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General Mills or Generally Toxic? After you see this product, I know which one you’ll choose.

Updated 8/25/2015 (see news below).

Recently, I had a conversation with the regional head of a major grocery chain. As we entered the fruit snacks section, oddly and strategically located in the cereal aisle, he said to me “Vani, how does General Mills get away with this product? The label says “Strawberry Fruit By The Foot” but it doesn’t have any strawberries?!” 


Yeah, where is the fruit?

If you look at the ingredients in General Mills product Fruit By The Foot, the first ingredient on the label is “Pears from Concentrate”. The FDA allows companies to say that these are made from real fruit, even if it is from a fruit byproduct like concentrate. It would be one thing if it was simply dried fruit, which is full of fiber and nutrients. However, to make a concentrate the fruit is boiled down to a syrup. This heating process destroys beneficial nutrients. The concentration process involves both adding in and subtracting chemicals and natural plant by-products in order to condense the juice. During the concentration process, fruits lose flavor and this is one of the reasons why companies have to re-add “flavoring” to make the concentrate taste like real fruit. When my team reached out to General Mills, they provided very little information on this ingredient. In a follow-up email they said, “We do not provide details about specific raw materials. However, we can disclose that the product is heated during manufacturing”. One things for sure – it’s not what I’d call “real fruit.”

Let’s get real and call it what it really is: “Fraud by the Foot.”

The first four ingredients in Fruit by the Foot are forms of sugar with little to no nutritional value. One roll contains 2 teaspoons of sugar, which is over half of what the American Heart Association recommends that children eat per day. Sugar is “as addictive as cocaine” according to Dr. Robert Lustig who has reviewed brain scans of his patients. Lustig says his research proves that the sweet stuff causes heart disease and cancer, as well as Type 2 diabetes and obesity. One of the worst repercussions of feeding your kids sugary snacks is that their taste buds become addicted to the sweet taste and they won’t develop the ability to appreciate the taste of bitter foods such as healthy green veggies. This was me when I was little. I didn’t eat anything green, because I wanted anything and everything that was sweet! I remember this diet all too vividly and also reminded of the medical ailments I had as a child as a result. I wouldn’t trade that life for the one I have now for anything!

Contains Eleven Ingredients Derived from GMOs

Yes, count ‘em, Fruit by the Foot has 11 possible GMO ingredients! No wonder they are spending millions of dollars in states across the country to prevent GMO labeling. When we called General Mills, they confirmed that because Fruit by the Foot is made from sugar and corn ingredients, it likely contains GMOs. They also told us that if we wanted to avoid GMOs we should only choose certified organic fruit snacks instead of their products. Yes – they actually recommended that I buy another brand. General Mills should take note that consumers overwhelmingly support GMO labels and the majority don’t believe they have been proven safe to eat. It would be in their best interest to stop funding anti-labeling campaigns, especially if they don’t want to lose customers. These Fruit by the Foot ingredients are typically derived from GMOs:

    1. Sugar
    2. Corn Syrup
    3. Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil
    4. Maltodextrin
    5. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
    6. Citric Acid
    7. Sodium Citrate
    8. Malic Acid
    9. Xanthan Gum
    10. Potassium Citrate
    11. Acetylated Monoglycerides

General Mills or Generally Toxic? What other potentially harmful ingredients are in Fruit by the Foot?

  • Carrageenan – As reported by the Cornucopia Institute, carrageenan is linked to intestinal inflammation and can be contaminated with degraded (non-food grade) carrageenan. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Research Council of the United States have both determined that degraded carrageenan may cause cancer.
  • Natural Flavors – Isn’t it odd that the ingredients for every flavor of Fruit by the Foot are nearly identical? There are absolutely no strawberries in the strawberry flavor, and no berries in the berry flavor – so you can only imagine how much natural flavors they are using to make these taste like real fruit. Natural flavors make processed products that lose real flavor during manufacturing taste better than they should.
  • Artificial Colors – If real fruit was used, added colors would be unnecessary. A recent Purdue University study found 8.3 mg. of artificial colors in one Fruit by the Foot roll. When this product is combined with other foods that contain artificial food dyes, it can easily add up to the 30 mg. needed to cause adverse reactions. All of these colors come with risks to our health:
    • Blue No. 1:  Can cross the blood brain barrier, and killed some patients who were being fed colored enteral feeding solutions in 2003.  In vitro tests show that it’s potentially a neurotoxin.
    • Yellow No. 5:  Known to cause allergic reactions, hives, eczema, angioedema, asthma and hyperactive behavior. 
    • Red No. 40:  A U.K. Food Standards Agency study showed this dye could increase hyperactive behavior in children.

