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Four toxic chemicals just got BANNED from food, but there’s something you need to know!

Lawmakers in California just passed a bill that will ban 4 artificial ingredients from our food, but it’s not all that it seems. There’s some good news and bad news!


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Effective in 2027, food brands will no longer be able to use brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate, propylparaben and red 3 in California. 

Food brands will likely remove these ingredients from all products they sell in the entire U.S., because it would be too difficult to remove them just in California. Also, this paves the way for other states to enact similar legislation. 

But here’s what you still need to watch out for…

You’ll find Red 3 in some foods like Hot Tamales and some Funfetti products, but they will very likely replace it with Red 40, another artificial dye that’s linked to health problems. 

Which leads me to the really bad news:

Titanium Dioxide was removed from the bill! 

This ingredient was BANNED in Europe after it was linked to cancer last year, but remains in over 11,000 products in U.S. grocery stores such as Skittles and Pop Tarts. So now it appears that it will remain in our food for a very long time.

This is why waiting for the government to ban these chemicals is a losing strategy. 

The best way to get companies to remove toxic ingredients, is to STOP buying their products. Vote with your dollars. 

For example, instead of buying Skittles for Halloween treats this year…Buy YumEarth’s brand: Giggles.

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