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How To Stop Poisoning The Neighborhood Children On Halloween.

When I was a child I loved candy. I always found a way to have some on me, somewhere, hiding in secret cabinets or in my pockets. I know first hand how detrimental these “treats” are to your health and am so happy that I’ve now found a way to enjoy my life (and holidays like Halloween) without this type of candy anymore.

How To Stop Poisoning The Neighborhood Children On Halloween

This time of year, I can’t help but feel saddened when I see the Halloween candy aisles at conventional grocery stores. Gigantic bags of Kit Kats, Butterfingers, Laffy Taffy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Sweet Tarts, and Dum Dum Pops line the shelves. Year after year, it’s the same traditional products – the same ones that made me so sick as a child – along with new chemical candy creations that are getting bolder trying to top the competition with even more artificial colors and additives… bright orange Kit Kats and Green Apple Caramel Filled Twizzlers anyone? Is this the best we can do?

Although Halloween isn’t a healthy holiday by any means, there’s no reason to throw all caution to the wind and litter the neighborhood with these toxic “treats” once a year. Over 90% of Americans are concerned about GMOs in their food – and a growing number of us read ingredient lists and are steering clear of artificial food additives – yet there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to holidays like Halloween and what people are willing to put into their cart.

If you normally avoid GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and controversial preservatives, now’s the time to stop buying conventional Halloween candy and seek out better alternatives.

If you wouldn’t feed these ingredients to your own children (or yourself), why would you hand them out on Halloween?

Most Halloween candy does not have the ingredients listed on the package because it comes in smaller sized versions sold in multipacks, so here’s a reminder of what is lurking in most conventional candy: 

Artificial FlavorsMade from cheap toxic chemicals derived from petroleum along with solvents, emulsifiers, flavor modifiers, preservatives that aren’t labeled, so you don’t know what you’re really ingesting.

Artificial ColorsAlso derived from petroleum, these dyes are linked to hyperactivity in children and some cancers.

Caramel Color The most common form is made from ammonia and contains the chemical 4-MEI which is classified as a possible carcinogen. Why add this to chocolate and caramel that is supposed to be naturally brown anyway?

VanillinThis artificial vanilla flavor is made from wood or petrochemicals.

Growth Hormones – Unless it’s certified organic, much of the dairy in chocolate comes from conventionally raised cows raised with synthetic hormones that are banned in other countries and linked to an increased risk of cancer in humans.

PGPR (polyglycerol polyricinoleate) –  A cheap emulsifier used to replace more expensive cocoa butter

TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone) The preservative TBHQ derived from petroleum that’s linked to asthma, allergies, and dermatitis.

DATEM (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides)A dough conditioner usually derived GMOs that can be a hidden form of harmful trans fat.

BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)A preservative banned and heavily restricted in other countries because it is linked to cancer.

Fun-Size GMOs? Halloween candy is a minefield of genetically modified ingredients sprayed with Roundup.

Unless a candy is organic or Non-GMO Project verified, it’s probably made with genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. The sugar in most processed food comes from GMO sugar beets, and if it doesn’t specifically list “Cane Sugar” it’s generally GMO. This “Roundup-Ready” sugar is sprayed with Roundup – a herbicide linked to cancer and several other diseases – good reasons to avoid it at all costs.

Although Hershey’s is the first mainstream candy brand to announce that they’re removing GMOs from some of their chocolate, they are not removing GMOs from all of their Halloween candy varieties and this change isn’t slated to happen until the end of 2015. So, the vast majority of non-organic Halloween candy contains GMO sugar, and may also contain other common GMO ingredients like soy lecithin, corn syrup, dextrose and soybean oil. 

Just as important as the “scary” ingredients and despicable practices used to produce Halloween candy, food allergies are skyrocketing putting many children at risk.

It’s a pretty grim picture when you realize that 1 out of 13 children now have food allergies in this country – and these are serious allergies to boot. There’s a lot of common allergens in popular Halloween candy – peanuts, milk, egg, soy, wheat – so it’s a great idea to stock up on non-food Halloween treats for children with allergies. You can paint a pumpkin teal and place it on your porch to let Trick-Or-Treaters know that you’re handing out non-food items (keep them in a separate bowl from any candy if you have both).


It’s time for us to rethink how we do Halloween and stop buying these “treats” that aren’t doing anyone any favors!

