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GMO Labeling Fundraiser in Pictures

The fundraiser in NYC for CA Right to Know Prop 37 to label GMOs was a huge success. I am incredibly grateful for everyone who contributed, the generous sponsors, GustOrganics and for my co-host and friend Max Goldberg, for making this special night all possible.

I am not sure I can adequately capture all the energy of the night in words, so here it is through pictures:

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To read more details about what happened at the fundraiser check out:

Thank you for standing up for our Right to Know.

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5 responses to “GMO Labeling Fundraiser in Pictures

  1. Thank you for all of your efforts in bringing knowledge to the masses! I feel like the more we know the more we can use our dollars to support the right companies, and I appreciate all the effort you go in to researching and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us (I have since forwarded your piece on Whole Foods on to many and makes for great topics of discussion with friends and co-workers).

    I wondered if you couldn’t get some “celebrities” to help champion your efforts. I own a Jillian Micheal’s cookbook and know she is very much against GMO’s (as stated in her cookbook). She might be willing to donate or work with you and Maxwell in your efforts to support Prop 37. Just a thought 🙂

    Keep up the good work! I applaud your efforts!! We have the right to know!!!!

  2. Thanks Food Babe for your work. Now it is time to wake up hollywood and get them on board the Yes on Prop 37. They could work wonders with Television ads and other events to promote our efforts here in California to get the Yes votes out on November 6th.

  3. I wish I could have been there! The food looked so delicious and i just love all the work you have been doing to fight off gmo and promote prop 37! you have all my support and I hope we win come election day!!

  4. Good job ! Hoping to win the prop37 & USA as a whole come to the awareness of what foods we ought to eat and keep this planet healthy.

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