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Action Needed: Senators Must Vote No On Stabenow GMO Labeling Bill

Our government leaders in Washington have introduced new legislation to sell out the American consumer and deny us clear on-packaging GMO labeling. We must start contacting our Senators today and ask them to vote NO on this new bill.

You can find a list of your state Senators and their contact information here.

Since we successfully defeated the DARK Act, Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling bill is set to take effect in a matter of days (July 1st). This would require most foods in Vermont to carry GMO labels. Even though we are down to the wire, the GMO companies are desperate and have been working feverishly to make sure that our Senators can reach an agreement to wipe Vermont’s law out so that they can continue hiding GMOs in American food.

Senator Pat Roberts (who introduced the DARK Act) and Senator Debbie Stabenow have reached a deal on a new national GMO labeling bill that will override Vermont’s GMO labeling law – and it will not only take the same actions as the DARK Act, but some say it’s even worse!


This new bill screws consumers and favors the food industry to continue to make us work for the truth.

The bill still needs to pass the House and the Senate floor – but you can bet that the food and chemical company lobbyists are doing whatever it takes to push it through. It was clearly written to protect Monsanto, the agrochemical and GMO industries – who are all cheering it on and calling on their senators to support it.

This is the DARK Act 2.0 and will continue to keep Americans in the dark about GMOs in our food.

This is not a food-labeling bill. This is a rollback of democracy at the behest of the world’s largest agribusiness and biotech corporations.” ~ Food & Water Watch

“This is still completely unacceptable to the nine out of ten Americans who want to be able to understand what they are buying. It doesn’t give people the choice they want. What has to be done now is stop this bill from getting through the Senate.” ~ Michael Hansen, senior scientist at the Consumers Union

“This is not a labeling bill; it is a non-labeling bill. We are appalled that our elected officials would support keeping Americans in the dark about what is in our food and even more appalled that they would do it on behalf of Big Chemical and food corporations.” ~ Center for Food Safety

Is Smucker’s behind the OTA’s endorsement of this bill?

In a surprise move, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) came out with a public statement praising this bill. Does this statement accurately represent the members of the OTA and what they stand for? Who wrote this statement and were all board members and member companies briefed? Are they being influenced by specific board members, such as Kim Dietz who works for Smucker’s? After all, Smucker’s has always been a fierce opponent of GMO labeling, supported the DARK Act and has spent thousands supporting anti-labeling lobbyists. It sure seems that the OTA jumped the gun here and that their statement doesn’t accurately portray the views of their membership. I would like to see the OTA reconvene on this issue and come up with an official position that properly represents their members – especially considering the wide spread opposition by virtually every consumer group working in support of organics and GMO labeling including EWG, Just Label It, The Center For Food Safety, Consumers Union, Food Democracy Now, Food and Water Watch, US Right To Know, Organic Consumers Association, Moms Across America, GMO Free USA and many more.

We have some work to do to defeat this, which I will get into below – but first let me explain why this bill is a giant stab in the back to American consumers.

Why the new GMO labeling bill is a nightmare:

  • GMO labels would require a smartphone to scan QR codes, to call a 1-800 number, or visit a website. Instead of using simple words on the label like “Made With GMOs”, food manufacturers get to choose how to label their GMO products with options including cryptic QR codes that you need to have a internet-connected smartphone to scan, or making consumers call 1-800 numbers and visit websites to find out if GMOs are in their product. How is that any better than what we have going on today? A QR code is not a GMO label. This is not transparency and it’s just another way for them to hide the truth.


(Photo credit: The Center For Food Safety)

  • Companies won’t be required to label GMOs for at least 2 years. That’s because they are giving the USDA 2 years to propose regulations, and it could be even longer before companies are required to actually label. This will allow them even more time to hide GMOs in American food.
  • Food companies that meet the definition of “very small” don’t need to label the GMOs in their food. The USDA will determine what will define a “very small” business during the 2 years that they are writing regulations. Current FDA rules consider businesses selling less than $1 million per year to be “very small”, but who knows what the USDA will write into the regulations for GMO labeling – and they could be quite different.
  • If meat is the main ingredient in any product it won’t get a GMO label (unless the meat itself is GMO). Meat, eggs, and dairy that are raised on GMO feed is exempt from labeling, and this extends to entire products that have meat or eggs as the primary ingredient (after things like broth and water). That means that a soup with the main ingredients of broth and chicken wouldn’t need to label for GMOs, even if it’s filled with GMO ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, and soybean oil.
  • The definition of “bioengineering” as written in the bill may exclude most GMOs from labeling. The overwhelming majority of GMOs now in stores are from Roundup Ready crops and Bt crops, and some consumer advocates claim these do not fit the narrow definition of bioengineered crops that would require a label. Further, the USDA is given discretion to “establish a process for requesting and granting a determination… regarding other factors and conditions under which a food is considered a bioengineered food”.
  • Some foods won’t require a label if they don’t contain enough GMOs. The USDA has 2 years to write the rules and they are given free reign to suggest the level of GMO content in a product that will trigger a label. How much will they consider to be enough GMOs requiring a label?
  • Food in small packages may be exempt. The bill says the USDA should “provide alternative reasonable disclosure options for food contained in small or very small packages”.  Will this mean that candy bars won’t be labeled? How will the USDA define a “small package”?
  • Food manufacturers won’t be held liable. If a food company doesn’t comply with the law, their products won’t be recalled and there are no federal penalties for violations.
  • States will be prohibited from enacting different GMO labeling laws.
  • Food companies that began adding GMO labels to their products this year will likely change to a QR code scheme if this bill passes. Campbell’s and General Mills both support this new bill and Campbell’s specifically stated“We will continue to comply with Vermont’s law until Congress and the president enact legislation that pre-empts and replaces it.”


