researched this and we’ve known for FORTY YEARS that there is no relation between cholesterol and heart disease. Yet stains are STILL the number one selling class of drugs. And sugar sells like crazy.

      1. NO, you can’t even count on products being tested in advance to being placed in humans (I did, and found out otherwise). Medical devices (I have two in my neck that were fast tracted to market), Life hasn’t been the same since, to say the least. There’s a Netflix documentary for that, too! People need to stop assuming that adequate protections are in place that have our best interests at heart. Dangerous assumptions!

  21. I would comment here that I will now stop buying anything manufactured by these despicable companies but I did that a long time ago.

  22. Vani, keep up the good fight against the big Food giants who have no conscience.

    I believe you and what you reveal are the only way to educate the masses. Most people just don’t have time to do their own research and so fall into the trap of having faith in the FDA. “Well if it’s ok with them it must be healthy” is what I’ve heard for years. Then they get sick and don’t know why.

    Really it’s a viscious circle. So THANK YOU VANI!!!!!

    Be well, be safe and God bless!

  23. Keep up the good fight Vani! The use of the BLISS Point by food makers is what’s gotten us into this mess, that and addictive, inflammatory HFCS, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Coke is a joke but their behavior is not!

  24. Greetings . . . . The general population awareness in this country is and has been changing for the better. When I began my saga regarding studying and applying nutrition in my daily diet decades past I was looked upon as a nut. Some of the worst feedback was from my own family. So much new awareness, cutting edge research outside of the corporate misinformation and businesses are growing daily within so many different fields and skills. . . every day . . .
    Some of the medical schools in America are actually beginning to teach nutrition. The FDA, Big Pharma and the Medical Schools cooperative back door business relationship is loosing it’s grip. This current generation of 1st year medical students are already truly aware of nutrition.They are not going to buy the current program. The big reality change in medicine is that people are attaining better health across the boards; minimizing pharma and embracing nutrition and healthy life styles. People are demanding changing the paradigm; treating the cause and not treat the symptoms. People are learning the reality that you can pay the organic farmer now or you can pay the doctor later. I have seen a major shift in the last 2 years in witnessing the AMA actually working with Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists. Why ??? Because it is cheaper and it is working. Some day not too far in the future, the Insurance Industry will pull their heads out and start utilizing nutrition because it is cheaper and far better results which saves them money.Functional Medicine is going strong. Neutraceutical Nutrition is actually regrowing significant brain tissue within 90 days; verified byMRI. Monsantos is being sued. Flax seed hull lignans are curing diseases across the board; at pennies on the dollar cost. Look it up . . . It’s been going on for years around the world. People are experiencing major health improvement by just drinking more water daily. More people across all walks of life are asking questions about health and diet; especially with their doctors. Some states are finally starting to mandate bringing in organic foods for breakfast and lunch meals starting at the grammar school level. More research is showing that our soil, air and water, to name a few, is truly hazardous. Some Organic Farmers are and have been removing successfully toxins from the soil; arsenic from the rice fields. Good old American Ingenuity is kicking in high gear. Technology, education and people’s individualized perseverance is slowing turning the tide. The good old grass roots is again on the move.
    Bottom line::: the greed, ignorance and malice based business based operations and goals of big business internal network mostly is rotten to the core. It is already crumbling and will fall from within. We the people,for the people and by the people will rise to our full potential upon the reliance of divine providence. Vani and army keep moving forward. I appreciate everyone’s input. You are all asking questions, some arguing but bottom line is we are all looking and seeking for the solutions.Keep the pot stirring and keep on growing. If you fall, fall forward toward your goal. As a doctor I support every one I talk with either as a patient and or a stranger to utilize their full potential; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to attain their health. That is where true health is to be found. It is cultivated on a daily basis. Win the war one day at a time. . . . one meal at a time.
    It has been written, ‘ Eat the fruit of the trees for your food and eat the leaves of the trees for your medicine. Look up olive tree, apple tree, cherry tree and grape leaves.
    God bless !!!

