Food Babe’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

These are all the things that make my life complete or that I’m wishing to magically appear under my tree this holiday season…Between the 40 or so items on this healthy holiday gift guide, I hope you can find something to give your loved one or selfishly ask for yourself this holiday season.

I’ve included all the online shopping links and prices to date, to make the craziness of buying presents a little easier… Happy shopping!

Kitchen Gifts

  1. Slow Juicer (from $299) - Juice is medicine, plain and simple. This may be the most powerful and rewarding gift you could give yourself or a loved one. Drinking green juice will awaken you to health, vitality and wellness. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without juice and will certainty thank the person who bought you the juicer until the end of day. Slow Juicers are the best home juicers on the market. They are quiet, easy to clean and preserve nutrients and enzymes much longer than centrifuge juicers. The pulp comes out almost completely dry and will save you money down the road in produce cost making this type of juicer worth every penny of the investment.
  2. MOMA Colorful Rings Cutting Board ($25) - The MOMA Store is a great place to find a whimsical inexpensive kitchen gifts – especially this colorful round cutting board that I recently got a friend.
  3. The Green Pan (Starting at $79.00) - This pan is a must for any healthy kitchen. It is non stick but isn’t coated with toxic teflon and can help you reduce the amount of oil you use in your cooking dramatically – I stir fry things almost dry using only a 1/2 teaspoon of oil or vegetable broth without anything sticking. It’s completely safe and eco-friendly. I have both the Wok and Crepe Pan.
  4. Lemon Juicer ($27) - Teaching someone about detoxing first thing in the morning will be a lot more fun if you give them this gift. I love this lemon juicer because it is stainless steel, isn’t made of plastic or painted with potential harmful chemicals that can leach into your water or food. Hot Water with Lemon in the morning will be an easy ritual with this!
  5. Glass Straws ($31.50 for set) - This gift will be perfect for your favorite eco-friendly smoothie drinking friend or family member. The more plastics you can eliminate in someone’s life the better! These ones have a wide hole for easy slurping thick green smoothies.
  6. Clear Bowl for Kitchen Aid Mixer ($69) - I’ve been eyeing this bowl for a while now – Why all Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers don’t come with this – I just can’t understand. This bowl makes a nice gift upgrade for someone who already owns a stand mixer and uses it a lot.
  7. Bodum Storage Jars (Starting at $8) - Storing your juice, Hari Shakes or other green smoothies is easy thanks to air tight Bodum Jars. Having these jars are a real luxury, making it a perfect gift. I discovered these jars long ago when I received a wedding gift from my cousin in Louisiana. She filled each jar with the dry ingredients to a cookie recipe. I personally like to fill these jars with homemade trail mix or organic butterscotch and cinnamon candies from Yummy Earth and wrap the outside with a ribbon.

Fit Gifts

  1. Polar Heart Rate Monitor ($104) - Not knowing how hard you are working in the gym is a big mistake if you are serious about getting in shape and continuously trying to challenge yourself to see results. This is one of the best tools I ever bought and now I am in the best shape of my life because of it. It gives me instant feedback on how hard I am working and how many calories I am burning. Having this watch on my wrist is a constant reminder to make each minute count when I am working out.
  2. Spoonk Acupressure Mat (Starting at $35) - Spoonk is an acupressure mat that has over 6,000 points to stimulate your circulation. Circulation is incredibly important in regulating all our body functions. When circulation isn’t good, our energy gets blocked and affects the way we feel and think. I use this mat all the time when I’m feeling stressed out or tired or to relieve aching muscles from a tough workout. For more read my full review here.
  3. Yoga Classes (Starting at $5) - Buy one or buy many, Yoga classes are the perfect gift to give someone who’s been wanting to try Yoga or for a loved one who is a long time Yogi. There are so many great studios where I live – Yoga One being my absolute favorite – classes start as low as $5-15 dollars, making this gift super affordable! The physical benefits of yoga is just the icing on the cake, practicing Yoga’s primary purpose is to detox your body from the inside out. Imagine awakening this in someone who has never tried it before?
  4. Kettlebells (Starting at $17) - The major secret with kettlebell training is that is metabolic. It raises your heart rate while working several muscles at once allowing you to burn a huge number of calories during the workout and after to repair the muscle damage. It’s like sprinting on crack. In sprinting you mostly use your legs. However, with one basic kettlebell move – “The Swing”, you use your legs, hips, back and arms all at once. I purchased 3 kettlebells in various weights to add to my home gym and use them regularly. Here’s my favorite kettlebell workout.
  5. Exercise DVDs (Starting at $100 for set) - I love BeachBody DVDs because they are challenging enough to always keep me in tip top shape without getting bored. Turbo Kick, P90x, and Insanity are my favorites. Getting a set for a family member or friend and doing the workouts together to motivate each other is a great gift idea!

