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Introducing Truvani’s Plant Based Omega Supplement! (It’s vegan and carrageenan-free)

I have great news for you today: Truvani’s Plant Based Omega is finally available!

This new supplement can help support brain health, heart health, and overall wellness within your body. There are over 30,000 studies supporting the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. But, when we set out to develop our omega supplement, we faced a few obstacles.

We wanted to create a product that:

  • Uses organic ingredients when they are available
  • Is void of any toxins whenever possible
  • Avoids any unnecessary ingredients or additives

You’d think this is easy to accomplish, but it’s not. This product wasn’t easy to make. And it almost didn’t happen.

You see, when we started developing our omega supplement last year, we ran into big problems.

The biggest problem was…

Even though you can’t certify plant-based omega supplements as organic, some organic supplements use sunflower oil to help deliver nutrients and keep the product stable.

Sunflower oil can be organic, and for some reason manufacturers refused to replace their non-organic sunflower oil with organic sunflower oil.

We pressed them. And I was stunned at their response:

“There’s no demand for it.” Meaning they wouldn’t use it.


I WAS demanding it.

And I wasn’t going to compromise.

Not for this product, or any product with the Truvani label.

So, we put the product on hold immediately.

Even though it created some major headaches, it was worth it. We built Truvani into a brand people can trust. And saying NO to bad ingredients is our motto.

We didn’t lose hope. We kept looking for ingredient suppliers, and now, after a year, we finally found one. So, our new product is now possible… and it’s amazing.

Watch the video to learn more…

These little details are what makes Truvani products bar none. So, if you ever thought about trying an Omega 3 supplement, I highly suggest you check it out.

Plus, since it’s brand new, we are offering up to 25% off. We like to reward our most loyal customers with the best possible pricing.

Truvani’s Plant Based Omega: Give it a try at special launch pricing here

Truvani’s Plant Based Omega is made with responsibly-sourced algal oil, delivered in a banded capsule that is carrageenan-free and gelatin-free. (Many Omegas come in soft-gels. Soft-gels often have carrageenan. Sometimes they don’t call it carrageenan and disguise it as “seaweed extract.” Truvani doesn’t use soft-gels).

It gets better, too.

The #1 complaint for omega supplements is “Fish burps.” Because most omega supplements are made from fish oil. However, we use algal oil, which is plant-based. Plus, we use a water-based extraction process, so no chemical solvents involved. This process removes impurities, too. Which means no nasty fish burps. No gross smell. Just a clean-tasting, shelf-stable omega-3 supplement that you’re going to love.

I will always put up a fight to make sure each product meets the high-quality Truvani standards. Even if it means we delay a product. Or cancel it altogether.

Luckily we could make this product happen and I hope you’ll try it out.

Snag a bottle of Truvani Plant Based Omega at special launch pricing. 


P.S. Are you as excited about this new supplement as I am? Tell me in the comments below! 

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