On August 25, 2015, Food Navigator reported that General Mills will be removing artificial colors from all fruit snacks, fruit rollups, and fruit by the foot by end of 2017. Congratulations #FoodBabeArmy! 

  • Acetylated Monoglycerides – This emulsifier is also used as a plasticizer in plastic food containers, medical devices and toys. It’s sprayed onto food as a coating to keep it from sticking and to preserve its shelf life – as it helps to hold in water, just like plastic. We asked General Mills what its purpose was in Fruit by the Foot and they said it was used to keep the oil and water from separating so the rolls don’t fall apart. According to Mira Calton, C.N., author of Rich Food Poor Food, monoglycerides “are no different from the hydrogenated fats associated with heart disease, stroke, obesity and diabetes”. They are a hidden source of deadly trans fat. 

A recent lawsuit against General Mills summed up what’s really in Fruit by the Foot: “a mash-up of artificial, unhealthy substances such as artificial partially hydrogenated oil; corn syrup; added sugars; and artificial dyes”. After knowing what you know now, do you really think this product is a “good source of Vitamin C” like it says on the a label? 

And don’t think Fruit Roll Ups or Fruit Gushers are any better. They made up of the same toxic mixups of questionable ingredients:



What Are The Alternatives?

  • Real Fruit – There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh ripe seasonal fruit. There’s so many to choose from just like nature intended as long as you go organic. 
  • Dried Fruit – Dried apples, apricots, and prunes all have a low glycemic index – so they are less likely to spike blood sugar levels because they also contain beneficial fiber. My favorite brand is Made In Nature, they are organic, non-sulfured and taste delicious. You can get them here on Amazon, in major natural grocery stores and even at Costco!
  • Make Your Own – Homemade Fruit Rolls Recipes by Green Kitchen Stories, Homemade Pantry and Aganist All GrainI realize that these alternatives also contain sugar, but these are much better choices because they actually contain real fruit and don’t contain GMOs, fake colors and flavors, added sweeteners, trans fats and the other unhealthy ingredients found in General Mills snacks.
  • Store Bought Better-For-You Organic Brands; Thankfully there are some brands out there trying to make better fruit snacks without so many questionable additives. Check out Organic Veggie-Go’s Chewy Fruit & Veggie Snacks which are half fruit and half veggies and Matt’s Munchies (The only flavors I recommend are Mango and Ginger  – they are both organic and have minimal ingredients.) For a limited time you can get these two flavors at Matt’s Munchies for 10% off with the code: “FOODBABE” on their website.

If you know someone still buying General Mills toxic fruit snacks, please share this post with them! The more we educate the people around us the better world we build! 

You might be wondering why I investigate obvious junk food like this…it’s because companies are still getting away with telling us one thing and selling another. The fact that General Mills makes millions of dollars on these products, means there are plenty of people that still don’t know the truth. In order to change the food system, we are going to have to slowly knock each one of these toxic products off the shelves and into the garbage can where they belong!

Thank you for doing your part to create a safer food system for all. 


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170 responses to “General Mills or Generally Toxic? After you see this product, I know which one you’ll choose.

  1. Way to go! This is outstanding and I love how you are calling it like it is. What a bunch of garbage the food manufacturers are putting out to public. It’s a sad state of affairs when money is far more important that the health of our youth.

    Thanks for pulling back the curtain and showing the truth.

    1. In business school, I discovered that General Mills has no ethics. They don’t care about consumers or what their products do to people. They are willing to put things in their products that they know make people sick, They fought against the federal government to try to stop them from requiring them to disclose ingredient on the package. All they care about is money. Boycott General Mills!

      1. Cindy–
        I’m no Food Babe, but read the label….it’s in your power to control this.

    1. Thank you again food, you are doing a great job in educating the public about the dangers of additives in our foods and drinks. Keep up the good work it’s nice to now that there is someone who really cares about our health and is not a sell-out money grubber like alot of the big wigs are.

