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There Might Be Dead Animal Parts in Your V8! & Homemade V8 Juice Recipe

8/7/2014 – UPDATE: Does Campbell’s Soup Not Know What’s In Its Own Products?


Did you know that Campbell’s V8 Juice has possible dead animal parts inside? I thought the “V” stood for “Vegetables” – but I guess I was wrong. “Natural Flavor” is one of the most deceptive ingredients on a label of any product – it could mean anything found in nature, including ingredients you weren’t expecting like meat! Campbell’s confirmed their “flavoring” may include “meat/seafood/poultry/dairy” this week on Twitter and within their question chat box on their website with us. They also confirmed they don’t offer any vegan products – this means the “100% Vegetable Juice” claim on the label of V8 is just plain FALSE!

See screen shot below:

Twitter Campbells


What Can You Do About This?

Regardless, if you’ve been following this blog, you know V8 Juice is not something I would buy or consume anyways, but this is another good reason to give it the heave-ho into the trash can (or take it back to the store and ask for a refund.)

If you are as mad as me about this deceptive practice – Please sign this new petition on started by a brave young woman, go to Campbell’s Soup facebook page here and twitter page here immediately and tell them you are no longer buying their products and disgusted with their misleading information.

Call Campbell’s Customer Service Line: 1-800-257-8443

This example just goes to show that Campbell’s Soup brand is not interested in being honest or transparent about their ingredients on their labels. In fact, they spent almost a MILLION DOLLARS preventing GMO-labeling laws from passing! 

Animal Parts V8

Make Homemade V8 Instead

To avoid mysterious animal parts, enjoy this recipe for Homemade V8 juice below – this recipe is straight from this month’s Eating Guide program. This drink is super refreshing, tastes a billion times better than bottled pasteurized V8 and super easy to make. If you don’t have a juicer, just blend all the ingredients and drink like a gazpacho, or strain the juice through a strainer or cheese cloth. Enjoy!


If you become a member of the Eating Guide Program, you’ll be eligible for a set of amazing bonuses we have coming up for you in September – including guides specifically for the fall and holidays coming up. Check out the program here.

Food Babe's Homemade V8 Juice

Prep Time:
5 mins
Cook Time:
0 mins
Total Time:
5 mins

Serves:  1


  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 small beet root
  • 1 large fresh tomato
  • 1 cup spinach
  • ½ cucumber
  • ½ red bell pepper
  • 1 stalk celery
  • 1 teaspoon garlic clove
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper
  • ½ whole lemon, juiced


  1. Wash all fruits and vegetables and place into a large bowl.
  2. Place all ingredients through your juicer, except the lemon juice.
  3. Stir in lemon juice before serving and clean juicer immediately.



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247 responses to “There Might Be Dead Animal Parts in Your V8! & Homemade V8 Juice Recipe

  1. Thank you for the work you are doing, Vani. What I want to know is what “flavorings” includes? I want the choice to decide what I’m eating, period. The conversation has nothing to do with Vegan or non Vegan. It has to do with how a normal person is suppose to decode a label. What does “flavorings” mean?

    1. Hi

      I am in Canada now, how to buy products which are economical as well as good for health, specially like within 200 $ buget how students can eat healthy food if you any article then I will publish it on my university social media page and will send it to local media house with credits to you.

      We buy Campbell’s soups as they ate easy im pocket and I am non vegetarian so its ok for me however one of my Gujarati friend is in shock as in his cultural tradition only vegetarian food is allowed to eat.

      Defiantely this is unethical practice, what can be sone to avoid such brands?

      Vikram Karkhanis

      1. You should check out
        She has a meal plan available for a budget like you asked about and posts simian to the ones from this blog. It is do-able I have taken small steps to helping my family eat healthier and we all feel so much better!
        Best wishes

  2. I’d much rather that the animal parts be from dead animals than from live ones. I think this whole debate borders on the ridiculous.

    1. Agreed. We’re talking about a flavoring that is a fraction of 1% of the product. You’d think they just slaughtered a whale and stuffed it in the can with all the outrage expressed. Anyone who buys ANY processed product, vegan or otherwise, can expect there to be something they don’t like in it. If you want pure foods, buy unprocessed items.
      However, their funding of anti-GMO campaigns is another story. They suck on that action.

