Listen: How I Became The Food Babe on Food Integrity Now


When cutting edge podcasts like Food Integrity Now ask to interview me after having guests like Dr. Vandana Shiva and Charlotte Gerson on their program, I feel incredibly honored and lucky. I share a lot on this blog, but it’s rare I get such a public and open invitation to share my story in such an unedited way. A big thanks goes to the whole team at Food Integrity Now and the host Carol Grieve for having interest in my very personal story…

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The podcasts on Food Integrity Now are fantastic and I’m not just saying that because they interviewed me. They are advocates for truth and transparency in our food system and it shows. I’ve been intently listening for a while now and have learned a lot from the guests they have interviewed and the information they share.

Here are some links to my favorite episodes:

Food Babe

P.S. I’d love to know how you got interested in real food and eating nutritious…leave a comment below and share your story.

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  1. Kerry

    When my son was diagnosed with food allergies and I really started digging into WHY his body couldn’t handle dairy, eggs and peanuts, I was shocked by what I found. We are on year 3 of our real food journey. I learn something new everyday on how to improve the health of my family. I’m also outraged daily by what I read and learn about Big Ag and Big Food. Thank you for your role in this movement!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Kerry)

      Kerry – thanks for sharing your story! Good luck in your journey!

  2. Lynn

    I have had issues with digestion and retaining weight for much of my life. Never one to eat huge portions, it was hard to figure why. As I raised a family and was motivated to feed them well on a budget, and resolve my own health and weight problems, I started reading everything I could find. That led to loads of frustration with all the contradictory stuff out there.

    I still have digestion and weight issues, but at least the journey has taught me a great deal about clean food, free of chemicals, sticking to basic fruit, vegetables and meat, trying to kick the sugar demon.

    I have added more exercise to the mix, and want to start adding good juice meal replacements.

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Lynn)

      Good luck Lynn! You can do it…

  3. Patricia Kaye Robertson

    My food journey; sick my entire life-depression, anxiettu, migraine, daily stomach aches. In my mid 30’s my body said enough us enough. My immune system literally shut down, & my organs & glands were struggling and were ivet compensating or falling short. My cognitive function dramatically declined as well as balance. I could no longer drive at age 41 it was not safe. I became to ill to eat (my saving grace). But after a few days I ate a bit of fruit for a couple of days. The 3rd day u was able to have a conversation & felt better. So I decided to have a piece of toast. Within 2 bites I was violently ill (pain abdomina) cognitive advancement within those 3 days gone. I have Celiac Disease. In 2yrs my life has morphed from invalid to to ? A women in the midst of the biggest miracle of her life. Healing with food.

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Patricia Kaye Robertson)

      Wow Patricia – so sorry for all that you have been through. We wish you health and happiness!

  4. Tiffany L.

    About 2 years ago I started really getting into working out regularly which eventually lead me to start changing my diet. I started learning more about HFCS, GMOs, etc. Your site was a huge help to me when I started refining diet even more and really looking at ingredients and where food comes from. Thank you for spreading your knowledge and your efforts to change the food industry!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Tiffany L.)

      Hi Tiffany – So glad to know you have benefited from info you have learned here. Keep up the good work.

  5. Ciara Foy

    Great podcast! I share your passion! I think its wonderful that you have the courage to stand up for what you believe! Keep pushing on!

  6. Stephanie

    I have a friend who beat stage 4 skin cancer naturally – no chemo, no radiation, no toxic medications. Part of his treatment plan (among many other things) was to drastically change his diet by eating only whole foods and minimizing his sugar intake. I began looking at my own diet differently and became fascinated with the healing power of food and committed to understanding the ingredients within food!

  7. angel

    2 yrs ago when our 3rd son was born he was diagnosed with a rare liver disease that has no known cause or no true cure, : Biliary Atresia. I already knew that food impacted our health but then it became an issue truly close to my heart so I started doing research on how to feed him. I HATE that he has this disease BUT I am grateful for the ability to make wise decisions for him & our family ! THANKS for ALL you do for us !!!!!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to angel)

      I am so sorry! He is lucky to have you as a mom.

