The One Thing Subway Is Still Hiding From All Of Us!

Witnessing the power of the Food Babe Army this week has been absolutely incredible. 

On Tuesday, February 4th, I launched a petition for the removal of a dangerous plastic chemical called azodicarbonamide from Subway sandwich bread – the same stuff used in yoga mats, shoe rubber and synthetic leather. This was after repeated attempts to reach out to Subway since June of 2012 to learn more about why they are using this (asthma inducing and potentially carcinogenic) chemical here in North America and not in any other countries. They never responded until now. 

Within 24 hours, the petition received over 50,000 signatures, and Subway’s social media channels were completely overrun by concerned citizens and the Food Babe Army. I want to thank the countless number of friends, family members, fellow bloggers, organizations, and everyday citizens who took swift action to tell Subway we deserve the same safer ingredients they use overseas.  

To date, the petition has received over 78,000 signatures and counting. 


Late Wednesday afternoon in an email to me from Michelle Dinello, Director of Corporate Communications, Subway announced they would be removing this ingredient from their sandwiches “soon”. In this email, she apologized for not responding sooner and specifically to my inquiry on January 25th that went unanswered. They said “that we are already in the process of removing azodicarbonamide from our bread as part of our ongoing bread improvement program” and additionally told reporters that their change had nothing to do with the petition. We know this is just a corporate spin and how big companies operate. They don’t want us to know how much power we have over their decisions. We’ve seen this kind of deceptive marketing move before when Gatorade took out a flame retardant chemical and said it had nothing to do with a petition with over 200k signatures. And again, most recently in Kraft, when they started removing artificial food dyes from their Mac & Cheese and said it had nothing to do with our 350k signatures petition. Since Subway has been exploiting us with unsafe ingredients that are prohibited in other countries for all these years, wouldn’t it be nice if they’d just be straight with us?

As soon as I received this email, I wrote back and asked for a timeline and asked if they would provide the new ingredient list.

There’s been dead silence on their end. Every single reporter I talked with yesterday and today (over 30) has tried to get the same answer from Subway headquarters and they aren’t responding. I went live on CNN yesterday afternoon talking about this. I’ve heard nothing. I sent another followup email this morning. 

We cannot call this a victory until we know the facts. Please keep spreading the word, and ask Subway to give a timeline.

We know nothing about their changes. Are they going to be using the same ingredients they do overseas? This would mean they would also have to eliminate caramel coloring, yeast extract, and GMOs from their bread – which would be fantastic! What do they plan to do? No one knows. 

Subway1 Subway 4

Keep the pressure on. They hope we’ll celebrate and just go away. The Food Babe Army is too strong and committed for that. 

Every time you see a Subway commercial, advertisement or walk or drive past a store – take the time to ask yourself, how long will it take for Subway to stop serving plastic to their customers? 

The worldwide news coverage of this event has been miraculous – from China to India to Canada to Sweden to Mexico. I spent the last 2 days talking to as many reporters as possible so we could get our voices heard. I cry tears of joy realizing that so many more people will now have their eyes opened to what is really happening in the food supply and that eating at Subway is not “Fresh”.  As of now, there are over 450 news stories about the petition according to Google News, here are a few:

ABC News – Subway takes chemical out of bread after protest

USA Today – Subway to remove chemical from bread

NY Daily News – Subway will remove additive found in plastics from its bread after blogger’s online petition

CNN - Meet the ‘food babe’ who helped convince Subway to remove chemical from bread

Canada CBC News –  Subway agrees to end use of controversial chemical after food blogger Vani Hari’s protest

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – (HILARIOUS) Subway Yoga Mat Controversy

What’s Next?

Please take action. Keep sharing the petition, keep going to Subway’s facebook page, keep calling them and tweeting them. 

Help us put pressure on Subway to provide a timeline by:
  1. Sharing the petition via email with at least 3 friends
  2. Sharing your support on Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  3. Contacting Subway directly and asking them when they are going to remove azodicarbonamide from their bread

78,000 voices and counting deserve answers. 

There’s no stopping us now! 

