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How Do You Get Fat Without Really Trying? – MUST WATCH.

How To Get Fat Without Really Trying first aired December 8, 2003. Unfortunately many of the realities discovered here are still true and not much has changed. If you are like me, this report by ABC News’ Peter Jennings will have you shaking your head, throwing your fist up into the air and will make your stomach queasy. (Fun fact: I used to work in an AMC Movie Theatre behind the concession stand like they show in Part 1.)

This is a great night, to sit back, relax and watch this series of 5 videos with your family and friends. It will give you some serious motivation to avoid processed food in the new year! 


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


As you can see, these videos are very revealing! I’m counting on you to spread the word.

Knowing what the food industry is doing is half the battle.

In my #1 best selling book – The Food Babe Way – I show you what you can do to avoid their tricks. You’ll learn the habits that will allow you to reach your ideal weight, get healthy and look years younger in just 21 days. 

In my 2nd book, Feeding You Lies, I blow the lid off of the lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat – lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science we base our food choices on. 

And, my first cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, contains over 100 mouthwatering recipes from Baja Fish Tacos and Grapefruit Goddess Salad to Rainbow French Fries and an 8-Minute Candy Bar to show you how delicious and simple it is to eat healthy, easy, real food.

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123 responses to “How Do You Get Fat Without Really Trying? – MUST WATCH.

  1. I still remember seeing you in the front row of the 2008 Democratic Convention with a sign: Label GMO. This is a big job, and many of us must get together to do it.

    1. This is a great parallel to the
      Medical business in America as well, follow the money and the people whom pay for research and you will find those that have the most influence. I am not surprised there are no studies because who would fund them???

  2. Well what can one say it’s always about money profit before people they will start caring when it stop making them money.
    Watching this there was the one commit ( if you have sugar, fat, and starch you can make anything ) seams to sum up the hole thing and that very sad how the food industry with the government help is hurting everyone.
    Time to vote with our dollars and recall all are government official as they seam not to hear the cries of the people, and it’s high time for this change.
    I want our heath and our country back, what do you say America.

  3. Thank you Vani for all you do and God Bless you and your family. It is so hard to wake people up, but I will not stop trying.

  4. It all boils down to people being accountable for their own choices and educating themselves on proper nutrition. In regards to the video, I agree with the statement made that Americans need more exercise, mainly because of technology, but I don’t agree with the comment to eat less. The key is to eat the right foods, whole foods. Eating less of a plate of fries and a burger won’t do anyone any good. By eating whole foods consisting of healthy fats with veggie carbs and proteins will keep weight intact. Ten years ago I lived on junk food and now I am a strict Paleo eater that preaches about nutrition to everyone. I love educating people on proper food choices. I have completely changed my life around and love to hear when others do as well. Those that choose to eat processed foods loaded with sugar will face the consequences one way other another. In regards to children, shame on parents for allowing those foods in the homes. Start shopping at health food stores, cook whole foods, and only shop along the perimeter of the store where processed foods aren’t found. Education is key….educating one another and your children. You only have one body and it’s that education that every single person would benefit from. Thank you, Vani, for posting this fantastic video. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    1. I’m sensing a lack of empathy in your comment so in the spirit of education let’s try and look a little deeper into the real culprits here and stop blaming those who can’t fix the bigger problem of poverty. I don’t know if you have ever been poor or had to work a crappy job all while being a mother but if not let me tell you it’s not a bed of roses. Instead of harshly critiquing those who don’t emulate your Paleo diet ask yourself if you would buy $9.99 lb grassfed organic cow for your family (80/20 lean vs fat only) or the $3.20 lb regular 80/20 cow or maybe the $3.99 95/5 if you only have $80 a week food budget for a family of five? Citing personal accountability absolves us and more importantly the food giants and even the government of any responsibility. Yes, I agree with most of what your saying but not acknowledging the tremendous forces against us is almost as egregious -and, dare I say it, ignorant- as the suit on the show telling Jennings that parents have bad relationships with their kid and that’s why the beg for unhealthy food.