    • Brett (to angel)

      Have you looked into the Gerson Therapy? The therapy is natural, simple and has cured tons of liver diseases.

  8. Chelsea

    I’ve always been interested in healthy food, going vegetarian 10 years ago. In a search for real food recipes I came across 100 days of real food which I started following and saw an investigation you did so I started following you as well. I’ve only recently seen the light and because of you I’ve become obsessed with label reading, green juice and only buying organic food, local when I can. THANK YOU for all that you do and for opening my eyes.

  9. Karen

    Just finished listening to your story. I am thankful that I came across your FB page through the “100 days of real food” blog !! I have been battling “arthritis” for at least 7 years now. It has become quite painful and has changed my quality of life dramatically. Little things that were taken for granted are now a major issue. BUT ….about a year ago I went to a wellness clinic and was introduced to Dr. Mercola’s website. Quite an eye opener and really started my questioning of foods, FDA etc. When I saw your website I was amazed at all the information you provided and have been in the process of totally changing to organic, juicing etc. I am beginning to see some positive changes, small but they are happening and I am feeling hopeful!! Thank you for all you do and for caring so deeply!!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Karen)

      Karen – Thank you and good luck to you!

  10. Whitney Douglas

    I’m currently getting into eating and living more naturally. Finding your website has helped me a lot, I’ve learned so much in the last week since I found you (via the Kraft scandal).

    You talked about those MIO drops, I bought those when they first came out, thinking they’d be good. I took one drink and got a horrible migraine. And, they tasted awful.

    Thank you for your work!

  11. Shannon Huey

    I am a mother of two. Recently, my eyes have been opened. Many of the moms in my circle are conscious of chemicals in everything. They are teaching me about food, cleaners, and personal products. I want to change these products in our home for the health and safety of my family. Thanks to you, FOODBABE, I have lots of info to read and learn from and it has changed our lives.

  12. Ben S

    Great interview. It’s awesome to hear such passion about these topics. Food is so important and eating well is too often an afterthought, so it’s terrific to know we have great activists like you willing to speak up. What really stuck with me from this interview was how easily relatable your story is and how everything you discuss is done in a way that makes sense and appeals to the masses. It seems like many people who want to make a change approach things from a far too radical standpoint, which rarely leads to much success.

    I’m sure I speak for other readers of the blog when I say we all have your back and support all of your efforts to help change the way everyone looks at food.

  13. Sue

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and didn’t want to be on antibiotics my entire life. I took herbal equivalents of those meds but also learned that my diet plays a large role in how I feel. That, in addition to having battled weight issues, allergies, and having kids with food allergy issues, prompted me to overhaul our kitchen. I couldn’t do this without you! Thanks – from the bottom of my heart. :-)

  14. Blanquy

    I began my healthy eating quest 14 years ago. I was suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids. I decided to start eating healthier. But your website has given me some new recipe ideas. I also never knew about ewg site. What a blessing you are. I am gradually changing my products and have also started skin brushing. Thanks Vani!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Blanquy)

      Thank you for sharing that! We really appreciate readers like you.

  15. Anne

    You do nothing for me. I like to read your blog and laugh at how a lot of your facts are not scientifically proven. I eat healthy, but I don’t appreciate your know it all stance on food and your “investigating”. It’s a joke, really. Yes, processed food is bad, but there is o evidence that GMOs are bad. Stop feeding the media frenzy about GMOs! People are dying on hunger because if your elitist attitude about GMOs. Do your research people, food babe is not adequate research.

    • Kelsey (to Anne)

      Why would you come on here just to “laugh” at her? Why do YOU eat healthy? What does “healthy” mean to you? There’s plenty of indicators that GMO’s are not healthy for a persons body, and maybe FoodBabe isn’t doing the scientific research that you expect, but that doesn’t mean she’s not changing peoples’ minds and attitudes about chemicals and additives that we know little to nothing about. It can’t hurt to keep heavily processed things off and out of our bodies, can it?