Vani Hari

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

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305 Responses to “The One Thing Subway Is Still Hiding From All Of Us!”

  1. Tim

    This blog reads like a tutorial exercise in Logical Fallacy 101. I would like to know how you get your information and whether youi could describe say, how a clinical trial is performed, or demonstrate any solid knowledge of the basics of chemistry or biology. As it stands I feel you are abusing your reader’s desire to be correctly by spreading misinformation in such an authoritative tone. Show good faith by allowing this comment, please.

    • Vincent Nunes (to Tim)

      “As it stands I feel you are abusing your reader’s desire to be correctly by spreading misinformation in such an authoritative tone.”

      I almost had an aneuryism trying to make sense of this sentence.

      Please elucidate as to what misinformation is being spread.

      FB found that azodicarbonamide was found as an ingredient in Subway’s breads. The same was found in McDonald’s McRib patties.

      Subway has opted to remove azodicarbonamide from its bread. At the very least, they should be honest as to why.

      • Tim (to Vincent Nunes)

        I’m very sorry, I didn’t grammar check this sentence :). “The reader’s desire to be correctly informed” is what I meant.

        I’ll just start by pointing out a few fallacies. All chemicals are harmful at high enough doeses and harmless at low enough doses. Also, many chemicals have many uses. This article somehow suggests that one of multiple uses of a chemical can be informative on whether it wil be harmful to humans, without reference to the dosage… or indeed without citing any evidence that it is, in an analagous context, harmful.

        To illustrate: rice is used to make packing foam. Also, in doses of more than 5kg/day rice is deadly to humans. Are we to stop having cocoa pops because they contain this product?

      • John (to Vincent Nunes)

        There are plenty of other food industry’s who use this product too! Chick fil A and kraft 2 of many that use this too so its not just subway! I will continue to eat there! It hasn’t killed anyone yet!!

    • Ah (to Tim)

      5 kilograms of rice equals 11.0231131 pounds Tim!

      • Bethany G (to Ah)

        Sorry, I caught a mistake in my reply to “Ah”.

        I wrote:
        “If her argument is that you should not avoid the compound, why isn’t she putting up a comprehensive list…’

        “If her argument is that you should avoid the compound, why isn’t she putting up a comprehensive list…”

    • heartburn sandwich (to Tim)

      You can defend subway all day but in the end your justifying evil.even if it is not harmful to your health you should not have to eat plastic in any food.if you eat one cigarette but a day will it kill you?most certainly not in the short term but who knows in the long run the effects such a habbit will have,the same could be said for plastic to defend such practices only makes it more dangerous to consumers in the end.because to these companies its all about the bottom line.your health is of no concern to them.Therefore its up to us as consumers to oversee what these companies are trying to get away with and put a stop to it.If they are so concerned with wasted food there are plenty of places to donate the foods that can’t be used like soup kitchens and such.but of course that would be blasphemous in their eyes cause its all about money as if they don’t have the end of the day its just a mass poisoning on a large to you on here who defend these practices go ahead and eat up and if your still hungry I got some old jordans for

  2. SheedaMac

    I hope someone reads this and can help my community. Learning of the chemical ingredients in Subway’s bread. I recently purchased a very inexpensive loaf of bread in my community that sales on all most every bodega. This same ingredients that is considered harmful to people who eat Subway’s bread is also in this brand of bread. CAN THIS BE STOPPED? The name pretty much speaks for itself. SUPER BREAD BRAND. PLEASE REPLY IN EFFORT TO HELP MY COMMUNITY

  3. Feminika

    Thank you for sharing this information, I can only imagine how many other food items are just as dangerous to our health.

  4. Vincent Nunes

    The bread doesn’t need to be preserved – but you go ahead and enjoy your gym mat bread. Be sure to tell them that you don’t mind.

    • Mathew (to Vincent Nunes)

      You’re right, it doesn’t need to be. However, it makes it last longer, and the company doesn’t need to throw out and waste a huge amount of money on their bread, helping keep their costs down. Apparently you didn’t read much of my comment, or just cherry-picked what you did read.