There’s a way to celebrate Halloween and still have a fun time without GMOs and controversial food additives. While these alternatives below aren’t all perfect and not something I recommend eating on a regular basis (it’s candy!)… these options are way, way better than conventional Halloween treats, and you can find them at many natural foods grocery stores or online here:

Until we successfully vote with our dollars by choosing products like these instead, stores are going to continue stockpiling their shelves with “fun size” packets of sweet additive-laden GMOs for parents to hand out to children on Halloween night.

It’s appalling when you stop to think about it.

The candy industry has been reluctant to change because candy is an “indulgence” and they hope we’ll turn a blind eye to the ingredients list and reprehensible sourcing practices. They argue that just because candy isn’t healthy, they can continue filling it with additives made from petroleum, GMOs, ingredients that are banned or require a warning label in other countries, and that we’ll keep buying.

“We’re a treat. We’re not a food. We’re not a meal. We’re a treat and consumers like to treat themselves.” President of Mars Chocolate North America

Really?! – It doesn’t need to be this way.

Every single one of us has the power to make a difference, and it all begins with YOU. When we collectively stop this ridiculous cycle and stop buying these products, something is going to give.

Did you already buy toxic Halloween candy this year?

Take it back to the store and tell them why! If you have friends or neighbors that are still handing out conventional Halloween treats, share this post with them! When we all work together, real change happens. It’s amazing what our collective activism can do. Just think… this time next year we might find Dum Dums made from real fruit instead of artificial flavors and colors… crazier things have happened – ha ha!

It only takes a second to open someone’s eyes, if you know anyone about to poison the neighborhood children, please share this post with them! 

Happy (and healthy) Halloween!




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174 responses to “How To Stop Poisoning The Neighborhood Children On Halloween.

  1. No candy from my house for the past 2 years!! I always give out toys, bubbles, pencils,! I did this 15 years ago for 4 years in a row. Each year when the kids came back they would say this is the house with the games, ect! I should have done it continuously. My lesson has been learned from now on it is no junk! just fun stuff. Be safe on Halloween!!

  2. This blogpost is unbelievably upsetting, not because I’m devastated to think of children eating GMO-filled, non-organic candy, but because of the lack of scientific sources throughout the article. Every link I followed took me to a news articles or another blog. That is not science, and it certainly isn’t evidence that proves GMOs are detrimental to human health.

    For example, I clicked on the hyperlink regarding the large number of Americans concerned with GMOs in their food. First of all, it took me to a source filled with ABC news and New York Times, not scientific studies. Second, the articles’ headlines clearly state that polls were conducted to see how many Americans support labeling of GMO products. That in no way indicates a dire concern for the safety of GMOs. I am absolutely in favor of responsible, honest labeling of our food, but I am also absolutely in favor of responsible, honest use of GMOs.

    There is a long list of concerns about the ways this blogpost saddens me, but I’ll leave it with this: I am genuinely frightened by the amount of people who read this, and decide not to think critically on their own. Taking someone else’s advice on what to eat, what to buy, and what to oppose, without any sound evidence, is a dangerous game, and I fear it will cause the demise of our society.

    1. The demise of our country started when people STOPPED paying attention. People like Vani are harassed for the fact they are critical thinkers and want to stop the spread of sickness and disease in our country. As a nurse, I’m wondering if lay people stop and wonder why all disease processed in this country are multiplying exponentially?

      1. I understand where you’re coming from. And I would hardly say I’m harassing Vani. The point of my response was to say that people should not blindly follow her just because she claims to be an expert on the subject. I didn’t even take my professors’ words as truth without looking into it first myself, and they have doctorates! Then, even after following up with most of the sources used to support her article, I didn’t stumble upon any primary, peer-reviewed articles. That’s what upsets me. A true scientist doesn’t use opinion and big company news articles to support his/her beliefs. Perhaps she has read plenty of low-bias articles on her own time, but that isn’t evidenced here.

        Also, in the example I used regarding the claim that Americans are concerned about GMOs being in their food, the point of the source was also twisted around for this blogpost, which is a huge credibility issue for me. If that source was manipulated, then what others have been? The point of my post was not to condemn Vani’s critical thinking; it was meant to encourage her audience to do that for themselves.

      2. I apologize for not also addressing your concern about the growing sickness within our country. I understand and share your concern (allergies have skyrocketed!). However, I am not going to base my opinions on the matter off of one person’s suggestions, again tying to my original point of researching multiple sources and not simply following someone who claims to have already done all the research for us.