      1. Well said. In fact, I’ve been saying this for years. One, if not the largest obstacles to “eating healthy” is economic. Its not just a matter of organic v. conventional, its across the board. Not all of us can afford to shop at Whole Foods.

        A box of pasta, under 2 bucks, feeds 4 or more. What’s the cost of wild salmon & organic asparagus for 4? In my local supermarket for example, organic chicken is 400% the cost of regular. A happy meal is what, a few dollars? You get the point.

        Even if you’re financially secure, a rarity in these tough times for most, who can absorb these cost increases? Of course not all “healthier” foods carry that large a premium, but most do. Fact is, “healthy food” is expensive. No one ever addresses the economic challenges of that. Calorie dense, nutritionally deficient food is cheap.

    2. What you fail to recognize is something that was not mentioned in these reports, and that is, all this processed food is FULL of ADDICTIVE chemicals! MSG and many, many other synthetic copies of MSG have been put into all these foods so that people crave more and more and can’t stop eating them. This is NOT their fault entirely as this is done without them knowing this. The craving is hard to break once you are addicted to these foods.

  5. Makes me so angry! I am fighting my best to feed my 7 year old healthy foods, and unfortunately my husband thinks she should be allowed to eat all the junk food, sugared cereals, white bread and processed foods that he does. Thank you for all your work, each time I read a post it reminds me that my uphill battle is the best thing for my health and my daughter’s!

    1. If your husband watches the video, do you think he may change his mind how to feed your daughter?

      1. He wont watch/read any of the informative videos or articles posted. He chooses to be blind to the issue, having grown up in a traditional Italian family he refuses to change even though he would greatly benefit from it. Keep up the good work!

    2. Hi again Rebecca. You say your husband is Italian. Maybe you can scare him into deeper thinking about the kind of food we have in the USA, when you tell him that Italy knows better. They have no GMO foods, so if your family lived in Italy you may not be so concerned about what your daughter eats.


    3. Rebecca, if he is Italian, start cooking a Mediterranean diet – appeal to his heritage – which is a healthy diet according to what I have been reading. The Scientific American food pyramid diet shows the Mediterranean diet as the most healthy diet.

  6. VANI
    I just watched all of the videos. I so upset that money controls everything on the earth! Food Cancer and just everything it seems all we can do is try to teach people about the food industry so Americans can make the best choice possible when it comes to eating and feeding their families. You are such an insperation to me!!! Keep up all your great work!! Thank you for all of your efforts. You are truly amazing!!

  7. I wud love to buy ur book! Unfortunately I’m on disability with MS & Fibromyalgia & can’t afford it with all my medical bills. I first saw u on The Doctors TV show && have followed u since! I believe that the chemicals in our food is part of the reason I am sick! My Mother & I have discussed at length how there r so many more diseases now & the fact that when people made food from scratch, grew their own food, we weren’t as sickly! Keep on these companies to get rid of the GMO’s! Thank u for all ur good work!

    1. Might want to try eating food grade diatomaceous earth. It helps with health and is very affordable. I get a 1# bag from the health food store for $7.50 and take one to two teas. a day and am amazed at the benefits. Sending good thoughts your way.

  8. Great info, love it. Corn fed Americans and livestock, people overeating because of nutritional starvation. Corn is not part of our ancestral diets, has low genetic integrity, is high in sugar, genetically modified and covered in glyphosate, making it a horrible staple food. We need leafy greens like your in green drinks but if you go to the super market everything in the produce section is extremely expensive and old. Everything else high in bad fats, sugar and corn or wheat is dirt cheap. Of course our healthcare system offers the most growth for employment in the next ten years because the food industry and these subsidies are making everyone sick, unhealthy and fat. Amercans didn’t look this way in the 70s and early 80s. Look at your old photo albums. I know I do.

    1. I am 68 years old. I too remember that there was only one overweight kid in the entire elementary school and only a couple in high school.