      Also, if you’re going to go on a rant, please use spell-check and edit your words, because right now you just come across as ignorant.

      • Anne (to Kelsey)

        Ah the good old spell check comeback! I was on a tablet.

        I don’t eat processed foods. I think GMOs get lumped into bad food because they are there, but it isn’t the GMOs that are bad. GMOs can help with world hunger, but with this attitude that ALL GMOs are bad, people are starving to death. That’s more of a problem to me.

        Do your research and see by crying out against GMOs, you are harming far more people. But just stay concerned with yourself and your selfish behaviour…

      • Lindsey (to Anne)

        Please research the impact of GMOs on the bee population…once the bees disappear, we’ll all starve. I understand there are people starving, but you do realize that GMOs are not created to feed the starving masses. They are created to go against nature and cross breed genes so that big food companies can make that money! I assure you, they are not donating all their left over crops to ‘feed the children’. Calm down, quit being so rude and go somewhere else with you ignorant comments.

      • Anne (to Lindsey)

        I have done my research on the GMO bee claim, but I came across an article (a real journal article, not some article on the website) and it stated :” Cry proteins from natural sources, most likely B. thuringiensis, were detected in bees with no exposure to Bt maize. The natural occurrence of Cry proteins and the lack of detectable effects on nurse bees and their gut bacteria give no indication for harmful effects of this Bt maize on nurse honey bees.”

        The article is titled “Effect of Stacked Insecticidal Cry Proteins from Maize Pollen on Nurse Bees (Apis mellifera carnica) and Their Gut Bacteria” by Hendriksma et al .

        Please do your research! The evidence is inconclusive…

    • ckc (to Anne)

      Read the Unhealthy Truth for some cold hard GMO facts.

      • Anne (to ckc)

        Cold , hard facts? You are joking, aren’t you? You are drinking the Kool-Aid, too!

      • Melissa (to Anne)

        Work for Kraft much? Seriously I think you need to step off your high horse hunny. Gmo’s are banned in other countries!!??? How the heck do they help world hunger?

      • Anne (to Melissa)

        Kraft? Um, no. I think we said earlier I worked for Monsanto ;). Pay attention.

        Yes, they are banned because of public pressure on politicians. There has been no solid evidence that states that GMOs are bad. If so, please show me.

    • Sereda (to Anne)

      I so appreciate all people that are trying to wake people up as to the dangers of chemicals in our food. It is quite shocking that the United States Government allows the food industry to poison people. Most of us are aware that who has the most money gets the laws passed.

      Thank you Food Babe for all of your hard work on educating people on the importance of real food.

      Changing my diet ten years ago changed my life!!

      • Anne (to Sereda)

        It’s scary that so many people buy into everything Food Babe is saying. There are a lot of misconceptions on this site. I guess she is pitching to a certain group, and my guess is this group is very easily swayed.

      • Kelsey (to Anne)

        Anne, do you use deodorant? For example, Degree, Lady Speed Stick, or Secret? Do you use makeup? Do you wear a bra? There are studies showing that these are adding to the amount of cancer in our lives with the aluminum and parabens in them. If a person wants to decrease the amount of exposure to POTENTIALLY harmful toxins, chemicals, additives, etc by adopting an organic lifestyle, who are you to say they shouldn’t and that they’re “sheeple”? Yes, people are starving. No one is denying that. There are terrible things happening in the world. But I’m sure Monsanto’s mission statement doesn’t include “saving the world from hunger”. They have created toxic chemicals that affect the environment in a negative way and if we’re eating chemicals (from using RoundUp, Scotts yard care products that seep into our water systems and therefore into our food), then NO ONE IS WINNING except pharmaceutical companies when they’re being paid the big bucks by people who are riddled with cancers and diseases and all manner of bodily issues from all of the unknowns we’ve been ingesting over the years. If a person wants to attempt to keep themselves healthy by eating what they perceive to be the best food possible, please let them.