Senator Pat Roberts flyer showing the bill benefits to the biotechnology and food industries (Photo credit: Politico)

This will create more work for consumers who want to know if GMOs are in their food.

They actually wrote into the bill that the USDA will conduct a study to determine whether people have internet access or if there is “availability of landline telephones in stores”… Really?!?!? We are supposed to ask the grocery store if we can use their phone to make a call about GMOs while shopping? If that isn’t the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

They further suggest that retailers could install “electronic or digital link scanners” in their stores for us to scan QR codes on. Can you imagine that? Isn’t a basic on-package GMO label a much simpler solution? What are they so afraid of?

“This is really a very industry-friendly proposal. You’re not going to be able to look on the label and see whether the food that’s in the package was produced through genetic engineering or contains GMO ingredients. It’s not going to be there. You’re going to have to call an 800 number or have a smart phone with you that has an app. You know. Come on. It’s a joke.” ~ Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell

These food companies clearly do not want to put the words “genetically engineered” on their food and it is shameful!


You can read their ridiculous bill here.

Read more about GMOs and why they should be labeled here and here.

Congress will be returning on July 5th and are expected to consider this bill quickly to get it pushed through and onto the Senate floor as soon as possible. The Senate will need 60 votes to pass it – so now we need to do everything in our power to make our voices heard so that they don’t get the votes they need. This is happening fast and is urgent. 

Call your Senators today and tell them we deserve mandatory, clear and explicit GMO labeling and to vote against any bill that proposes QR Codes as a solution. 

We were able to defeat the DARK Act, and I’m confident that we can do this again. There is no time for a petition or to send an email – we need to call our Senators, and tell everyone we know to call too. You can find a list of your state Senators and their contact information here.

Share this post – Like it – Tweet it – Instagram it – do everything and whatever you can to get everyone you know to call their Senators NOW and learn about what’s going on in Washington to keep us in the dark.

I love each and every one of you for taking action! You are amazing. 



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78 responses to “Action Needed: Senators Must Vote No On Stabenow GMO Labeling Bill

  1. QR Codes for nutritional usage could lead to total and complete transparency in foods enabling AI bots, mobile apps, home appliances, and doctors to understand the food intake at a granular level. The QR code can pack tens of thousands of characters compared to the incredibly low limit of a Barcode and even lower limit of a ‘GMO Label’. If you were truly fighting to open up nutrition information and not on some narcissistic rampage, you might actually do some real research for once.

    1. Don’t pretend to care about the consumer Joe – one look at your Twitter feed and I can see what you advocate for and who your “heroes” are. Greater information and transparency about food is paramount – but also easy to access information – that isn’t only available using technology so that all consumers can have access including those who do not have the time or the means to use a cellphone while shopping. How about…having this new QR Code information + clear GMO labeling on packages (like they do in 65 other countries around the world).

      1. Isn’t the phrase “NON-GMO” in big letters written across the front of food packages from companies that cater to the fear created by people like you enough?

      2. Halles,
        I bet the tens of thousands of people laying in invalid care facilities because their bodies are eaten up with disease wish someone would have shown them the truth about what they were consuming. How is exposing the truth related to fear. I for one am glad there are people out there like Vani who are working diligently to expose the lies and deceit being perpetrated by these big companies in the name of profits.

      3. Good point because I didn’t have money to buy a cell phone when I was working a part time job and don’t have one right now, not having employment. I know that they’re useful but would only consider it if I had money to spare on a luxury after bills, rent and food were paid and some money set aside for saving. I’d also have to consider just how many people would I be communicating with per month to see if it justified paying a monthly fee “just” to be able to have a cell phone.

      4. I just read that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont & former Presidential candidate just stated that he will do all he can to fight this dark act 2.0. Maybe the food babe(you) can contact him or convince enough people to email him so he will know how many people are against this censorship.

        He would be a great person to mobilize against this horrible Bill!

      5. Love the idea of having both on-package labeling and the QR code.

        I got this email from Food and Water Watch today THIS IS IMPORTANT SO PLEASE READ IT ALL . The Senate passed a test vote today and the Dark Act passed the test vote 68 to 29, They say the vote is slated for next week when they return from vacation,

        “A Message From Dennis Kucinich: Stop the GMO
        Fake Labeling Bill

        “I brought the first labeling bill to Congress in
        1999. It is sad to see the grand institution of the U.S. Senate confronted with
        the realities of what happens when some of its members become indebted to a
        corporate food industry which has poisoned the environment, ruined the land,
        depleted water supplies, and crushed family farmers.