      1. Oh, no no. Less than 1%? No, it’s 100% misrepresentation. I have been drinking this product – going after it as I love it – for years, always believing it is only vegetables. This is very deceptive that there is not only vegetables within. Does not matter whether I am vegetarian; it is deceitful to market this as all vegetable juice and then use (possibly – the possibly makes it even worse) meat in flavoring. Not right. not at all.

    2. Unfortunately, Vegan lifestyle is a necessity for some and not just an ideology based on various aspects of why not to consume animal products. When you are one of those people, the addition of hidden animal based products in any amount is a huge problem. Which is why we primarily prepare all of our items at home from whole foods that we know what we’re getting, but don’t paint all Vegan’s as ideologically based. There are a few very real situations where the consumption of any animal based products are a huge health concern… Truth in labeling would be extremely helpful for many. Is it too much to ask for?

      1. Please name the medical condition that causes “any animal based products” to be a “huge health concern.” I am skeptical that such a thing exists. Humans ARE animals. A person who cannot ingest “any animal based products” would have died in the womb.

      2. Actually Wayne, I have a condition called Nail Patella Syndrome which inhibits my intestines to process protein at the level of other humans. When I eat animal products I get very bloated suffer chronic stomach aches. It also leads to constipation. I have been to the hospital and had surgery due to this and I am now vegan because of it. I do believe in vegan ideologies but I eat vegan because I have to. It is a serious problem for me if a label is hiding ingredients derived from animal products.

      3. To Zoe, you mean Nail Patella Syndrome: is a genetic disorder that results in small, poorly developed nails and kneecaps… Also I can not seem to find any where that it says it inhibits protein digestions. It is a skeletal deformity that is not related to food digestion and vegan or not, it wont help you with this.

    3. You guys are missing the point! It says vegetable juice! Also natural flavorings also means MSG which is a neurotoxin. Which obviously you eat quite often based on your comments.

      1. Well Cindy you have actually been horribly misinformed their is no concrete evidence the msg is harmful to the vast majority of the population and l-glutamate ( a variation missing the sodium which is an ion so not binded to the nolecule anyway) is found in most meats, dairies and some vegetables as well ws being produced by the body during metabolism via the Krebs cycle (Google it)

      2. Juicing in itself is not healthy. When you juice, you remove all the fiber. Fiber is what slows the uptake of sugars when you eat whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing, in, essence, concentrates all of the sugars in the liquid and there is nothing to stop your body from taking up all of the sugar all at once which means a massive glycemic response from your body. Your body will release insulin and if you continue to induce this response, you may eventually become insulin resistant. When you become resistant, your body has to produce more and more insulin in order to process the glucose that is being introduced into your bloodstream. Eventually, you will become pre-diabetic or even develop Type 2 diabetes when your pancreas is no longer able to keep up with the demand for insulin that you are putting on it and the excess glucose begins to accumulate. So keep on juicing if you want to end up dying sooner.

    4. I disagree…because my children drink these juices…I don’t let my kids eat hot dogs and other processed meats because they are not healthy…I give them V8 because it says it is healthy…however, when they are putting animal products in it and then hide it from the public makes me wonder how healthy it really is…if it was truly healthy then why hide it….

      1. The issue is that “flavoring” or “natural flavors” is protected as “trade secret” so the companies do not need to tell us what is in it. And it can be just anything. And to make things worse, “natural flavors” are pretty much in everything you buy except raw food.
        I think this deserves action and change: we must have the right to know everything that goes into making any food we buy.
        For instance, a common element found in “natural flavors” is castoreum.

    5. That might be okay for you because you eat meat but for those that don’t, it’s not okay. It’s hard enough to shop vegetarian without labels downright lying about what they contain.,

  3. I simply appreciate the FACT that someone is opening this “can of worms” so that we ALL may make choices, and investigate further if desired. Also, the FACT is, taking the time to read the originators research before critiquing it would be a smart move. I, for one, do not have the time to do all this research/investigating, so I really and truly appreciate the time and efforts to get this out to the public!

    Double thumbs up to Vani! 😉

  4. I went to the V8 facebook page and made a comment that I didn’t want to use Campbell products if they couldn’t even get their story straight,or try to be more
    healthy. I was attacked by a few people and that were very vile. They attacked me for a spelling error and a grammar mistake and just made crazy statements against me and Food Babe, especially. This leads me to believe these people are just crazy or they are probably being paid or compensated somehow to ward off Food Babes army.
    I am shocked if it was real, because I don’t want to believe society breeds such
    ignorant people! There are more authorities on our food chain , then just Food Babe….. many, many and it just doesn’t make sense for people to be so nasty.
    I never want to see a Campbells product ever again in my life!

