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Exciting recap of 2023: Food additives banned, new Food Babe book out, and Truvani update!

Can you believe 2023 is almost over?

Before we start celebrating the holidays, let’s look back at all the great things that happened this year and see what we’ve accomplished.

It is so gratifying to see our work is paying off! 

Every time you share a Food Babe blog post, a social media post, or tell your loved ones what you’ve learned about your food, you are changing the world right along with me! 

Together, we’re helping thousands of people learn the truth about the ingredients in their food, so they can take control and stop buying crappy processed foods full of ingredients that are destroying their health.

Look at all these great things that happened in 2023:

  • A breaking new study in Nature Medicine linked the popular zero-calorie sweetener Erythritol to heart attacks, stroke and death. You’ll find this ingredient in many “health” products, so this was very controversial when it came out and I got some backlash for applauding this study. The truth is that I’ve avoided this sugar-substitute in my diet for over 10 years because it’s not real food, it’s heavily processed (usually derived from GMO corn), and may disrupt gut bacteria. Now I have another reason to avoid it. This is also why when we sourced monk fruit for Truvani products, I made sure it did not contain any Erythritol. It has been one of the original banned ingredients in our product development guidelines from the start!
  • Truvani had a groundbreaking year. We have the best-selling plant-based protein at Natural Food Stores for 52 weeks in a row! We added 3 new protein flavors, 2 new bar flavors, and Collagen Peptides to our lineup. We’re also making big strides in the marketplace, as you can now find our products in over 6000 stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Vitamin Shoppe nationwide!
  • I launched my 4th book into the world, Food Babe Family, which sold out in almost every bookstore on launch day. Even though bookstores didn’t have enough copies to meet the demand when it first came out, it was still a national bestseller with dozens of 5-Star Reviews! This book exposes the truth about Dominos, Pepperidge Farm, Kellogg’s, Gerber, and many other billion dollar processed food brands, along with over 100 real food recipes that your family will love! It’s the perfect last minute gift for anyone on your list.
  • I shared the truth about our food on numerous podcasts. Most people still don’t know this information and I won’t sleep until they do. I especially loved my most recent interview on the bossbabe podcast, where I talked about my daily routine with my family, what I feed myself (and my kids!) and work life balance – Listen in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts

From my family to yours – Happy Holidays!!!!



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