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100% All Natural Products Can Be Chock Full Of GMOs

As a consumer, it’s shocking to find out 100% all natural products can be chock full of GMOs.

I used to eat a lot of Lean Cuisine frozen meals back in the day. I was right out of college and wanted quick, easy and calorie controlled dinners I could have after work, which would take zero effort after my long days as a management consultant. All my girlfriends were doing it, we’d share with each other which new flavors were the best and talk about how low the calorie count was. I’d pop that sucker right into the microwave, in it’s plastic wrapping and bowl and have (what I thought at the time) a decent ready to eat meal that was healthy and “lean”.

Oh boy those were the days! This was a time period in my life where I was easily fooled by deceptive marketing I saw in persuasive, too-good-to-be-true messaging in commercials and on packages. I knew basically nothing about real food, GMOs, or chemically processed ingredients and I was sick.

Some say ignorance is bliss, considering all the alarming information there is to know about food these days and products to watch out for. But let me ask you, do you call living with chronic illnesses (asthma, allergies, endometriosis, and eczema) and being on several prescription drugs in your 20’s, bliss?

No, no one would.

That’s why when I saw the recent commercial for the new Lean Cuisine meals called “honestly good” with the words “100% all natural” slapped on the package, I had to investigate. These meals promise all whole foods with whole grains, but when you look at the ingredient list, they have ingredients from the top 4 genetically engineered crops (corn, canola, soy and sugar beets). How can they call this product natural? Are they truly sourcing natural ingredients that aren’t developed in a laboratory? Well, I wanted to find out, so I called the headquarters.

Watch the video below to find out what happens. You’ll be shocked at the information and website the customer service agent directs me to learn about GMOs.

Please note: I received permission to record this call from the Lean Cuisine Headquarters. I have the video on file if anyone requests.

The customer service representative confirmed that there is a 70-80% likelihood that any and all Lean Cuisine products (including this Honestly Good line) contain GMOs and could not guarantee their product labeled 100% natural is free of GMOs. They also directed me to a website that was created by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) that is funded by Big Food, and Biotech companies like Monsanto. These are the same companies giving millions and millions of dollars to stop GMO labeling. This makes me wonder how many customer service representatives are instructed by their employers (BIG food companies) to spread this mass misinformation campaign to consumers. It’s absolutely atrocious.

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good

As you can see below, the entire list of ingredients for each flavor has suspected GMOs – but for some reason (you can thank the FDA for the lack of regulation) they are allowed to put not just “all natural “– but “100% all natural” on the label.

Lean Cuisine sources their ingredients “domestically when possible.” It’s startling to see how many potential GMO ingredients there are in their new product line.

The proof is on the label.

Lean Cuisine Red Pepper

Lean Cuisine Plum Fish

Lean Cuisine Pomegranate Chicken

Lean Cuisine Lemongrass

Lean Cuisine Beef


How are companies getting away with labeling an entire product line 100% all natural and still using GMOs?! Well, they are not exactly getting away with this. Even though the FDA does not have a strict definition around what natural means, these companies are being sued left and right because they are misleading the consumer with false advertising and claims.

Since the FDA is asleep at the wheel, any lawyers out there want to take this on?

Labeling a product 100% all natural and not being able to verify it (see video above), is extremely unfair to the consumer. This is fraudulent and irresponsible marketing that Lean Cuisine and parent company Nestle need to be held accountable for.

How long do you think it will be before Nestle/Lean Cuisine joins the ranks of General Mills (Nature Valley GranolaBars), Conagra (Wesson Oil), Pepsi (Naked Juice), Frito-Lay (Tostitos and Sun Chips), Kashi (Cereal), Barbara’s Bakery (Cereal), Pepperidge Farm (Gold Fish), etc? All of these companies have been or being sued for mislabeling their products as “all natural” when really their products contain synthetic material or GMOs.

Contact Lean Cuisine and tell them what you think at 1-800-993-8625 or facebook message them.

GMOs are not found in nature! The DNA has been altered in a laboratory.

GMOs increases the use of toxic chemicals in our environment, kill bees and are linked to cancer, allergies and autoimmune disorders in animal studies.

To avoid GMOs, choose products with the USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified labels and remember, 100% natural does not equal GMO free. Review the product list above and see the items listed in red, if the product is conventional or marked natural, it likely contains GMOs. One of the most unsuspecting ingredients is “sugar” that comes from GMO sugar beets (unless listed as cane sugar) and “natural flavor” that usually starts with a base of GMO corn (and can also contain beaver anal secretions – ewwww!). Also, hidden GMOs can be found in any meat product that is labeled “all natural” because it is likely raised with GMO feed. Here’s a full list of common GMO ingredients.