    1. Save your outrage for something a little more serious. Me thinks you protest a bit too much. If you get this worked up over some flavoring, how about the genocides in Dafur? That should make your head explode.

      1. I’m wondering why you’re even here replying to people if you don’t care about this – just to troll?

      2. Sure, there are tons of problems in the world. Vani chose to dedicate her career to solving certain ones, and certainly wouldn’t have the time to combat every single problem that exists. Also, just because she chose the particular realm of food safety does not mean she doesn’t care about other problems in the world. What a ridiculous argument.

      3. You DO realize that making this comparison is poor rhetoric, right? It’s called a non-sequitur. Since the food industry in America is selling us poisons on a grand scale (poisons they are not allowed to sell anywhere else), I think it is important that someone put this in the mainstream. There is a reason that childhood obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol have become endemic in this country. What Vani talks about is not news to many of us who have made the choice to leave factory food behind, but it is news to the great unwashed, of which you are apparently a member. We all pick our battles. You do Darfur. We’ll take care of the food, OK?

    2. Well we are asking my friend to seek a lawyer because she took a big gulp of her V8 today that she had bought and placed in the refrigerator (large). It tasted rotten so she decided to open the whole can and she sees this bunch of large pieces of skin that is moldy.
      She’s so stressed that she doesn’t even want to think about it and just wants to throw it out. I told her NO! She needs to seek a doctor/ Get a lawyer/ and make sure if this is contaminated that its reported because there will be others on the same line that may have been effected. Number one TODAY taught me a quick lesson my ND Daughter has been preaching to me! BUY organic frozen or fresh or grass fed make your own V8 etc.. Today the cabinets are getting cleared out of all processed items.

  5. Congratulations on your hard work.
    It does matter to me what the natural flavoring really means.thanks for your hard work.There are certain people who do not eat onions and Garlic and it is important to know the ingredients,dairy,vegetable,fruit or meat or oils.

  6. It might make people feel better to attack the messenger than to research the data, but I recently received an email from an old friend who bemoaned “dead babies being put into sport drinks”. I spent a lot of time sending him replies telling him that often things that we read on the internet are not true. He finally sent me a list of resources and I was horrified that, in a manner of speaking, what he was telling me was true. Who knows? maybe these bio-engineered ingredients are in V8 also, but I’ve thrown up my arms and surrendered, because there is such a huge disconnect between the industrial complex that provides food for society and the wishes of myself and those like me who just want regular food without toxic ingredients and drug-like chemicals put into that food.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I never thought that parts from dead animals and dead anything could be put into such a popular and ‘healthy’ drink. I mean, of course I suspected that they did not use 100 percent vegetable juice, but dead beings and animals are just horrific. Thank you, Vani for telling us this and alerting us about these terrible scandals. You’re a hero.

      1. I’m sorry, but I got some of the information wrong. The actual dead-baby kidney cells do not actually appear in the food products, but were somhow used to test combinations of chemical compounds and select those that were supposed to make people think the foods they were eating tasted good in a number of different ways. It still makes me wonder if these compounds that ARE added to the food could have negative health side effects that could have been overlooked. It also gives me a YUK factor thinking that dead baby cells would be used at all for such a purpose of searching for flavorings. Another thing I should not have done is suggest that V8 might have been developed with that same technology. There are tons of food products that have been developed in this manner, but I did not see V8 juice on the lists. (Even some bottled waters have these ingredients, though). I agree, however, that I would like to avoid anything with “natural flavor” on it’s list of ingredients.

  7. I remember reading that all canned and bottled products have acceptable levels of dead animal parts, such as mice, rats, bugs and even rabbits, that are contained (trapped) in large batches (truckloads or freight containers) that are delivered to the factories from the fields. They pull a sample from the center of the truck or container and analyze it to make sure it has no more than the allowed amount of animals parts. In the article I read (many years ago) they showed a picture of a rabbit hopping from the shoot that was taking the sample. Given that it is almost if not totally impossible to keep all contaminants such as bugs and even rodents out of processed foods, I don’t know how any manufacturer can truly claim any food is 100% vegan. Even that organic tomato from the Farmer’s Market might have insect eggs in it.

    1. Yes, you are 1000% right. I have my degree in nutrition and food sci, and I came here to specifically make this point. ALL foods and beverages have a legal limit of different animal and bug parts that can contaminate their product and still pass inspection.