      3. Denise, people (Emily?) also STOPPED reading the Bible. It is forbidden to mix DNA (“seed”) from one species (“kind”) to another. Leviticus 19:19; “‘Keep my decrees. “‘Do not mate different kinds (species) of animals. “‘Do not plant your field with two kinds (species) of seed (DNA) “‘ We, like the lawyer said in Jurassic Park, should stop and THINK if we SHOULD even though we COULD disobey our Creator. Free will, as you know, allows current genetic engineering to mix through gene splicing, human, animal, insect, plant DNA, bacteria, viruses, etc., to our detriment. Altering the DNA disrupts the communication conduit of information from the Creator. What do you think the real agenda might be here?

    2. It’s consumerism disguised as anti-consumerism. There are big bucks to be made in GMO, Gluten-free etc etc. Most of the big organic companies are owned by some very familiar names. There is nothing wrong with that. People are free to choose.

      1. Yes! I certainly agree with your statement about free choice! That’s why I also support food labeling; I prefer to select conventionally produced food, but absolutely believe that if others have the resources to, and want to eat organic, they should. Again, I’ll throw in my original point that I do believe these choices should be backed up by personal research and reasoning.

    3. Read up on the WHO stating that glyphosate (sprayed in and on GMOs) are carcinogenic.If you don’t know what petrochemicals are then look them up.Delicious and healthy, right??

      1. I have done the research. Also, glyphosate is listed as a probable carcinogen, not a definite one. Things that are considered definite carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (which is where the Workd Health Organization gets their recommendations) are wood dust, salted fish, mineral oils, and leather dust.

      2. Sorry. Accidentally submitted my comment before I was done. Of course, there are lots of things on that list that most people do avoid and consider very dangerous in large quantities (tobacco, alcohol), but the point is we shouldn’t be afraid of something just because it’s on the list. We would have to live a pretty sheltered life. There is only one substance (out of almost 1,000 evaluated) that has received a 4 classification, meaning IARC believes there’s no chance it causes cancer. Here’s a link to the complete list:

    4. You can eat my family’s share of GMOs , we only eat and drink organic.Take your opinions with you on your way out

      1. You have a pretty strong opinion, so you are likely aware of this already, but many consumers are not. Bacillus thuringiensis, the Bt in much of genetically modified corn, is an approved pesticide for organic crops. There are many other approved pesticides that will still allow farmers to maintain their U.S.D.A. organic certification as well. I guess my question is, why are you wary of Bt corn but not organic produce sold from big market chains that were likely sprayed with the same chemical or similar pesticides? I really am looking for a genuine answer here. I’ve always been curious.

      2. Wow. It looks like my comment didn’t post or has been deleted already. I’m going to try asking again because I genuinely want to understand your reasoning. Bacillus thuringiensis, the same Bt used in much of genetically modified corn, is an approved pesticide for organic crops. There are many other approved pesticides that farmers are allowed to use and still keep their U.S.D.A. organic certifications as well. Why are you wary of Bt corn, but not of the organic produce at chain grocery stores that were likely sprayed with Bt or some other pesticide? I really am looking for an honest answer here.

    5. Emily,
      In answer to your question posed to Athena about Bt being used by organic growers vs. Bt toxin in GMO’s, I think there’s a big difference between a bacteria used as a natural pesticide by being sprayed on a crop (organic), which can presumably be washed off the plant before consumption, and a bacteria that is artificially spliced into a plant’s DNA so that consuming the genetically modified plant also results in the consumption of the Bt toxin. Lots of studies out there about the dangers of the GMO variety. And I hope you’ve bothered to read Steven Druker’s book.

      1. I appreciate you responding to my question. A follow up inquiry I have though is, if you believe Bt can be washed off of produce, then do you believe the same thing about synthetic pesticides? To answer the rest of your reply, no I have not read his book. However, the sensationalist title and book reviews are enough to make me think it’s overly biased.

      2. Oh, also, do you have any links you can provide to direct me toward those studies? I really would like to explore both sides of the issue.

    6. Hi Emily,
      My understanding is that you can wash off some of the (external) pesticides with careful washing and scrubbing, but that you won’t be able to remove it/them all. I also understand that certain conventionally grown fruits and veggies typically retain more pesticide residues than others. (I know that the Environmental Working Group has a list of the “dirty dozen” — i.e., 12 conventionally grown crops that have been shown to have higher levels of pesticide residue than others). I honestly don’t know whether it is easier to wash off sprayed Bt toxin vs. synthetic pesticides. I’d have to do more research on that.

      Don’t judge a book by its cover (or title in this case). I really don’t think Druker’s book is overly biased. It is extremely well-researched and well-written. It’s hard to ignore the facts he presents. If you genuinely have an interest in considering both sides of this debate, I highly recommend this book.