      If you know anyone travelling to Ecuador, I hear that the food is is just fresh without the GMO’s and pesticides and everyone comes back from this vacation losing weight, but gain it back quickly once back home in the USA

      It would be interesting to do a research project to measure people’s weight before and after vacation, if vacationing in a country that does not do GMO’s and pesticides

      1. Mary, I did vacation in Ecuador and I DID loose weight! Despite eating tons of food in really nice restaurants! But it was healthy food and little sweets. Some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, and equals those wonderful French and Italian dinners!

  9. I think it is so disturbing how our government only subsidizes the corn. We need to modify that system . If we had even 10% of that money going towards fruits and vegetables, they would be more available and cheaper to purchase. We need real subsidies for organic farmers and real food choices for people. We need subsidies for food growing in our schools and communities and healthy alternative food education for our kids so they have an idea of where their food comes from.
    It makes me sick that this video is so old and our food system has just become more corrupt and polluted with pesticides and GMO’S .
    How can we STOP these subsidies or at least have them more evenly distributed?

  10. Bypass all of this and take great care of yourself by eating fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, salmon, and drink a lot of water and green tea. Eat foods as they come from the earth—soil and vines and trees. Problem solved. Oh, one catch: expect to add about ten hours a week to your routine to include shopping for foods, preparing, etc. Yes, it takes time. Expect it. Saving time and eating faux foods is what got us hooked on unhealthful eating. It takes time, people.

    1. I love to cook, even just for myself.
      Watch the greens you eat. Are they GMOs? Do the have pesticides on them? Don’t expect a quick rinseing under tap water will remove them, only some. There is a veggie/fruit wash spray or powder you can buy at most grocery stores, found in the produce section. However, consider this: the pesticides go down your drain, they are still toxic. They end up in an aquifer or a water treatment facility. Town water usually has clorox added. Well water should be treated before consuming or bathing with it. Water treatment facilities must add something to remove insecticides, but, of course, when the water is tested, there are toxic things in it, but, hopefully, within allowable limits, BUT who sets those limits and are there studies over a lifetime to see if the pesticides cumulate in one’s body & may reach an unsafe amount where dire health issues arise? Also, consider that skin is PORUS, it is made of PORES, which can secrete things like sweat, or absorb things like toxins from cleaning products, insecticides from water, etc. Wear rubber gloves or better yet, user natural cleaning products. Another idea is to use these products under cold water, as the warmer the water, the more open one’s skin’s pores are. Steam baths and saunas end with a cold shower or a jump into freezing water, or a roll in the snow, so the pores close after sweating.
      out the toxins.
      Also consider what kinds of seeds are used to grow the food in produce section or which are used in “Natural Foods” which are not necessarily NON-GMOs. Heirloom seeds should be OK. There are plenty of good seed companies that sell good seeds. There are catalogs they will send you. Google “non GMO seed catalogs” & you will find plenty. Of course, if you have a veggie/herb garden, the soil should be tested for toxins as the plants will drink them and become part of them. There is a VAULY somewhere in the world where original seeds are stored. That’s a good thing, because pollen from a GMO can spread to non-GMOs and make them GMOs. Wheat is a prime example. An odd GMO is the tomato, as fish genes have been added. Apparently, insects that like tomatoes, don’t like fish. Also, there is talk of making a GMO apple. If so, an “apple a day” could result in the doctor keeping close to you. More $ for the doctors!
      I have met a few good doctors who know about healthy food, and their parents, grandparents immigrated from such places as Russia & India & Israel, etc., where pure original food is what they grew up on. Most of the developed countries in the world, and some emerging countries have BANNED GMOs. They care more about their people’s welfare more than they care about making a profit at the expense of inhabitants health. Isn’t that the role of a good government, to care for its citizens, especially their health?
      Also, the doctors are not working together very ofte in the US. A holistic Dr has tests that MDs do not run and if the results are given to them, they are not used because the MDs are not trained to iinterpret the results. And, of course, there is competition in who can give the best care, MD or Holistic. There are many more MDs and they do earn a living from people being sick, so, of course, they want to be the health care providers. Most health care plans do not pay for hholistic providers. The AMA is a POWERFUL lobbyist.
      Regarding the cost of GOOD FOR YOU food, consider the price of a HUMAN LIFE. IMHO, it is priceless.
      All of the health shows on PBS stations are great sourses of amazing information & will reinforce and give advise as to how to live a healthy lifestyle & more. The show about ADD blew my mind. I had no idea there were so many different types of ADD and that there are many different medicines that are useful, and using the wrong one can make things WORSE!
      That’s it for now…..