If you know someone who’s buying “natural” products or perhaps eating Lean Cuisine or other frozen meals, share this video and information with them. We all need to spread the truth.


Food Babe

UPDATE: Shortly after this post went live, Lean Cuisine posted an announcement on their facebook page to a community of 500,000 fans confirming they use GMOs. Furthermore, they did not show up at the Natural Products Expo East trade show where they were previously supposed to showcase their new product. I went to their booth to ask questions and the booth was empty! Make em’ run #FoodBabeArmy! Make em’ run! We are winning!

Lean Cuisine Facebook Post Good


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210 responses to “100% All Natural Products Can Be Chock Full Of GMOs

  1. Sad to say, but this is why we all have to do our own research and make our own choices. I ALWAYS assume that unless I’ve been told otherwise, or the product is Non-GMO verified, it has GMOs. For me, I don’t care – although I believe it’s unhealthy and unsafe – but for my kids who have special needs and disabilities, I have to take this extra effort. I truly wish they would make it easier on the consumer, because I don’t understand the value of any argument that says I don’t deserve to know.

    1. For those of you who “cant understand” why they dont want our food labelled:
      Follow the money.
      90-95% of Americans would not eat food made with GMO’s if they knew they were in your food. So if we knew, we wouldn’t buy it. And the huge companies wouldnt make their huge profits at our expense. Its my opinion that the heads of these companies are sociopaths. They made their way up in the business by having no conscience. And thats why they dont care about our health. This problem is systemic. The only solution is to do your research and not buy their products – and get the word out to people who prefer their poison to health to do the same.

      1. Can you explain to me why GMO’s are bad? You say I wouldn’t eat food if I know it contains GMOs – why is that? What’s wrong with them?

  2. FoodBabe, I think you are mistaken about what food packaging terms are regulated and what is not by US law. To be labeled “organic” and for that matter “fair trade” are regulated and the company using those terms on their labels must be certified by a government recognized 3rd party and meet very specific criteria before they can put it on their product, food, etc.

    “Natural” is NOT REGULATED by anyone. At all. There isn’t any standard criteria for what “natural” means on a label or what is in the package. Anyone can use it it describe any little thing their hearts desire because most consumers think “natural” means “organic” which isn’t always true. Some companies who don’t qualify for an organic certification use “natural” to mean ‘some of the ingredients in this were made in some way, shape, or form by something that grew out of the ground in some way, shape, or form.” Sounds like Lean Cuisine is using this definition of the unregulated, use it however you like term “natural.” Because of this, whenever I see “natural” on a package, I ignore it and flip the package over to read the ingredient list on the back for the real information because the ingredient list is also regulated.

      1. 100% natural should be regulated and companies who use that label, should be responsible with it. That’s the whole point of this investigation. AND FYI – something huge happened on Friday, Lean Cuisine posted a note about GMOs on their facebook page – to their 496k fans to let them know about it. I can’t think of a bigger victory in terms of awareness. Now those fans will wake up too and likely question the product. It’s so awesome. We are winning 🙂

      2. I 100% disagree that it should be regulated and that we are winning but I do 100% agree with this investigation, the awareness it creates and the GMO post by LC on their page.

      3. OK. If it isn’t regulated, then so much the better. It is false advertising, and therefore actionable, when they lie, and say it is when it isn’t.

      4. Lazy Budget Chef’s and Gretchen@HealthfulMama’s posts illustrate how common the abuse of English language has become in the USA. How inured the citizenry has become to it; how corrupted, really. It saddens me that we as individuals accept this.

        The word “natural” has unambiguous meaning. If you must, go ahead and look it up. But you should not have to, you know what it means; it means “done by nature, without involvement of human ingenuity”.

        When we decide to point the word at the ingredients in our food, we want to say that those ingredients are done by nature, without involvement of human ingenuity.

        It so happens, that some people prefer natural food and want to know which food is natural and which is not before making a purchase decision.

        What is the rationale of the companies debated here to use the word “natural” when promoting their unnatural food? To lie; to hide the reality that their food is not natural. This has nothing to do with FDA or regulations. It has everything to do with deception implemented to trigger buying behavior, to generate revenue that would have otherwise – without the deception – not been generated.