Travel Gifts

  1. Lululemon Toiletry Cube ($69) - The most functional toiletry kit I’ve ever seen. When opened it also hangs on the back of the bathroom door helping out with counter space in small hotel bathrooms. I just bought one for myself and my husband for our upcoming trip to Peru and Ecuador (shhhh! don’t tell him!)
  2. Scuba Diving Lessons (Starting at $99) - Scuba Diving has changed my life. I only wish I found it sooner. Did you know you can be as young as 13 to get scuba certified? It’s one the activities that I plan most of my travels around and fills my life with so much joy. There are so many amazing things to see under the sea. The first time I swam with a school of sharks, I found beauty that I never thought I found find. Sharks are such calm and graceful creatures, completely opposite from what I had in my imagination. Lessons make the perfect gift for an adventure seeker in your life! Also – This is a perfect activity that will keep you active while on vacation burning hundreds of calories. I received my scuba diving training here in Charlotte at Paradise Island Divers.
  3. Travel Slippers (Starting at $19) - I never travel without slippers… something about my feet staying cozy (and clean!) on vacation makes me feel at home away from home.
  4. Manduka Travel Yoga Mat (Starting at $39.00) - When my husband and I travel, we like to take extended vacations to really immerse ourselves in the culture. I can be away from home for a long time but not away from my yoga mat. This one is thin enough to fold to travel well and actually works great.
  5. Max Cold Igloo Rolling Cooler ($53) - In order to eat organic on the road, I travel with a lot of my own home-prepared foods. This is the travel cooler I’ve been using for about 4 years. It’s still rolling strong and I love the bungee cords that snap the top shut vs. having to worry about tapping it up before checking it on a plane.
  6. Beats Headphones ($179.00) - A good pair of headphones are a must for long flights and I love the bright colors that are available for this brand. Beats also double as a headset for your phone – I want the purple ones! Will someone pretty please buy me a pair?

Beauty Gifts

  1. Tarte Lip Stain ($47.00 for set) - Looking for a lead free and toxic alternative to lipstick and lipgloss? Tarte Cosmetics make the most awesome Lip Tints that stay on your lips for hours and look FABULOUS. I am obviously a huge fan because I own every color.  Last year I bought a set, but split up the colors between the different women in my life depending on what color would look best on who – They make fun stocking stuffers.
  2. Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Mask ($44) - This facial mask is pure luxury. The facials I give myself at home are better than any professional facial I’ve ever received because of this product. My skin glows like a lightning beam after an application and feels so incredible.
  3. Julep Nail Polish Set ($34) - Finding non-toxic nail polishes can be tough… that’s why this collection of Julep nail polishes are brilliant.
  4. Nourish Body Butter ($9) - I fell immediately in love with this body butter recently at a Whole Foods Event in NYC. Nourish is 100% certified organic and contains no harmful ingredients. Perfect for stocking stuffers and comes in amazing natural scents, although I prefer fragrance free.
  5. Tampico Dry Brush ($8) -  Everyone should have one of these brushes! Do you ever get bumps on your legs in the winter time from wearing so many pairs of leggings and tights? Well this doesn’t have to happen!  If you use a dry brush regularly it will prevent those little suckers from ever showing up. I use my dry brush about 3 times a week to rejuvenate my skin and stimulate my lymphatic system – the results are incredible.
  6. Silk Pillow Cases ($19) - This is something I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime. Sleeping on a silk pillow is reported to reduce the appearance of lines on your face, keep your hair in better shape while you sleep and keep your skin more moisturized because silk does not absorb face cream the way cotton does. Two of these are on my list this year – can’t wait to report back the results.