        If you already
        belong to the more than 90% of Americans who want food produced with GMOs to be
        clearly labeled, then call
        your Senator today at 1-888-894-1033 and tell them to vote NO on the Stabenow –
        Roberts fake GMO labeling bill.”

        of the test vote last night means they could move this bill ahead as soon as
        they return from the break on July 5th – They need to hear from you

        Even if you’ve
        already called and emailed your Senators, PLEASE CALL AGAIN! Just dial
        1-888-894-1033 and we’ll connect you to your Senator for

        When you call you can say something

        “I urge you to reject the fake GMO labeling bill
        from Senators Stabenow and Roberts, a substitution amendment to Senate bill 764.
        This bill takes away the rights of states to label GE foods and sticks consumers
        with QR code technology for smartphones or 1-800 numbers instead of clear,
        simple, on-package labeling. But a substantial majority of Americans would be
        deprived of their right to know if GE labeling were done through QR codes. Don’t
        hide information behind high-tech codes and phone numbers. Please oppose this
        bill and support mandatory on-package labeling that clearly states—in
        words—whether a food product is genetically

        Let us know
        you called!

        Thanks for
        everything you do,
        The Center for Food Safety team

        Why is the Stabenow – Roberts bill so bad?

        Instead of providing consumers with simple,
        on-package labeling of genetically engineered foods, the Stabenow-Roberts

        1) HAS NO MANDATORY STANDARDS – The Senate bill itself
        proscribes no mandatory standards for GMO labeling. Rather it preempts the
        labeling laws of several states including Vermont, Connecticut, Maine and Alaska
        based solely on a multi –year discretionary process determined by an as yet
        unknown, future USDA Secretary.

        LABELING – The definition of “bioengineering” under the Act would exclude
        from labeling a vast number of current foods produced with genetic engineering
        including those where the “modification” is “found in nature,” those in which
        technology cannot as yet detect the novel genetic material, and foods made with
        non in vitro recombinant DNA techniques such as new generations of food made
        with RNAi and so-called “gene-editing” techniques. In fact, 99% of all GMO
        food COULD be exempt from labeling as the bill leaves it entirely up to a
        future USDA Secretary to determine what “amount” of GMO ingredients in a food
        qualifies it for labeling.

        THE RURAL, LOW INCOME, AND THE ELDERLY – The bill anticipates that GMO
        labeling will be done primarily through QR codes (“digital” labeling).
        Because of their lack of access to smart phones, more than 50% of rural and
        low income populations, and more that 65% of the elderly, will have no access to
        these labels. This impact will fall disproportionately on minority
        communities. Millions more that do have smart phones may not be able to access
        these QR codes because they cannot afford to maintain their data service or
        their neighborhoods do not have adequate network coverage. The study of the
        efficacy of QR codes outlined in the bill is to take place significantly AFTER
        any labeling is established and in the marketplace. The results of such a study,
        if any, may take many years to clarify and codify. Such a “study” provision is
        clearly not sufficient to absolve the bill of an unconstitutional discriminatory

        – The bill not only preempts state food labeling laws but also specifically
        preempts GMO seed labeling laws such as those in Vermont and Virginia that are
        designed to help farmers determine what seeds to buy and plant. Additionally,
        either intentionally or through poor drafting, the bill could be interpreted to
        be a preemption of more than 100 different state and municipal laws and
        regulations throughout the nation.

        civil or criminal penalties whatsoever against those not complying with any GMO
        labeling requirement. The bill even specifically excludes the capacity of the
        USDA to order any recall of misbranded food even in cases where a product has
        been produced with genetic engineering but the corporation involved purposely
        decides to violate the law and not label.

        The Senate has already passed a test vote on this bill,
        so please make your call now! Dial 1-888-894-1033 and we’ll connect you to your
        Senator for free.

        1. On motion to proceed on amendment to S. 764
        (gutting and replacing existing bill language with text of the Roberts –
        Stabenow GMO labeling bill. Despite the hold-over title, this bill has nothing
        to do with defunding Planned Parenthood or the National Sea Grant College
        Program). Here is the vote tally:… By Vote Position
        YEAs —68

        Alexander (R-TN)
        Ayotte (R-NH)
        Baldwin (D-WI)
        Barrasso (R-WY)
        Bennet (D-CO)
        Blunt (R-MO)
        Boozman (R-AR)
        Brown (D-OH)
        Burr (R-NC)
        Capito (R-WV)
        Carper (D-DE)
        Casey (D-PA)
        Cassidy (R-LA)
        Coats (R-IN)
        Cochran (R-MS)
        Collins (R-ME)
        Coons (D-DE)
        Corker (R-TN)
        Cornyn (R-TX)
        Cotton (R-AR)
        Crapo (R-ID)
        Cruz (R-TX)
        Daines (R-MT)
        Donnelly (D-IN)
        Enzi (R-WY)
        Ernst (R-IA)
        Feinstein (D-CA)
        Fischer (R-NE)
        Flake (R-AZ)
        Franken (D-MN)
        Gardner (R-CO)
        Graham (R-SC)
        Grassley (R-IA)
        Hatch (R-UT)
        Heitkamp (D-ND)
        Heller (R-NV)
        Hoeven (R-ND)
        Inhofe (R-OK)
        Isakson (R-GA)
        Johnson (R-WI)
        King (I-ME)
        Kirk (R-IL)
        Klobuchar (D-MN)
        Lankford (R-OK)
        Lee (R-UT)
        McCain (R-AZ)
        McCaskill (D-MO)
        McConnell (R-KY)
        Moran (R-KS)
        Nelson (D-FL)
        Perdue (R-GA)
        Peters (D-MI)
        Portman (R-OH)
        Risch (R-ID)
        Roberts (R-KS)
        Rounds (R-SD)
        Rubio (R-FL)
        Sasse (R-NE)
        Scott (R-SC)
        Sessions (R-AL)
        Shaheen (D-NH)
        Shelby (R-AL)
        Stabenow (D-MI)
        Thune (R-SD)
        Tillis (R-NC)
        Toomey (R-PA)
        Vitter (R-LA)
        Wicker (R-MS)