        How is this ok, Lazy Budget Chef and Gretchen@HealthfulMama? I don’t understand it. Do you bring your children up to behave this way, to use these methods when interacting with you? To take well understood expressions, rely on your perfectly predictable interpretation, and use the expressions to elicit a response from you that is derived from the expressions’ meaning stored in your head rather than from the situation at hand?

        For example: “How is your homework going?” “Great, I’m all done, 100% finished. Can I go out?” If you must pause now and drill the child to obtain the “true” meaning of what they just told you … then there is a problem …

        Can you not see that?

    1. She’s not confused. “you can thank the FDA for the lack of regulation”
      “Even though the FDA does not have a strict definition around what natural means”

      The point is she’s trying to spread information to people who may think all natural means no GMOs. Looks like you’re the one confused. Reading comprehension.

    2. Not all that has the organic certification label is organic, Horizon Milk product/Silk product….can’t be organic anymore…Horizon is buying surplus milk from outside dairies(that don’t follow being organic, grain fed, not grass fed) and Silk is buying their soy from China….I’ve read they are trying to get them to have their organic labels removed…

      1. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that. I have Horizon chocolate milk in the fridge now 🙁 I won’t be buying anymore.

      2. Horizon has petitioned the organic standards board (NOSB I think?) to allow a synthetic version of DHA in their organic milk products. Horizon is owned by Dean Foods. Personally, I don’t support large mega-corporations when it comes to purchasing food. I scan everything with Buycott beforehand.

        Anyone who cares about organic standards should also be boycotting Horizon/Dean Foods because of this corruption. I hope somebody files a class action lawsuit against these asswadds.

  3. We spy on friends and allies and turn them into enemies…. We lie about everthing till we get caught. . . . the selling of G.M.O.’s and watch it back-fire……one less customer – – till you run out of customers

      1. Food dude is exactly right!! the FDA is in bed with Monsanto!! So the GMOs in our food industry is making everyone sick….Sick folks need medication and health care…then there’s a pill and “cure” for everything. I am 28yrs old, ADHD, ADD, autism with multiple spectrums is RAMPANT thru out schools today! Everyone knows a kids or a handful of kids with issues!! in the 90’s……when i was in elementary schoo…. kids didn’t have all these issues and have to take pills before they go to grade school!!!!!! also in then 90’s is when GMOs became rampant…. ironic?!?! Think of all the money the pharmaceuticals have made in the last 15 years because of all the kids with ADHD and ADD! and all the awareness of this new phenomenon of autism!! Autism was RARE 25 years ago!!!!!! now every one knows a family with an autistic child!! WHY?!?! this barely scratches the surface!!!

  4. Thank you Food Babe for this educating article…. but you forgot/missed a few more ingredients.

    With your permission, I would like to address them below:

    – Salmon and Pollock source – if it is farm-raised, it has been fed feed containing GM (genetically modified) corn and soybean.

    – Farm-raised Chicken and Beef are fed GM corn, soybean, cottonseed and sugar beet cakes. Not to mention that beef is pumped with bovine growth hormones (a GE – genetically engineered hormone) and antibiotics.

    – Regular Butter comes from dairy cows fed GM grains, bovine growth hormones and antibiotics.

    – Chicken and Beef stock, broth, dehydrated chicken broth, chicken powder are all genetically engineered products/flavors containing MSG not to mention the above source issues.

    – Commercial Orange and Lemon oils are genetically engineered in a lab and contain glutamate, a GM-byproduct.

    – Commercial Balsamc Vinegar contains GM caramel and glutamic acid as a byproduct.

    I hope this helps. Chef Alain Braux
    GMO expert at Peoples Pharmacy, Austin TX.

    – Dehydrated

    1. Thank you sir. Isn’t it shame that we need experts to inform the public of unhealthy food, I thought that was the FDA’s job now its our job to question anything that the government does in the name of ‘we are here to help’ knowing that anything the government say’s is BS.

      1. Kevin – you have to remember that the FDA is a government agency under orders from their political appointee – an ancient Monsanto lawyer. The US gov has been gun-ho about GM crops as they saw it as a way to dominate the world’s food supplies. Monsanto trying to create GM they can then legally protect as their own is the long term plan.

        I honestly do not believe than countries all over the word will agree to that. They see it as American Imperialism and they are right. They will fight this encroachment on their freedom to grow any local/historical food they wish. It is their way of life and culture and they will fight to the end to keep control over their food and not under some corporation’s nefarious plans.