      Do tell me how the amount of azodicarbonamide used in Subway’s bread is dangerous to human health. Oh, and cite your sources. They better be published, peer-reviewed, scientific journals, or I’ll be calling you out on your claims.

  5. Jan

    I am a physician interested in alternative and integrative healthcare. I had the interesting testimony from one of my patients that he had once talked to a fellow who worked for a major multi-national corporation and had been assigned to a think-tank where one of their assignments was to figure out how to get rid of baby-boomers so they would not bankrupt social security. One of the solutions they came up with was food additives. So I don’t think you will get testimony any closer to the horse’s mouth than the guy who helped come up with the strategy, and it behooves us to take seriously they very real probability that we are intentionally being slowly poisoned by food additives that have no other purpose being in our food. It isn’t paranoia if it is real!

    • Jan (to Jan)

      Anal probing is not my specialty, but if you are determined to find some I can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

      Are you not aware that an attempt to discredit another by calling them a conspiracy theorist has become so outdated as to mark you as a closed mind? Are you a paid internet shill, or just a frightened person? As the former, I can understand, you are just doing your job. As the latter, be aware there are resources for fearful people to help them overcome their fears, the world is pretty scary right now but it will be getting better in time, the good guys are already ahead of the bad guys. The illuminoids will soon be out of the game, not to worry. Life will become better for all of us.

  6. Bob graham

    Publix super markets inc. based in Southeast US uses the same chemical in their deli’s white and 5-grain sub rolls. Food Babe start a petition to get us better food from this retailer.

  7. TJ H

    I can not believe their are so many people who think because they “don’t think”
    or because their is “no proof mentioned” that this ingredient is OK and this lady is crazy.
    Use Google dummies!
    or copy and paste: toxicity report for azodicarbonamide

    “likely not harmful” Really?
    Do your feelings, or invisible friends tell you “likely not harmful”?

    Toxicity Profile for Azodicarbonamide (1990)
    Azodicarbonamide (ADA) is claimed to be a skin irritant in man. Occupational exposure has been associated with irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, asthmatic lung reactions, reduced lung function, and allergic dermatitis. In rats and mice, acute oral toxicity was low, and a single injection of ADA produced central nervous system depression in mice. In rats, some evidence of a weak antithyroid action was seen on repeated oral exposure. ADA generally displayed a low toxic potential in rats and mice following repeated inhalation although findings in the lungs of rats may have indicated an effect on the immune system. Repeated inhalation of ADA did not cause sperm abnormalities in rats and mice, although it may have induced chromosome damage in mice injected intraperitoneally and in mammalian cells in culture. ADA did not produce heritable mutations in fruit flies but it was mutagenic in bacterial tests (including the Ames). No carcinogenicity data have been found.

    • nicke (to TJ H)

      I’m not saying that its not a good thing that it has been removed, however you need to take the study’s and safety data sheets in the right context. The study’s are on the pure chemical being administered directly usually to some kind of animal, and the results are then extrapolated up to human using some kind of model. What that means is, they are not an in vivo experiment of eating subway bread, for example, but rather an in vivo (that means ‘in the living’) experiment of the direct exposure to high concentrations. Toxicologists can use the results of multiple in vivo animal studies and other known metabolic pathway information to determine a “no observable effect level” or a NOEL. And in the article you cited (a single article is hardly a propped sample size, just FYI) it looks like the mode of administration was inhalation and intravenously – hardly the same as as injection. A simple, yet likely flawed analogy is this – if you inject table salt directly into a person, it is likely that they will die very quickly. If you give someone lower, nonlethal doses of table salt, other problems would likely arise, such as hypotension and various other periphery diseases dependent on propper osmosis. However, if you put just a tiny bit extra in someone’s diet, it is unlikely to have significant long lasting effects. Table salts correct name is “sodium chloride” and it may contain iodide.