        NAYs —29
        Blumenthal (D-CT)
        Booker (D-NJ)
        Boxer (D-CA)
        Cantwell (D-WA)
        Cardin (D-MD)
        Gillibrand (D-NY)
        Heinrich (D-NM)
        Hirono (D-HI)
        Kaine (D-VA)
        Leahy (D-VT)
        Markey (D-MA)
        Menendez (D-NJ)
        Merkley (D-OR)
        Mikulski (D-MD)
        Murkowski (R-AK)
        Murphy (D-CT)
        Murray (D-WA)
        Paul (R-KY)
        Reed (D-RI)
        Reid (D-NV)
        Sanders (I-VT)
        Schatz (D-HI)
        Schumer (D-NY)
        Sullivan (R-AK)
        Tester (D-MT)
        Udall (D-NM)
        Warren (D-MA)
        Whitehouse (D-RI)
        Wyden (D-OR)

        Not Voting – 3
        Durbin (D-IL)
        Manchin (D-WV)
        Warner (D-VA)

      7. Love you, we need to take the power back frim these big toxic food, chemical& chemotherapy companies! Opps pharmaceutical companies ! There has been a century long crime against human health! Wake up world!

    2. Joe Youngblood….. why don’t you offer some of that expertise on coding instead of taking to the “bathroom insult” route?… that’s if, YOU care about good nutrition relative to the cause.

    3. GO FOOD BABE GO!!!!

      Say NO to the QR Codes. We want see the words ‘MADE WITH GMO’S’ so we can EASLY tell to stay away from those products like the plague.

      Labeling will also open peoples minds who know nothing about GMO’s to ask “what is this and why is it labeled?”. No matter what side they choose at least they KNOW what there choosing to eat or not to eat.

      Seriously…. people are dying because of these foods!!!!! Even people who seem fine are dying faster each bite of GMO’s they take. That goes for you too Mr. Youngblood.

      Time to start caring for our bodies. Time for the world to wake up.


  2. You need a petition or an email to send to make this more responsive for more people. That would be much easier to quickly do than stopping to make a phone call. Just my opinion. Keep up the good fight!

      1. Vain,
        You may want to look at Point of View . Org website. They are a conservative web site with a section for the public to get involved. They have a very nice set-up for the public to enter their vital info with, given their address info, which automatically addresses their elected government official. They usually have a pre-written message that they are trying to get across to congress. The person using the site can also add text as they see fit. You know us people. If it takes effort we usually will not put in the effort. How Sad. I believe that you may get more involvement if you made it easy to get involved. You are doing such a great work. I bought your book and am learning a lot. I have a story of my own concerning being sick and getting on a clean diet lifestyle and winning my life back. I am so angry at our government and the big industry’s who’s only concern is their pockets. Keep up your work. I will try to do my part.

      2. I suggest you instruct the Food Babe Army how to effectively communicate to their elected officials . . . their Senators in this case. I believe we should be communicating: “Vote NO on the Stabenow/Roberts GMO Labeling Bill (S 2609)” or simply “VOTE NO on S 2609”. I don’t think it is necessary to say anything more than this and it could be counterproductive to say something like “we want mandatory GMO labeling” when the Stabenow/Roberts GMO Labeling Bill is being promoted by its authors and supporters as a mandatory GMO labeling bill.

        I don’t think our elected officials have time to read all the correspondence received from their constituents (maybe they read a few). The person(s) that receive messages from the public is a congressional aide (not the elected official) and they are responsible for keeping a tally of each communication as being for or against a particular piece of legislation (S 2609 in this case). This ongoing tally is provided to the elected official as a reference tool indicating what their constituents are for or against. When a particular piece of legislation gets a lot of tallies for or against it, the elected official takes more notice and may vote accordingly.

        I believe the most effective thing any one individual can do is communicate their support or opposition to a particular bill using as many communication channels and as many times as they care to in order to run up the tally. Communication methods include: email, fax, phone, Facebook, twitter, postal mail, online petitions, etc. I’m quite confident the congressional aides are not keeping track of how many times one person communicates to their office on a particular issue but they should add one more tally for the correspondence received.

    1. I do agree that maybe more people would get involved! Our food is so important. Beyond that…..I’m amazed at how much info pops up in my Facebook feed about how GMO’s aren’t even bad for you! Same for high-fructose corn syrup. These are supposedly “science” based articles. Bleh. Thanks for putting this out there Food Babe!