        Sincerely, Chef Alain

    2. Why is the revolving door at Mansanto and the FDA not illegal how do they argue a less than arms length relationship, it is blatantly obvious what is going on. Our only defense is to make everyone aware of blogs like this one and then just not do business with the likes of companies that has no interest in healthy food and are only interested in the bottom line regardless of the long term consequences to their customers. I for one will not purchase any product that does not display the ‘certified organic and contains no GMO ingredients’ it is not easy and it goes a long way toward promoting a mostly raw and fresh diet. Which, by the way, is far more healthy and the benefits have been enormous. So now I am in a quandary, perhaps I should thank the large agra and chemical companies! .

      1. Kevin-

        The revolving door policy between our gov and corporations and revolting as it is, is pretty obvious. Since the supreme court allowed corporations to be treated as “citizens”, these corps have been buying politicians left and right and they pretty much get to dictate policies to their greedy heart’s content.

        See the Monsanto protection act has been extended. Corporations cannot be sued in courts even if they have been proven to poison people. Guess what: Clarence Thomas used to be a lawyer for Monsanto before being on the supreme court. Are you surprised? I’m disgusted.


        Chef Alain

    3. Aloha Chef Alain; I just found this site and I am so pleased to read your posts. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and am an activist against GMO. Monsanto and his crony companies are raping our islands every day. Our mayors and governor are okaying this. I can’t understand why Kauai is still being sprayed daily with toxic bombs that have produced alarming rates of critical health issues and birth defects. I’m associated with an organization called Babes Against Biotech that has tremendous posts and easy links to sign petitions. Pleas visit the site along with GMO Free Hawaii Island. Kauai and the Big Island need everyone to let our state know that no one will to a poisoned paradise. Please kokua. Mahalo, Marylei.

      1. Hello Marylei

        Thank you for your outrage. We need more involved people like you to tell our politicians sold out to corporations that YOU, the voter will not put up with them anymore.

        If you are on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me and join my group: GMO? OMG?!?

        Facebook: Chef Alain Braux
        Twitter: @chefalainbraux

        Sincerely, Chef Alain

  5. It’s sad, right? I’ve known for years that All Natural has absolutely no legal value.

    I’m surprised that you’re surprised.

    I hope your article will help will BS like this.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Not really surprised… just trying to change the world. AND FYI – something huge happened on Friday, Lean Cuisine posted a note about GMOs on their facebook page – to their 496k fans to let them know about it. I can’t think of a bigger victory in terms of awareness. Now those fans will wake up too and likely question the product. It’s so awesome. We are winning

  6. There is no regulations for the term all natural. I wish it did but as of now Lean Cuisine is not doing anything wrong. I think we need to push for regulations on the term, until we can do that we can only warn people that “natural” doesn’t really have a meaning when it comes to food.

  7. Ross and Kevin, I am new to this GMO thing, but used to do research in molecular biology. The scientists are correct in that the actual genetic structure of the food is not the problem. Our body breaks down the products, amino acids etc. The problem with GMO’s is this. They have been engineered to be resistant to certain herbicides, so they don’t die when the farmers spray their crops. As a result, super-weeds have “cropped” up… No pun intended. Therefore the crops are now being sprayed two to three times as much! Now the corn that had one dose of herbicide has four doses. I guess we should wash them four times as long…. That is the immediate problem I see. There are others as well though… The effects on the soil which is causing deterioration of the root system. This has an effect on the actual nutrients in the crops and thus nutritional value of the vegetable. That is what I gave found in my research so far.

  8. Thanks for all your info! I’m learning and eating better everyday.
    I have read several articles related to orange juice, notably your article about orange juice sitting in vats then “natural flavor” added back in before packaging.
    Some of the brands ( like loblaw pc brand,)indicate ingredients as : pasteurized orange juice, nothing else.
    Would they not be required to label -natural flavors if they added ???
    Thanks for all your reports!!

  9. Another slam dunk! Vani, you inspired me this morning to contact Little Ceasars. Over the past year we have cut out the GMO’s, artificial colors, preservative and sweeteners from my family’s diet with HUGE crazy success all around for me, my husband and especially in our three kiddos. We can’t be 100% about it as we still eat out occasionally and go to parties… can’t live in a cave, right!? Yesterday, our oldest went to a birthday party and we let him have some cheese pizza (he hasn’t had this in over a year… it used to be our “go-to” cheapo pizza place!!) Needless to say, within an hour of eating it, he puked his brains out. He was totally fine after he got it out of his system so we can rule out the 24 hour bug:) I have contacted them to find out the complete list of ingredients. I was completely ASTONISHED by their website as the ingredients listed on everything they sell is: WHEAT, MILK, SOYBEANS. That’s it. Yea, right people. I can’t wait to hear back and I would never have contacted them if it wasn’t for your work. I’ll certainly let you know what they send back to me, IF they respond at all;) Keep lighting it up baby.

