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Food Babe Kitchen is a New York Times Best Seller!

I cried tears of joy when I saw this last night…

Food Babe Kitchen made the New York Times Best Sellers List!

We did it!!!

I am sure the food industry can’t stand seeing this success. 

As the New York Times declared when I published my first book, I am “public enemy #1 of big food companies.”

Your support of Food Babe Kitchen sends a big message to the food industry:

We want real food…


We are sick of processed food made with chemical additives…

I want nothing more than to help you eat healthier, make cooking fun and easy.

Food Babe Kitchen gives you all my best advice and recipes for getting started now.

Because of you – we SOLD OUT of Food Babe Kitchen on Amazon on it’s FIRST DAY in bookstores, which is incredible. 

You truly are the best Food Babe Army in the world and we wouldn’t be able to make a difference without you. 

With this honor and exposure, you can only imagine, demand is going up. 

If you want this book in time for Thanksgiving or for gifts, now is the time, because there will be a very limited number printed for this year.

Here’s where to get your copies: 

  • Barnes & Noble is available to order online and definitely has copies in some physical stores. Check to see if your local store has any copies and schedule a curbside pickup here.
  • Amazon You can order today, they are restocking the warehouse every minute, so delivery dates are changing constantly. (Several people got theirs earlier than expected – yay!)
  • Books-A-Million has copies in a few physical stores. Check your local store to schedule a pickup here.
  • Park Road Books has signed copies in stock ready to ship now or pick up, but they only have 12 left as of this morning.

If you know anyone who needs Food Babe Kitchen in their life, please consider buying it for them.

It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Imagine being able to eat real food no matter which friend or family member you visit. 

This is my dream come true – thank you for making it happen.




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