  3. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to both of my senators. I did a little plagiarism, (sorry FoodBabe)
    Senator Scott,
    I am a 58 year old man who became very overweight and sick. I developed spinal degenerative disease and was on the verge of loosing my job because I could not perform the physical aspects of my job any longer. I was very desperate and visited many Doctors, surgeons, pain management, physical therapy and chiropractors (None of them helped). Out of desperation, I joined the local gym and tried aerobics along with weight training activities with no success. My daughter told me about the Paleo way of eating which restricts empty carbohydrates, GMOs and processed foods with loaded chemicals and promotes organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, free range chicken along with other clean, unprocessed whole foods. After researching Paleo and other whole food type of diet lifestyles, I began eating this way along with maintaining proper exercise and the weight started falling off. My health has returned and with the help of HealtSource in Aiken SC, my spinal health has been restored. The reason for this letter is to explore you to vote against the special interest corporations who’s only interest is big profit, not the health of the public. Just look at the direction of our nations health since the 1950s and you will logically have to come to a conclusion that the food industry and the multitude of GMOs, processing and chemicals introduced into our food is killing us. Please, we deserve mandatory, clear and explicit GMO labeling on our food products so that those of us who choose to stay away from these types of food additives can easily have full disclosure in printed form on the label. Please, vote against any bill that proposes QR Codes as a solution. This is a very un-transparent way of making it very difficult to know what is in the product. GMO labels would require a smartphone to scan QR codes, to call a 1-800 number, or visit a website. Instead of using simple words on the label like “Made With GMOs”, food manufacturers get to choose how to label their GMO products with options including cryptic QR codes that you need to have a internet-connected smartphone to scan, or making consumers call 1-800 numbers and visit websites to find out if GMOs are in their product. How is that any better than what we have going on today? A QR code is not a GMO label. This is not transparency and it’s just another way for them to hide the truth.

  4. So March against Monsanto has posted an article about EWG, Stonyfield the OTA and Whole Foods selling the American public out. Please take a look and let us know about this. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Vani,
    I just visited Food and Water watch . Org. They also have a very similar site as Point of View .org. They are also trying to get people to get involved in this effort to stop Monsanto from imposing QR labeling.

    1. Food and Water Watch is a must for everyone to belong to. I joined them after I saw the Documentary, “Dear President Obama”. Great stuff. Activists supreme. We’re all banning together and my personal goal for all of us combined is to become 50 million strong. A combined force of American Will that forged this country.
      Obama screwed this country when he signed Citizens United, and the Supreme Court upheld it. He signed off shore drilling and sales of public lands to be open for Fracking. The Corporate Guard (Rep. and Dem. alike) are hard line, sold out, public hating traitors. If it weren’t for this administrations “all of the above” selection for agro-chemical, and fossil fuel has really put this country in the soup. We’ve got to fight with every avenue of communication we have.

  6. All I can say Vani is keep up the good work. Maybe one day the dumbed down Americans will wake up to how they are being played by companies of all types, along with the Federal governments departments that are not really a federal department of anything. Just leaches sucking tax dollars from Americans that don’t know any better. Time is running out and I hope Americans wake up. Our legislators have forgot who puts them in office and why. Have a blessed day.

  7. I am so happy I found this website.because let me tell you something they can care less about what happens to our family all they is to send that money. And it is such a shame they will not get my money. I hope more people get educated on this because it is real out here. Just to think what is their reason for not wanting to label foods with gmo. If people only knew what is really in their food they would not buy it.PERIOD and that is why…It is in our food, our kids, hygiene products, beauty products and the list goes on…..

  8. But nothing is mentioned in schools or hospitals …totally outnumbered …Is a very DARK act indeed. I know many things and this is just a little piece of a very troubling America …We are in very deep trouble from all sides

  9. here is my email letter to both my Senators…

    Every time we American citizens think we have a Victory on Valid Complete Accurate Informed Food labeling the Food Industry comes back with yet another version of their unending quest to keep US Americans eating crappy industrialized semblance of what they call food, but what in reality is JUNK masquerading as Food. When will WE-the-People get our voice heard once & for all ? ? ?

    We the People ought to have the right to NOT have our tax dollars & legislators continually wasting more & more time fighting the same fight over & over again.

    Please introduce a bill that cannot be fought over & over again.

    We need an amendment to our Bill of Rights to uphold our right to know what is in our food, our water, our air, our soil, & any & all products that impact our lives & health… IF WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, that is… if we now live, which seems we do, in a corporate-tocracy then i guess WE-THE- PEOPLE have NO Rights… time to leave…. or start over & create a new government actuallyl & finally for WE THE PEOPLE, not the wealthy big business & corporate owners

  10. Vani please consider adding a button on your posts so we can easily share them in Twitter Instagram etc thank u for all your work and the knowledge you share

  11. We need to quit hacking at the branches and address the fundamental issue. That is that congress must have Constitutional authority for any law that they pass.

    Hold their feet to the fire of Constitutionality.

  12. Thanks for all your do. Although I live in NH, I am looking forward the the Vermont labeling law going into effect in a few day as I am allergic to glyphosate. If my mattress and pillow is labeled clearly, why not something I put into my body. I called my senators!!

    Again, thanks,


    PS: Sigh, every time I go to your website I get this POP-UP asking me to join your newletter! We Hate POP-UPS!!! Most of us that go to your site already get your newletter. Please NO MORE POP-UPS!!

  13. I contacted both Senators for my state today. Thank you for keeping us informed and helping us to actually make our voices heard.

  14. Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) is against GMOs.

    But if she does become the VP with Hillary, I think her thoughts on it might change. That, or either she and Hillary will have to agree to disagree on GMOs. Hillary is all for GMOs and in bed with Monsanto (as well as other people). Wonder if that will come up sometime, anytime between now and the election.