  10. It is so important to balance nutritious food choices and our attitudes toward the mix state of deception with labels and ingredients. The toxic emotions of fear, resentment and worry can be more detrimental to our health than some of the ingredients we try to avoid. Thanks to food babe we have a great AND fun resource to inform us!!

  11. Unfortunately the great majority of products out there use GMOs even the ones that appeal “healthy” or “natural”

  12. To say that beet sugar is of concern because sugar beets may be transgenic is just silly. Sugar is a pure compound. No matter where it is extracted from it is exactly the same thing: sugar.

    And despite all your concerns, you have not explained why every major scientific organization world wide has concluded that GMO crops pose no harm. These include the AMA, the AAAS and EFSA.

    1. James Cooper, you OBVIOUSLY need to do a LOT MORE RESEARCH!!! To say that sugar is sugar and can’t be harmful is a JOKE!!! Kinda sound like that B.S. commercial that they had that woman reciting such STUPIDITY about corn sugar!!!!
      Your argument about how so many major scientific organizations say that GMO’s pose no harm is about the same as saying that EVERYTHING the FDA approves is not HARMFUL or TOXIC!!!!
      Wake up and pull your head out of somewhere!!!!

  13. ** Here is the comment from their Facebook page. “We’ve heard your concerns about how Honestly Good can say “100% all natural” when they are likely to contain GM ingredients. To U.S. food regulatory agencies, GM ingredients are no different than conventional ingredients. These agencies have policies about what foods can call themselves “natural”— they do not contain any artificial ingredients and are only minimally processed. We meet these policies and this is why we are permitted to label Lean Cuisine Honestly Good as “100% Natural.”

  14. Milberg, a class action law firm in NYC, filed a GMO/All-Natural case against Frito-Lay alleging that its snack products are fraudulently labeled as “All Natural.” The firm is looking to speak with people who purchased GMO products with alleged deceptive labels, such as Lean Cuisine Honestly Good.

    You can find more info here:

  15. Hi Food Babe!

    I love your posts and food investigations so much that I think I’m going to start some “food investigations” of my own on my blog 🙂 I just wrote an article about GMO’s if you want to check it out!

    Thank you for all of your AWESOME work!!


  16. Hey Food Babe! Love your recipes and you, wondering if you know there is a yoplait ad on your site?

  17. hope that people see the deception and horror our elected officials allow to go on in every facet of our life. So go to these stores and spend all your money on the so called organic foods which come from other countrys (good luck with that) no regulations or oversight and enjoy breathing in the Chemtrails on your ride home. I have a little farm of cows,goats,chickens,ducks,pigs here is what I learned, good luck finding feed that has no gmo and if you wanted to purchase my chickens for food you better pony up $8 a pound for chicken breast My chickens free range (eat bugs,grass) and still eat pellets (gmo) made by purina or nutrina. It is impossible that you go to the store and find chicken breast on sale for $1.99 on sale. God only knows what that is and you hamburger lovers they can slaughter horses in the U.S. now for animal food and can EXPORT it to mexico which in turn can repackage it and sell it back to us for consumption Check ALDI store for horse meat allegations

  18. Funny thing is I actually used to work at that Nestle call center 2 years ago in Pennsylvania. It’s not Nestle headquarters, but it is a satellite customer service center that a company, Telerx, runs for Nestle. Now with previous experience working there I know for a fact many Nestle products contain GMOs. The thing is Nestle gives customer service reps very little information on the topic and never have a complete list of which products do have GMOs and which do not. As I worked in the beverage department (products such as coffeemate, juicy juice, nesquik, etc.) I learned that Nestle gives their representatives answers that they think will make the person feel about or continue to trust their company. Notice as she stated the facts about GMOs used in many products in the U.S. Reps are trained to keep customers faithful to the Nestle brand, so if other companies use it why not Nestle? Wrong! I believe they target these types of answers to unknowledgable consumers. Some unknowledgable people may believe after that phone call that GMOs are a “okay” thing since many other brands products contain them. Also Nestle’s responses they provide their representatives to give out are very limited and pro Nestle. On many controversial topics the responses in our computer look up program were short, dodged the question, and some even redirected the question to something positive. The only way companies like this are even going to care about the use of GMOs in their products were if people boycotted their products on a large national level, which is very unlikely to happen. I think everyone needs to be knowledgable about what they put into their bodies, which is why working for Nestle actually sparked my interest in realizing what I was putting into my body and now I am actually going to school to become a registered dietitian. In the end it’s our personal choice as to what we choose to ingest. After working for a company like Nestle and learning about many harmful things in almost all of their products, I have chosen to only eat things I know that will be beneficial for my body and well being.