Foodie Gifts

  1. Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit ($40) - If I could have micro greens on top of every meal of my day – I would. Not only do these tender greens taste incredibly good – but they are super packed with nutrients. I want to start growing my own ASAP. I love the clean modern look of this planter design from Uncommon Goods.
  2. Organic Kimchi (Starting at $10) - I have a huge head of cabbage in the fridge and it’s been staring at me to make Kimchi all week. Luckily you don’t have to make organic kimchi from scratch anymore – Rejuvenative Foods have come up with a few different recipes that are absolutely delicious and make perfect gifts for the foodie in your life! Kimchi is loaded with vitamins A, B, and C and “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli, found in fermented foods like yogurt. This good bacteria helps with digestion and wards off cancer.
  3. JEM Specialty Nut Butters ($11) - My favorite superfoods and spices all mixed together with sprouted nuts! A dream come true. To find out more why these made the list – you must see what I did with these specialty nut butters here.
  4. Cocomels – Coconut Milk Caramels (Starting at $2) - I used to love caramels until I found out what was actually in them. Thank goodness for JJ Sweets who decided to reinvent the goodness of caramels using coconut milk and organic non-GMO ingredients. The chocolate expresso caramels are to DIE for…someone please buy me a box.
  5. Navitas Naturals Super Foods (Starting at $5) - I bet there are lots of people in your lives that have never tried a goji berry or raw cacao nib. I am always introducing superfoods like these to my family and friends any chance I get. A perfect gift would be to get a cute basket from a craft store and fill it with different packages of superfoods. Navitas Naturals has very colorful packages, making a beautiful gift. You could also mix the superfoods in a trail mix and put them in Bodum Jars too!
  6. Grass-fed Ghee ($12) - Help a loved one make a switch from cooking with butter to ghee. Ghee is an incredible source of fat – and a staple everyone should have in their kitchen. Making your own is fun, however, I love saving an extra step and buying a good quality ghee like this one. (Mom – don’t kill me!)

Book Gifts

There may be no better gift, than the gift of knowledge. Don’t forget to inscribe the cover, so they will remember who gave them the book forever! These are some of my favorites:

  1. Eat Taste Heal ($19)
  2. The Sprouted Kitchen ($14)
  3. Crazy Sexy Diet ($11)
  4. The 4-Hour Chef ($21)
  5. Conscious Eating ($23)
  6. Eating for Beauty ($16)
  7. Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine ($19)e
  8. Superfood Kitchen ($13)
  9. Super Natural Everyday ($12)
  10. The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet ($12)

You have the opportunity of doing something LIFE CHANGING for someone. I hope you give the gift of health this holiday season.

Food Babe

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75 Responses to “Food Babe’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. John Simpson

    I want to eat healthier and I am lazy about having to shop and cook. Any great ideas on “simple” cooking AND using a juicer. I love my crockpot for fall and winter.

    • David (to John Simpson)

      Salads are simple and easy. Or grill some chicken and a veggie side. And as for juicing a good one to start is carrots and apples very tasty!

  2. Preeti Jain

    Wow awesome gift ideas!!Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Cathy Stadler

    This is AWESOME, thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah

    I’ve read reviews on the Green Pan. I’ve heard that after a few months, everything sticks to the pans.

    • Food Babe (to Sarah)

      I’ve had mine for 3 years… not a problem for me so far!

      • Angela (to Food Babe)

        I looked at Green Pan on Amazon. It says “stainless steel and aluminum body”. Is aluminum safe???

      • Kim (to Food Babe)

        Actually the Aeturnam Ceramic coated fry pans are much better as endorsed by the “4-Hour Chef” Tim Ferris. They are outstanding and can’t be beat for healthiness.

      • Hannah (to Food Babe)

        All pans leak heavy metals into food. Not just aluminum. Stainless steel pans also leak trace amounts of metal. These are toxic to your body. Many people are deficient in iron. This is why cooking in iron skillets and pots is best, not only are they indestructible but they are also non stick and super easy to use, if you know how to season and care for them. America’s Test Kitchen did a thorough investigation a couple of seasons ago on non stick cookware and the iron skillet WON.

        Use iron and if it gets into your food, not to worry, you will be less deficient than you already were.

  5. Haley S

    This is the best gift guide I have ever seen! I want it all!!! (: Hehe!

  6. Liz

    hmm i’ve always been interested in using ghee but it seems so expensive.. can you elaborate on the benefits of cooking with ghee vs. butter? or perhaps a recipe for making my own?

    • Brittney (to Liz)

      I am also curious about the benefits of using ghee vs butter. I made the switch to “real food” about a year ago and have been using butter ALL THE TIME!