      • Anne (to Kelsey)

        No need for deodorant, make up, or bra. I smell like a daisy at all times, have nice skin and my boobs are perky.

        I’m talking about the big GMO misconception that is on this site.

      • Chelsea (to Anne)

        Anne, why are you on here? You sound like a pathetic bully coming on a site you don’t believe in just to put people down.

        I have worked with big food industry corporations and believe me it’s all about the bottom line. Producing food in the cheapest possible way to earn the highest returns.

        Your comment that GMOs will end world hunger is a JOKE. First of all, we have GMOs now and there is still world hungar. And don’t we all deserve healthy food that doesn’t have “inconclusive” data as to its effects??

        Do you believe in labeling? If GMOs are so good for you why do the corporations “trying to solve world hunger” pay millions to fight labeling in America-a country that is supposed to be a world leader?

        You sound like you’re the one drinking the kool-aid.

      • Food Babe (to Anne)

        Anne – Too bad you are using a fake account and email address – otherwise I would challenge you to a public debate. I’m almost positive we could get the news involved and possible radio stations – you game?

      • Anne (to Food Babe)

        Sure! Get working on it food chick!

        Can you give me real evidence that GMOs are bad?

    • Michelle (to Anne)

      You are sadly and ignorantly mistaken. But you can change that. Make no mistake, do some research and you will discover the truth about GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics/hormones given to animals and all the additives, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans fats colors, MSG, GMO’s etc in all our acid producing processed foods. It is destroying the health of us all. The pharmaceutical companies (supported by the Govt) are behind all of this to keep us sick and on prescriptions for their own gain. To be informed and to choose the best foods out there makes all the difference in having good or poor health. The facts are there. I for one am grateful for Vani for her research and determination to get at the truth of whats really in our food and how it affects us physically. Its time we all wake up and take charge of our health by being informed and choosing foods that will energize us and not bring upon us disease and sickness.

    • Melissa (to Anne)

      “Anne”, if that IS your real name, there is NOT a benefit to having GMOS in our Food system. If they were so beneficial, Why are they not labeled? Plus, Why do the Doctors of today’s time recommend an Organic Only diet for children with food allergies?
      Genetically modifying the genes of food DOES NOT make it a better food source. Are you an insect? Then why are the genes of fruits & vegetables infused with Insecticide? There are no benefits to GMO food, and it is apparent that you are simply a TROLL for Monsatan looking to stray away the truths.
      You must be paid well to try and infiltrate FoodBabes blog…….Not working!

    • June (to Anne)

      Anne, please go stuff your face with GMO’s. That will make us all happy.

      • Anne (to June)

        GMO’s what? Or do you mean GMOs?

    • Brandon (to Anne)

      Anne, you can continue to be ignorant and eat GMO’s. Feel free, we’ll choose to do differently like most other countries. The US and FDA will continue to poison us for the bottom line.

  16. Carrie Bourgo

    It seems like most of us have experienced an illness or health problem which led us to knowing our food better. This also was the case for me. I have a rare connective tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as well as a possible associated disorder Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Changing my diet literally saved my life, but I didn’t know diet was intensifying my symptoms until I had to change my diet due to breastfeeding my son who had a milk protein intolerance and then my daughter who has Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) as well as a salicylate sensitivity. We have not only seen how avoiding the “bad” foods have changed our families but how figuring out underlying food intolerance has changed us for the better as well. We follow the Feingold program and even followed the Failsafe Diet at one point too.
    I loved hearing your story Vani! Thank you for sharing and thank goodness for your friends who pushed you to share!! I have also been asked by my friends and family to start a blog and after finding your blog and following you for just a couple months I am inspired and confident to take on the task! Thank you for all you do – I hope to help share and create food/ingredient awareness and support your cause!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Carrie Bourgo)

      Hi Carrie – thanks for sharing – We encourage you to start your own blog and share your story with as many people as possible. Readers like you inspire Food Babe to keep doing what she is doing!