  25. Please don’t take it out on Coca Cola as an entire company when it was one individual who spoke out. Clearly he is ignorant of the facts. We can be glad we know the dangers and should feel sorry for people like him. He clearly won’t or cant change the way he is. I can’t convince to people in my own family about healthy choices. They are brainwashed to believe what the FDA, the government , big Parma and conventional doctors say. So sad but at least as a society we are changing… slowly!

  26. The only junk science I see is the junk that the food companies are adding to the products they are selling for the public to ingest. I applaud you, Vani, for making so many people aware of the sad state of affairs of the food industry. I have been an advocate of clean eating for 40+ years, and glad that now I can find (a few) more products I feel safe to eat in the grocery stores due to your hard work, and making the demand for clean food an issue.

  27. Hi Vani!
    I’ve been working in the food industry for 17 years, and just want to say that you are fighting the good fight here. The pressure coming from folks like you, and the people who are more educated thanks to your work, is the best catalyst for change. Every time someone chooses a different product that is more healthful and sustainable, they send the most critical message: demand. Lack of demand for what harms us, and new, incremental demand for what nourishes us, will ultimately prevail! Thank you for what you do.

    1. You know, Chef…. speaking as a person who landed in an ICU unable to feel one whole side of my body at the young age of 29, to be followed by an attack that knocked out my horizontal hold and orientation in space for a month, requiring the aid of a walker, and a diagnosis of MS, and have to wholeheartedly disagree with your fake news. After years of being a guinea pig for a long list of interferon drugs, many of which were yanked from the market for killing people, I finally stumbled on a book that was written by an inflammatory specialist who applied the skills he learned as an expert on Big Pharma panels (e.g.: Celebrex, and others) to diet. He explained that the steady rise of inflammatory disease or ‘friendly fire’ that millions are dealing with today are DIRECTLY related to our adulterated food products, toxic air and water. Ironically, it takes the same amount of time to see results using an anti-inflammatory diet, as it does taking interferon drugs that make a person feel like they have the flu every other day. Can you imagine? After 15 years of hell, I can thankfully state that I’ve had 15 years of MS free living, and I couldn’t possibly be more grateful that I finally stopped listening to mass marketing tactics of my generation, beginning with Wonder Bread. Some walls are worth TEARING DOWN. This is one that gets my whole hearted vote!

      1. Hey Kim, what is the name of that book you are referring to that helped you so much?

  28. Aloha there Vani! I hope these rascal’s can now see the writing on the wall.. Butchers wife coming after them with butchers knife which for you not settling for anything less than pure ingredients that aren’t manmade sneaky poisons etc. but for them, everyone can see that they don’t care what they allow in our food chain just so long as nobody like you comes out to challenge them..The butchers wife busting out her butcher’s knife.. Good damn job and hope everyone just start slashing away at these guy’s, aallooooohhaaaa!!

  29. Yeah Vani!!! THANK YOU SO much for what you do!! Don’t ever give up. If they are attacking you, it means you are being effective and I’m so grateful for your work. Looking forward to getting my pre-ordered book in less than a month and passing it on for EVERYONE I know to read. Coke, Pepsi, Kraft, etc………. and all the other deceitful companies who earn money at any cost and above all else should be scared. Americans are not that stupid anymore and we can see through all of THEIR pseudoscience and LIES! I am SICK of their greed and lies! We are NO LONGER going to let these criminals use our own tax money to poison us and make us sick!!!!!!

  30. Hi Food Babe, is your book Feeding You Lies, likely to be beneficial to your readers that live in the United Kingdom?
    If your book is naming brands etc, that are not on British shelves, then how do I recognise “our harmful junk”?
    Many thanks for your bravery in taking on these powerful baddies.