      • Kat (to Brittney)

        Ghee is clarified butter. You separate the saturated fats of the butter by heating it til it floats out, strain, then what you are left with is hopefully…unburned ghee. All the monounsaturated goodness. here is not my website, but my favorite picture inclusive recipe for ghee

  7. Lucy

    How would you compare the Hurom Juicer mentioned above and the Greenstar juicer you have mentioned in your earlier posts? I know that the Greenstar is more expensive so I’m just going to guess that it is a better quality? What’s your opinion?

    • Food Babe (to Lucy)

      I personally like the Hurom juicer better than Green Star – they are both good juicers – but Hurom is easier to use and clean. I just discovered it a few months ago… hence why I hadn’t mentioned it before. For the money – I would totally go for Hurom.

      • Lucy (to Food Babe)

        Thank you for your reply! A juicer is on our family’s Christmas list so this really helps.

      • Denise (to Food Babe)

        Do you know anything about the Kuvings upright juicer? I was looking at the Hurom on costco and saw the Kuvings upright juicer for practically the same price and it includes shipping.

      • Kim (to Food Babe)

        you really can’t beat the Omega Masticating Juicer. It works better than anything on the market because that is all they do.

  8. Melissa @ My Whole Food Life

    Great post! I love my kitchenaid mixer! I would love to get my hands on some of those books and the awesome cutting board!

  9. Sarah

    What are the things we should look for in cookware? Are all Green Pan products good? I don’t have a clue what the chemicals I want to avoid are! I would like to replace all my cookware with better products over the next few holidays. I’m willing to make an investment if it good for us and will last.

  10. Alysha

    Thanks for putting my Christmas list together! I am just going to send my husband to this page to see what is on my list this year :) P.s. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jasanna

    loooove my glass straws!

  12. christi h.

    Thank you so much for this gift list! I found several things I’d like to receive myself, and ended up buying gifts for several people on my list. My aunt and uncle went vegan earlier this year but often eat lots of meat and dairy replacement foods, which I don’t feel are that great for them. I put together a gift basket of kimchi, raw chocolate spread, vegan caramels (have to have a treat!), and the superfood cookbook. I think they’ll enjoy it!

  13. Sara

    Do you have any recommendation on a dehydrator? I’d love to get one for my husband.

  14. Marlene Dotterer

    Thanks! These are great ideas. Online shopping makes it impossible to visualize things, so a question about the rolling cooler: how much does it hold? For instance, how many quart-size jars will it hold? Or how many sandwich-size Tupperware containers? Do you have to check it, or will it fit as a carry-on?

    I’m sorry, that’s more than one question! We really need something like this!

    • Food Babe (to Marlene Dotterer)

      I can fit about 8 jars in them (20 ounces each) + 4-6 sandwich size tupperware….I love this cooler – it has a hard inside, which is really important for air travel. It’s perfect for me and my husband – but if you have a family, I would find one bigger – but definitely get a hard case. Good Luck!

  15. Shawna

    What a great list!! If Santa won’t bring me some of these items, I’ll be glad to get them for myself since I’ve been so good this year. :) I would add a Vitamix to the list for those who don’t have one (No, I don’t get a kickback) — I use mine every day to make smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butters and juices.

    Thanks so much for putting this list together!

  16. Lil Rinaldi

    Thank-you for sharing! There are so many things I want from this list and some I already have. I love my kitchenaid mixer which I’ve had for years and I also have the Hurom juicer which I purchased last year and use often. It is so easy to clean and I have been very happy with it! Also bought the same body brush on your recommendation! Love it!

  17. Elizabeth

    I bought the glass straws and that body brush a while ago per your recommendations.. I love the glass straws, but have yet to really use the brush b/c it’s SO rough. How do you even stand it? I’m sure you don’t scrub very hard, but I am really baffled that anyone can use this brush on their skin. Help!

    Also, do you have any recommendations for luggage? I was shopping briefly recently and saw tags all over luggage saying the material can cause birth defects! I was horrified and would really like to find an eco friendly and quality set.
    Thanks Vani!!

    • Food Babe (to Elizabeth)

      You probably just need to get used to the brush. Use it everyday for 2 weeks – I’m sure your skin will adjust…

      As for luggage – your comment totally freaks me out – now I’m concerned about mine! I usually go with Samsonite that rolls in every which way and on super sale at Marshalls or TJMax… I’ve never seen one of those warnings before. Yikes.