      • TJ H (to nicke)

        Yes you are probably correct as far as injection, inhalation in the study.
        How ever I didn’t have time to research digestion of this toxin.
        I spent about 2 minutes and this study was done in 1990.
        I will probably not bother to research digestion of this toxin as I do believe this toxin should not be ingested and proper studies probably do not exist, as ingestion of fluoride do not and the mixture of it and medications. You believe the FDA I do not.

        Your “it is unlikely to have significant long lasting effects” maybe factual and soothing to you, it is not to me.

        Thank you for your reply,

      • nicke (to nicke)

        @tjh you realize I was talking about having a small amount of table salt with that last comment…talk about strawman……

  8. TJ H


    toxicity report for azodicarbonamide…2469.7020.0.9019.….0…1c.2.35.serp..1.1.175.XbMy-XxpBRo

  9. JeredSyn

    Ultimately, I decide what I am comfortable consuming, and what I am not, but thank the gods for people like VH who are going out of their way to dig stuff like this up. They make living a reasonably healthy life in this increasingly complicated and malign world that much easier. Keep fighting the good fight, FB.

  10. Ugh..

    Stop arguing with the paid commenter. Everyone on here who argues that she has no proof is in almost all cases a paid commenter or employee of said company they are trying to protect in an attempt to make her look bad. There is no point in arguing with them as they do not have a mind of their own. Corporate owns them not logic.

  11. Ugh again..

    Also, note that most of the negative comments are most likely from the same person just under a different name. For example, Nell, Anthony, Mathew, Tom, Tim, etc. say pretty much the same thing and have the same grammar errors. Keep up the great work, Vani.

  12. phaedra

    Like a previous commenter, ultimately I decide what I’m comfortable consuming and what I’m not. I think I’m fairly moderate in my approach: I look for short ingredient lists with ingredients I recognize, but I recognize the importance of some chemical and scientific advancements in the food industry. I take information and opinions like FB’s, and do my own research and form my own conclusions. However, the fact that the naysayers are resorting to misogynistic ad hominem attacks about FB’s smile and cleavage actually makes me wonder if she’s not on to something here.

  13. Hope

    Wonder why it’s so hard to try to have chemical free foods..I understand in trying to preserve it but w/a combination of other chemicals/additives in other things..wonder why with the combination we have such a # of cancers and illnesses and obesity.

    • nicke (to Hope)

      @Hope yeah let’s blame it all on additives. It couldn’t be the food itself…that would be far too obvious.

  14. Dawn Spencer

    Hi, My name is Dawn. I like your page. I wanted to share something that I wish would have been available when I was making my kids their baby food. It is a hand held device and app that can test what you ingest for impurities. With all of the contamination issues, even buying organic food is a gamble. The device is launching at the end of the year. To see all the info on how it works, here is the link:

    Live Pure!

  15. Sandy

    I just wondered why Vani singled out SUBWAY .. why did she ask us not to eat there until they change their bread? Why wasn’t McDonald’s, Wendy;s, Arby’s, Jack in a Box, and Chick-fil-A included in her plea ?

    • Andrea (to Sandy)

      And, it is also found in WALMART’s bakery bread. Actually, you can go to any grocery store and find the azodicarbonamide as an added ingredient in many
      of the breads.

    • Food Industry Guy (to Sandy)

      I think everyone on this blog does need to understand that, McDonalds, Subway, Walmart, Wendy’s, your local brands do not make the formulas for bread. These companies are simply the recipients of supply chain companies and bakeries who perform the R&D and make the formulas that go to commercial bakeries around the world, some of those companies are in fact household names. Just about every white bread in the market contains a very, VERY low level of ADA if any at all after mixing, fermenting, proofing and baking operations are completed as these types of ingredients oxidize to form other substances (salts) and may in fact may not exist in its original form after baking at all. Trivia time: Can someone tell me how many products Dairy Queen produces?

      • Food Industry Guy (to Food Industry Guy)

        No one answered my question. Dairy Queen does not produce one single product they sell.

