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Food with Your Family Should Be Simple, Real and Healthy (NEW VIDEO)

The multibillion dollar food industry has convinced us that it should be difficult to feed our children good food. But the truth is that parenting is difficult, but feeding our children simple, healthy, real food shouldn’t be. It’s the little things you do that add up! 

I loved this conversation that I had with Shaun T on his podcast. He is always such a blast to talk to. We talked about how to navigate guilt when choosing meals for our children, the reality vs. expectations when it comes to feeding our kids, what we do when we’re on the go, and what you’ll find inside my new book Food Babe Family.

Watch or listen below:

You can also listen to the podcast here:

If you loved this podcast, you’ll really love my new book, Food Babe Family:

Food Babe Family is a candid and very INTIMATE look into my life with my family. Having this book is like moving into my house, hanging out with me and seeing exactly how we eat as a family to make it all work. Food Babe Family also makes a great gift! Please consider buying a gift copy for your loved ones.

My New Cookbook Is Here!

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