Orange Poppy Seed Cranberry Hemp Muffins

Putting together poppy seeds & Nutiva hemp seeds was the best idea ever and no, I’m not a drug dealer. I had no clue these flavors would work so well together…These muffins turned out to be so good!

I am always on the hunt for the best available products to try (nutritionally speaking of course) so I was super excited to try Einkorn, an ancient grain that is the most ancient form of wheat that has not been hybridized or denatured in any way. It’s higher in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein than the typical whole wheat flour products you see on store shelves. “Einkorn is a rare gift, untouched by modern influence.”
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Alter Eco Giveaway, Prop 37, & My Latest Investigation

I’ve got three very important things to share with you this Halloween!

#1 – An Awesome Organic Chocolate Giveaway

If you have never tried Alter Eco Organic Chocolate before – here’s your chance! Alter Eco is hands down my favorite indulgence right now. I like it so much that I cannot keep it in the house because it will be gone in a matter of minutes!

Alter Eco Chocolate is sustainable, fair trade, organic and Non-GMO project certified. Their chocolates do not contain added fillers like “soy lecithin” and other junk you find in typical popular chocolate brands.  I like every single flavor I’ve tried so far – but the Dark Coconut Toffee, Dark Mint and Dark Quinoa Crunch are tied for the win.

I reached out to Alter Eco last week because our next vacation is taking us to Peru & Ecuador in South America where they harvest and produce many of their products. I am hoping to spend part of my vacation to learn more about superfoods like Quinoa (which Alter Eco also makes) that I eat every week. And I wanted to thank them personally for supporting and donating to the Yes on Prop 37 – the campaign to label genetically modified foods in California.

During our conversation – I asked if they would be willing to host a giveaway…. they were more than thrilled and generously accepted!

Alter Eco will be sending a gift basket with an assortment of all their chocolates to 10 readers!  I absolutely can’t wait to hear what you think of all of the different variations and if they will become your favorite too.

You can enter to win up to three times:  (Deadline: Midnight on November 5th, 2012)

1. SUBSCRIBE to Food Babe and leave a comment below

2. Spread the word on Facebook or Twitter and leave another comment. (Optional)

3. Sign up to call California voters to vote Yes on Prop 37 Ballot Initiative to label genetically modified foods. If you sign up – please just leave another comment. (Optional)
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Yes on Prop 37 Giveaway – Vita Spelt

This is one of a few giveaways about to come your way – all in the support of labeling genetically modified foods (GMOs) and Prop 37!

We need to raise money to tell the truth about the dangers of GMOs — on TV commercials, billboards, etc. — and get Californians out on November 6th to VOTE YES on Prop 37!

As you might have heard, the opposition is spending over a million dollars a day to saturate the airways with misinformation and lies. Lucky for us, companies like Vita Spelt are partnering with people like me to help raise even more money for Prop 37.

Vita Spelt makes an excellent line of organic spelt products – I am a huge fan of spelt because it has a softer texture than whole wheat, but is still a whole ancient grain that hasn’t been overly processed.

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