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I infiltrated the Kellogg’s shareholders meeting and what the CEO said will shock you (VIDEO)

I have some outrageous news for you today…

If you’ve been reading this blog – you know that Kellogg’s sells cereals in the U.S. with artificial colors, artificial flavors, and BHT, while they make the same cereals without these risky ingredients in other countries.

We petitioned Kellogg’s, asking them to remove artificial ingredients from all of their cereals in the U.S. just as they do in other countries. This petition has now reached over 50,000 signatures of concerned citizens (add your name now). 

Kellogg’s has largely ignored us. And, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, I was unable to go in person to the Kellogg’s annual shareholder meeting to deliver these petitions. 

So I had to come up with another plan… 

I was authorized by a Kellogg’s shareholder to act as their representative at Kellogg’s virtual meeting last week. 

I was only permitted to submit written questions, and there was the risk that the moderator would ignore my questions. Only one of my questions was read and answered during the meeting.

This is the first question I presented at the meeting: 

During your 2015 2nd Quarter Earnings Call, Paul Norman, former president of Kellogg North America stated: “we have been working to remove artificial colors and flavors across Kellogg’s branded cereals and a variety of Kellogg’s branded snack bars as well as Eggo frozen foods. Our goal is to complete this transition by the end of 2018.”

Kellogg’s currently is still selling cereal made with artificial colors, such as Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks. In addition, artificial flavors and colors are in some limited-edition cereals, such as Baby Shark Cereal. What is Kellogg’s current position on this? Does Kellogg’s still have a goal to remove artificial colors and artificial flavors from their entire line of cereal?

This question was ignored. 

I then asked a 2nd question regarding the status of removing BHT from all of their cereals. This question was also ignored. 

Finally, my 3rd question was read during the meeting. You can listen to the video below to see what happened…

My question: What is your current position on removing artificial colors from all your cereals, such as Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks?

Steven Cahillane, CEO of Kellogg’s: “We have made tremendous progress in removing artificial ingredients from all of our products including our ready-to-eat cereal products. Where we will not make compromise is around taste and enjoyment, and so, to the extent that we can continue to make progress and delight consumers with non-compromising foods, that’s our north star.”

They are liars. Did Kellogg’s ever intend to remove artificial ingredients from their cereals?

In 2015 this was all over the news…

“Kellogg to stop using artificial ingredients by 2018” – USA Today

“Kellogg to Eliminate Artificial Ingredients in Cereal” – NBC News

“Kellogg to stop using artificial products in cereals, snack bars” – Reuters

“Kellogg announces removal of artificial colors, flavors” – Food Dive

“Kellogg’s to dump artificial ingredients from cereal by 2018” – Fox News

I’m sure they loved all the good publicity! Well, now everyone can know that they are LIARS.

Kellogg’s is sacrificing health to “delight consumers”. What? Is this really true?

The truth is that Kellogg’s is not making “tremendous progress” removing artificial ingredients from their cereals, and continues to create brand new cereals FOR CHILDREN with them.

All the while, Kellogg’s sells safer cereals with better ingredients in other countries. We’re not asking Kellogg’s to start at square one and to reformulate their cereals without artificial ingredients, as this has already been done!

Add your name to the petition asking Kellogg’s to stop using artificial ingredients in America: SIGN NOW


I’m confident that Kellogg’s will change, but it will take all of us.

Just like when we petitioned Kraft and I arrived uninvited at their headquarters with thousands of your signatures, they reluctantly agreed to meet with me. And, I’ll never forget what they told me…

Kraft said, “We’ll have to agree to disagree” and that their customers like Kraft Mac & Cheese just the way it was, with artificial colors. Well, we all know what happened next! Kraft removed the artificial colors after all. We influenced Kraft to change their iconic Mac & Cheese and I know in my heart that we can influence Kellogg’s to do the same with Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, and all of their cereals.

I’m so thankful to all of you who have stepped up in such a huge way in support for this petition. You’re truly remarkable. 

Make sure that your best friend, spouse, mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, and neighbor have all signed this petition.

