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Warm & Heavenly Kale Tacos

Wanting something warm and comforting the other night, I came up with these fabulous kale tacos with ingredients I already had in my fridge and pantry. They will take you right from Summer into Fall with each ridiculously delicious and satisfying bite. This recipe definitely belongs in the “try to make people love kale, who don’t” category, just like my “Melt in Your Mouth Kale Salad.” Enjoy!

Kale Tacos

Food Babe's Warm & Heavenly Kale Tacos
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3
  • 1 shallot or ½ small onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • ½ head of red cabbage
  • 1 bunch kale
  • ¼ tsp celtic sea salt
  • 1 avocado
  • ½ cup feta cheese crumbled (optional)
  • 1 large tomato seeded and diced
  • 2 cups sprouts of your choice
  • 1 lime cut into slices
  • 6 corn tortillas
  1. Preheat oven to warm tortillas
  2. In a large skillet, sautee coconut oil, shallots for 2-3 mins on medium heat
  3. Add garlic and cook another minute or so
  4. Add salt, black pepper and cabbage and cook for 2-3 mins
  5. Add kale and cook until slightly wilted and remove from heat
  6. Assemble tacos by putting the kale and cabbage mixture on a corn tortilla, topped with diced tomato, sliced avocado, feta cheese, sprouts and a squeeze of lime
***Please choose all organic ingredients if possible***

Kale Tacos2

If you know someone who may not like kale, and you think you can convince them otherwise, please share this recipe with them… the more kale lovers we have in this world, the better 🙂


Food Babe

P.S. If you are following The Food Babe Meal Plans for Health program, you can sub 2 tacos for one lunch or dinner recipe and still stay on track. If you aren’t on the program, definitely check it out if you are looking for a plant-based meal plan that is calorie controlled for weight loss and a weekly grocery list that makes shopping less stressful in the maze of options.

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57 responses to “Warm & Heavenly Kale Tacos

      1. You can find non-gmo tortillas, including corn, at whole foods. 🙂

      2. whis those sprouted tortillas (ezekiel) where sold in Mexico, well organic tortillas shall be 😛 but as a mexican there’s a terrible lack of salsa in this tacos 😛

    1. Any organic tortilla (corn or flour or mixed) is non GMO. In California I can find them at Trader Joes, Raleys/Bel Aire, Whole Foods, Natural foods co-ops, etc. Same goes for Organic Salsa and any and all produce. Granted I am human, which means that I am an omnivore, and I only have one stomach, so I always do my tacos with fish or some sort of organic, free range, as nature intended meat.

  1. Okay, I really, really want to eat more kale, but I am gun shy now cause the “melt in your mouth kale salad” I thought, was pretty awful. BUT, I could not find pine nuts, Whole Foods didn’t even have them, so substituted sliced almonds…could that really have made all the difference? Although, I asked my husband to “toast” them while I was busy preparing something else…maybe he actually burned them.

    1. Haha… I would try the salad again with pinenuts and don’t burn them 🙂 If you still don’t like kale, try it shredded and cooked into pasta or in a smoothie.

    2. My fiancee makes a heated kale and lentil mix. I also love a smoothie with kale and/or spinach, strawberries, banana, water, mango, and blueberries.

  2. This is a simple and satisfying recipe, thank you! I just did your zucchini lasagna it was very good and now I am into trying those seaweed snacks, I just got my mold and sheets, I think these will be a staple for me, yum! Thank you again for making all this info fun and available!

    1. You are very welcome.. I got some of that lasagna in my freezer to eat when we get back! 🙂

      1. Hi Vani!
        Loved the zucchini lasagna–even my husband and adult children! You mentioned being able to freeze it. Do you freeze it before or after cooking it? I have some whopper zukes and would like to freeze it or possibly the “noodles” for another time

  3. My hubs eats more veggies than I have ever seen him eat if I use Food for life rice flour tortillas to make him a gluten free pizza. I think I will be able to put this on my husband’s “pizza” and he will go for it! Thanks!