  11. I loved the haert work u do n a lot people don’t know about it i have four kids under 6 year’s old the bast think i go on gorec by my self to avoid all jank i read all ur e-mail n post Thanks again again n again.

  12. Deborah Garcia (Jerry’s wife) wrote about all of this in 2004 in The Future of Food. Of course Peter Jennings didn’t go into as much detail as Deborah did.

  13. Watched this with my 9 year old. Opened his eyes to make healthier choices, and he realized that mom is helping him make good choices and protecting him by not giving in when he wants the unhealthy stuff. Sad that this was 10 years ago and there is still so much that needs changing. Keep up the good work!!

  14. Very interesting videos.

    I was very interested the use of the term “calories” to measure health quotient. I don’t see calories as the major problem with sugars and unnatural chemicals. I see lack of nutrients and poisoning as the problem.

    In another words, the good guys in the videos do not seem to understand the nature of the real problems that they are exposing.

  15. Get healthy following Dr Pearlmutter’s Grain Brain and the Food Babe. Together, they are the one two punch against diabetes and obesity…
    Thanks, Vani for all you do….

  16. Being a diabetic for 53/4 yrs , I know what you’re saying is completely true. I can’t wait for the arrival of your book. Many yrs ago, I had read a book about the history of medicine and all the prisoners were ill bks they were fed nothing but corn and no vegetables. Now with your book, I will be better armed/informed.
    Thank you Vani.

  17. I can’t believe the ocean spray guy was actually bragging about saving money from switching from sugar to HFCS. Disgusting! Thank you for all you do, Vani!

    1. And he said he never even considered there might be collateral damage to people by making the switch…just that he received a big bonus and bought his wife a Volvo. Sad.

  18. I bought this dvd back in 2003 and it helped me wake up to what I intuitively knew was an unfair system of regulation of our food industry. I just re-watched it last month and everything in the dvd is still relevant from 12 years ago regarding our fight for better food choices..

    Things have actually gotten worse regarding the USDA, FDA and other government agencies regarding the revolving door of appointees from big corporations in the food industry to lead these government agencies. So much for checks and balances when these agencies are self-monitored as if that’s in the best interest of the public. The lobbyists for the big companies should all be banned in our corporatocracy called the USA. These agencies are overseen by the corporations they are supposed to be holding accountable. Just ridiculous abuse of power.

    Keep up the good fight Vani by educating the masses through making us aware of documentaries like this. You are making a difference.

  19. I don’t know, kind of a lame post. I love The Food Babe but are people really this naive, uneducated and easily fooled? I hope not. Anyone with common sense knows the stuff in these videos. Jeez, either America is full of truly stupid people or people who just don’t care. I think it’s both actually. If you want to be healthy eat strictly based on the Forks over Knifes lifestyle. If you want to be strong, find a physical exercise that you enjoy and do it 5-7 days a week. If you want to be smart, stay off facetwit and read books that were written 50-100 years ago.
    When it comes to food and health, there are 3 types of people in America. People who don’t care, people who don’t know and people (like followers of Food Babe) that know and care and implement their knowledge for a healthy lifestyle.

    1. You must not have children. I have 4 and I try to take responsibility in teaching them about healthy foods but it can be a battle with all the advertisements and just a simple trip to the grocery store (even if you try to avoid the inside aisles).

