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Healthy Holiday Stocking Stuffers List 2017

When I was little on Christmas morning, I always looked forward to opening my stocking. I’d find it filled with fun little toys and candies that I loved. Now that I’m all grown up and a parent of my own, I’m really getting that magical feeling again this holiday season. I cannot wait to watch Harley grow up over the years and see the excitement in her eyes on Christmas morning too.

Of course she isn’t eating candy now, but as she gets older one thing I won’t be putting in her stocking are any of those holiday candies filled with high fructose corn syrup, TBHQ, artificial colors and GMO ingredients. Big brands like Hershey’s, Ghirardelli, Mars, and Nestle have been guilty of this! Thankfully there are much better options available nowadays.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite stocking stuffers… everything from candy bars, to toys, to spa-day treats. Many of these would also make great gifts for your neighbors, your mailman, and all the other people in your life that you want to show appreciation for.

Ask Santa to stuff your stocking with goodies like this…

Creamy organic truffles… a great replacement for those Lindt Truffles full of artificial flavors!

Fun holiday-themed organic chocolate bars or a 4-pack of some of the yummiest organic chocolate bars around. 

Organic candy-cane lollipops instead of those made with artificial dyes and GMOs!

Melt in your mouth organic mini chocolate peppermints… these are soooo delicious. 

Scandinavian bite-sized bars with absolutely no added sweeteners: 20% off with the code FOODBABE here!

Fresh-baked homemade cookies… who doesn’t love this?!?! 

Brownies or Cookies-In-A-Jar… a fun gift for a neighbor or co-worker!  

Get them started with gardening with this simple Garden-In-A-Can set! Take 20% off your order with the code FOODBABE at checkout here

Spark their imagination with these creative wooden toys… non-toxic and fun! 

Adorable and cuddly… organic stuffed animals and blankets

Pamper yourself with sweet-smelling peppermint lotion and organic pure castile soaps

Natural dry brush to buff the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system… makes your skin super soft and is healthy too! 

Soak in a tub full of these lavender mint bath salts with natural sea salt crystals and essential oils… so relaxing! 

Simple and basic… organic liquid coconut oil makes the BEST natural makeup remover. 

Mix up some Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub: 1 cup coconut palm sugar, 1/2 cup melted coconut oil, and 8-12 drops peppermint essential oils.

Convenient thyme oil spray to sanitize your hands when dining out! 

Simple olive oil moisturizing soap… a favorite at my house! 

Keep chapped lips away with this organic chapstick set made with almond oil, jojoba oil, and hemp oils. 

Safe deodorant that smells great without hazardous chemicals or aluminum… great for athletes or anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun! Take 20% off with code FOODBABE here

Class pass to a studio or gym… Almost everyone has that yoga studio or workout class they have been meaning to go to. 

Journal with a dedicated first page handwritten by yourself… for the creative person in your life! 

Personally curated recipe book… print out your favorite recipes and assemble them in a handmade cookbook. A small photo album makes this easy. Make sure to title your book and give it a personalized cover! 

Organic Himalayan Raw Honey… the first honey with the Glyphosate Residue Free certification label! 

Powerful superfoods like organic goji berries and chia seeds. Get 10% off organic maca powder with the code FOODBABE here… great at reducing stress! 

Glass straws for sipping lemon water and green juice. 

A copy of my book, The Food Babe Way, for anyone in your life that’s still eating processed food.

Organic tea gift set… free of harmful pesticides and chemicals! 

Potted indoor plants such as little succulents, bamboo, or air plants that are easy to care for. A pot of fresh herbs would be amazing as well! 

Grow your own food at home with these organic seed packets

I hope this helps you create Christmas memories with your loved ones! Did you see anything on this list that you’d love to find in your stocking? Share this list and you just might get what you’ve been hoping for. 



P.S. If you are looking for even more Holiday Gifts – Check out my Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for 2017 too!

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12 responses to “Healthy Holiday Stocking Stuffers List 2017

  1. Thank you for the s list Vani! There are some products that are new to me! Can’t wait to try them! Happy holidays!

  2. Note, the links associated with your suggestion for deodorant are for a baby sunscreen instead. Thank you for putting together this comprehensive list of suggestions!

  3. It would be so much easier if you gave us a list of products instead of having to go through the whole list after list: e.g. looking for yogurt you have to visit Cornucopia’s site and then another list to get the top-rated items. I thought Foodbabe would help in the search, but it only directs you to other websites.

  4. I’m lucky to be close enough to Castronovo chocolates, one of few bean to bar chocolate manufacturers. Their chocolate is amazing and I feel good about eating and gifting it. I would much rather support this small business than Whole Foods or Amazon.

  5. I live in purchase ny – near white plains ny and I’ll like to know names of stores near me
    That sell organic dark chocolate ! And other organic food !You mention organic food – but everyone does not live Where you live — so please tell me names of stores ! I have a Whole Foods – Stop& Shop and Acme – I don’t see the food in these stores you talk about !
    Please let me know !

    1. I’ve noticed that places like Whole Foods and Earth Fare are hit or miss when it comes to seasonal candy. They all tend to have different products, even different branches of a store within the same city. If you can’t find organic dark chocolate at Whole Foods, maybe try looking for a local health food store.

      One of my favorite chocolate brands is Chocolove. It’s not organic, but most Whole Foods and health food stores have them. If you go to Chocolove’s website they explain that their ingredients are non GMO and are high quality, so I feel comfortable eating it. My favorites right now are the almond sea salt and peppermint dark chocolate.

      Also sometimes Target has organic seasonal candy in stock, but it’s hit or miss as well. Right now is offering free shipping so you can get the Yummy Earth peppermint pops for a better price than I’ve even seen at the store. They also have Justin’s minis which are awesome too.

  6. Thanks for the ideas, but the new format is kind of time consuming to look through. I liked the old format where the product/brand name was mentioned above the link without having to click everything to find out what it is.

    I do like your list of candy though! I’ve already helped myself to the Yummy Earth peppermint pops and OCHO peppermint minis this year. The peppermint flavor in both is strong enough that I enjoy it (I’m kind of a candy cane snob). I’ve tried several organic candy canes from my local store and they just taste like sugar to me. I’d love to find an organic corn syrup free replacement for Bob’s candy canes because they were always my favorite as a kid and had just the right amount of peppermint.

    Also just last week I found some OCHO peanut butter mini Christmas trees at the health food store. They are so adorable! I went back and bought more because I want to support companies that make festive organic treats like this. I haven’t had a Reese’s tree in years but these make it possible to FINALLY enjoy something just as festive and yummy. I don’t know how my health food store got them, but they’re awesome. I didn’t even see them at Earth Fare or Whole Foods. I tried to find them online and the only place I could find that sells them is Walmart of all places.

  7. Thank you Vani! Can you please mention what the deodorant name is? All we get is baby stuff! Thanks again.

  8. Hi Vani!!
    Thanks for this wonderful list. I have a question. The Yummy Earth brand has Natural flavors in it. Isn’t this an ingredient to watch? My understanding is it has up to 200 chemicals as well as MSG. Do you know if Yummy Earth uses real extracts? I’m just confused about natural flavors, what I have learned from you and what is on there ingredients list. Can you clarify for me? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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