My Favorite Workouts – Turbo Kick & Turbo Fire

I haven’t written about working out in a long time. You can see where my ultimate passion lies by the number of posts I write about food and nutrition. But did you know that taking away the ability to workout is Food Babe’s kryptonite?

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I can just about get through anything I face on a daily basis unless my body stays still or stagnant for too long. Not being able to exercise – I get cranky, irritable, stressed, anxious, easily pissed off, etc – you get the idea – I become one miserable person inside. This is why I make it a priority to workout every single day – it doesn’t have to be a no holds bar type of workout – but something every day to get my booty moving to calm my mind, to breath, to sweat, and to most importantly get that endorphin high!

Turbo Kick is my favorite workout in the WORLD and will keep me committed to working out on the busiest of days.

I first discovered Turbo Kick a few years ago when I decided to take a “kickboxing” class at the the local YMCA one Saturday. It went something like this – I walked into a gym packed full of about 50 women, I stood in the back of the room and started watching what was “on stage.” There were three women instructors moving so intense, full of energy and excitement. I quickly learned the moves, moving by booty to the music and feeling like I was at a Black Eyed Peas concert dancing, kicking and punching. The instructors – Meredith, Lindy, and Anna looked like superstars partying on stage dressed with blinged out clothes, animal prints and funky hats. I’d never experienced this type of electric energy during a workout before – I was immediately hooked. So hooked in fact – I have made it my mission to go to Turbo Kick class every single Saturday I could for the last few years….

The Turbo Kick routine changes every month – so you get to hear the newest and latest dance music, your body continues to be challenged and you learn new moves that work your muscles differently than the month before. Turbo Kick is high intensity if you want – or low intensity on the days you need to take it easy. It is one of the most versatile workouts and anyone can do it. I see women of all ages in class, including someone in their early 70’s – WOW (Hope that’s me one day..!)

I tried the new high intensity interval training (HITT) “at home” version of Turbo Kick this week – it’s called Turbo Fire. This rocked my world. Discovering that I had the ability to do this fun workout at home with souped up intensity anytime I like was mind blowing to me. I’ve only tried one DVD so far – but so far so AMAZING.

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Meredith (seen below doing her thing last week at Turbo Kick) is one of my favorite instructors who can motivate someone like I have never seen. She’s also a Beachbody coach and works for Powder Blue Productions – the company behind Turbo Kick. If you are looking for a fun, fast paced, energetic workout to really amazing music – this is the workout for you. Check out Meredith’s Beachbody page for more information on Turbo Fire.

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A lot of you out there may have already tried the first set of DVDs “Turbo Jam” – this is great too for a beginner. I totally want every single “Turbo” dvd I can get my hands on for christmas. I hear there are new DVDs coming out soon! Can’t wait.

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Being a devoted member of class, I’ve always gotten the nudge from Meredith to maybe teach Turbo Kick one day… who knows… this may happen, anything to spread the Turbo love.

If you have any questions about Turbo Kick or any of the other workouts I do – feel free to leave me a comment or come visit me on my Facebook Wall.

Until then – see you in Turbo class!

Food Babe

P.S. One thing they always mention after every Beachbody DVD is to drink a recovery shake. I couldn’t agree more – This one has High Quality Whey Protein, Organic Mixed Berries, Water, Ice, Chia Seeds and Lots of Lovely Organic Kale!

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12 Responses to “My Favorite Workouts – Turbo Kick & Turbo Fire”

  1. Lorin

    It’s always a plaeruse to hear from someone with expertise.

  2. alan2102

    Ever worked with stiff-leg deadlifts? Booty and hamstring burn el magnifico! Better than weighted lunges. I have a love-hate affair with them. Hate to do them; love the results. Brutally hard work; great results.

  3. amy

    I am new to your blog…thank you! I am trying to cut out all processed food, so I’ve never known if I should consider whey protein a processed “no” food? Thank you!

    • Food Babe (to amy)

      I still have whey protein… but I make sure to pick a high quality one that is cold-pressed and taken from hormone free, grass fed cows. My choice is Jay Robb Vanilla Whey.

  4. jenny

    love this blog! i bought turbo jam’s first cd set 5 years ago from an infomercial, lost one of my favorite cds while traveling & managed to find it on amazon. the best, most effective cd w/ visible results is turbo sculpt – 30 minutes w/ major results.

  5. Sabina

    What gym do you do Turbo Kick at? I maaaay be moving to Charlotte in June, and I will become a Turbo Kick instructor in 2 weeks! I’d love to Turbo alongside you :)

  6. Nicole

    I LOVE Chalene Johnson. She is one of my biggest inspirations and I am glad YOU have experienced her as well. If you ever get the chance, you should check out ChaLEAN Extreme. Cardio and weights…it’s brilliant.

  7. Jessica Stepp

    I absolutely love getting your emails by the way. I’m definitely a health nut & after I changed my entire diet I changed my workouts(no GMOs for me!). I’ve done several Beachbody workouts & I love it so much I became a Beachbody coach. Nothing better than doing what you love for a living(but I’m sure you already know that)! FYI everyone: Turbo Fire & Body Beast are on sale right now( ). I can’t tell you how thrilled I am you are a Turbo Fire user! <3 Now I want to refer people to you now more than ever! You are the best!

  8. Michelle Morton

    I am just coming across this post – and am very surprised that you recommend Jay Robb Vanilla Whey protein?

    Don;t all the health gurus tell you to stay away from whey? and isn’t the Jay Robb products processed?

  9. Laura

    Gotta love Beachbody!


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