      • Dan (to Food Industry Guy)

        Point taken, but Subway, Mcdonalds, etc. are still in the power position to buy or not buy these bread “formulations.” If I was a supplier of bread to McDonalds and they asked me to remove ADA, I’m pretty sure I could easily do it in time for the next batch. There is another reason why Subway, McD’s etc. are dragging their feet on this, and you can bet it is somehow related to profits. Maybe it’s an ingredient in the bread that won in a taste test against breads without it.

    • Carlson (to Sandy)

      Because Subway was singled out by the 1st Lady of the United States as a healthy place to eat and it is not!

  16. Michele

    I don’t understand why everyone is picking on Subway about this. There are TONS of other places that use the same chemical in their bread…. Wawa, Sheetz, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s, McDonalds, and many many more. Why is Subway such a focus for you?

    • Jasmin (to Michele)

      I think because Subway is advertised and portrayed to be the “healthy choice”, and “fresh”. So the discovery of azodicarbonamide basically contradicts all their advertising and false claims about their food. Most people already know the McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts is super unhealthy and they dont really try to make their food sound like the “healthy choice” as much as Subway does. But people going to Subway are EXPECTING fresher, healthier food, and now I realize it’s all a big lie. I used to go to subway over other places because i thought it was the healthy choice, but guess not. They’re liars

    • Nicole (to Michele)

      Subway is being targeted because of their targeted marketing as being fresh and healthy. Many consumers are choosing to eat at Subway because of the millions spent to make us believe this is a good, healthy food choice. If we can start with one big name and make an example out of them, the others are sure to follow suit. It would not be wise to spread resources thin and target all restaurant chains using these additives at once – you focus your efforts to make a broader impact.

      The point is that we should have an informed choice with transparency of ingredients. You likely will not find any scientific results proving that these additives or GMOs are not safe because the studies are not being conducted. You also will not find studies showing that these additives or GMOs are safe, because the studies have not been done. What you will find are scientific studies funded by the corporations that stand to profit from their sales – and these all tell us that there is nothing to fear… at least that we know of yet. We are all a part of one giant experiment eating these additives and GMOs everyday and waiting to see the impact on our health. I for one would at least like the opportunity to decline to participate and “opt out”. Vani is calling for full disclosure of ingredients so that we as consumers can do just that. What peaks my attention is the comparatively short ingredient lists for the same product sold in European countries. I can pronounce everything in their ingredient list and it has less than half the additives we allow in the US. Why is that?

    • Carlson (to Michele)

      Because Subway (not McDonalds, Wendys, Etc) was singled out by the 1st Lady of the United States as a healthy place to eat and it is not a healthy place to eat!

  17. beach walker

    I save lots of money every day! I just walk the beach in Florida, and always find an old filp flop, then take it home and make a “Flipping Floppy” sub. Always try a fresh flipper, they taste good. Old ones have that toe jam after taste.

    • Food Industry Guy (to beach walker)

      But is it Natural, GMO Free, Free from bugs, no ADA, Low sodium, no Brominated vegetable oil, Kosher, Halal, Organic, Free from agricultural residues, Bovine Free, Sustainable, Fair Trade so we cant hire our kids to work in the fields, low calorie, no Hydrogenated vegetable oils, made in America?

  18. Lindsey

    Just saw a segment on the Daily Show about this very issue. So exciting to see the changes that can happen when you inform the public and push for change – no matter how small. Proud to be a regular reader of this website. Way to go Vani!

  19. nicke

    Next greatest TV success:
    ow my balls!

  20. Trina

    I hope that they take it out of subway I hate subway though my whole preg so I hope nothimg wrong with my kid

  21. Jasmin

    This is so awesome!!!! I’m so happy we can all work together. Power of the people!!!!!! I just contacted subway via their facebook page and asked about when theyre removing the azodicarbonamide. Im so happy you brought our attention to this. You’re amazing!

  22. Laura M

    Great work! But now how are we going to get the other bread companies to remove azodicarbonamide from their ingredients? We were vacationing in a Hawaii this week without access to our usual healthy brands, so bought Hearth and Harvest Bread Company’s Harvest Whole Grain bread, with words like “quality” and “whole grain” printed on the packaging. Alas, after getting the loaf back to our condo, we realized it contained this plastic chemical. We have more work to do.