      Regarding the dangers of GMO-related pesticides, here is a link to an article by an EPA scientist that is worth reviewing:

      As for the studies on GMO health risks, the best source I found, which lists a number of relevant primary source studies is:

      John Fagan, Michael Antoniou, and Clare Robinson, GMO Myths and Truths.

      I have read a number of the primary studies as well, including Gilles-Eric Seralini’s GMO corn study, which was exonerated and republished in a peer-review journal last year after the unwarranted industry attack on his reputation caused it to be improperly withdrawn (from the Lancet, I believe). It’s now available at 26 Envtl Sci. Eur. 14 (2014).

      1. Thank you for these resources. I have skimmed through much of the GMO Myths and Truths document, and so far most of what I have seen are things I have already researched and considered when forming my opinion. Seralini’s studies are discussed quite a bit throughout the document, and while I agree that more independent research needs to be done (tests should be conducted outside of the industry walls), I have examined Seralini’s criticized papers on my own time, and would agree that the testing groups are far too small, especially for a species of rats already prone to developing cancer. Please know that while I believe GM technology could be very valuable in feeding our exponentially growing population, I do recognize its current limitations. For example, the prominence of pesticide-resistant GM crops certainly poses an issue. At the time of development, I’m sure the technology was well-intentioned (as most things are), because it allowed producers to control weeds during parts of the season that historically would have been detrimental to the crop as well. Of course, some believe this has led to an overuse of pesticides. I don’t know the statistics surrounding this topic, but I do know that the consequences for misusing pesticides (not following withdrawal prescriptions, overusing, etc.) are severe. My opinion that GMOs could be used for good in the world comes from knowing that drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, or faster growing plants could potentially be developed, which would be good for the environment AND feeding the world. For example, at my university, one professor was working on modifying camelina (a high yielding oilseed crop) to produce wax instead of oil, which, if successful, could reduce the use of petroleum based products. I really appreciate your insight on the matter. Thank you for giving me some more sources to mull over.

    7. I’m pretty sure bringing awareness to what you are actually eating will not bring about the demise of our society. Maybe you could look around and see that complacency is doing that. I’ve tried to find data on GMO testing, have you done that leg work for yourself? It’s not real easy. Who is doing the testing exactly? Lets discuss that; Monsanto does not check to see if the GMOs they are producing are safe. The folks using the seeds are not checking. I’m not sure anyone is checking. And I understand that producing is genetically modified organism is not new and alarming, however the labs doing this are the same ones exposing us to unsafe pesticides and fertilizers. I don’t trust big farms & big pharma to have my back, they are run by a balance sheet and their only legal obligation is to the shareholder. The customer is a means to and end and has proven expendable ala: phillip morris.

    8. Long story short: avoiding glyphosate and chemical junk. There’s tons of science on those- but do you really NEED science to know that? #obvious

    9. It is sad you don’t see how harmful these unneeded ingredients are. Have you noted they are allowed in other countries. This ingredients are used in the USA because we don’t have regulations protecting our food like other countries do. Try eating without all the cheap ingredients corporate America has put into our food and you will notice the difference.

    10. That was a well thought out reply. If your looking for studies on GMO, your going to get a lot of hype sponsored by gmo producers. Are you posting inquiries on their sites asking for the testing proving the seeds they are developing have been tested at all? I’m simply looking to not eat petroleum products or any number of man-made chemicals the mainstream has accepted as “food”. I think you’re oversimplifying the average reader as mindless non-thinkers. People who’ve landed here realize they’re being slowly poisoned and are looking to for that to end. GMOs aside, you can’t tell me any amount of man-made, untested chemicals are good for a 30# child.

    11. Even if it’s not the most scientific article can’t we all agree that candy and excessive sugar is not good for children and that perhaps we should find healthier options vs having them eat candy every day because they have several pounds of candy left over from Halloween? At least that was the way I interpreted this article. I don’t need more scientific studies to tell me candy is unhealthy.

    12. The “demise of our society”, impo, is partially predicated upon what we, individually, decide to put in our bodies as fuel & health enhancers, what we choose to do with our environment, and what we choose to do with all of the millions of creatures who share our beautiful planet.

      Example: I am a heavy smoker. Have been for 38 yrs. This is proven to cause harmful effects to our people & planet. Kills my environmental ass. That said, I’m sad, because I am experiencing the health effects and have had ample opportunity to at least attempt to overcome my nicotine addiction. I haven’t done that. CONSCIOUS decision on my part, being educated on the subject. I KNOW THIS WILL KILL ME, yet I do it anyway.