  17. Hila

    I found your website last year by accident – I was just browsing the internet! You were the one who first made me aware and sparked my interest in eating healthy! I thought I was eating healthy before but I wasn’t! Thank you very, very much!

  18. Aimee

    What a great interview! You are truly inspiring Food Babe! “Onward through the fog” :)

  19. Amanda Austin

    My mom coaxed me to watch just the first 15 min of “Food Inc” and was hooked… I continued to watch the whole movie and realized I needed to get into eating local and buying organic. Then three years ago I weighed the most I ever had in my life. I knew I needed to change something. My roommate had a wheat allergy, and mentioned how she needed to eat gluten-free again. I started researching diet/eating plans, cutting wheat out – and stumbled upon Isabel de los rios and her approach to changing your eating lifestyle. That one little step opened my eyes to eating whole, real foods even more. Since cutting wheat out, I have been able to eat so much healthier, and I’ve continued to follow Food Inc and on facebook, and realized there was a lot more going on in the food industry and with our food system than I could ever have imagined. Now I am mostly gluten free, and have cut tons of sugar out of my diet, as well as most processed food.

  20. Michael

    You are such an inspiration I’m starting school in July and got involved with all this health and nutrition education after I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 the more I read the more I learn and I’m hoping to be just like you after I graduate from being a Holistic Health Coach. Keep up the good work :) Any pointers you can send me or point me in the direction on where to start?

    • Food Babe (to Michael)

      Share your knowledge any which way you can! With everyone you know and even strangers… changing just one life is so worth it :)

  21. Janet

    Great interview. My mom was way before her time, always encouraging us to read labels, and eat wheat germ, yoghurt, sunflower seeds and brewer’s yeast, and she had Adele Davis’ “Let’s Get Well” in the cookbook section of the kitchen. I still need to incorporate more veggies and raw foods into my diet, but my green smoothies with kale and limes from the garden (with seeds, brewer’s yeast, yoghurt and wheat germ!) are helping. I was saddened yesterday to see Betty Crocker’s Mac & Cheese at a local dollar store. It also lists the dyes and artificial flavors on the label… As you said, you’ll be busy till the day you die. Keep up the good work; you are truly called to do this, and I thank him who did the calling and gifting.

  22. Dr Jim Di Blasi

    We are grateful for what you do. Keep It Up ‘Food Babe’!

  23. Janet R. Chamberlain

    Same as many others. Huge health issues that can no longer be ignored. Complete ignorance of doctors led me to do my own research. Still on this journey and working with a naturopath now.

  24. Melissa

    I started eating healthier when I found out how herbs could heal my sinus issues. I eliminated Milk and found myself losing weight without effort, plus my sinus issues all but disappeared! I was taking sinus medicine ALL OF THE TIME due to not being able to breathe through my nose. Little did I know that the airborne pollutants (air fresheners, perfumes, scented laundry detergent) were the culprits! So I can happily say that now I can breathe without medication , and I feel so much better! The only downside is that when I encounter airborne pollutants such as above, I become instantly congested and ill feeling. So this means that most of my extended families clothes & perfumes bother me :(
    I did also find out the reason why I broke out so much as teenager was from High Fructose Corn Syrup! I have been OFF of HFCS for over 8 years now! When I became pregnant and had morning sickness the only thing that would work was a Sprite. I reluctantly drank it each morning because it was the only thing that worked. I of course broke out on my face like a teenager again at 30! When I stopped drinking it for a few days, my breakouts went away! Miracle? Hardly! I believe it was taxing my liver to eliminate the toxins, and the toxins were coming out through my skin on my face!
    Even that as one example of how additives & especially GMO ingredients can effect the body, I have made it my TOP priority to buy only Organic. I have also signed up for the Local CSA so we have Organic Produce EVERY WEEK!
    EVERYONE makes a choice on WHAT they spend their time & money on. I choose to drive a used car, wear non-name brand clothing, use my cell phone that is over 4 years old……etc. and use the money that WOULD be going to something new, on FOOD that is for my families better health! You cannot buy good health! Invest in what is the most important……Your family & You!