  23. Will

    Pointing out the fact that many other companies and products use this same chemical is in no way comforting nor does it make it ok. It only shows that this is one step in fixing a problem that goes far beyond just Subway. Many ingredients used in foods in the U.S. are banned in other countries and the American people are for the most part oblivious . Ignorance is not bliss in this case and for those of us who are parents this is even more true and downright frightening. Thanks Food Babe. Keep up the fight because theses changes will never happen on there own but only after people like you and your followers force thier hand. We as consumers have a right to know every ingredient in our food and products we use and the possible side effects. Its really sad in this day and age that we cannot eat at a restaraunt or go grocery shopping for ourselves and our loved ones and feel confident in the safety of the ingredients we are ingesting. One product/restaraunt/ day at a time lets keep pushing to make these changes regardless of any resistance we encounter along the way!!!

  24. Kurt

    The REAL problem with ANY fast food is the amount of sugar, salt and unhealthy fat that it’s made with. That should be the target. Removing a chemical is NOT going to make it any healthier. However, if all the fast food companies did that, then no one eat it.

  25. nicke

    @foodbabe “the problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem” – Cpt Jack Sparrow….

  26. booms

    This is scientifically incorrect in so many ways and you know it. Just an attention seeker. People, do your own research. You will see that you are being mislead.

  27. ron

    Hey There is another company that uses this ADA in their bread. Jimmy Johns They Claim that the bread is baked and served fresh every day. They claim they want to be the best. Make them change and replace this bad chemical from their breads.

  28. Wayne Rivali

    Hi Vani,
    I got this response from a member on Mercola after I boasted about eating at Chipotle’s restaurant.
    “Don’t praise Chipotles too much. I questioned them after eating a couple of meals there. What kind of oils do they cook with? Soybean oil!! All of the meats, chicken, etc. are cooked in that dangerous oil.I will never eat there again!”
    I hope you can investigate this and remind them about healthy food, should this be true. Thanks, Wayne

    • Jenna (to Wayne Rivali)

      Chipotle announced several months ago that they will eliminate GMOs from their food by 2014. They will apparently be the first chain type restaurant to eliminate GMOs from their products. And Vani helped with that in first getting them to even list their ingredients to the public. If you look, they mostly use sunflower oil now, so soybean so much. Still waiting fro them to get non-GMO corn chips though.

  29. carl

    Skeptics guide to the Universe had quite an informed response to this
    Episode #450

    I am pretty sceptical about corporations but you have to look at both sides and i believe steven novella had a very informed response to this. It’s up to people not to read one person’s Blog and go on a rampage but do your own research as well and then make up your mind

  30. average consumer

    I, for one, am not concerned about this bread for a couple of reasons:
    1) this chemical is being blown way out of proportion. The harmful effects are for the manufacturers, not the small amount used in the baking process.
    2) who eats at subway, mcdonalds, or any of those other gross places? if you are truly concerned about the food you are eating, you wouldn’t be eating at those places anyways – even if/when they change the formula of their bread. if people are eating at these places, this trivial ingredient is the LEAST of their worries.
    No, I do not work for any food producer, marketing agency, etc. I am an average consumer who thinks that our energies would be better focused elsewhere than on this.

  31. Cameron

    If you look at what the World Health Organization actually said about this chemical, the only thing that they found was that it causes problems if you inhale it in its’ pure, raw form. Their data is limited strictly to the work environment, and is only a problem if proper precautions aren’t taken to prevent people from breathing it in. Additionally, the FDA has a limit of 45 ppm on azodicarbonamide concentration in food products, as it is generally considered safe for consumption at those levels. They monitor food products to enforce that limit. Just for comparison, water is also dangerous to inhale, and if you drink too much water, it can lead to symptoms very similar to not drinking enough water, and in extreme cases, can even lead to organ failure and death. Just my $0.02. Don’t be sheep; do your own research, and don’t spread panic unnecessarily.