  18. Georgia

    Juicer question — which would you recommend the Hurom or Vitamix? I cannot get both. As far as making juices, is one better than the other? Which one would be better at preserving nutrients and enzymes?

    • Erin (to Georgia)

      I’m curious to this as well. I own a Vitamix so started using that to make juices but was debating whether I should purchase a juicer.

  19. jenifer divine

    i live in Thailand, a land renowned for its silk (on an island in the Andaman Sea, Koh Lanta,renowned for its proximity to spectacular diving); that said- silk pillowcases going on my list for sure; i own a restaurant & we have many other places here serving fresh, delicious Thai food from fresh, largely local, healthy ingredients

  20. Cindi

    I’ve been eyeing a green pan at Michael’s craft store that’s only $20. Now I’m wondering if I need to take a closer look at it.

  21. Naturalicious

    I really enjoyed the gift guide. Its very cool that you catagorized the gifts too. The clear Kitchen Aid bowl and the non-toxic nail polish were my favorite finds on your list. Are you totally vegan? I’d like you to try my cookie dough some time. Its not vegan, but it is healthful. Its a great foodie gift too.

  22. Paula

    This falls into the “Fit” category: we do kettlebells and body-weight exercises and are always leaving piles of marbles or pens in different areas of the house as rep counters. This year on I found an abacus that comes apart into 10 different single bars of counters! I am going to give them as exercise rep counters!!

  23. tee

    Okay where did you find a Hurom for 299.00??

  24. ashley

    I have many items on this list and LOVE them– especially the glass straws and lemon juicer. Another cool gift idea is a CSA subscription to It’s on my list this year. I try not to drink much coffee, but I feel better knowing it comes directly from the farmers and is roasted fresh right before they send it to your door.

  25. Marie

    Food Babe, you are so awesome! I am so thankful for people like you on this Earth. What a great list you have compiled. Much love ~~

  26. Lindsey

    How did you decide on the Green Pan? The Green Pan has an aluminum exterior with Thermolon Endurance non-stick interior coating. Have you found research on the Thermolon interior? I am wondering if it possibly leaches any other toxic chemicals.

    There are so many companies designing supposedly “non-toxic” pans and marketing them, it’s hard to know what to believe.

  27. Holly

    I have recently just started learning to eat healthier and no gmo’s, and love to read your blogs/posts. So much to learn! Anyway, is there a yoga or exercise dvd that you would recommend for beginners?? The Insanity dvd looks a bit too mcuh to start out with!!

  28. Shay

    What do you use for cookware? We are looking at replacing all of ours. I found this one for a reasonable price have you heard of it?

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Shay)

      Hi Shay – Vani uses Green Pan for non-stick cookware. Check out #3 above under Kitchen gifts.

  29. Robin

    Hello Vani! Thanks for the amazing and comprehensive list of great products. I am in need of a new kitchen pan set (mine was shuffled during moving), but I cannot afford the GreenPan. Im putting myself through Graduate school and just can’t spend the cash. I was thinking of just getting one GreenPan, but then would still need to purchase the remaining pots/pans for a set such as boiling pot, etc, as I cook a lot. Is there something that is a good alternative to tide me over until I can afford the GreenPan? Ive seen OrGreenic Pans in stores, but didn’t know if that was a cheap option. OrGreenic touts being safer than the unsafe pans being sold in the store today. What do you think?

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Robin)

      I think you can find other versions of non-stick cookware (similar to greenpan -non teflon) that are less expensive. I would suggest one non-stick skillet and then the rest of your cookware can be an inexpensive stainless steel set. Good luck

  30. Julie

    I am a newcomer and I am loving this post. Thanks for the suggestions Food Babe; I am eyeing many of your suggestions and adding them to my birthday and Christmas lists.

  31. Devora

    The Green pan link doesn’t work.

  32. susu

    Although the colorful chopping board is fun, I’m wondering about what kind of color dye is used since, over time, bit by bit, with all the cutting, the color substance will leach out. Do you know what is contained in the dye? I also think there would be a need for a sealant, which is possibly even worse…..

  33. brandon

    I read a little about green pans and I don’t think they’re safe. And I actually have them, while cooking they repeatedly smell of plastic/chemical. They can’t be that safe considering they’re so new to the market and a it’s made of a new material. What are your thoughts? Brandon

    • Jenne (to brandon)

      Brandon, I don’t trust the Green Pans or any other non-stick/non-toxic coated cookware. I’ve come to the conclusion, from looking at about a dozen different sources, that the cookware that seems like the safest choices are cast iron, enameled cast iron (like LeCruset), high quality stainless steel (like All-Clad) and ceramic (not ceramic coated). I’ve heard that glass Corningware, that could be found on E-bay is also another choice.