      My point: At least, with our children, we can try to teach them a better way. Also, there are many, many scientific studies that support what Vani has to say and there are those who contradict them as well. Life tends to be 6 of 1 & 1/2 a dozen of the other. For every claim ANYONE makes, there’s another person who refutes it. In the end, choices are yours and are based on the needs of your family. NO ONE should ever try to influence you one way or another.

    13. Why is it assumed that if you read The Food Babe’s posts, you don’t do any research on your own or read any other sources on the same topic? It irritates me to see her criticized for not doing your research for you. If your research opposes her claims, then you have the option of believing your sources or looking further. One of the things you may wish to do when you look at scientific research is who paid for the research. A lot of “scientific research” is so much garbage. Gasoline companies bought scientific research to prove that lead is not harmful. The careers of many genuine scientists has been destroyed by fake research to “prove” claims by corporations that were not just untrue but distinctly harmful. The reliance on scientific research has been exposed on more than one occasion by getting silliness published as scientific fact: Four Scientific Journals Accept Fake Study About “Midi-Chlorians” From Star Wars —
      Just because there is a scientific study to support an argument does not mean the argument is true nor does it necessarily have more science than a Star Wars movie.

    14. Contact the research librarian at She has more scientific studies supporting the information in this article than you could ever want.

    15. Read an excellent book to address your exact issues called,”How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger. It will open your eyes and you will thank Vani Hari for standing g up for us all

  3. Emily seems so intent upon turning people to GMO’s and away from this site (Vani isn’t the only one out there sharing the dangers, there are hundreds) that it makes me wonder who Emily REALLY IS, and who she works for….

    1. Natural Resources………She’s probably with an oil and gas company that is fracking people to death.

      1. It really is unfortunate that so many people would rather make assumptions than have an honest conversation. Here’s an excerpt from my earlier comment. “[I] am currently substitute teaching part time because I love working with children and am waiting for the opportunity to find a full-time job in my field of study, which is Natural Resources. I picked that major because I have a great passion to help people find sustainable ways to be involved in agriculture. Did I come from an agricultural family? No. I found my passion because I can see that we need to find creative solutions to the current and imminent food crisis.” I do not want to be involved with the oil and gas industry. The full title of my degree was Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology, concentration: Rangeland Ecology and Management, through the college of agriculture.

      2. I wonder if you know what fracking is, since you are relating to a post about food.

  4. Also Emily, those of us AGAINST GMO’s don’t have “ethical issues” as you contend, but HEALTH ISSUES. Please don’t put words into our mouths, and find something else to do with your time. We are all critical thinkers to begin with or we wouldn’t have sought out this site and the others out there like it.

    I already knew most of the info Vani shares on her site as I have been researching the dangers for a long time, so I don’t need to see direct links to scientific studies, etc. I have read them already.

    1. Shan,
      To ask someone to “find something else to do with their time” is asinine; there is nothing better to do with ones time than to expand their education, share their knowledge, and educate the public about the world’s most important insustry-AGRICULTURE. Unless you are typing completely naked having gone all day without eating or drinking, Ag and then Ag industry has had a colossal effect on your life.

      Who is Emily, really? She is an extremely intelligent, patient person who believes the best in people, as well as in the future of agriculture. She does more than “talk the talk,” the also “walks the walk,” volunteering, educating our youth, and serving as a mentor to high school students in her hometown. She stands up for what she believes in and does what is right, regardless of the ways people perceive her. She is more than a college graduate, she is an encourager and an advocate. Emily is fantastically witty and has a great flair for interior design, none of which you will see by attacking her from behind a keyboard.

      The “GMO FREE” fad is just that- a labeling system used to convince the uneducated consumer in the marketplace that their food is poisonous if it is not GMO-free. However, for most people, if you have ever eaten a grilled corn on the cob or a banana, you’ve consumed a genetically modified organism. If you have eaten beef before 2000, it was probably a crossbred market animal that was genetically selected for superiority in the agricultural market. Regardless of one’s view, politically or ethically, in regards to trending Ag news, it is important to do some research. Ask the man who delivers eggs to your local food co-op. I can promise you, he can probably tell you the name of each hen he has and what color eggs she lays. Your local farmer of fresh vegetables can tell you exactly how much love and water and sweat went into tilling the soil that your carrots came from. It’s not ethics, it’s a marketing strategy.

      1. Next you’re going to say that U.S.D.A. certified organics are a marketing ploy.I think both of you are in the wrong place.