  15. Made my call to Senator Gillibrand’s office (212)688-6262. The office staff was familiar with the Bill and had already received calls of complaints about this bill. Thank you Vani for your help. Sorry about the haters. I am happy you are doing what you do.

  16. Why don’t food manufactures just put no GMO or GCF (God Created Foods) on their products, that would leave the rest floundering and expose their dirty tricks. Problem solved.

  17. To: Joe Youngblood and halles.

    Why printing “GMO” is so hard, if there is nothing to hide; why so scare to put “GMO” food or “traces of GMO in this product” why 3 letters cause so much fear and controversy in shady companies?
    Why the corps are so afraid to display “this product is GMO”? if is so safe as they claim?
    Why they are so afraid themselves to display 3 letters, is that so bad that they are afraid of their own creation?

    The greatest GMO lobbyist Hillary Clinton should be fed in a exclusive GMO diet for one year and show us the “great benefits” of a 100% GMO diet if any at all?

    1. I think Hillary has already been downing the GMOs! That’s why she looks so crappy!! – Bad hair, dry crepey blanched out skin, heavy puffy eyes with circles, over weight and outta shape.

      1. According to GMO free USA, she actually eats 100% organic, and feeds her family the same. Yet because of money she endorces Monsanto and is glad to help with their dirty work. That is why I’m (in terms of presidents)
        1. Bernie Sanders
        2. Jill Stine
        3. If neither of them get elected, I move to Canada

  18. I cant find the words to express my gratitude for you and the work you have done to support us all in this mess – call me whatever but I am in tears just thinking about how much you do for us and I only wish I could do more to support you – you must not need it but by chance you see this and no one has told you it yet today – you are such an inspiration and give light in this darkness – I want to be just like you when I grow up

  19. Go FoodBabe! We need absolutely clear transparency. Clear plain english GMO labeling at least plus QR codes. For the geniuses who support GMO, non-organic etc please keep your biotech/medical jargon to yourself. I have studied both sides of the coin and can decide for myself! And it is my basic right to know what I am putting in my body and up to all of us to choose what we eat and imbibe. It boggles my mind how some of these Phds lack utter common sense and spout an INCONCLUSIVE science as if they know it all!

  20. As a Canadian I hope you Yanks can stop this DARK Act. Whatever happens with food labelling in the US will quickly happen up here in Canada.
    Our new Federal government, the Liberals, who claim to care about people, has, in only about six months, legalized four new GMO crops in Canada.
    Potatoes, alfalfa, apples and salmon will now be produced and sold in Canada, and none are to be labelled.
    Absolutely shameful!

  21. Thank you Vani! I emailed my senator. Keep us posted if you have a petition we can sign as well.

    1. We need to call AND email! We need to get their attention and let them know we are serious! Down with Senate bill 2609!!!!

  22. Thank you Vani for being one more important voice in America’s right to know what is in our food and have it clearly labeled. Obviously, Monsanto is not proud to label any of their Round-up ready food items that have so inundated our food system and more so our soil, water and air we breath even. Monsanto and the other chemical companies are afraid that people who normally don’t even know what GMO’s are will someday read a food label and find out the real truth. Our Senators and Congressmen need to be very careful and let Vermonts law stand or they will be out jobs come their next election time. And Hillary, she’s a big Monsanto puppet, having taken millions of dollars from them! Each voice counts! Be heard!

  23. Seriously! What can we really do to stop this. I’ve contacted my senators, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. Will writing letters/email to the President, begging him to veto this bill help? Will someone or group take this to the Supreme Court? There could be an injunction put in place until a decision was made.
    And let’s not forget that Monsanto, who makes Roundup, makes the GMO seeds? Right? Roundup is destroying people, water, land, the environment.
    This is soooo wrong!

    1. Did you see in the above results of the test vote that Senator Feinstein voted YES?
      I’m NOT happy to see that and will be emailing and calling her office again. I hope you do also. This is her last term and I sincerely hope she does the right thing by voting NO on S. 2609!

  24. I have signed petitions for this bill and have called them. No I just sent them a message to. This sucks

  25. Dear Vani: I am so proud of what you are doing and like so many others cannot do as much—I am an older woman and the more I shop in grocery stores, I whip out a magnifying glass, and pick up a product and find that the INGREDIENT LABELS are so small even the magnifying glass does not help me read it. I am 79 years old and have read labels for years, but I feel we older folks need BIGGER print so we will not be fooled about what the labels say! I need to still watch what goes into this old body. Perhaps when we complain, tell the companies to print ingredients LARGE across the FRONT of the product, and it will take less time to throw it back on the shelf, if the paragraph of ingredients is more than 2 inches! I praise the Lord for your work you are doing, and be safe and blessed!

  26. Hi Vani !!!
    I am new to Foodbabe and get excited about what you are leading !!! I’ve never call my senator before. What does that sound like? What is the process? Any tips ?

    1. Stephanie – it’s really easy! You simply look up the number and usually end up leaving a message – you can use this post above to help you discuss the issue. The key thing to do is to call them and ask them to vote no on the GMO labeling bill introduced by Roberts and Stabenow 🙂

  27. Vani –
    Should we rename her Stab-US-now? Feels like that’s what they’re doing…..

  28. Nothing ever surprises me anymore… What we need is TERM LIMITS, but of course, who in our “leadership” will vote for their own firing??? Being in Congress is the easiest best paid do nothing desk surfing job in the country… There are a FEW good lawmakers, and you can count them on one hand, I bet…

    I send my rep and senators emails and keep their responses… I always end my emails with “Who knows what happens in November”???