  8. Thanks for your hard work as usual.

    However, I called V8’s hotline about 10 years ago over this “natural flavoring” and they indeed admit that V8 was NOT vegetarian and that the flavorings were partially meat-based.

    Deceptive, huh? Sue their rear ends off I say,.

  9. I knew a friend that worked at one of the V8 processing plants in Ohio here and he told me not to drink V8 after he saw what goes into the product. He said he always saw frogs and bullfrogs in the big vats and of course there is no way to stop them and get them out so they just get grinded up in the mix.

    1. REALLY? I find that hard to believe. I would think many employees would have a fit if they seen that. Maybe your friend was fired and trying to get back at them?
      I am not saying that every food maker is trustworthy, but this seems a little hard to believe.

  10. Vani,
    Thank you so much for this update (as well as all the other work and research you put into all of your other updates as well)! I’ve been a vegetarian for years now and never even thought to do further research into the ingredients in V8 juice, since it is so deceptively marketed to vegetarians. It disgusts me to learn more and more just how little we can really trust the those in charge of manufacturing our food and “regulating” it four our safety. Your hard work is truly appreciated!

    1. How can you say V8 juice is marketed to vegetarians? That’s like saying all fruit juices, or all frozen fruit is marketed towards vegetarians. V8’s biggest ad was the “Wow, I should of had a V8” which as I recall wasn’t aimed at one group in particular, it was aimed at everyone to start their day off with a V8 juice. While I don’t understand the vegetarian lifestyle, never mind the vegan, it’s your choice, but honestly if you expect any processed food to 100% vegan, or vegetarian you have just been kidding yourself. And one the same note, please quit telling me that what I choose is so wrong because of your beliefs. That is one thing that really disturbs me about vegetarians, vegans especially. Cry and complain that it is your choice and that what you believe is right, but as soon as I pick up a fork full of pork, or beef or what ever, here comes the 3 hour dissertation on why what I am doing is, disgusting, wrong, unethical, inhumane, and on and on and on.

      1. I’m vegan and feel that whatever joe blow wants to scarf down for lunch is his own peoblem. I however like to be informed. When I feel I’very made nutrition choices based on bad information it’s a little upsetting. I’ll find a way to make my own juice. Not all vegans/vegetarians are hassling everyone else about food. More times than not I get lectured about how veganseveryone to eat like them…etc. I’m tired of hearing it. We discuss and share information with one another to make our own decisions. Eat what you want and I shall do the same. Get off your high horse because I frankly don’t care if you’re choice to eat meat makes you feel entitled or not!

      2. High horse??? My comment was basically the same as yours except from the omnivore side, but you don’t see that right? “Eat what you want and I shall do the same. Get off your high horse because I frankly don’t care if you’re choice to eat meat makes you feel entitled or not! ” That is what I said but aimed the other way, and because I did you got defensive immediately and pointed back at me as an “entitled” individual.
        Funny how the same argument pointed your way becomes an attack on you, but
        I am the “entitled” one right!!

  11. Wow! I am so shocked! I try to avoid processed foods anyway, but occasionally my mom still buys the tomato or chicken noodle soup from Campbell’s, & if I’m sick & at my parents’ house, chicken noodle is one of the go-to foods. I guess I will just have to “commandeer” the crock-pot the next time (& encourage my dad to finish the kitchen renovations so we can have an actual oven to cook with again; right now they just have a small convection oven, but they have a separate stop top/range).

  12. What are you talking about? It is 100% possible to make a vegan V8. The vegtables should be run down a belt and any frogs, rabbits, animals, bugs should be hand picked out. Vestibules then need to be washed, strained, etc…

    The way you are making this sound is that Campbell just takes the trucks, dumps them into large vats and just cooks them. Are you $#!#@$%%*& Kidding me?


  13. Ask wholefoods to stop using canola oil in their foods. Listening to wholefoods recording encouraging the use of canola oil. UGH……

    1. Karen, you are correct. Very few people realize that canola, made from rape seed & quite inexpensive, is not good for us. Many products, even in health food stores, use it because it’s cheap. Carrageenan, a sea plant, is another ingredient that is not good for us, but is used everywhere, including pet food. Our convenience is costing us out health.

  14. I am concerned about your suggestion that the “natural flavor” in V8 is meat. How would they have achieved the OU Kosher symbol??