We can do this, but we all need to continue sharing our petition everywhere! Go, Food Babe Army, Go! 



P.S. If this makes you mad, please share this blog post with everyone you know.

No one will hold these toxic food companies accountable other than ordinary citizens like us! 

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28 responses to “I infiltrated the Kellogg’s shareholders meeting and what the CEO said will shock you (VIDEO)

    1. Stop eating these cereals
      This is the quickest way to forge change.
      Money talks!!!

  1. Yeah…..nothing will change unless the evil doers are taking a dirt nap with a granite pillow…..when they say “they are working on it’……that means we’ll do it tomorrow…..AND we all now tomorrow never comes….!!!!

  2. Granted, the cereal for Canada has fewer ingredients & roots out some of the most detrimental ones found in our version, but in no way can it be considered “healthy”. With ‘sugar’ as the first ingredient & ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil’ & ‘natural flavours’ this Canadian version is still far from something I’d want to give my grandson. Better, yes; good, no. Still thanks for all the work you continue to do as you seem to be the only sentinel out there on our side.

    1. I agree. Kids or anyone shouldn’t be eating these cereals, w/sugar as the main ingredient and those dyes, etc There’s very little nutrition in them. What’s so hard about giving children fruits for breakfast, smoothies, etc. & if they have to have cereal, not so difficult to prepare a little oatmeal, buckwheat, or quinoa. Some people I know, even relatives, could care less about what’s in those cereals, so it’s a waste of time to even mention it, but kids may pay w/their health later on.

    2. Looking at the Canadian cereal, it roots out most of the evil ingredients. I agree they are not healthy, but they are a lot healthier than the US version.
      As Vani pointed out. WTH is Kellogg’s lying to the US consumer?? They can turn around and put out the same equally good tasting, thou not completely healthy but a huge step in the right direction, set of cereals (I actually like the taste better than the US versions) for the northern neighbour.

  3. I’m not the least bit surprised to hear this. I’ve worked in the industry (in a prior life) and they will do whatever benefits their bottom line the most…including pull back on promises to remove artificial ingredients. I believe an example of this was Trix cereal which removed artificial ingredients, saw sales decline, then responded by added the artificial ingredients back in.

    Also, the way Kellogg’s masks these intentions in corporate speak of “prioritizing consumer delight” and “following their North Star” is nauseating and pathetic. Sadly, mainstream CPG lives by those mantras and actually believe them.

  4. Everybody should stop buying these contaminated cereals. This goes for other brands as well. I never buy them and haven’t for at least 20 years. There are many other healthier options available. Read the labels and make informed decisions. Buy organic. It’s not that much more expensive. What price do you put on your health and safety? If other people ignore this information or can’t be bothered, then they can fill the hospitals when they’re sick. We’ll be home enjoying our long healthy lives.

  5. Thanks for doing what you do, Vani, and going against the big companies. I’ll never understand why the FDA approves these ingredients in the first place, when they have been linked to cancer, ADHD, and many other ailments. And then they want us to trust them to take their vaccines?? No way! I’ll continue to support my immune system with good, healthy foods and let my body do the work it was intended by God to do. I know sometimes we need medicines, but I try to limit that as much as I can. I agree with the previous comment that the European version is better but still has questionable ingredients, including maltodextrin. It’s a shame so many choose convenience over health. Thank you for all your efforts to educating and informing everyone! Keep up the good work!

  6. It’s truly great work you are doing! Thank you on behalf of all Americans!!
    Question: Why is maltodextrin getting a pass?
    Thank you,
    David Surrey

  7. Vani, you know I find it very interesting that everyone is so concerned about how COVID19 is causing a few deaths, which I don’t say uncaringly, but I feel like the health of our food consumption should be a much greater concern for our legislators and health care organizations. This is the real problem with most all our diseases and viruses. If we could all feel confident in the foods we are consuming, we would not have as many diseases and could fight of viruses much better.

  8. Their north star? I don’t like the choice of words that they use. This is an arm of the secret death cult that runs the world.