  29. Here we go again with Monsata-noose, Congress’s standard soft shoe dancing, the collective necromancers association’s ‘Dark Act’ rising up crowned again with eviscerating compliments from special interests, huge campaign funds and witnessing our representatives steadfast writhing at, bottom line, our expense. My understanding is when elected, and sworn in under God, protecting the constitution and the general American public from harm, their duty is forthwith due diligence. Our only real weapon against this darkened six headed dragon has been, is and will be brandishing our thoughts, words and deeds to the higher truth.. Everyday, educate, teach/share with others in and around your community. Push yourself and reach out. Share what you know about health and wellness. People who have experienced the medical system’s hapless ‘circling the drain’ and yet, have experienced the ‘return of their health’ know. Health is really attainable. By example, you do have impact. People watch and people are looking for answers. Lead by example. . . Believe this that it will come to pass! ‘Truth will out’ !!! This country’s forefathers some two hundred plus years past collectively said, “No!” They stood and held their dirt. Now it is our turn. . This evil shall pass too because it’s citadels will rot themselves out from within.
    Be well . . .God’s peace
    p.s. ‘No body makes an apple like Him!’
    p.s.s. Great work Vani and ‘The Foodbabe Army
    p.s.s.s. Monday is July 4th . . .keep the fire of freedom burning within your hearts!

    1. JohnPatrick, I never did reply to you about how much I admire what you said in your post. It is so true. Very well said. We can eventually get millions of people crashing the phone lines at the White House and Captial Hill. We’ve already put their calls in waiting system sooo far over it was dropping calls. KEEP CALLING EVERYBODY!


  30. Thank you Vani! I’ve just emailed the Colorado Senators. Yes please keep us posted if you have a petition we can sign as well. I do have a question for future reference, which category does this fall under when emailing the Senators? Thanks.

    The Dark Side lost by only ONE VOTE last time. There is no bill number so it is suppected that they will put it as a “rider” on some stupid bill that has nothing to do with it. I believe it will not be introduced as a
    single bill will no riders.

    Once again Vani, Thank you!!! Nobody does it like you. I’ve sighned 3 different petions so far and will sign this one and begin to make calls tomorrow.
    Many times our public officials DO NOT EVEN READ THE PROPOSALS. They listen to the Propersers and lobbiests.
    That makes all of the groups combined efforts to thwart this insane proposal.
    The lame stream media covered NOTHING of the rallies and Marches against MonSatan in Washington and around the World. We are up against a maniacal , sociopathic, Satanic machine.

    Further articles on GMO’s to read to supplement the Knowledge that Vani has given us can be found on Natural News Mike Adams.
    There is also another petition circulating on Natural Health 365.
    EVERYBODY, DON’T let the illegitament officials who are supposed to represent the wellfare and needs of the American Citizens vote against OUR BEST INTERESTS!!!!! What,.. they think they know what’s best for us and WE DON’T??? I’ve been letting them ALL know how I feel about all this since the ground swell broke BEFORE THEY EVEN Presented the Dark Act.
    Thank you for the NAMES Vani. Like I said, I’ve been asking for it and no one to date has given it to us except for YOU!
    ANYTHING!!! What we sleep in, what we take a shower in and have coming out of our taps., our beauty products,…. the dirty laundry list looms large.

    God Bless You, Vani! Maybe I’ll feel like sharing recipies when this is over and we win!!! 😉 I’ve got a really fabulous one to share.!!!

  32. I think you should start a signature petition on, I don’t live in the U.S right now but I think everybody from all over the world could support this petition since everything that happens in the US usually expands to other countries, plus imported products.
    Start that petition Vani, I’d sign it and share it right away

  33. The reason these corporations and agro businesses don’t want to be required to label their products with “Contains GMOs” is they fear the public…we consumers…would finally understand just how much food we consume that is laced with pesticides and herbicides. Because this is what GMO products are: just plain toxic! They have reason to fear labeling laws… Their profits and ways of operating are at stake. But if things remain as they are -without clear labeling, our health as a race and the well-being of our planet are at stake. Think about it this way: your stomach is filled with bacteria… NECESSARY microbes that break down, and assist in absorption of vital nutrients we need to grow and maintain our health. HerbICIDE and PestICIDE…is HOMICIDE to many strains of these good bacteria in our guts. Our guts, and the unique microbiome contained within each of our stomachs and intestine is one of our first major lines of defense. Allergies, heart disease, diabetes, Acid Reflux, Arthritis, Cancer… and many other inflammatory diseases are now being clearly linked to our high sugar, processed foods, and GMO (which is a euphemism for pesticide and herbicide laced) diets. If you don’t care about eating GMOs…go for it! There are thousands of items on grocery store shelves waiting for you to buy and consume them. You can still enjoy them even when they’re labeled “Contains GMOs”. But for those of us who prefer to protect our guts and the microbes destroyed by consuming pesticide and herbicide laced GMO crops and produce. All the washing in the world of your produce won’t help either because these chemicals absorb and leech into the pulp and flesh of the crops to which they’re sprayed. Organic is coming, Monsanto, and your toxic glyphosate sludge (RoundUp) will go down in the books as one of the worst atrocities against humanity and the planet. You don’t own the information anymore, and you certainly don’t own my produce…I am 100% organic… proud of it, and healthier from it! Love my toxic-free garden!