  15. This is most worthwhile info.

    Please keep in mind that your homemade juicing recipe could cost upwards of $5 per serving. While the V8 contains possible bad stuff, it still contains vegetables. I am not defending V8 at all, but the cost for most of the 99% is prohibitive. It becomes a choice of substituting one food for another to afford.

    Eating healthy is slowly becoming the world of the 1%. If you can afford it, this is great. For others, try Lakewood juices, they seem pretty clean. Any thoughts?

  16. um, just wanna say that vegan is strictly no animal products (eggs, milk) while vegetarian is just no meat. um, so no dead animals. though i really wouldn’t mind cooked meat ground up with vegetables into a smoothie 😉

  17. So now I’m wondering about Oasis vegetable juice. In fact, anything bottled or boxed, as the case may be – with respect to juices.

  18. I love what you are doing! Thank you!
    My husband and I are so tired of all the poison in our food. We actually started an amazon business selling nut milk bags because of it. We are trying to get the word out to people to make your own nut milks, cheeses, Greek yogurt etc. No more processed nut milk. If you want to check out our page and buy one, here is a direct link. Thanks again for all you do!

  19. Omg it clearly says on the front “with added ingredients” if they didn’t add ingredients then it would spoil. So they change the label to “99.3% vegetable juice” would that make everyone happy? Secondly, vegan diets are soooo unhealthy. Clean diet? Yes. Healthy diet? Far from it. Vegan diets are great short term…. for things like detoxing. But if you look at vegans, TRUE VEGANS, you’ll notice they have dark circles around their eyes and a pot belly. Skin and bone everywhere else. Vegan diets rid you of desirable fat because you are STARVING yourself! Buy the v8. Get over it. Drink it With your steak and egg breakfast and just be healthy. Nothing wrong with v8

  20. I don’t want any animals in my VEGETABLE juice, dead or alive! Thanks for the yummy recipe. Can’t wait to try it!

  21. after all we still buy their products and enriches Campbell company. because i still see their products at the store, and people buying them.

  22. Some of the anger on here is pretty surprising. To the meateaters on here stating that animals and animal by-products aren’t going to hurt you: great. If you think some people are wrong in their reasons for choosing not to eat animal products that is fine too. But if people don’t want meat squeezin’s in their food they should be told when it IS in their food. Like the near riot several years ago when people in India found out McDonald’s flavored their fries with actual beef flavoring (which McD’s quickly quelled by announcing they do NOT flavor fries in India with the meat of their sacred animal!).

    Some of the facts spouted on here are simply not correct though, or at least not applicable. As for juicing removing fiber which slows the absorption of sugar – this would only be an issue if you are doing a juice cleanse (an extreme practice I personally would not recommend). At breakfast most days when I’m having juice I reduce the “food” portion by about 1/3 – 1/2, so I still have other stuff in me. Also, the type of juicer I have lets through small particles – my juice has fiber in it you can set your clock by, if you get my meaning…

    My personal divorce with (most) meat began 10 years ago with the book Fast Food Nation. I still ate meat but I at least knew how expensive, pollutive (feed, fuel, waste), sickening and/or deadly (contaminated with feces) and pretty low quality as far as nutrients and nutrition. This was up until two years ago. An avid bicyclist then age 40, I had a sudden and dramatic problem with energy. I’d ride between 22-30 miles both Saturday and Sunday every week. One day I ran out of energy – I mean dead legs – after about 7 miles. I was really far from my car too and it took forever to get back. Next outing I was dead after just a couple of miles. Same thing a week later.

    So I started researching and decided I needed to maximize my nutrients per calorie, so started filling up on veggies. As a natural product of trying to find the most nutrients, meat fell to the wayside pretty quickly. I have a small serving of chicken about one meal per month now, the rest is as raw as possible veggies, fruits, nuts and a little bread and potato. I eat hard boiled eggs several times per week. Meat is a quick, easy, fix. And the way it is prepared and delivered to most of the masses is really not that great, so it is probably a lower quality than most think. When I ate meat I got it from a local abattoir that grew its own grass-fed cows. That B12 you think you’re getting from your grocery store beef? You’d get more B12 by not washing your hands. B12 gets into animals because it is on the ground and they eat off the ground. Some meatitarians tout B12 as the proof positive that humans were made to eat meat; I see it as proof positive that humans used to eat really dirty – you can get more than enough B12 by not washing your veggies. This is the modern world though – I’ll take the supplement. Protein is the other area that is often misunderstood. Long story short, amino acid combining is a myth debunked decades ago (how do cows and chickens get it?). But, I digress.