  25. Michael Page, D.C.

    Excellent story! I enjoyed it greatly. Many are helped by the tremendous information in your posts. For those of us who work with patients suffering with many of these types of problems that your website/blog is pointing out is tremendous. I’ve started sending patients here for more info. Thank you!

  26. Athnea

    I love your honesty! Thank you for all you do.

  27. Cynthia

    Great interview. You are fearless! I love that!

    My whole food journey began when I adopted my first rescue over 10 years ago. He had numerous health issues and through conversations with enlightened people and doing tons of research I realized that commercial dog food was/is killing our pets. I’m still learning but I now home cook whole food for my dogs, make them raw treats, don’t use any chemicals for cleaning, etc and my fur babies are some very healthy senior pups.

    Once I got their diet cleaned up I made the connection between SAD (Standard American Diet) and the myriad of health issues affecting us today. So, now I eat whole foods. Nothing processed. Mostly vegan.

    It’s disturbing that we are seeing an increase in cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, etc in people and our pets and so few are making the connection between what we are eating and our health.

    Love your work and your blog. Thanks for the clarion call.

    • Jen (to Cynthia)

      I have a new puppy and am concerned about the fillers and chemicals in dog food. Could you share your info and any websites you have found on making your own natural dog food? I am having such a hard time finding good information on the subject. Thanks so much!!!

      • Cynthia (to Jen)

        Hi Jen. Congrats on the new puppy! And kudos for wanting to feed your new baby healthy nutrient rich food. I recently found a book titled ‘Feed Your Best Friend Better’ by Rick Woodford that I highly recommend. And, check out for tons of info on commercial foods. Good luck.

  28. Ruth

    I used to buy all kinds of medical books and natural home remedies and home food remedy books.
    I learned that I am sugar sensitive as well as caffeine sensitive.
    I still did everything I heard about from the news and government. Than I ended up with the book ” The Coconut Diet”. It changed the way I thought about food and what we were being taught. I started doing more research on internet.
    Than I bought a book from Dr. Davis. It is not “Wheat Belly” but it has a lot of the same info. I took all that I learned and started eating better. A friend of mine had to change his diet do to major candida and got healthy. That made my husband look more at how he was eating.
    I avoid as much GMO as I can and buy organic when I can. Sadly I can’t afford to buy all organic and some things I can’t even find.

  29. Fran Hendrickson

    I first became aware of food ingredients in the 1960’s when my older son was diagnosed as hyperactive now know as ADHD of several names. It was fairly new and not many people understood his behavior. his doctor and I agreed to give him Ritilin and it literally saved his life. He could not – as he put it – “…I can’t catch up with myself.” He was really off the wall in his distraction level. Anyway, there started to be articles on food additives and the effect on these children with this problem. I began taking out of our diets any strongly colored food or drinks, foods with nitrates – and began label reading before it was fashionable. Even though I was learning and buying more at responsible health food stores, I got caught in the gluten trap and developed problems associated with that – gave up anything “white” (flour, sugar etc). It’s hard to follow that completely. More label reading to find wheat is in so many things. It’s an on-going adventure to find foods I can eat successfully. Now with arthritis I’m avoiding nightshade plants like white potatoes, eggplant, peppers etc. I’m living pretty well with my choices but it’s been a real battle to stay on top of all the temptations and composites that make up our food. The battle continues…….

  30. Candace

    I think “Anne” works for Monsanto! LOL!