      Ms. Pat

      1. to DK: Vani explains in this article why fruit concentrate is to be avoided and why natural flavor is always added when fruit concentrate is used. In general, all additives such as natural flavoring should be avoided anyway.

    1. if you’re really concerned, why not just give your kid an apple? you can also give a homemade natural based dipping sauce as well! 🙂

  2. I m glad I found you. Its really eye opening for me, since I have kids I am trying to make them eat better.i wish I had found you earlier I fed lot of garbage to my older one. No wonder I can see why he doesn’t like real food too much now. But thanks for doing this public service. Our government doesn’t really know meaning of public service maybe.thanks.

  3. Yes! Nice job. Why would we not just give our kids an actual piece of fruit? Kids see this junk advertised on tv, they beg their parents for it, and parents comply because it’s an easy solution. We have to think about what we put into our kids bodies! Commercials advertising junk to my kids is one reason why we don’t even turn the tv on in our house. We’ll happily take the real strawberries, please!

    1. Please be sure to give your kids organic strawberries. Conventional strawberries (as well as apples) are in the top 4 of the Dirty Dozen pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables. Do not give your kids ANY modern hybrid wheat which makes anyone eat more food. You will save money with organic by not needing to go to the doctor. If you need to eat wheat seek out the many Kamut brand items from flour to pasta. It is a different genetic type of wheat that is treated differently by your body. Have your kids help you make pizza with Kamut flour dough.

  4. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I could just sit and cry. Everywhere you look are things that should be eaten. 🙁

    1. Me too! I want to start explaining (& sometimes I do) to people in the check-out line why they shouldn’t be buying half of the products in their baskets!
      Ugh! We have a huge obesity and diabetic problem in our community!

      1. P S I think u meant to say “everywhere u look there are things that should ‘NOT’ be eaten!

    1. I read this the other day. Very sad indeed. Guess I’ll be looking to make even my own graham crackers now!

    2. Yes, I saw this too. I think it said they bought Annies for $800 million cash. If they have that much cash, couldn’t they spend more money on their products and make them more nutritious? I think it is just a matter of lobbying and education and the big companies will respond or go out of business.

      I think too we would do well to pay close attention to the people that we elect to the US Senate and House of Representatives and to the office of the President. I fear that too many people elected have been too susceptible to pressure to support big industries to the detriment of what is right.

      Maybe the best thing that the Federal Government could do on the obesity / health insurance front is to stop subsidizing GMO corn, wheat, sugar, etc… etc…
      They could spend less, do less, and do more good all at the same time!! 🙂

  5. And now that Annie’s Homegrown, one of the only reputable kid snack companies left has sold to this giant, what will happen to the integrity of their products??

    1. GM will put it in the tank. They just want the label, but they’ll speed up the processing to make money quicker.

      You always have to be careful with Annie’s products anyway. Some are certified organic and are better choices. Others, however, only use organic pasta which they make sure to prominently place on the front of the box at the top. The cheese, however, and likely everything else, is not organic.

      That’s why I didn’t like Annie’s.

  6. If it was up to the republicans, there would be NO FDA, NO labeling, and NO restrictions. If we eliminated GMOs from our food, Monsanto would go out of business. Can we have that?
    Now, sugar causes cancer. So, all you parents should stop buying soda (especially diet) and give your kids something natural like beer. They’ll thank you later in life when major decisions will come easy.

    1. I agree with your comment about Republicans and government agencies. Yet they are the first to complain when the government doesn’t do its job!

    2. I don’t see Obama doing anything about this….stop ad-hominem attacks against fake bogeymen Republicans.

      1. Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. The root issue is that Washington is bought and paid foy by lobbyists representing those who make the largest campaign contributions. Until we fix this, nothing will change. Mr. Obama has done nothing, which seems to be his pattern regarding most important issues. It’s for these reasons that’s websites like foodbabe and are so important to spread the word out about the garbage foods found in our grocery stores.

    3. ENOUGH ALREADY! It’s not the Republicans vs the democrats. Both parties have bad apples. Being a blinded liberal makes you look ignorant. too many liberals in government are a huge problem. Read up!

  7. If this is a surprise people- wake up. It’s freaking fruit by the foot. It’s not real fruit and if you thought it had real fruit- come out of your bubble. Does a gummy bear have real bears? If you’re eating this crap, you get what you deserve.