  31. It’s one thing for Coca-Cola to write a palsy-walsy letter to the FDA asking for government clout and money enhance their agenda to get consumers to feel “safe” while they consume tons of sodas and other highly processed junk foods. It’s a crime if the FDA actually gives Big Food execs what they want.

    Food Babe: thanks for offering a much needed and helpful response to a very unbalanced, untruthful industry in which it seems that any kind of toxic garbage food product may be marketed, sold and even called “beneficial” by those who stand to make a profit. I’m proud to be in your army to help spread the good word!

  32. Who writes the book for dietary health? the Big Food Comapnies, who gives them false fake knowledge the Food Chemical Companies and who works with them to commit world genocide BIG PHARMA. Unfortunately for me I now reside at an Independent Living /Assisted Living Center. Luckily I am still independent. Who decides what food is to be served daily? Registered Dietary People trained by who? Food Industry Scientist, the food chemical scientist, the lobbyist for profit to FDA and EPA and BIG PHARMA; that do fake scientific reports and told to teach this in all schools of higher learning.The only schools and colleges that do not are integrative health programs where educators teach let food be thy medicine. All INSTITUTIONS serve unhealthy food that have enough chemicals to kill all living humans and animals.WORLD GENOCIDE. PROMOTED AND SUPPORTED FINANNCIALY BY ALL GLOBE ELITE. 99% of the human population as they get older are on BIG PHARMA MEDICATION that alter taste buds so everything tastes just fine while unknowingly eating chemically, poisonous food that causes medication sensitive or severe reactions with medications, or death. While all these companies rake in trillions of dollars. America is blessed to have Vanni and Mike Adams and all the others who teach us what not to eat can continue to be vigilant in our senior years . PROFIT IS MORE VALUABLE THAN HUMAN AND ANIMAL LIFE. This is what Vanni and Mike are up against but their education is slow but steady in putting human and animal life FIRST and profit last. Your beneficial work is improving world human and animal life which the global elite have zero interest in only trillion dollar profit.

  33. Oh wow! I believe they will get their little “round table discussion”. They will probably do much more than talk, but thats another topic *cough*.

    But it will backfire. I think it will spark an increase in studying the effects of these harmful products and the scientific evidence will be undeniable.

    Keep up the great work. I look foward to reading your new book.


  35. Comment Dr. λ, Creator of Variables, Binder of Variables, Applicator of Terms, Checker of Types, β-Reducer of β-Redexes says:

    I hate it when big pharma and junk food companies talk about “evidence-based medicine”. Evidence-based medicine is medicine based on evidence, not on authorities saying that they have evidence. We know that there are very powerful corporations that have strong motives to make us believe lies about health and to keep us sick. So we ought to not believe anything they say unless they present us with very strong evidence that we can confirm ourselves.

    And indeed failure to follow that advice will result in suffering from disease. I see gullible people all around me getting sick and being being unable to cure themselves. I myself used to be one of them.

  36. Washington Post article about this in my inbox this morning! Thank you for your persistence and bravery in calling out these corporations.

  37. Oh sadly, if it was just the FDA, but this kinda crap is going on in every big government organization. Watch your food, your wallet, your drugs, water, environment…. That sounded so depressing and I didn’t mean it too. I am new to the site and super excited to find people that won’t back down! Go get em!!

  38. Dear Vani, Food Babe,
    It is important that we as individuals must be vigilant in what we eat. It is apparent that the FDA and Big Pharma do not really care about people being healthy. I do feel they work together. It is all about their profit. You have helped tremendously putting companies on notice and having them change their ways.I do thank you. We must continue not to support companies that obviously do not care. Don’t buy their products that is one of the biggest things we can do. Don’t help them make a profit. Tell others. Read labels closely. Share information. There are alternatives. We must stand our ground. We need to hit them where it hurts (their profits) we can do this. Don’t let them give us a snow job. Thank you again for all you and your staff does. Keep informing us. I will always pass on any information that your share.

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