  31. Maria

    I am a type 1 diabetic and have been so for over 22 years. I recently had my third child. I have been interested in diet and nutrition since I was diagnosed with diabetes. I thought I knew how to eat well, but after some I site from a dear family member and your website, I realized there was so much more I needed to be doing! I have avoided being put on blood pressure medication because we were not done having children. Now that we are done, my doctor stongly reccomends that i begin taking meds. My quest is to not have to take these meds, at least not yet. So far, so good! Now, I have been educating my children how to eat heathy and I lead by example. Your blog has taught me so much and has made me more aware of my food and a much more educated consumer! Thank you so much

  32. Cathi

    At 30, yes 30 I was diagnosed with GERD, an ulcer, and diverticulitis and the doctors were completely perplexed. Way too young, healthy, good eater, fiber, not obese, fruits and veggies, exercise…then I learned about GMOs. Guess what? Thanks to you changing my life I no longer am on any medications, ulcer gone, diverticulitis gone, GERD gone!! You gave me the courage to try this strange stuff I had never heard of too. Quinoa! Favorite thing now! Love the food babe and I share so much my friends say I’m an “over-poster” on Facebook!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Cathi)

      Wow! So glad you figured it out – thanks for sharing….

    • C Gibson (to Cathi)

      Would love to hear how you started … I am a pretty clean eater and was currently diagnosed with diverticulitis and have so many pouches throughout my entire colon and am only 36. I don’t seem to digest fruits and veggies well so I’m thinking of juicing .. any advice?

  33. Brandon

    Food Babe, you are hot and you rock. Your husband is a lucky man! — good broadcast, people succumb to doctors too much and don’t take control of their health, it is crazy!!

  34. Joy

    Keep up the good work . We are listening !!!….

  35. Punrun

    The podcast is great. Is there a transcript available to read? There are just too much information that I’d like to go through that I didn’t catch by just listening.

    Thanks for all the information and inspiration.

    It’s my first time to visit here and glad I did.

  36. Renee

    FoodBabe, Where did you get the local organic blueberries? Did you purchase them at Whole Foods, Atherton Mills or some other Farmers Market? I have got to get the sweet, local organic blueberries! Thank You Foodbabe.

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Renee)

      Hi Renee – She got them at Whole Foods.

  37. Peggy

    Loved hearing your story, thanks for sharing. I was three months into a plant based diet when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. This was in 2011 and has lead me on the journey I am on now to eat healthy and exercise.

    I’m curious, what did Carol mean when she said in reference to educating ourselves to “use the internet while we still can”?

  38. Riina

    Awesome podcast Food Babe! Thanks for inviting us into your history and how you became the Food Babe we know today.

  39. Diana Diaz

    Hi! I love your podcast! Would you share any books in nutrition, juicing? I want to read tons of books and learn!

    Thanks! :)

    Keep up the great work!

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Diana Diaz)

      Hi Diana – on homepage there is a recommended reading tab – on the right side of the page a little ways down.

  40. Brittany Ardito

    Vani, you are amazing. You are my hero. I just want you to know that. Listening to your story is amazing. Your passion for the truth is the same as mine. Thank you for what you do.

  41. Pauline

    Hi Vani!

    I’m so happy to have discovered your blog. I came across it via Dr. Mercola. I want to ask you, do you know of any type of online site/app that suggests resteraunts/cafes that one can eat at which offer non-gmo food? While I travel I’m having a hard time disguishing what resteraunts have natural food. It’s quite affecting me because I travel a lot and my skin is breaking out. Im learning about what chemicals are in good, but I’m not proficient enough yet to go into a resteraunt and know whether they have good food for me. I would really appreciate your insight:)

  42. Pauline

    Hi Vani!

    I’m so happy to have discovered your blog. I came across it via Dr. Mercola. I want to ask you, do you know of any type of online site/app that suggests resteraunts/cafes that one can eat at which offer non-gmo food? While I travel I’m having a hard time disguishing what resteraunts have natural food. It’s quite affecting me because I travel a lot and my skin is breaking out. Im learning about what chemical ingredients are in food, but I’m not proficient enough yet to go into a resteraunt and know whether their food is good or not for me.  I would really appreciate your insight:) 