    1. It doesn’t help to talk so condescending to people who are just trying to find their way to a healthier lifestyle. Obviously, not everyone is as knowledgeable as you. Yes, people expect that if a product’s label says “fruit,” it will actually contain some fruit.

    2. No, I think Adrien has a good point. One has to take personal responsibility for what they consume. Not all things on the ingredients and nutrition facts lables are clear and easy to understand but the general rule is the less ingredients you can’t understand and the better. The nutrition facts is a must to know how to read. Nutrition for dummies is a good one…

      1. That has not always been the case though. Our grandparents were taught to think much of this was great food. They had no idea that spam was terrible they had no idea juice from concentrate was a bad idea. Some new but very very few and the mass media was paid to make these items shine. Yes there is a learning curve for some. And we can help those succeed it is our duty to help others. Bringing them down for trying in my opinion is not the way to go.

        When I was taught in school I was not taught to pay this close attention to the many crazy ingredients there are. My teachers prop thought most of this was good for people. Just like a low fat milk or cheese. People believed the industry and some docs and scientists who had studies to show this being a good idea. How is one really to know. Thanks to those like Food Babe we have a place to chat and discuss and learn more.

    3. There is a point in knowing what is in the food you are eating. However, a gummy bear is called such because is it shaped like a bear. Same with gummy worms. I was reading an article about protein bars and meal replacement bars, which said one bar company claimed in only had 2g of sugar when in a test it really had 22g of sugar. Keep in mind that companies like to change the name of their ingredience every once in while to keep the consumers guessing even though the product contain the same ingredience. Also, take carmel color for example. It may say carmel color in the label which sounds normal. Instead of making it with actual sugar they use a chemical process because its cheaper.

      Thankfully people like Vani are out there working hard and making it a little easier to understand. Also, she changing the way food companies make there food or disclose their ingredience.

    4. I agree. How can anyone look at the packaging and believe that there’s real fruit in that crap. First of all, if it’s fluorescent, it’s probably not going to be something that you’ll want to feed your child. I’m also suspicious of a product that has to advertise on the packaging that it’s “real”

  8. It is so sad that people I work with thinking it is waste money to buy organic food for their children but they are willing to pay for doctor. We rather pay for food than doctor unless we have to and hope we won’t Ever have to

  9. Thanks for all you do. Learning a lot about yucky ingredients – for example, Quaker instant oatmeal(Original, Cinnamon Spice and Maple Brown sugar flavors), which i considered healthy, had caramel color in it. I was feeding my kids this stuff for breakfast everyday.

  10. I have been buying this product for my children for awhile now. Thank you for making us aware of this. You have really enlightened us from your blogs and we all really appreciate it. Also my son has adhd and ever since I began incorporating a healthier diet I have noticed a huge change in his behavior. He was eating the kraft mac and cheese almost every day and that will never happen again. Thank you so much again!!!

    1. Yes, some people do in fact need someone to encourage them to read the ingredient labels. Good for Vani, and good for Usman to begin learning the truth and acting on it.

  11. I see citric acid and ascorbic acid in these ingredients.
    Citric acid and ascorbic acid is made from BLACK MOULD which is grown on GMO corn!!!!!

    Mike Holmes, famous Canadian housing contractor, removes people from houses, hires people with the know-how, garbed in suits and masks, negative pressure machines going, to remove BLACK MOULD from houses, and then tests the air guality, before the family can move back into their homes, as BLACK MOULD is so dangerous to health.

    Is this the same BLACK MOULD that our young sensitive children are eating as citric acid and ascorbic acid?
    The reason Black Mould is used, it is cheaper than using citrus fruits
    It’s all about greed

  12. Just stop buying food with a multiple ingredient list…..then you can avoid all of this rubbish that the makers are putting into the food including the GMO’s (which I find the most upsetting of all)….go back to our roots and eat unprocessed food. Your grocery bill will go down and your health will thank you!

    After getting a nasty cold (my first in 10 years) I went back to juicing….what a difference in energy and health feeling.

    Vani you do a fantastic job thank you so much for all you do! Keep up the good work and continue to get in their faces!

  13. the us government doesnt care about people. they allow these large companies to use harmful products. What is going on in this country. I am a nobody and cant do anything about this except dont buy the products. God help us cause our government and the FDA dont care.