  19. I hope I am not repeating any responses, but my two cents. I do agree with the article, but you say to “To avoid GMOs, choose products with the USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified labels and remember, 100% natural does not equal GMO free.”……….I do NOT agree with this statement. USDA is only as honest as the government…………nuff said.

    A request, do another investigation into the USDA!! And don’t just call a customer service rep that is getting paid $7 per hour and reading a script, because seriously, if anyone watched your video and thought it was an ACTUAL INVESTIGATION, was very mislead, LIKE you claimed Lean Cuisine does.

  20. It’s up to us. Unless I see USDA Organic or Non GMO verified, it stays out of my shopping cart. The companies are our enemies, they will will lie, cheat, steal, and do everything they can to take our money, and throw Frankenstein creations at us that will destroy our health. Anything labeled as Natual is the biggest scam in food reatailing. Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola, Kraft, General Mills, Dean’s, Kellogg’s, Nestle, et al, are ENEMIES. Treat them as such.

  21. All I can say is this…if it comes out of a box or a package I don’t eat it. PERIOD. Then I know it’s not GMO because I grow most my food (and I work 45+hours a week) or buy organic. With severe food allergies, especially to soy and wheat, there is no other option. Thank you food babe for trying to help the public understand what they are eating.

  22. Really nice to see some real independent journalism M(r)s. Food babe 🙂

    Thank you and please keep up the OUTSTANDING work.


  23. So, Miss Hari, are you saying that any organism that has had alterations in it’s genetic code is toxic and unhealthy? Do you also think that we shouldn’t eat anything with ingredients that we can’t pronounce?

  24. Lets be honest and don’t get me Wrong I love your stuff and recipes. But people who buy frozen crap don’t care to begin with. M

  25. Dear Foodbabe
    OMG, I just had my colonoscopy today and drank the cocktail from chemical hell last night. What we have to endure when we dont know.! Your article was so timely today. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing. We (you) are making a huge difference now. And The Food Revolution Network, Hungry For Change, Dr. Oz. Let’s keep exposing them and move ahead. Many many thanks.
    No more Monsanto “better living thru chemicals” thinking!!!

  26. The concerns around this topic go beyond the food industry. How about the personal care industry? There isn’t any regulation on what a company puts on the front of their label. “All Natural”, “Non-toxic”, “Plant based”, etc. A company can even buy their own certification seal to be “organic” based on their own percentages (ex. 40% organic, 60% synthetic controversial chemicals). Who wants that?! Don’t fall for the greenwashing… I’m glad you are investigating and sharing this information with others- knowledge is power is its about time we stand firm and let the food industry know we aren’t being duped. I hope the personal care industry starts to feel this pressure as well… I’m working on it!

  27. Someone just said to me sugar is sugar. Even if sugar come from GMO sugar beets, it doesnt matter because only the sucrose is extracted. Thoughts?

  28. Anything labeled as 100 percent natural, gets 0 percent of my money. All it takes is a quick glance at the ingredients label, to see their lies. No USDA organic label, no non GMO verified label, no sale!

  29. Hi there to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this website, and your views are pleasant in support of new

  30. Thank you for everything that you do, Food Babe! I wish “Natural”, “Organic” and “Non-GMO” was more clear for the public….unfortunately it’s confusing and misleading. Keep telling your truths!

  31. Just as these products have brought death to our table, and like any revolutionary action throughout our history, we must deliver the same fate to those who would so easily manipulate the scourge at our backs. Administrative action is not the way. We must turn the gaze of death in their direction to truly end this outrageous gambit.

  32. Thank you so much for everything you do to shed light on this massive issue! Appreciate you!

  33. I used to buy “All Natural”, thinking it’ safe. But, after viewing your videos, realized that “All Natural” does not mean No GMO. Now, I tend to look for Organic. Thanks for all you do!

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