      1. Melissa I’m a full time single dad of 3 children. It is never a battle. Thx

    2. I had a professor in grad. school studying family counseling tell me this very important analogy:
      You will find 1/3 of the people you help will get worse, 1/3 will stay the same, and 1/3 will make the changes in their lives to get better.
      This is pretty much the case with our society when it comes to healthy living and the changes we have to make when it comes to our food choices. 2/3 of the population will not change their eating habits or their lifestyles.

      This analogy has remained true pretty much throughout my life. It also challenged me to be in the 1/3 that makes the changes to get better physically, mentally and emotionally.

      1. Well stated Mark. Even fully armed with the truth, people will continue to make unhealthy food choices for themselves & their families- labeled or unlabeled. Very sad they just don’t care.

        To Melissa-As a mother of 3, good health & nutritious foods are never a battle either- my kids are healthy by choice & make good food choices on their own. They do well in school, are good athletes & aren’t behavior problems. I believe a lot of this stems from a good diet. If it is a battle, then it’s definitely one worth fighting- don’t give up!

    3. Do we ever wonder why people don’t care? The idea that “the dumbing down” of America is in full swing is not new and is actually coming to fruition. Side affect of stanis fluoride—apathy. Go figure! It really IS “in the water!!!

  20. Ahhhhh!!! As a parent of two young girls that doesn’t allow processed junk foods in the house, video 4 is especially frustrating. Thanks for sharing! Time well spent. He is preaching to the choir with me, but the reminders are always helpful. Love you food babe!

    1. Thank you for sharing this Cortney! This subject is beyond frustrating. What is even more disturbing is the amount of money we have to spend on food that is healthier….organic/non-gmo. It is ridiculous that I have to spend an arm and a leg because I choose to feed my family the healthiest possible food.

  21. We are a growing Army.
    Within my family, it is one small step at a time quietly (not pushy) passing on what I am learning. I am waiting for your book Vani. You are our fearless leader.

  22. WOW. I think I knew most of this but to see/hear it underscores what’s going on behind the mirror, how much it mean$ to big business, and that poor health can impact all tax payers as the ignorant and/or junk food addicts end up in the ER. Thanks Vani and good luck to all in the new year.

  23. The food industry should be allowed to produce junk food in free market economy. But in free market economy the subsidies should not exist! Stop subsidizing corn in America, stop feeding that to cattle with antibiotics, make beef expensive $10/lb as it should be, same with other meats. We should be eating LESS meat and look for green alternatives and market will regulate itself!

  24. Too bad this is 11 years old and it has only gotten worst in America! This is also why they killed Peter Jennings the next year!

  25. Thanks for sharing this Vani!

    It’s so tempting sometimes to just do the right thing regarding diet in my personal life and family. I so appreciate what you are doing, and it gives us something we can lead people to.

    So many tragedies can be avoided if people find ways to make healthy changes. I wish I had found a way to convince my parents not to smoke. We lost both to lung cancer.


  26. Great info Vani. Thanks much for sharing. I think we can all agree that We The People cannot trust the government nor companies to look out for our health. We have to do that ourselves. And we can look out for our own health by voting with our dollars!

  27. This is the kind of news you get on TV. In all 5 videos there was not one single mention of the dangerous GMO’s in all the processed foods. They also didn’t mention the chemicals added to these foods to make them more addictive. They report, but they don’t really report.

  28. I think this is a “great conversation” bit HOWEVER..sad to say it really doesn’t help or get to the “MAIN POINT” which is YOU..I think this vid really speaks about “the blame game” and/or “make you feel guilty OR empowered” the end of the day..when you close your eyes and go to sleep..”WHAT WAS YOUR LAST THOUGHTS AND WHAT HAVE YOU DECIDED TO DO?”…HUH?…WHAT CHOICES HAVE YOU CHOSEN??…AND MOST IMPORTANT, WHAT LEAD YOU TO MAKE THAT DECISION?…ONLY YOU & GOD KNOWS…Now please don’t get me wrong I appreciate that this vid “MADE ME/YOU AWARE” HOWEVER, ONCE AGAIN…WHAT DID YOU DO?? (sorry about spelling/grammar :D!!).