  5. Who am I really? I am really a 22 year old recent college graduate from Montana. I barely have enough money to pay for rent and am currently substitute teaching part time because I love working with children and am waiting for the opportunity to find a full-time job in my field of study, which is Natural Resources. I picked that major because I have a great passion to help people find sustainable ways to be involved in agriculture. Did I come from an agricultural family? No. I found my passion because I can see that we need to find creative solutions to the current and imminent food crisis.

    I am in no way trying to turn you away from organic food. I have clearly stated that I fully support your right to choose what food you eat, but I hope for the same respect from others. Of course, I am upset to be accused of being paid to forego my ethics, but who wouldn’t be? The truly unfortunate thing however, is that accusations like this put a halt to any sort of productive or informative discussion. I also have not once said people should stop reading Vani’s blog or books. I have simply said that they should continue to research on their own time. I have sadly discovered that sharing my voice on this matter with opposing parties usually ends with people calling me a “shill.” And while you may never believe me, I certainly am not. I hope you understand the weight of that accusation, and I’m absolutely honest when I say I hope you are never on the receiving end of it. Cheers to kindness.

    1. I remember being 22. I was far more opinionated back then because my own recent college graduation gave me such a sense of wise accomplishment. You see, I was a Midwife..and boy howdy, having graduated with honors with a second major in holistic therapies , I knew a ton of stuff. Yup.

      Ten years later, after delivering hundreds of babies and working with mothers and families from every economic status, I felt as though I actually had some real experience and a beginning of understanding related to health, birth, and well-being. I realized how much I had not known back at 22 when I had thought I was so smart.

      Now, fifteen more years later, having raised my own children and being now a grandmother, I am excited to read other’s opinions and thoughts on these subjects. I have learned how to think and find the elements of truth that make sense to me, and that therefore actually help me to live a healthier life. I realize that common sense is often more helpful than data and statistics, though I also realize that such data can help bring clarity.

      I also realize that human beings are living organic creatures designed to thrive on clean water, pure foods, regular movement, and pure air. Common sense tells me that ading toxic chemicals to the mix makes no sense…and hiding our heads in the sand while diseases ravage our population in unprecedented numbers while we cling to eating chemical laden garbage is purely ridiculous.

      I would encourage everyone here to simply read the information offered, ruminate on it for a bit, and take with you whatever helps. Often the nuggets of truth we come away with far outweigh whatever clash we personally have with the author.

      And Emily, I encourage you to save this conversation somewhere and look at it again in 25 years. It will be an interesting re-visit for you. 🙂

      1. I am 54 and farm conventionally. I agree with everything Emily is saying. She is presenting very realistic information based on my experience. Despite the “diseases that ravage our population in unprecedented numbers while we cling to eating chemical laden garbage is purely ridiculous” statement you made we are living far longer than we did in 1900, almost twice as long. Holistic medicine and organic farming were the norm in 1900 and earlier.

  6. I don’t find my information from blogs. In fact I am a member of our city’s Board of Health and was chairwoman for a GMO Forum. We had both sides equally balanced. I wanted this to be a city discussion. In spite of all the wonderful information the PRO panelists provided, the Anti-GMO seemed to be more persuasive. The forum was video recorded and is going to be replayed on our college campus-GO MIZZOU. I am looking forward to seeing what the overriding response seems to be.

    If people like Emily don’t have a problem eating GM foods then eat them. Others of us are trying to recover from health issues or are trying to stay healthy and if we choose to eat organic, or non-GMO that should still be our right.

    My big question remains, if GMO foods are so good for us, why is Monsanto and other big corporations trying so hard to block any labeling. We once we a free county who had the right to know. Now we are heading into a new dark age and bills like H.R. 1599 are an example of that.

    1. I agree that our food should be labeled. We should know what’s in our food before making decisions on what to eat. Interestingly enough, I recently met a woman who works for Monsanto and is absolutely in favor of food labeling. I’m not saying she speaks for the entire company
      , but it was interesting to hear her perspective. I don’t feel comfortable responding about Monsanto’s view as a whole because I haven’t done as much research on that subject, mainly because it seems when I type anything with “Monsanto” into a search engine, it’s difficult to find a reasonably unbiased source. As stated before, I support people’s right to choose what they put in their bodies; part of that is knowing how our food is produced.