    1. What do you think about the tapioca crust too, and organic rice sounds like it would be better with organic brown rice being the best choice but it may cost more? I wonder what the best cost effective alternatives are to wheat, since wheat is so cheap. 100% whole wheat is a better choice than regular wheat but some people may not like that. I’ve heard 100% whole wheat that is from Europe is much lower in gluten because the wheat in the USA has been bred to have a lot more gluten in it. Gluten protein is a poor source of protein and has a 25% digestion rate and causes lots of problems. But for people with money issues there’s worse choices, 100% whole wheat is better and is also very cheap. I think maybe green lentils that have food coloring to make it look light brown would be good if the food coloring is healthy, as raw green lentils are only 78 cents a pound for non-organic, and organic raw green lentils are only $2 a dry pound. Then you have to cook them for them to digest, it’s better to buy raw because raw is much cheaper. Green lentils would create world peace and cure starvation as the cheapest crop most abundant in nutrients I can imagine. Green split peas are also just as good except that they have a small amount of isoflavones in them, but it’s a very small amount in the micrograms range so it might not cause most people problems. I don’t know if there’s an ingredient you can add to them to harden them up after cooked, but as they are they’d be too soggy to use when cooked which is the only way to digest them but science should explore into it so save on costs in crops. They did it with tapioca. Using megahydrate as a preservative would replace all other preservatives so these high quality organic foods don’t spoil and they’d last for decades, which would clean up pollution as they can be stored the stores for a long time and save on cost of crop production. There’s other good farming methods I know of to transform farming.

  4. Hi, Vani!

    Bet you don’t know why you should NEVER, EVER put strawberries in the blender with veggies.

    James Ashley Shea in Pattaya and on Facebook.

      1. Hi, Tori! Adelle Davis said that when you eat fruit, the pyloric valve opens and everything in your stomach is dumped into the small intestine.

        That’s fine for fruit, but proteins and carbs need to be churned in your stomach for awhile with various digestive enzymes in the process of pre-digestion before being dumped into the small intestine.

        This means you should eat fruit only by itself and between meals, NEVER after or during a meal.

        Davis was not the only one who knew that.

  5. Try walnuts with your raw Kale salad, it is excellent. You could add some bits of celery, cherry tomatoes or red pepper. Rub the Kale with oil first to soften. NO cooking!
    Just simple with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

  6. Hello Food Babe,
    I am a huge fan of yours and enjoy reading your posts and articles. I wanted to ask what if anything you think we can do anything about this insane business of sending US chicken to China for processing and then having it sent back here. Im afraid this chicken will be served in schools. Also there seems to be no way of labelling it! Thank you.

    1. That is a great question about the chicken going to China to be processed. what they heck is up with that??

  7. So I loved the melt in your mouth kale salad, even though I got a little too zealous with the lemon in the dressing. I’ll be a little bit more careful next time. I’m pretty obsessed with kale these days, so I may give this recipe a try. Also, someone commented on the zucchini lasagna which reminded me that I absolutely have to make it! It looked amazing since zucchini is my first love vegetable wise.

  8. Isn’t a problem with Ezekiel bread the phytoestrogens in it while Ezekiel bread is very high in nutrients? I read that it’s mainly from the soy in it that it has soy isoflavones in it, but it would also have phytoestrogens from chia seeds and flaxseeds if it contains those foods in it too. It also depends on the type of Ezekiel bread you get. I don’t know how much soy is in it. Even fermented soy is just as high in soy isoflavones which are a type of phytoestrogen, so even people in China will only have small amounts of soy on occasion. Flaxseeds, chia seeds, and soy have a lot of phytoestrogens in them. Lignans from flaxseeds and chia seeds are phytoestrogens that are bad for you. You’d have to have them everyday to cause problems. Such as 8mg to 16mg or more of soy isoflavones can cause people health problems if they were to have it everyday on a consistent basis. That’s also what Dr. Mercola and WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) teaches. It depends on the amount of phytoestrogens taken in daily. Such as vitamin K2 MK7 with nattokinaise supplement is derived from soy natto but the supplement is separated from the soy natto so the supplement itself doesn’t have any phytoestrogens in it and so the supplement is good for you. Soy natto even though it’s fermented is high in soy isoflavones which is why you can’t take it in that often. Even all fermented soys are high in phytoestrogens with soy isoflavones. 100g of soy lecithin which is 100% fat (it also has 100g of fat in it, as it’s thought the phytoestrogens are just in the protein portion but they’re in all parts of the soy not just the protein) content has 16mg of soy isoflavones in it but in much smaller amounts in the 5g range daily it can have benefits in liposomal nanoparticle micronutrient and herbal mixtures. Sesame seeds have isoflavones in them but you’d have to have them in higher amounts too to get a lot, probably not in the amounts such as what they have on burger buns. It depends on the amounts you have, but they usually have enough of an amount of soy and flaxseeds in foods that include them to give too much phytoestrogens in them, which is bad if you were to have them daily.

  9. Organic soy even when fermented, organic flaxseeds, and organix chia seeds all have phytoestrogens so organic and fermented doesn’t make a difference. Soy has isoflavones of different types all bad, and the other two choices have lignans which are also a type of phytoestrogen which are bad for you when you have them on a consistent basis.

  10. I’m at the health food store looking for some products from your site to cook more organic I want a healthy non toxic tortilla chip thy have 12 different types but from what I can see all of them have expeller pressed canola or sunflower or safflower oil ???? Is any of that ok?