  29. Great work in getting this out there and keeping many informed about what is going on in the food industry. There is not a day that I don’t think about all of this and want to shout to the world to wake up and stop putting up with this. Education is the key. There are so many people who don’t have a clue. Keep up the great work you are doing!!

  30. Always great information from The Food Babe.
    I now find myself talking about to other people when the subject is about healthy eating. Keep up the great work!

    As with almost everything it has to so with $$$$$$$ & the government partnership with big business. That will never change – people have to change i

    1. Apparently, only 1/3 will. I meet people every day. I smile a lot. People who also smile come up to me, or I to them. It is amazing that the smilers are the ones who know about this, OR are intensely listening to what I have to say. One nice many was already late and listened for 1/2 HOUR! Then he asked for my Real Estate card. He was convinced that I care about PEOPLE FIRST and not just a commission.
      I was a HS and Jr HS math/science teacher and coach. I cared about the young lives in my schools too. Most teachers do, as do most parents, at least that should be their mission. Nurses mostly do the same. Lots of other professions are people care oriented and they DO NOT MAKE BIG SALARIES. The are richer than the money rich people. I do have a client who makes a huge salary AND GIVES A BIG chunk of it to ” girls in jeopardy” organizations. He mows his own lawn & takes his boys fishing a lot, and they eat what they catch! Good food from clean water in Plymouth MA and Duxbury Bay area.

  31. Love the information you give out Food Babe! I also think that most Americans know or SHOULD know that the Government indeed is a supporter (in every way) of fattening all Americans. What I don’t think most know, is the science behind the destruction of all of our healthy foods. Please watch this video here. This video is undoubtedly the most revealing I’ve ever seen. I work for a large international company that works with Monsanto and I can tell you this, everything you will see and hear in this video is true. “Seeds Of Death” is the name of the video on YouTube:

    1. Please, please, watch your back. Monsanto does not like whistle blowers and the corp is mighty powerful, even controls the FDA! They have lots of lawyers who switch back and forth between being on GOVERNMENT payroll and MONSANTO payroll. Is there no “CONFLICT OF INTEREST LAW”? Or, if there is one, who enforces it? Maybe the FED DEPT that should be enforcing it is itself CORRUPT or paid off or somehow influenced by lobbiests not to pursue such conflicts of interest, OR, Maybt the DEPT is UNDERSTAFFED and UNDERBUDGETED and will NEVER get to all the pending cases! Of course, loopholes can ALWAYS be found in ANY law by clever lawyers, including a different interpretation or intent. The written word has as many meanings as there are readers of it.
      The best police for living a good life is to live by the “GOLDEN RULE”. Sad, but true, is the FACT that many have never heard of it! Further, many have told me that the “GOLDEN RULE” is “Do unto others BEFORE they do unto you”. I believe that is the BARBARIAN way of living!
      also, wish we could go back to the BARTER SYSTEM and eliminate MONEY, it has no backing, anyway. It’s only worth something on paper or in syberspace and probably not worth much more than the paper it is written on. The US penny costs more to mint than the value of the metal! This is such a lousy state of the economy, worldwide!
      Earthlings are in serious trouble when they spend more than they have. The old adage, “NEITHER A BORROWER NOR A LENDER BE” has benn all but forgotten & there is true TRUTH to it. Look at theconsequences, in the US, let alone, worldwide! Pay your credit card balance every month or suffer the consequences. Of course, it’s become pretty easy to declare bankruptsy. Then, you dont’t have to pay it off, the unpaid balance goes into the general debt fund and will be paid by the taxpayer. You can revive you no credit score in a few years now. Many scheming people have taken advantage of this.

  32. Love these videos keep them coming! They get me so pumped and motivated!
    Wow Peter Jennings was gutsy to do this report against big food companies and the government. I have a hard time believing that any big time reporter would touch this subject these days.
    If this info was given by a “reputable” source, why oh why are we crazy for listening and taking action? Americans are brain washed it’s creepy!