  14. Democrats are just as corrupt as Republicans. Our system is to blame. Decisions in Washington are bought by lobbyists representing their large corporate clients. Washington is and has been for sale to the highest bidder – ask Jack Abramoff who explained how it works to 60-Monutes (on YouTube).
    Mr. Obama has done nothing to change or improve the situation, and probably never will. Although he can give a very good speech.

  15. Your strawberry flavor could possible be castoreum ( extracted from a Beavers Annal Gland!!!!! ) and most likely would fall into the natural category.

  16. Thanks so much for your continued diligence in exposing unhealthy, and contaminated food just for profit. I do wonder if company heads consume the food that is sold to the public. Thanks again for your diligence.

  17. Lots of hyperbole here.

    First of all, author clearly doesn’t understand how concentration works. They simply boil the fruit and remove any remaining water through reverse osmosis. Leaves most of the nutrients intact, and all of the fiber is still there. Google is your friend, people. The rehydrated produce will taste largely the same. If all they were after was the sugar, they wouldn’t be using those expensive pears.

    Second, all that hysteria about GMOs, and no mention of what is unhealthy about any of those particular substances… Just that they’re sourced from genetically modified substances. Why is that supposed to concern me? Humans are genetically modified apes, after all.

    Finally, of course it’s unhealthy. It’s loaded with sugar. That doesn’t mean it’s some evil corporate plot to fatten us and make us die earlier. Most Americans need to eat less sugar. But if you have enough dietary allowance for a little bit of sugar, go ahead and eat some Fruit By The Foot. I don’t eat that crap, if I’m going to eat sugar, give me some ice cream… But this crap is not inherently evil or dangerous. It’s just unhealthy, like any other sugary snack.

    Toxic? Give me a break. I don’t think that means what you thing it means. Lay off the hyperbole if you want to be taken seriously.

    1. Hmmm give me a break it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see amd know The Powers may be are messing with are food…. I am in my 50’s I remember what REAL Food taste like… I haven’t drank a soda in over 15 years and tap water in about 20…. Now their messing with the bottled water( enchanced flavors) the rice the bread the cereal…….. How much sodium or reduced iron do we need…… After so much it becomes Toxin to the body … Now Google That!!! Thank you Vani and Food Babe for exposing and making average people like myself aware of of these methods of slow genocide… Reading and awareness is power..

      1. I work in organic food grab n go lunches as a graphic designer so i know all the laws and regulations for organic certification when it comes to labeling. They ‘get away’ with it because it isn’t false advertising, right there on the front of the box the label clearly says “fruit FLAVORED snacks” in plain black text. The product name is Fruit by the Foot so that has less impact than the other parts off the label. For example, the bottom left corners say “real fruit” meaning that the one ingredient is derived from fruit gives them legal standing to say fruit anything on the box. They aren’t false advertising, its just that’s how the fda works. Never buy a food product without reading the ingredients label and nutrition facts first, regardless of the front display or commercial. And yes, companies will recommend that you choose a product thats organic if you really are concerned about what goes on your food, they aren’t denying their food is junk food lol. Its really not a big deal just don’t buy it for yourself or your kids if you don’t want them eating junk food.

  18. Great job! Reading the label is just what I do at te store and probably look crazy to others when i see sugar or high fructose corn syrup as the main ingredient. Just the other day while shopping for kids vitamins the “Disney” gummies my daughter wanted because of te princesses or tinker bell were loaded with sugar… Unbelievable they would do that.. But I’m not worried I just won’t buy them and she loves her raw fruit over her chocolate… Makes me a happy momma. Have a great day and keep up your hard work!!

  19. And yet ANNIES has now partnered up with this company!!! So what will happen to the ANNIES line. Also back to nature is owned by Kraft! How bad is the back to nature vs there other stuff? Is the back to nature just as bad??

  20. Anyone who thinks Fruit by the Foot or Gushers are real fruit/food deserves to be obese. I don’t know why you are even investigating something like this that 98% of your readers would never even look at in a store. There is nothing deceivingly healthy about these products… they are quite obviously processed garbage.

  21. Vani, once again, thank you. I continue to appreciate your efforts & get very upset with people who disparage you & imply you are just doing this for money and/or recognition. Some people will never learn, never believe what is happening to our foood. Seems now aspartame may be taken off the market…hmmm…wonder why? It was supposed to be so great. Also, microbeads in toothpaste – who knew? Now Crest is removing them. Keep up the good work girl.

