Thank You Yoga!

Tree Pose on the porch of our bungalow on a tiny island called Utila off the coast of Honduras last Summer

WOW – My booty is still burning from today’s hot yoga class at Yoga One. I am inspired by every yoga class I take at Yoga One, but today’s class was special. Johnna was mind blowing. Any teacher that can make you laugh and cry in the same breath and make class go by in seconds is the I dedicated my practice today to my Dad, because of all the events surrounding his health. I really believe in the transfer of energy. If you direct it to someone, I know they’ll get it in some form or fashion. Whether its through unexpected laughter or a good nights sleep or slowly healing a disease. I know they can feel it, but they may not know exactly where the energy is coming from.

I also dedicated my practice to writing this post today. You see I’ve been really procrastinating in the thank you department. So many of my friends and family have showered me with so much love and goodies recently. My thank you list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and for some reason I keep forgetting to order more stationary or to go pick up a box of cards and send them out.

Please don't count the number of candles
Making a wish - this is the best part of any birthday for me.....and well ... maybe... the gifts too :)

So here it goes… My list of belated thank yous and a special gift to all of you, a 30 min Yoga sequence I like to do when I can’t make it to Yoga One.

Let’s first start back in the beginning of March … Has it been three months already? Yikes. I am really really late on this one.

Thank you SUMMERS & TAYLOR – for being the best hostesses and buying tickets when we visited you for the Charleston Food and Wine Festival. I am sorry that you had to replace your trash can, you know the one I puked in the night before the festival. I had food poisoning and so did my husband. It was horrible. We ate at Harvest Moon Grille the night before, not sure if they were the culprit (we did have some undercooked food by their mistake and as a precaution we haven’t eaten there since). Just when you think you are going to have a blast eating and drinking all weekend, that was the last thing on our minds. Thanks for entertaining us sick-lings with the beautiful dreamcatcher (Pocahontas is my new nickname coined by the disgruntled handyman in St. John) and the sling shot you gave us for playing pranks. Thank you also for always showering us with silly monkey toys. This new one is something else. I thought the remote control head monkey was as weird as they got. I promise I won’t accidentally misplace it on purpose.

Taylor and Summers dining at Zozo's during our xmas vacation in St. John

AMY is next. She surprised me early for my birthday this year with a totally unexpected gift of homemade and all natural beauty products. Thank you for making my skin glow! My favorite product was a face scrub with oatmeal and lavender that is completely gone but I still have the empty jar in my shower (is it rude to ask for a refill in a thank you note?) Amy has inspired me to be more crafty. I made my first vision board this year at her house and everything seems to be coming true. It’s amazing to see what having a vision can do! Also, I want to note, we are starting a commune when we grow up and have kids one day. Just wait – I’ll be walking over to her house for all natural homemade diaper rash cream.

Amy and her husband Allen. Allen makes his own bio-diesel, incredible right? It's just a matter of time before they are completely off the grid.

MOM, you shouldn’t have! I still can’t believe how big those pearl earrings you gave me for my birthday this year. I love them and they go with everything! If you haven’t seen me wear them yet, it was because at first I was afraid a pirate might come up and steal them from me. ARRRRGGGGG!

My Beautiful Mother

One of my favorite travel buddies is ANA. She’s a traveling freak like me. So she knows her ins and outs of airports so well. Ana even checks in for me and gets me the best seat when I am late getting to the airport. She’s like my travel clone and savior all wrapped in one. I love her. Thank you for the most outrageous jetsetting Kate Spade Passport cover. I love it even more than my sparkling cheetah phone cover. It’s so bling bling gold and everything. I counted the compliments on it from our recent trip to Italy and England. (There were 6! 2 flight attendants, 3 security check point agents, and a random guy in line). Can’t wait to put it in action again on the way down to Turks and Caicos this weekend!

Ana is so cute always hanging out in First Class
My father in law using my sparkling cheetah phone - Too funny not to capture

VICKY is my sista from another mista. Not only did she fly all they way up here from Florida to visit me for my birthday, she gave me the cutest necklace. Thank you Vicky, for always being the perfect houseguest. She is always cleaning up after herself, putting away dishes, changing her sheets, and asking if she can do more and more. She’s not normal. I love it – I should be sending her a note every time she stays with me to thank her for making my life as a hostess so easy.