  7. Wow… What an exchange going on here. Well, after living my life for the past 75. Plus years and eating much of the stuff being panned as poisons and bad for ones health, I am happy to report I remain fit and healthy. No chronic diseases, allergies, no need for medications. Lucky for me, I have never had a major illness other than an occasional cold and a less often GI upset. I tended to my family as both a mom and an RN as I always held a keen interest in maintaining and promoting healthy lifestyles . That means promoting healthy eating and nutritional habits as well as exercise and activities. And I am happy and grateful for the health of my husband, children and grandchildren. I taught them well, I think. I did and do allow candy and sweets on HAlloween and other occasions. As far as I know, neither I nor any one in my family have been poisoned or have had an adverse bodily reaction to eating any of the foods or food additives that are the topic of discussion here. And I agree with Emily. I, like Emily, cannot find links in this post that take me anywhere but unsupported news reports. I look for and need double blind studies that are peer reviewed and published in credible medical journals that have withstood the rigors of credible scientific method and scientific criticism. And so far, this blog has not provided that kind of research. I have been taught and I have practiced a general rule of moderation… everything in moderation has worked well for this healthy family.

    1. Here’s an excerpt from my above comment: “I have sadly discovered that sharing my voice on this matter with opposing parties usually ends with people calling me a ‘shill.’ And while you may never believe me, I certainly am not. I hope you understand the weight of that accusation, and I’m absolutely honest when I say I hope you are never on the receiving end of it. Cheers to kindness.” I was hoping to gain an understanding of other people’s perspectives through honest discussion. I was also hoping to share my own opinion on the matter. Unfortunately, many first respond with an accusation that I am being paid by a large corporation. As you will also see above, I just graduated from college and am part-time substitute teaching until I find a career in my major (Natural Resources), which could likely never even be found at Monsanto. I would be happy to engage in conversation with you about this topic, but that can’t happen when hurtful, inaccurate assumptions are part of the discussion.

  8. Another great article from the Food Babe. This halloween, we gave out non gmo verified dark chocholate macadamia nut granola bars from Natures Path, to all the kids. We went through two full boxes at 16 dollars a box. But it was worth it, and then we had the dissapointing experience of walking our girls down the block to trick or treat for the first time. We’ll simply have to abandon this practice ourself, because watching their little bags fill up with toxic items was more like punishment than anything else. And the kids were so instantly addicted, they snuck candy while we were not looking, and we eventually just threw the rest of it away. Worthless candy toxic pretend food snacks. Do not buy those chemical squares and disks, which look like food. Colorado

  9. Thank you Vani for always looking out for our children. I wish the rest of the world saw the truth the way you do. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  10. Love the post I agree with what you are saying So many are laced with these chemicals and I dont really feel like feeding my kids something from the oil field lol This has been in our food for years I always made sure my kids really didnt eat the cereals in the store I use to go to the health store and look at the ingredients. My family has known these things for years. And the american public or your regular Doctor did not learn all about this stuff in his doctoring years. My sisters kids were always sick with the regular doctors not being able to fix it and after every anti biotic was sick 2 weeks later. She finally was tired of it and went to a wonderful Osteopathic Doctor 2 times and after he did a hair analysis, He found all the minerals and from their allergies what foods were making them sick They had to go on a No sugar no dairy lifestyle At the time the bread was still ok to eat but had to eat Brown bread instead of while Nothing bleached and No hotdogs or Jello with dyes. No anti biotics with dyes. My nephew use to be hyper if he ate jello at school we could tell he was acting really bad and doing handstands throught the house. But to make my point I was only 12 at the time. This was back in 1971. I saw 2 sick kids go from sick to healthy in a matter of finding the right minerals , vitamins everything they were deficient in. And my sister had to learn to bake with honey or brown sugar. When they stayed on this diet they were not sick going on ;years But soon as one would sneek something like jello you could tell the extreme effecdt on them If you think most food we eat is good for you think again.. Start doing y our own investigating about Monsanto at its best and other things in your kids foods that are banned in other countries Like High Fructose Corn syrup Why do you think there is so much disease like we never had when we grew up Cancer because of greed and making things cheaper so they can make more money And its at your families expense. Please do your research Im glad my sister being a nurse went holistc and my mom was old school and knew to be smarter then the average bear that thinks the govt and the FDA and Pharma are caring about the public Think again.. Find yourself a ostopathic Doctor or a bio chemist that can tell you all this is true… Our food isnt what it once use to be.. You have to protecdt your family cause Noone else is going to… Great Article Food Babe… I v been looking for alternatives to mounds and been making my own.. But thanks for telling me the ones out there I will order. If you guys want a good chocolate bar Look for organic chocoThey have some great ones on the market Thanks again Debby Ryan