  34. Consumer Reports / Consumer Union has an automated form setup that immediately sends emails off to your Senators on this issue. The link to the form is inside this page,

    And for a stunning interview with an agriculture professor from Purdue University, covering all the bases on the lethal biological aspects, see,

  35. I just went to Food and Water and signed their petition. Someone else has an 800 # and they connect you directly to your senators. Please do a petition we can sign Vani. You’ll probably get thousands of signers instantly!

  36. How about NON-GMO on packaging that isn’t. If it doesn’t have these words, then you know it’s GMO and we don’t buy. Unless, of coarse, that pass a law against that.

  37. It was so difficult, took so much time, so touch-and-go, to narrowly defeat the original DARK act. I donated money, signed petitions, contacted senators and members of Congress. It’s completely demoralizing that our legal system allows the legislators (motivated by big money/big food) to simply write a different version of the same concept and … here we go again. How is this possible? It’s ridiculous. 🙁 I am putting all my hope in companies that are now voluntarily labeling foods as non-GMO and just assume that everything is GMO if it’s not labeled as non-GMO (or organic).

  38. Go Go Food Babe!! And to all our cousins in the US – good luck to you and I sincerely hope you will defeat this bill. We’re just north of you (Canada) so your fights are our fights too.

  39. Thank you for all the great work you do by calling out these Companys that put profits ahead of everyones health. I e-mailed Senator Jeff Sessions this morning 6/29 to ask for his support on Gmo labeling. Thanks for letting everyone know about this crucial vote. Sincerely Trenton Davis.

  40. I agree with the idea of creating a petition. There IS power in numbers. I have written my Senators, Flake and McCain (AZ), numerous times and they don’t have a problem with GMOs and don’t support labeling them. Calling their office or emailing them, yet again, won’t make any difference. Pretty sad.

    I DO vote with my pocketbook and buy organic or from my local farmers market, and I buy only products labeled NON-GMO. I DO read ingredients, mainly because I am allergic to soy, and if there is any question in my mind, I put the product right back on the shelf and NOT in my body.

    Vote with you pocketbook!

  41. Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who cares about this. No other candidates have taken more money from Monsanto than Obama and Hillary?The guy that Obama just appointed as Senior adviser to the FDA IS Michael Taylor ,former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto. Why didn’t food babe or all the people who “care” about our food system endorse Bernie months ago?? The corruption will be so deep w/ Hillary I’m afraid the damage will be irreversible to the climate as well as food in general. Please research this.

  42. A politician that supports GMO might not be taking contributions from Monsanto. They probably vote with the actual scientific conclusions that those products are safe for consumption and good for the environment.

  43. Corporations are running this country . We have to get them out of our government , They are the reason ISIS hates us, they are a terrorist Regine themselves. I believe the only way to stop it is war against them and remove them fiscally which will never happen because the American people have been seasoned by the liars. When a company wants to remove a label that tells the world what they are doing should be everyone’s first clue that they are first class scum that are trying to make a buck the Donald Trump way. What pisses me off the most is you cant even buy food that doesn’t have GMO’s in it. This country is one big monopoly now and it is no fun living here anymore.

    1. Mark,
      I agree, the US isn’t a democracy, it’s an Oligarchy. Our government doesn’t represent US citizens, it represents Corporations. Nothing will change in this country until we get money out of politics. We need publicly funded elections not privately funded elections where corporations can essentially buy their candidates. Change doesn’t happen from the top. Change happens at the grass roots level, and it’s people like Vani bringing awareness to all of this crap that mobilizes people to take action against it. People need to wake up, and then we need to speak up. Status quo has got to go!!!!

  44. Thanks to all who contributed the above communication solutions regarding this bill. Such an important issue. Battling the obfuscation of the legislative process will always be an important function of an active and vigilant citizenry. I applaud you all who are taking this seriously.

    Both my Senators here in CT have voted nay in the test vote to get this piece of crap to the floor for a vote, and I left messages for both thanking them for that and urging their steadfastness in the final vote.

    Food is simply fuel, let’s make sure we have the best fuel for these incredible bodies that we all walk and run around in every day.

    Thanks again for all you do!


  45. I cannot thank you enough, Vani, for the work that you do to bring awareness to how our government is in the pocket of Monsanto and big agra. Both of my teenage kids have autoimmune disease so, I do my best to buy whole, organic, responsibly raised and farmed food for my family. This usually requires me going to several different stores to do my grocery shopping. It’s ridiculous to thing that I’m going to have time to scan food product bar codes that will, what, take me to the manufacturer’s web site to read their propaganda? If they had nothing to hide and gave a damn about US citizens, our government would make these companies clearly label any food with any amount of GMO ingredients in them. If they can put a flipping bar code on the product, then how much harder is it for them to put “Contains GMO’s” on it too? My blood is boiling!

  46. There will always be “libtards” I mean idiots that will defend what’s wrong, even when the know they are wrong.This is one of the most corrupt goverments in a long time. Greed and indecency is the their trademark.

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