Vicky & Nicole - Cupcake Monsters
Rachel, me, Ana, Vicky, Nicole and Amy

My BBF is NICOLE – we’ve been BBFs for about 25 years… that’s scary… OMG gosh didn’t mean to age us.  When I opened up the gift Nicole gave me this year, I was so surprised! She had remembered this awesome bracelet that I wanted while shopping at South Park Mall a while back.  Ok…I am sorry, I need to back up, because I just lied.  I wasn’t surprised at all because she has the memory of an elephant. She remembers everything and I remember nothing and this drives me crazy. Just wait till your birthday Nicole – I’ll get you back, even if I have to sneak little written notes to myself and tape them to my forehead next time we go shopping!

Ok enough kidding – Thank you Nicole for being my life line to so many fabulous memories!

Doesn't this Bracelet Rock?

I kinda treated this blog on my Triple C Soup as my thank you for my recent cookbook addition from RACHEL. But I didn’t really call it out – You know I love a gift if you see me using it! Thank you for getting me the gorgeous Moro East cookbook and for being my blog consultant.

Rachel is my photo soul mate - we are the same weight and height :)

Thank you LIZ & BRIAN for feeding me fanciest of vegetables during my recent trip to NYC, your generosity is very much appreciated. I love you both and so excited you are getting married! I simply can’t wait for all the parties to start!

Having dinner in the candle lit garden at Pure Food and Wine with Liz and Brian

LAURA, Can I tell you a secret? When you asked me what you should bring to Finley’s birthday weekend, I hadn’t even started planning what we were going to do! I had no idea. Thanks for getting my butt in gear, for the amazing healthy bean dip we munched on before dinner and the cheese biscuits for brunch. Your bowling is striking. (Pun intended). I received your thank you note this week. You are the absolute sweetest, you are welcome back to Charlotte anytime you like! You are my good luck (buy everything you see) shopping buddy.

REEVA – You are so cute and precious. You are the reason why I always wanted a little sister. Thank you teaching me the phrase “the” I used earlier in the post.

Reeva aka "Mini me" and me

Last but not least. Thank You Yoga One . Practicing my breathing in class has made me the most excellent and relaxed Scuba Diver. Breath in 5 counts, breath out 10 counts, as one of my favorite teachers Hollace reminds me so often.

Thanks to improving my breathing techniques in yoga - I am so comfortable scuba diving now. I love dancing with the fish
Twirling under the sea in Saba
A fellow diver caught us holding hands! We had just seen a 9 foot lemon shark 130 feet down

Wow… Ok I think I just spend significantly more time creating this post than to just write thank you notes in the first place! See what procrastination does! You end up spending more energy than you originally would have…. It’s all good energy though, I hope you feel it! :)

On to the Booty Burn!  This yoga sequence is inspired by the book Yoga Body Diet and can be completed anytime of day – I like doing this series at night after a long day in the office. It only take about 30 mins, hope you enjoy it.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me or send me a message on my Facebook page.

Who are you going to dedicate your next practice to?


Food Babe’s 30 Minute Yoga Sequence




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  1. Vicky

    I love you girl! Thank you for always being there for me too!

    • Food Babe (to Vicky)

      Vicky – I seriously miss you – come visit again soon. Or let’s meet Charleston one weekend?

  2. Rachel

    I love this post. You have amazing friends and I’m so happy to be included in your list! I’m dedicating my class tonight to my mom.

  3. Ana

    wow! loved it big time!!! I am inspired by your inspiration. Thank you girlfriend!!!!!

  4. Veena

    i am touched!

  5. Nicole

    LOVE YOU! here’s to many many more memories and good times!

  6. Raymond Gao

    nice website. good information for staying healthy.

    • Food Babe (to Raymond Gao)

      Thank you Raymond! Welcome to the site!

  7. Cody

    Great intention for your Yoga class, and great post! Yoga brings you inside to help you become more present, aware and ultimate more appreciate of life. Very inspiring post!


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