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Announcing My Next Book: Feeding You Lies

My mom called yesterday and said “Have you turned it in yet?” – I responded with a big “YES! It’s done.” And we both rejoiced. I have been heads down for the last year working on something very important.

I’m so thrilled to announce that I just turned in the manuscript for my next book!!!

My new book, Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health, will officially hit stores in February 2019.

The research in this book is cutting edge and I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED to get this information in your hands. This book is very different from my first, The Food Babe Way…

In Feeding You Lies I expose the shameless lies we are being fed about our food by the very people we should be able to trust for health information… lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science on which we make our food choices. It’s investigative, hard-hitting, and scandalous. If you love my food investigations, you definitely will love this book. Here’s what it covers:

  • How scientific research about our food is manipulated by food company funded experts
  • Never before seen emails revealing who’s privately on the take from the food and chemical industries and what they are being paid to do
  • How to spot fake news generated by Big Food
  • The tricks food companies use to make their food addictive
  • Deciphering why labels like “all natural” and “non-GMO” aren’t as they seem and how to identify the healthiest food
  • Food marketing hoaxes that persuade us into buying junk food disguised as health food
  • The “Three Question Detox” technique that will improve every decision you make about food
  • An easy-to-follow “48-Hour Toxin Takedown” to avoid the chemical onslaught – and get healthy in the process

Want to be one of the first to read it? You can pre-order a copy now.

Get it locally near you here or at Barnes & Noble or Amazon

When you pre-order, the book will be shipped to you to arrive on the release date – so you’ll be one of the first people to get it and won’t even need to make a trip to the store.

Your early support means a lot – it will send a message to bookstores everywhere to carry this important book. We’ve got to get this out there so we can expose the food industry lies once and for all.

If the food industry felt threatened by my first book, they aren’t going to know what hit ‘em when Feeding You Lies hits stores. This book will change you forever. It did that for me, I’ll never look at food the same way again.



P.S. If you know anyone who needs to read Feeding You Lies (I’m sure you do!), please share this post with them. 


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