  43. Michelle C. Parent

    My family was always big on raising our own food. We had a small farm where we raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and a pair of sheep for lamb each year, a jersey cow for milk and a pair of goats for goat milk. We had a huge garden, about a 1/2 acre and we spent all summer and fall weeding, harvesting, and storing the food. Then I left home and went to college and ate like all college kids. After college, I went in the military and ate at the chow hall. It wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I was able to cook my own food again. Stupidly though, I had bought into the low fat thing and I think that is part of why I was eventually diagnosed with MS (combined with the 2 bouts of mono/epstien barr). That is my personal theory, since you need good fats to protect your nerve myelin. But, I did try to find organic food when I could, but it was hard to find in North Carolina around Fort Bragg at the time I was there. I came back home and ended up renting and living on a salary that was poverty level and had to settle for less than ideal food. By the time I was in my late 30’s, I had asthma, my migraines were much worse than in my 20s, and then I got diagnosed with MS. Optic neuritis took the sight of one eye for close to a year. There is permanent damage in that eye now. I decided to not take the meds and try to use nutrition as I did not think 30% chance of slowing the progress of MS was high enough to make myself feel sick with the meds everyday and end up being less active and miserable. I saw an ND and we started me on an anti-inflammatory diet. I then modified it slightly to be more of a Primal/Paleo diet. I’ve added a few things back, like coffee, but I only get organic fair trade coffee. After 2 yrs and 30 pounds later, I am off anti-depressants, my asthma is much better (probably from my exposures overseas, so not dietary), and I have more energy than ever. To top that, my MRI has shown no changes in two years and no new MS symptoms. This year I am raising my own chickens for meat (and eggs eventually when they grow up), and I’ve expanded my veggie garden. I grow a lot of greens and juice them once a week. My body can’t handle the juice every day. When I buy meat, it is local, organic and pasture raised, be it beef or chicken. I make my own sauerkraut and other fermented veggies. Fish is wild caught only when I can get it. I am very careful and picky when we eat out. I try to make my decision on the lesser of the evils at restaurants or choose restaurants that may be expensive, but I know cook with local and organic. It is hard, but once you have the habit of eating well, it comes naturally. I feel blessed to be able to have a garden and space to raise chickens. I have never been better.

  44. Vera

    Vani, can you tell me if Natural Sierra Mist soda healthy for us?

  45. Janayu

    Cross posted on your facebook, but I was wondering your opinion on xylitol? I love the taste, and thought it was a great stevia alternative (hate the stuff) but recently have found some potentially negative things about it. Have you already looked into it and have an article? If not, might there be something about xylitol sometime?

    As for my journey into healthy eating: i was obese for about four years (due to depression). My sister who has lupus eats very healthy to manage her disease kept prodding me to change my ways, and when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, I did. Gone from 275 to 158 in less than a years time, and my duet is only getting better the more I learn. So- very curious if xylitol is a step in the right direction, bc I love it, and hate stevia.

    • Assistant to Food Babe (Krista) (to Janayu)

      Hi Janayu – Food Babe’s recommended sweeteners are coconut palm sugar, pure stevia leaf, raw, local honey or 100% maple syrup. Keep up the good work!

      • Janayu (to Assistant to Food Babe (Krista))

        Thank you, but my question is NOT what sweeteners she recommends. My question pertains specifically and only to an opinion on XYLITOL in specfic. The only reference she’s made about it is an advocacy of Spry gum which uses xylitol in its ingredients Again; I’m only looking for info on xylitol, not any other types of sweeteners. Thanks.

  46. Elaine

    My husband had been taking New Chapter Wholemega Whole fish oil and now he has prostate cancer do you think he got this from this brand there suppose to be all natural products and pure please let me know what you think?

  47. Katarina

    My dream came true when I came to the USA, a country that I always wanted to visit. However, I was very disappointed to find out how much sugar, salt, preservatives and crap is put into a food whether in the supermarkets or restaurants. On top of that I got pregnant and decided NOT to be a part of Standard American Diet and feed my children with fake food. That’s how I got interested in nutrition and healing our bodies from inside out. I recently started a blog about my journey Natural Self Heal. Not only do I want to be a leading example for my children, I wish I can make an impact on others’ people’s lives too.
    I love your blog, Vani and thank you for inspiring me every day!

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