    My energy levels were instantly fixed, and not only that, to this day I have seemingly boundless energy. Not to mention several extra nagging pounds left pretty easily.

    After about three months I lost my taste for most meats, and in fact about half the time my wife makes bacon it smells awesome and the other half of the time it smells horrid, like rotting roadkill. I don’t want to sound like an a-hole so I don’t tell her this…. At the same time my taste for veggies increased. Looking to add even more nutrients and satisfy that craving for the taste is what led me to juicing about a month and a half ago. I now have a little fruit juice in the morning and a Mason jar full at least five evenings per week after a small dinner. Lots of carrots, celery, tomatoes, green pepper. Bottom line is you can’t get fresh juice anywhere other than your house. For example when they make juice in a factory they test the nutrition immediately, then pasteurize it, killing most of the nutrients (see the show “How Its Made” on the Science channel) and by my comparison most of the taste as well.

    I’m feeling better than ever, my adult-onset acne is about 80% gone, my skin looks lively and bright, I have lots of energy (43 now). So for me I’m going to stick with the veggies. Including this recipe, which I tried for the first time last night! Fantastic! I used too much beet and too much cucumber (don’t like cuke juice) so will have to adjust, but it was a good start!

  23. If you want to know the REAL truth, even many vegan foods may not be. Unless your food is prepared in a clean room (and ‘clean room’ is a term with a specific meaning that goes well beyond what you may be thinking of as clean), there is always going to be the likelihood that there will be contamination by insects, rodents or other animals that may get loose in the food processing facility from time to time. The government makes allowances for this because it would be prohibitively expensive to seal rooms where food is handled from all possible sources of contamination. So while everything in your shopping cart may have the word ‘vegan’ on it’s label, you may still be consuming animal products regardless.

  24. Yikes! I did not know that! “Campbell’s confirmed their “flavoring” may include “meat/seafood/poultry/dairy”” Where have I been! Good thing I quit drinking that stuff a long time ago. Thank you for sharing this! Best wishes!

  25. Love the home made V-8 recipe! So easy to make .. I add pineapple salsa for extra flavor or berries.

  26. Campbell’s already responded to these accusations today. The controversy is already over.

    “”V8 100% Vegetable Juice and Campbell Condensed soup are products suitable for vegetarians and use flavorings made from plants. The flavoring in V8 100% Vegetable Juice product is a blend of herb and citrus oils and in Tomato Soup it’s a blend of herb oils,” Haney said via email. “They do not use any flavors derived from meat/seafood/poultry/dairy.”
    – Campbell’s

    1. There is no argument with this…. They lie about what is in the ingredients the only people defending this topic are either from Campbell’s or idiot’s! And likely Democrats! We deserve to know what’s inside and to hide the truth is just plain questionable in any circumstance! It could be human remains for all you know and we are talking about ALL THEIR PRODUCTS, not just V8 that means chunky meats and Creamy broths (mmm sea men….) If you don’t care what is in your food come here and I will whip you up something tasty oooh but don’t ask what I put inside *winks* natural flavoring is all you will get out of me… OOH I should totally sell my own brand market and package. It would be a hit!

  27. But they informed you about there being no animal product here is their tweet response to you

    ✔ @CampbellCares Follow @thefoodbabe V8 100% Veg Juice & Tomato Soup are both vegetarian. No animal products are used. Sorry for any confusion. 3:26 PM – 5 Aug 2014

  28. For someone like me, even a drop of fish or seafood in veggie juice could be harmful. Sure explains why I get sick After just one sip! Is regular tomato juice (not clamato) the same?

  29. I know onions are part of the natural flavoring as I am allergic to them and had a reaction when I tried V8 one time. Also there are restaurants that sometimes use V8 in their tomato soup.

  30. There is no argument with this…. They lie about what is in the ingredients the only people defending this topic are either from Campbell’s or idiot’s! And likely Democrats! We deserve to know what’s inside and to hide the truth is just plain questionable in any circumstance! It could be human remains for all you know and we are talking about ALL THEIR PRODUCTS, not just V8 that means chunky meats and Creamy broths (mmm sea men….) If you don’t care what is in your food come here and I will whip you up something tasty oooh but don’t ask what I put inside *winks* natural flavoring is all you will get out of me… OOH I should totally sell my own brand market and package. It would be a hit!

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