    1. A majority of LEMMINGS AND a majority of people UNABLE TO THINK CRITICALLY FOR THEMSELVES is more the truth these days.
      Gotta be sure who you trust is trustworthy and does not have an agenda you are not aware of. Also, telling a partial truth can be VERY misleading!
      Things are too often taken “OUTOF CONTEXT” to prove a point, very misleading consequences.
      Think for yourselves, citizens of the US of A! Did not George Orwell in his book “1984” predict this sad state of affairs. Then, consider what happened to the Roman Empire to cause its decline. We are well on the way to Rome’s History repeating itself in the US of A at the PRESENT time. Are we doomed, or can the GOOD people start to or continue to save us from ruin? We are allready no longer #1 in the WORLD economically. GOD HELP US, as we can’t seem to be able to help ourselves anymore, as we once did!

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this. I’m so happy that I have joined the Food Babe Army! Honestly before I started reading your blog & becoming more aware of what’s in our food, I had no real idea what was going on. I live in Canada where I believe some of our regulations are a bit better. Do you need an army started here though too? I’d love to head it up. I am very keen on learning more over as we start 2015 – what’s more important than what we eat?

    Thanks again, Miriam 🙂

  34. Google Michael Mudd, the Kraft executive featured in the video – He no longer works for Kraft and is working on enforcing legislation that holds these food corporations more accountable.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

  35. let us stop buying processed food and spend more time on creating healthy options for our own families, and when the sales of their products drop they just might get the hint to provide healthier options…just a thought….

  36. The really scary thing about this is that is was on TV over 10 years ago and things seem to have only gotten worse in that time…at least from a government & Big Food perspective. However, one thing that has changed for the better is all the great education, awareness, and inspired actions that have been taken to make these realities more transparent to the American consumer. Let’s continue to do our part and discover the truth about the food we eat. The better we understand, the better choices we can make.

  37. It was very sad to see these videos …it has gotten worse…and the government and congress does not care and money talks and the health of the people walks…it’s terrific what you do vain but as you see it’s up to people themselves to make a difference….we are up against a giant…..and the people of this country are slaves to the food industry…..they offer poison …the people are more than happy to eat it…..there are more dumb people than smart people when it comes to eating right….and that will never change…so the food industry will say ” why should we change”. Go figure… are great vain

  38. Vani, thank you as always.
    Bottom line, it’s the power of the people and the purse that will enable any change.

  39. Ironic, and tragic, the Mr. Jennings did this report on food, and subsequently died of lung cancer from smoking.

  40. Almost all of our problems in this country comes down to one thing: Government being influenced by money. We need to stop or at least limit lobbying and completely reform the way campaigns are financed. The part about the FTC almost being shut down brings it all into focus. Our government leaders/lawmakers are interested in what gets them re-elected and/or makes them money. An honest politician doesn’t stand a chance. They either play the game or they don’t get into office where they can do some good. The food manufacturers, advertising people, etc. will never do anything that negatively effects their bottom line as long as they own congress. That’s where the real battle is people. If we fix that one then we can begin to “get the bad guys.”

  41. A word about the advertising aspect of junk food. Parents, only let your kids watch netflix or something of the sort. No commercials, no temptation. Also, parents, tell your kids “no”. It may be hard at first but do it anyway. You are the boss of them. They have no choice but to do what you say and eat what you buy. It’s a dictatorship and you are the dictator. Do your job. Then, when your kids do see some junk food advertisement they will respond with looks of disbelief an disgust. And they will also not have a taste for junk food so when they are exposed to it they usually don’t like the taste or it makes them sick to their belly. Also, teach them to read ingredients lists. Teach them what is good and bad and how to know. My 11 and 8 year old daughters scrutinize every ingredient label they see and make choices based on what they read (or can’t read, in many cases). In the end, it is our job as parents to take responsibility for our children’s diets and health habits so that we can send them out into the world with a good foundation.

  42. Vani, thanks for sharing. It is sad that we as a nation have not changed very much in the last 10 years. Keep up the good fight!

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