  32. travis

    Here is a link that debunks everything you just wrote. I know you science uneducated people won’t believe it… sigh… but I’m trying anyway

  33. travis

    Here is a link that debunks everything you just wrote. I know you science uneducated people won’t believe it… sigh… but I’m trying anyway.

  34. NManning

    When will we get dihydrogen monoxide out of our drinking water!??

  35. Renee

    Thanks for the update! It’s truly phenomenal that a blogger can have such an impact on our food industry, just by spreading the word. This whole scandal inspired us to write an article, too!

  36. Dave

    Vani… after reading your today’s email release and, in addition to the petition with over 95,000 signatures, I just fired off a seething email to Subway’s customer service and, I encourage everyone to do so. They have a form set up for complaints.

    I explained that this isn’t a Hollywood fashion show for the best looking bread, it’s peoples health concerns and the violation of “trust” involved. The sad part is, they even bake the bread onsite and it isn’t shipped in with a several week age… it would be fine with the yeast (if they even use it) to create an acceptable looking product.

    I live around the corner from a family owned bakery that makes bread for many small local restaurants and the owner just shakes his head at this and, he’s been baking breads for 50 years for resale.

    Thank you again for your top notch efforts and reporting.!.


  37. BWA

    Why is everyone overreacting over this one chemical? It might be annoying that “Subway isn’t acknowledging us.” But this Chemical has not killed anyone yet if you eat too much of anything it will kill you. If you drink too much water it will kill you. One chemical that is used to make something like shoes is not uncommon. A vegetable (Corn) is used to make everything from bread to fuel. If you eat an unhealthy diet this could possibly hurt you but until someone does die from the bread I do no see why it needs to be removed.

  38. Sam Geraghty

    Because if Subway doesn’t have to take it out, then other companies won’t and slowly there are more and more chemicals in the environment and in food and in our bodies. This is why we need to take out all of the little additives in the food. Not just the big ones.

  39. Priorities?

    Are you still planning to eat meat sandwiches once they remove this ingredient from the bread?

    That’s a lot more dangerous to the environment and yourself, so why not rally your efforts there?

  40. anand

    They’ve taken it out.

  41. tina

    I find it very distasteful that in the good old USofA, that we have to eat stuff that other countries banned and deemed unfit for their citizens.

    • Elmer (to tina)

      In most of the good old USofA you have to eat stuff that is banned in California, like caramel coloring in Pepsi.

    • Elmer (to tina)

      In the good old USofA, you have to eat stuff that is banned in California, like caramel coloring in Pepsi.

  42. Elmer

    There was a very interesting expose on local TV recently regarding Subway’s multi-grain breads.

    There is apparently very, very little multi-grain in them, and they actually tint their buns that wholesome-looking brown color with caramel, a carcinogen.

    But just ask a Subway employee which bread is best for you, and . . .

  43. TJ H (to tom)

    “likely not harmful”
    Do your feelings or invisible friends tell you “likely not harmful”?

    Toxicity Profile for Azodicarbonamide (1990)
    Azodicarbonamide (ADA) is claimed to be a skin irritant in man. Occupational exposure has been associated with irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, asthmatic lung reactions, reduced lung function, and allergic dermatitis. In rats and mice, acute oral toxicity was low, and a single injection of ADA produced central nervous system depression in mice. In rats, some evidence of a weak antithyroid action was seen on repeated oral exposure. ADA generally displayed a low toxic potential in rats and mice following repeated inhalation although findings in the lungs of rats may have indicated an effect on the immune system. Repeated inhalation of ADA did not cause sperm abnormalities in rats and mice, although it may have induced chromosome damage in mice injected intraperitoneally and in mammalian cells in culture. ADA did not produce heritable mutations in fruit flies but it was mutagenic in bacterial tests (including the Ames). No carcinogenicity data have been found.

  44. jon (to EducatetheUneducated)

    Are u for friggin real??? what don’t u understand about people not wanting toxic chemicals in their food???? Thank GOD there ARE ppl out there like the blogger to alert us to this agenda 21 bs. nice try schill


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