    1. Hi Kim – make sure they are organic or non GMO verified. Both the corn and oils are most likely GMO if not. You still don’t want to eat a lot of those highly processed oils but on occasion they are fine. Hope that helps!

      1. Thx thy do say no GMO n organic. another question I want a juicer now is there a good juicer/blender if possible that is good but not a $300 one I saw the one recommended on the site but I can’t pay $300 for one…Thx

  11. I read some where that corn is gmo, is Ezeliel corn tortella okay to eat? I love corn but since I heard it was bad, too, been trying to avoid them.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lori – If a product is organic, then it is non GMO and Ezekial tortillas are organic. (and so delicious!)

  12. Sounds yummy – But need to “mess” with the recipe to make it low FODMAP. I’m just afraid the overall taste my suffer without onions, garlic (specically) and cabbage. I used to make a “Garlicky Braised Kale” which was basically a lot of garlic sauteed first, with sun-dried tomatoes added before the kale and stock went in to braise. Optional topping was goat cheese. The garlic and creamy goat cheese was phenomenal. I think my son was about 3 when we first tired it … LOVED it. I miss garlic.

  13. Oh my gosh! I just was recommended to your blog and know I am in the right place! I love kale and am going to make these tonight. moving to the kale salad next!
    Thank you!

  14. Food Babe – I have a lady crush on you and your recipes! Awesome stuff, I am trying this one TONIGHT!! My husband will be in heaven! Thx for your work.

  15. Made these tacos for my family for dinner tonight. They were awesome! I was out of lime so I used lemon. From there I had the idea (because I am obsessed with avocado toast) to sprinkle the avocado with lemon juice, just a splash of good olive oil, a pinch of salt and a tiny sprinkle of hot pepper flakes.This was in addition to the tomatoes and feta cheese, etc. Holy moly they were so darn tasty! Thanks food babe!

  16. Really yummy. I was a little suspicious because my family is still learning to eat healthy, but it is one of my favorite recipes right now

  17. i generally don’t post comments post making food on the recipes online…….but i loved this recipe so much that i’m doing it! i LOVED these…….i find all the ingredients necessary to make your kale taco most awesome. Although i lie, i didn’t have bean sprouts as my store didn’t have them. I ate these for supper every day last week and now i’m going to the store after work to make them again. love. love. love.

  18. I loved these tacos… even my meat eating boyfriend did!!!!!
    One thing I changed is I used radicchio instead of red cabbage and it was delicious!!!!!
    I have a lot of vegan friends and I am recommending this to all of them!

  19. I love your recipe. I have another FB page called Food 4 Thought. I share everything you post on that page. Keep up the great work. You are amazing Food Babe.

  20. Tacos sound great, but I’m working in Japan for the next 5 weeks & tortillas are kind of out of the question unless I make them myself. Closet thing I can find is thin rice paper stuff that kind of looks like a tortilla, guess I could try burritos lol!

  21. These were amazing! Made them today for lunch and they are the best thing I’ve eaten in a while! My 5 year old could not get enough. I added grilled organic chicken to them as well. Fantastic!

  22. Hi Vani! Great post! I myself have been eating a lot or kale, broccoli, and cauliflower for these last couple of months and it has come to my attention that all of these foods contain high amounts of oxalate and could pose the risk of things like kidney stones if consumed in large amounts. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this info because I am really loving these veggies lately. Thanks!

  23. Hi! I’ve tried several of your recipes and so far they are all great. I had the kale, cabage tacos and loved them. We had a ton of kale and cabage left over so I did a rendition of colcannon/shepherds pie. Mixed the kale and cabage with mashed potatoes and baked them at 350 for about 30 mins. I did sprinkle parmasean on half for my cheese loving kids but either way both sides were absolutely delish!!!

  24. I made two versions of this recipe; the first was your vegetarian recipe-which was awesome; the second version, I made a side of Mexican style shredded chicken for later in the week to add on top of the warm kale. Both versions turned out great!

    Thanks again @foodbabe for another foolproof recipe! 🙂

  25. Wow these were delicious! I think they just took their place as my favorite way to make tacos now. (I added taco seasoning mix to the kale and cabbage.) Seriously delicious.

  26. If the feta is imported from Greece or France can it be assumed that it is non GMO?

  27. I love these! I make a fresh salsa to put on top. Throw a couple tomatoes cut in big chunks, some onion, jalapeno, garlic, sea salt and cilantro into the nutribullet. You just can’t have a taco without salsa! I do not like kale and I actually like these better than regular meat tacos and meat tacos have also been one of my favorite foods 🙂 At least now it is healthy!

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