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BREAKING: Kellogg’s responds to our petition on TV appearance

We’ve now surpassed 25,000 signatures on our petition to Kellogg’s. This is amazing!!! But our work is not done. We are taking on a multi-billion dollar food company, and need all the help we can get. 

** IMPORTANT: Please share our petition with everyone you know. Simply hit the social share buttons to share instantly. It takes 2 seconds. 

We are getting Kellogg’s attention. I made an appearance on Fox46 this morning to discuss how important this petition is and we received an official response. Watch the news clip here:


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Kellogg’s provided Fox46 with the following letter in response to our petition: (red text is my comments)

The truth is that Kellogg’s has made NO PROGRESS. This brings up questions about their real intentions. 

Why is Kellogg’s creating brand NEW cereals with artificial ingredients if they truly want to remove these chemicals? 

Kellogg’s makes Froot Loops and Unicorn Cereal in other countries without artificial colors or BHT, so they already have the formula. They know how to do this. 

unicorn cereal ingredients in america vs. australia


Back in 2015 Kellogg’s said that 75% of their cereals were made without artificial colors. Now they are saying that 87% of their cereals are without artificial colors. And they call this “significant progress”? What has Kellogg’s been doing for the last 4 years? Which cereal did they remove artificial colors from? You’ll still find it in their ever-popular Froot Loops and Apple Jacks.

And again, they keep churning out new children’s cereals full of them…

They refuse to address the preservative BHT in their U.S. cereals. In 2015 Kellogg’s told reporters they were “actively testing natural alternatives” to BHT. So, are they going to remove it like they do in other countries? 

Does Kellogg’s really intend on dumping the artificial ingredients? They keep saying one thing, but doing another. This is unethical. Don’t you agree?

Call out Kellogg’s Lies and continue sharing this petition. We can’t let them get away with this! 

We’ve got to hold Kellogg’s accountable. Artificial colors should NOT be in food – especially in food marketed with cartoons aimed at our children. These dyes require a warning label in other countries because they cause hyperactivity in children. Kellogg’s knows this. This is outrageous!

Even if you’re not a parent, or would never ever feed your child Kellogg’s Baby Shark Cereal, your support for this petition is helping others. Not everyone knows what these artificial ingredients are doing to their kids. I get emails like this one all the time…

“After being told about your blog by family members, I have completely changed how I shop and feed my family. And have seen improvements in my kids when we’ve cut out food dyes from our diet. I have one son that is borderline ADHD, has classic symptoms, and when he’s had a red Gatorade, for example, he’s off the chart crazy and goes bonkers. It’s insane what is in our food system in the USA, of all places!! It drives me crazy when I talk to moms who’s kids have actually been diagnosed with ADHD and are medicated for it, but they give them colored gatorade or Cheetos or other foods that have food dye in them that are just pouring fuel on the fire and they don’t even know it. So, I gently point them to it because it’s crazy how unaware most consumers are. It makes me sick and I for sure put my money where my mouth is and only shop organic and brands I know are striving for more whole natural foods. Thank you for all you do to push this agenda!! “ – Emily

It is time to stop Kellogg’s lies! If you do anything today, please share our petition and help spread the word.

You are making a meaningful difference in our world and I can’t thank you enough!



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9 responses to “BREAKING: Kellogg’s responds to our petition on TV appearance

  1. Kelloggs is very bad company. Kelloggs have to face. Hiring employees for 18 dollars. And other employees pay33 dollars. Same job

  2. How can a parent keep feeding their children this garbage? I grew up on hot cereal, plain cold cereal with fresh fruit occasionally, eggs and toast but my mom wouldn’t buy that sugary garbage. We’d go to a toy store for the same toy you got in cereal.

  3. Why wasn’t Natural Flavor, aka; MSG mentioned Vani for them to remove that chemical too. Natural Flavor is NOTHING natural! You know this. I’m shocked this was t mentioned.

  4. Ya I’m all for calling these clowns out on the carpet- trying to poison us w/ food of all things something we all need to survive and they’re playing games with it – criminal I tell ya out and out criminals do worse they know it but still do not rectify! They’ll answer for it someday! And don’t forget the Hershey connection w/ all their dream team ingredients too- I refuse to eat my favorite Fruit&nut Cadbury bar anymore.bec they havnt taken the plastic(PGPR) among other things out of it yet like they said they would by 2013! Who doesn’t like a little plastic w/ their chocolate what a joke! Who’s paying who off to allow it to happen ! Playing w/ fire!

  5. While you at this, shouldn’t these cereals be organic as well. WE are eating unhealthy GMO
    sprayed grain processed with dyes and artificial flavors! Don’t by it and don’t eat it at all and then they’ll change they will change their tune and come up with a better product.

  6. Kellogg’s refuses to remove the glyphosate pesticide what’s the World Health Organization indicates causes cancer and there are many lawsuits against Monsanto Bayer about it in which state has to pay billions of dollars hey someone else said Kellogg’s she has many of its cereals organic or at least non GMO.

  7. That’s all we’ll and good that Kellogg’s responded to ur complaints ie you got their attention but they’re prob just doin it to appease you at the moment it remains to be seen if they really do anything worthwhile to correct the sitch – don’t get me wrong I applaud your efforts dear, I sincerely do, but these big conglomerates don’t care bout us only bout how many greenbacks they can make sellin us fake food they’re a joke and til I see a concerted sustained effort to change things for the better AND keep it that way; on their part sad to say but I’ll remain a doubting Thomas! Sorry but convince me!

  8. Haven’t bought Kellogg’s in a long time. Wonder if the pharmaceutical companies are in some way responsible for this. Artificial garbage makes kids hyper, parents put them on meds to calm them down. Read article about babies even put on these meds, Maybe the parents are giving them pieces of this, I used to do this with cheerios. New article on Dr. Mercola’a sight about babies and toddlers, etc., being given meds to calm down, etc., with bad effects. It’s too bad that parents are blinded by the advertising and colorful packaging. Imagine if the cereal companies complied with taking out these fake ingredients, that would most definitely affect the drug companies, and they don’t like that., Just my thought on this.

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