  34. jill

    Awesome list! Keep ‘em coming!

  35. Dorothy King

    You won’t find any cook wear better than the iron pots and skillets we were raised on. Healthy and reasonably priced. Please check these out. They last forever.

  36. Ava

    I have just come across your blog & simply got blown away. I am a little overwhelmed with all the information. Thanks Vani for all you’ve done! This is definitely information which I would love to incorporate into my life, but don’t know where to begin.

  37. Amy Duffield

    Awesome that you recommend Beachbody programs!! Love them and I am a BB coach!! T25 is now out with is like Insanity but only 25 mins. P90X3 release tomorrow which will be like P90X but only 30 mins. Incredible programs for those that have limited time, like me a mom of 3!!! Thanks Food Babe!!

  38. Leigh Minnigan

    What do you think about other Tarte products?? Any help is great! I specifically looked at the other lip products and Self-tanner and wondered what you thought. Thanks!

  39. Anne

    Thanks for the list! As for the ceramic pans…. they are expensive and do not hold up for the long run. I am looking for a pan that is good with eggs and cheese dishes that will NOT wear out within the first year. When I spend my money, I’d like to know the product I bought will last me!

  40. Ruthie

    Thanks so much for this awesome and affordable list! Sadly nothing I wanted was available :( the silk pillows, trail mix, slippers. Oh well I’ll think of something to get my family members! I am such a last minute shopper sighh..

    Then I was reading reviews for the Nourish body butter, and there were weird reviews about it–questioning whether they are truly organic or not? Do you know anything about this Food babe?

    • Food Babe (to Ruthie)

      I’ve met the owners and it’s USDA certified. Whole Foods wouldn’t carry it if it wasn’t legit. They are very strict in their beauty department.

  41. Lili

    Thanks, Food Babe! I am looking for a cutting board for a while now and your suggestion is worth a consideration :-). The lunch boxes are also very nice.

  42. Alyssa

    Hey babe! This list is AMAZING thanks so much!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  43. darlene

    Do some research before purchasing a food juicer. I did, and aimed for the slow speed type. Do not have one as yet though. The hi speed ones, like vitamix go so fast that they kill most of the enzymes in food. Heat kills enzymes, thus the slow speed type does not kill the enzymes. A little more research before I purchase. If I juice, I want the food loaded with nutrition, not burned up.

  44. Cheri

    I’ve heard of the swing move, may be good for abs too. But, do I have to use a kettlebell? Can’t I just hold one of my free weights?

  45. nicole

    Where do you buy the toiletry cube from? I’m having difficulty finding it online. Thanks

  46. centrifugal juicer

    Every weekend i used to pay a visit this
    web site, for the reason that i want enjoyment, since this this site conations really fastidious
    funny information too.

  47. cookware sets

    This is extremely interesting, You’re a incredibly competent blogger. We’ve became a member of ones feast and appear ahead of time for you to in pursuit of additional of the great publish. As well, I’ve distributed your web site at my myspace

  48. Bek

    Hi, what dehydrator would you suggest suitable for making raw bread?

  49. Claire

    I love all the great beauty product you have suggested. I cleaned out my bathroom makeup drawer that day. I order the Julep polish, and the “Tarte ” mascara, and Tarte lip tint which I love . I got the light camera waterproof mascara because of my continued problems with dry eye and the (plugs) I have. I also got the Tarte eye liner. I throw away the products I have used for years. After three days using the new line my yes were so blurry I couldn’t see and bothersome, I had to finally remove it in the middle of the day. I bought the Josie’ Maran, which doesn’t come in waterproof. I bought the wipes of Josie that you as well suggested. My question is At Amazon the wipes are $19.99 and at sephora the same thing I bought 30 count was $12.00. I found that to be a real difference is price. I was so surprise. Everything else is close. Thank You for such great ideas for Christmas, And I took My 15 year old granddaughter makeup shopping as well. And bought her her own “heathy line.” So proud she has taken an interest in what I have been teaching her. I would love to enclose a picture. What an adventure it all is— food and makeup to gather it’s a good thing . Claire from Idaho


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