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New Kellogg’s waffles are a disaster for children’s immune system

When I saw these new waffles I wanted to jump on a plane, fly to Kellogg’s headquarters, and give them a piece of my mind.

But given that I am pregnant, I thought that wouldn’t be a good idea because I need to keep stress levels to a minimum. But, I’m not going to be quiet about it! 

The same company that brought you Baby Shark Cereal full of artificial ingredients last year (1), is targeting our children again. Kellogg’s just came out with three new waffles for 2020 – Unicorn Cotton Candy Waffles, Mermaid Blue Raspberry Waffles, and Birthday Cake Waffles – which are full of toxic ingredients. 

How did the team at Kellogg’s decide that it’s a good idea to release these products during a “pandemic”? How do they EVER decide that it’s okay to poison children with artificial ingredients that are not fit for human consumption?

If food companies cared about our health, they’d be creating more products with organic real food ingredients that are naturally full of vitamins and minerals. And not this garbage. It’s disgusting.

The Birthday Cake Waffles alone have 6 different artificial colors in them, along with refined flour, synthetic vitamins, refined sugar, refined oils, and artificial flavors.

And this isn’t even a dessert… this is supposed to be BREAKFAST!



Artificial Colors are the WORST and should never be in food, they harm a children’s immune system.

Artificial colors are made from petroleum and can disrupt the immune system. Research has found that “The molecules of synthetic colorants are small, and the immune system finds it difficult to defend the body against them. They can also bond to food or body proteins and, thus, are able to act in stealth mode to circumvent and disrupt the immune system.” (2

This is one of the many reasons I have a zero tolerance for artificial colors in anything I eat or my daughter eats. 

Artificial colors…

  • As stated above, they disrupt the immune system
  • May harm children’s health and best be avoided according to a 2018 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement. (3)
  • Have been banned in countries like Norway and Austria (4) and the UK has imposed a voluntary ban. (5) Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Red 40 require a warning label Europe that states “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” (6)
  • Can be contaminated with known carcinogens (a.k.a. an agent directly involved in causing cancer). (7).
  • Cause an increase in hyperactivity in children. (8)
  • Have a negative impact on children’s ability to learn. (8)
  • Have been linked to long-term health problems such as asthma, skin rashes, and migraines. (9)
  • Do not change the flavor of food and add absolutely no nutritional value to the foods we are eating and are used solely for aesthetic purposes. There are safer alternatives.

Kellogg’s said they were going to remove Artificial Colors from their products back in 2015… but instead are creating NEW products with these same chemicals targeted towards children.

What happened? Did they figure out that it’s a lot more profitable to sell brightly colored poison waffles to children? Where is their integrity?

We petitioned Kellogg’s last year, asking them to keep their promises.

Our petition has now reached nearly 54,000 signatures of concerned citizens (add your name now). Kellogg’s has largely ignored our petition – but I’m not going away.

Sign this petition

You are joining over 103,797 supporters to make this happen!

By signing, you accept our privacy policy.

I infiltrated their shareholder’s meeting in April and demanded to know if they were removing artificial colors as they had promised to do. They told me that they “will not make compromise is around taste and enjoyment” and will continue to “delight consumers with non-compromising foods”. (10)

They are a disgrace. They are liars. And they need to be held accountable.

In my book Feeding You Lies, I cover how food companies are poisoning us for profit. I show you who is lying to us and how they are getting away with it. It’s an eye-opening book. And if you haven’t read it, I have good news! You can pick up the eBook for only $1.99 this week only. You’ll find this sale on Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Apple (iBooks).

The #1 thing you can do to help is share this post…

There are a lot of people out there who don’t know the truth about the food they are eating and buying for their kids.

What about the parents who trust their doctors and give their children ADHD medications, not realizing that removing artificial colors from their diet could make a world of difference? (11)

What about all the kids out there eating Froot Loops full of artificial colors and BHT? Meanwhile for our neighbors in Canada, Kellogg’s makes Froot Loops with natural colors and no BHT. 

You may know the risks of these ingredients – but not everyone does. I’d dare say that MOST people would be SHOCKED if they knew what the government allows in food products.

Did you know that there’s an artificial color in Baby Shark Cereal that is banned from cosmetics because it’s a cancer risk? Yet they put it in kid’s cereal! (This is Red #3). Most people do not know what additives like Red #3, Yellow #5, and BHT could be doing to their health or the health of their kids.

I’ve made it my mission to tell people the truth. And I want companies to change, because it is wrong to sell poisons for profit. Especially when it’s food for our children.

If you’ve already signed our petition to Kellogg’s, THANK YOU!

Remember to please share this post with your friends and ask them to sign it too. This is how we grow our movement. Go, Food Babe Army, Go!

Let’s hold Kellogg’s accountable. 



P.S. Remember, the Feeding You Lies eBook is available for $1.99 this week. This is an amazing deal and I’m not sure if it will be available at this price again.

P.P.S. Apparently Kellogg’s new waffles pair perfectly with Cap’n Crunch new Ocean Blue Syrup… but please don’t buy this garbage. 

P.P.P.S. And here’s yet another horrendous product that has just been released by General Mills during a pandemic. Keep this far far away from your kids. 

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16 responses to “New Kellogg’s waffles are a disaster for children’s immune system

  1. This is a very informative article, thank you for writing this. Is there somewhere that we can contact each other? I really want to ask an important question.

  2. The elite/cabal has publicly said they want to kill off 90% of the “useless feeders” which is US.
    Once you realize that, then all these nasty tricks they pull make perfect sense…to them.
    I didn’t want to believe it until the proof started piling up about GMO’s, and all the chemicals in and on our food…all made by the same people who make the so-called “medicines” to cure you.
    It’s about time we woke up to what the corporations are doing. It’s “make more money” at any cost.

    1. Totally agree Pat. I am hoping for karma for these immoral criminals who continue to produce poison so-called FOOD when they know damn well that consumers are beginning to become wise to them. Unfortunately not ENOUGH consumers, otherwise these companies would have no choice but to change their ways. This is why it’s SO CRITICAL to (“try” and) educate people as much as possible; although most have been hopelessly brainwashed …. MADDENING.

  3. The best way to get them to stop selling this crap is to educate people about its dangers so they don’t buy it. When the product flops Kellogs will stop making it.

    I stopped buying Kelloggs products about 25 years ago and don’t even go down that aisle in the grocery store anymore. There’s nothing down there except fake food and toxic products anyway – as they say, “Nothing to see [or eat] here!”

  4. Vote with your $$$. I will not buy these products, I don’t need them nor does my child. We try to produce the safest and cleanest food to feed ourselves with. If it comes in a bag or a box and has more than 3-4 ingredients I will not buy it.

  5. Lighten up lady. The world does not evolve around children. Adults like this stuff as well. May I make a suggestion? If you’re so upset by these food items, don’t buy them. Let people live, and make their own decisions. Maybe you need a hobby instead of worrying about what other people eat. Mind your business, and take care of your own

    1. Dude, just come out and say that you work for Kelloggs. Feeding YOUR CHILDREN ingredients that will potentially, no scratch that, CERTAINLY affect their way of life is another form of child abuse. Your GOOFY comment could not be more agenda driven, and you’re fooling NO ONE.

    2. Go ahead and eat this poison “Mind your business”. I guarantee you will pay for it in declining health in one way or another eventually (maybe you already are). Vani does this research to help people become aware of what these food companies are feeding us …. LIES. It’s been happening for many decades, and I – and many others – are grateful for her hard work. Educate yourself instead of making ignorant comments.

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