  9. Exposing them is fantastic. This looks like another case of big business corruption which means they’re likely to lose all their assets using POTUS’ Exec. Order o 12-21-17.

  10. I don’t eat those cereals, however its interesting to note that the cereals Kellogg sells in Canada are a lot more expensive than the same cereal in the USA. I previously lived in Ontario, Canada, and I am now back living in California. Canadians are used to paying more for items, Americans want cheap, cheap, cheap. Maybe this is the reason why.

  11. Wow, they don’t care about children at all. How sad. I’ll bet their kids and grandkids don’t eat their garbage. I signed the petition. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  12. I am always amazed that any parent would think Fruit Loops is an appropriate food for a child. I am so happy (and relieved) that my grandchild is being brought up organic vegan. She LOVES healthy food. She got a vegan cupcake for her first birthday (will soon be 16 months), and didn’t like it. No sugar before or after. Give her quinoa, sweet potato, black beans any day. Haven’t seen her since March 11, except on FaceTime (I was babysitting her twice/week until that date). Miss her so! But I know she is in good hands with my son and daughter-in-law, both ethical vegans like my husband and me. Thank you for all you do, Vani!j

  13. 21 year old girl here. Our family eats organic and we are currently trying to cut down on the refined sugar that we intake. We also have a large garden too. I’ve known about your blog for quite a while now, and while I do agree with many of the things that are said on this blog, there are comments from others that deserve to be answered and I don’t find an answer for them on your website. There are many families that are barely making ends meet, especially in the poor areas of the United States. They cannot afford to purchase organic food and they are instead stuck with conventional food and fast food. How can you provide them with affordable options?

  14. I make my voice heard by not buying these cereals! I buy Organic granola and enjoy it with coconut yogurt and fruit or homemade almond milk. By not purchasing we can send a message with our wallets. Parents can make oatmeal, nutritious pancakes and many other options. These sugary cereals with cows milk are NOT a good way to start the day!

  15. Hello Vanni
    I know the goal is to remove artificial ingredients and for that I commend the progress you have made, its impressive and I have recommended this blog to everyone I know! I wanted to add that it is also imperative that we get rid of the GMO and Crispr Genes ( which is a new way of genetically modifying food) in our food. I noticed that just about all cereals ( including Kellogs) contain corn as well as a multitude of additional food products especially but not limited to snack foods. I solve this issue personally by only buying and eating products using blue corn. Please add a request to remove all genetically modified ingredients in all forms including but not limited to GMO and Crispr Genetics. It is ultra urgent to remove all yellow corn and soy products which are both GMO and sprayed at planting with Glyphosphate as well as sprayed again with Glyphosphate at harvest time to dry the corn and soy for harvesting. Yellow Corn a staple food for thousands of years is now deadly to humans, animals and reptiles.
    I have been a longtime suscriber of your newsletter and have your books and have shared them with family and friends, and I am very worried about the huge money grab these ” food” production corporations continue to achieve by poisoning and addicting our populace to their deadly food. Thank-you for all you do!

  16. DONT EVER BUY ANYTHING from Kellogg’s… Their “North Star” is POISON for PROFIT! Once you know this… Why would you buy anything they sell?

  17. Seems like they’ve made some progress in the Canadian version of Fruit Loops. Does that apply to other Kellogs products sold in Canada? If so it may be a gov’t regulatory issue and maybe barking up the wrong tree?

  18. Seems like all Kellog wants to do is lie and ignore questions about products ingredient safety. Damn even the law suits don’t help. I’m hopeless now

  19. BHT, artificial ingredients, though the up tic in diabetes, would not link to everyday cereals but what if it does.we’re American’s that deserve wholesome products from are American companies. To imagine years of payoffs to bribery, where people know no names, these lawyers should of been equally responsible for some many coverupting practice, then there game of criminals doesn’t use alcohol swab after the shaking of hands either. It’s a clear substance, corruption, there color of blood money is green. No concern for life an liberty. We should not die trying to live. Justice has to prevail after they eat ofcourse.

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