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GMO Labeling Fundraiser in Pictures

The fundraiser in NYC for CA Right to Know Prop 37 to label GMOs was a huge success. I am incredibly grateful for everyone who contributed, the generous sponsors, GustOrganics and for my co-host and friend Max Goldberg, for making this special night all possible. I am not sure I can adequately capture all the energy of the night in … Read More

Eats – A Weekend with Friends in NYC

I went up to NYC last weekend to attend one of my best friend Liz’s bridal shower and visit Max. The weekend was full of incredible eats that I hope you enjoy experiencing through my pictures and get to try the next time you are in the big apple. Hover Over the “+” to see … Read More

Eating Through the Big Apple – Part Deux

Before I start the story of pictures, I just want to mention, that you no longer need to travel the globe to experience the best in pizza, pasta or even pastries – Just go to spoiled rotten (so jealous I can’t stand it) New York City! A year ago the Eataly mothership of the best of Italy landed across from Madision Square Park and this year NYC is getting the famed Laudree, one of the best patisseries in the world right off the Champs Elysees in Paris.

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