  11. Emily, you sound like my PhD son. He’s sold on the conventional nutritional line that GMOs are not a bad thing. The thing is, Injecting a pesticide toxin into plants is a bad idea. The bt toxin in organic form is a whole biological entity that’s applied topically, and splicing the gene into the DNA of plant it’s not supposed to be in are two different things. (Kind of like eating egg whites without the yoke. Bad idea after all! Mother Nature did it right!)
    Making giant fields of monocrops resistant to TONS of petroleum based pesticides sprayed on them, so everything but the crop is chemically annihilated is also as wrongheaded as it gets. We’re losing tons of topsoil every day due to “conventional” farming methods grown out of the war industry’s need to keep making obscene profits on the chemicals they created for warfare.
    What the world needs now, is soil, sweet soil, built from mass organic matter and grown the way Mother Nature and the Creator intended. The idea that killing Mother Nature instead of learning from Her is any way to feed the planet is preposterous. Cross pollination and selective breeding are NOT gene splicing of entities that would never work in nature.
    The Oklahoma dust bowl was created by conventional farmers who thought they could fool Mother Nature, as are most diseases of modern farming practices. It kills the Earth, and it kills us. Organic soil building and regenerative agricture around the globe is the only thing that will sustainably feed and save the planet.

  12. I would also like to comment on the non-edible treats for Halloween and encourage people to hand out useful items instead of plastic garbage that will most likely end up in the landfill or ocean. Our addiction to plastic is as sick as our addiction to pseudo-foods. . Ending the mass sugar/plastic capitalist centered holiday celebrations will go a LONG way to making the world a healthier place. Spend time with family and friends. 🙂
    When my kids were little and wanting mass sugar, I told them I loved them way too much to let them think that garbage was okay to eat.

  13. Essentially EVERY ingredient on these labels should be red … Most people don’t realize that “sugar” on a label is genetically modified.

  14. 100% agree with ya Food Babe. Our family has been on the same path as you the last several years. We always choose organic. Low Sugar. Non-Gmo.
    Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for standing up for yourself and us.

  15. Fantastic advice Vani! I avoid celebrating this Holiday because of the huge marketing of poison. It’s pretty much mainstream knowledge now that real food made by nature is better for you. If you disagree you are kidding yourself or you are a big corporation that makes millions of dollars from trying to tell people it’s ok to eat it. People who don’t agree with Vani’s advice should simple not read her blog. That’s you Emily. Otherwise you may be accused of being an internet troll?

  16. One thing I know as absolutely true for me is that eating usual Halloween candy makes me feel ill. Like, instant upset stomach and generally feeling gross. That’s all I need to know to make my decision about this topic.

  17. Bill Gates bought a farm in Ga and grow organic corn. A person works on that farm and has told me disturbing things about that farm. They use organic farming there but they stored their corn elsewhere and when it left the grain bins, just before being put on Semi trailers to be hauled away, it was sprayed with pesticides not for organic foods because it had bugs etc. so my point is in a broken society where the FDA approves things that we shouldn’t have we’re doomed to even buy organic. Now I know that organic fields have to go by certain regulations for their fields to approve for organic but this was in the field. It had left the field to be stored in grain bins that was at another companies place that does not do organic farming. So the organic corn was put into grain bins that had previously had pesticide corn in AND before it left on the trailers it was sprayed to kill bugs. Buying organic is not going to save us. Everybody’s out to make their dollar. There’s always a way around all the regulations and even Bill Gates has discovered that and he don’t need the money but he does it anyway

  18. For those of the who are having trouble finding research documentation, the US Govt repository for scientific articles and research results are here

    If you always search from this page, you will get results from every agency in the federal government.

  19. Must point out that paint – as in the teal paint suggested as an alert sign – is not a benign substance. Reminds me of people who paint rocks, and leave them in all manner of places, to do “good.”

    Also, suggesting giving out small balls – unwise given that they are made of plastic, and could also be mistaken for a “jawbreaker.”

    The opening paragraph speaks to current times. Chocolate, even from large manufacturers, had not contained the chemicals that no one wants to ingest. Frankly, I tire of people writing as though there had not been a time before their time. It is important to alert people, but context, and care is in order.

  20. I received this email today and while I found this very informative and interesting, I noticed the date was from before 2015. It’s now 2021. Can you please update the article. Cheers!

  21. When it comes to “science”, anyone who trusts the government in anything they do or say, has been horribly deceived. Especially these days, where information has been bastardized and outright censored, you have to go outside “main stream media” to get to the truth, and even then it can get dicey. You really have to follow your gut (conscience) but then again, most of us have ignored our consciences for so long that it is a faint sound in the distance that can easily be ignored if heard at all.

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