  22. Hi Vani! You are doing a great job informing us and taking on the Big offenders! Please give us links to General Mills, Starbucks etc so we can send a plethora of emails to these companies to let them know we mean business and refuse to buy this crap anymore. Keep up the good work and more Power to the Food Babe Army! And, I’ve got another bone to pick, fluoride in our water supply…but another day…Thank you!

  23. Thanks Vani, Please keep up the Great work. We need someone to stand up to these food companies and hopefully they will be accountable. Thank you and God bless you.

  24. To avoid GMOs in general, look for these simple words and DON’T buy anything that says:

    General Mills
    Coca Cola
    Marie Callender’s
    Healthy Choice
    Del Monte

    These are easily-spotted labels that alert you to the presence of GMOs. Avoid at all costs.

  25. I love you, Food Babe. I recently almost fell for this exact item (shame on me) because it was on sale. Fortunately, sense got the better of me and I grabbed some organic fruit bunnies out of the natural section, even though they were twice the price. I had NO idea that these revolting abominations of nature were quite as horrendous as they actually are. Thanks for the enlightenment! You have saved my childrens’ health, which saves my family thousands of dollars in the end- well worth the extra cost for healthier ingredients. Keep up the great work, you babe you!

  26. It’s not hard to avoid crap or garbage foods if you learn to practice this one simple rule when going to Safeway, Krogers, Piggly Wiggly or Whole Foods.

    RULE: If it comes in a box — DON’T BUY IT.

  27. Hi Vani. You can’t imagine how useful is all this information your given every day. I live in Mexico and here things are worst with the poisons in our food. Thank you, thank you, thank you for open mi eyes!!!!!

  28. Who buys fruit by the foot to get a serving of fruit or any fruit nutrients? Your suggestions are common sense. Want some fruit? Eat some fruit. Want some overly processed snack? Eat fruit by the foot.

    You are correct this snack is marketed toward children, however when I was a child I did not go to a grocery store and purchase foot myself. Needless to say, it’s the parents fault. General Mills would not make a product if the public did not demand it. It would be more beneficial to spend your time lecturing adults about their food choice.

    ALSO GENERAL MILLS SUPPORTS LABELING PRODUCTS MADE FROM GMOs. Gee I wonder why a HUGE CORPORATION WITH TONS OF MONEY supports labeling products made with GMOs? OH THATS RIGHT! They can AFFORD it! The small local businesses are the ones that may not have the stomach to swallow that.

  29. Some people are missing the point of Vani’s work. She has made a great deal of progress with her campaigns against Kraft, Subway and now General Mills. Some of us know more than others about what is good food and what is not. There is a great need for education in the general public.
    Thank you Vani for doing it.

  30. Food Babe…CONTINUE TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD, LOUDER AND LOUDER, so those who either are not listening OR do not know about you HEAR YOU! XOXO

  31. And this is the same company that bought out Annie’s Organics… Mac & Cheese, Cheddar Bunnies, etc. Annie’s sold out for over 800 million. You can bet General Mills will slip their poisons into these products, too.

  32. I cringe every time I see young Mothers buying these type’s of chemical cocktail snacks for their children.

    The most amazing part to me is these Mothers actually think these snacks are healthy alternatives to real (live) fruit.

    They NEVER seem to associate the illness’s their children manifest from these toxic diets.

    Everything is just magically happening to them! …..and the real kicker…..what will I feed them then?

    I suggest a real banana, strawberry, and/or garden grown tomato.

    Kids love the process, as well as the fresh live juicy fruit. Learning to thrive, not just survive.

    1. Oh stop. I am a mom and I know what to feed my kid and it certainly isn’t GMO CANDY. I did once but realized that this product was just another sugar laden form of garbage candy.
      I have a healthy child who has been taught-by me that natural whole fruits and veggies are the way to go!

  33. I know xanthan gum is bad, but this is the first time I’ve heard it called a GMO. What is it made up that makes it a GMO?

    1. It is made from Xanthomonas Campestris bacteria. Researchers can develop different strains of the bacteria through genetic modifications to create higher yields of the gum. Also the growth medium used to grow the bacteria is often corn, wheat or soy (high probability they are GMO)

  34. Food Babe! Thank you – we also need your help with these new 2-4 D GMOs they just approved – I am sick to my stomach over it.

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