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Hairy Afterthoughts – Holistic Hair Care Part 2

I’ve got some hairy afterthoughts…

I want to share with you a couple of things I forgot to mention in the “Holistic Hair – How & Why”? Post

Before getting into my afterthoughts – I just want to say Thank You to all the Food Babe Fans & Readers who are making holistic changes in their daily routine – I see so much POWER in all of you to help change things around us so we all can live more natural lives – Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I simply can’t say it enough. Hearing feedback from you about how you have made positive changes in your lifestyle – Is the one thing that inspires me to keep writing this blog. I love all of you.

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Food Babe’s Holistic Hair Afterthoughts:

    1. Switch to a 100% Boar Bristle Brush – The boar bristles are perfect for redistributing your scalps natural oil throughout your hair – making your hair more shiny and lustrous! Here’s a
      guide on how to pick one.


    1. At the Hair Dresser – Bring your own shampoo, conditioner and styling products. If you aren’t brave enough to do this – definitely don’t get styling products added to your hair at the end. If you have a good relationship with your hair dresser this shouldn’t be a problem. Also – doing this, might influence & awaken some hair dressers to adopt less toxic hair care products.


    1. On Vacation & While Traveling – Buy travel size containers to store your favorites in to take with you. Don’t get caught using the cheapest and convenient toxic options available at most hotels.


    1. Need Inexpensive Options? – “Yes” Brands, “Dr. Bronners,” and “Burt’s Bees” are all lower cost options for natural hair products. Again – check the EWG cosmetic database for specific products under each brand to see if they are safe.


    1. Natural Hair Dye – Conventional hair dyes have a load of toxic chemicals, potential carcinogens and several skin irritants that can cause allergic reactions. I don’t have a lot of experience with any hair dye, as I have never colored my hair. After asking around and doing some research these are the best options I found.
      1st Choice – Try Henna, the most natural method to color your hair. All the beautiful Indian ladies in my life have taught me about this and the results I have seen can be absolutely beautiful.


  1. Last but not least – Only use a small amount of product on your hair to shampoo and condition. There has been so many times where I pour too much into my hand – be conscience about your squeeze of the bottle! You only need a dime size depending on how much hair you have to be effective. It’s better for you, will save you money and terrific for the planet!

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Sending you all warm and happy thoughts,

Food Babe

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40 responses to “Hairy Afterthoughts – Holistic Hair Care Part 2

  1. I would love to hear from the readers if any one has found the solution to coloring hair with dyes? I had used henna when I just started getting gray. Now henna does not do so much for my hair! Also, the henna which is sold for hair dye has color added to it.

    Let me know the ideal solution to the gray problem. I personally defy using color, until everyone in the family points to my gray hair!

    1. Veena, if YOU really don’t want to use hair color, don’t. Simple as that. I stopped coloring FOR GOOD 2 years ago. I am 55 years young, DO not look OLD, love my silver/gray NATURAL color and have never had such HEALTHY hair in my adult life. What others think and/or say out loud about it, matters not to me … check out this FB page and you will see MANY natural beauties of all ages, “Gray and Proud”

    2. Green Hare Mud
      Safe and all natural plant based ingredients that lift your natural hair color and hide grays.
      I love it. So safe people receiving chemotherapy can use it.

  2. great post, as always. When doing research for some of my henna-related photography posts, I learned that “black henna” is actually quite toxic for the body. (And can cause severe damage) Always stick to natural red/brown henna. Do not use black henna. 🙂
    In the past, I purchased a brand of shampoo called, “Kiss My Face” and thought it worked well. All organic and natural, no chemicals.

    Also- I really like the updates you’ve made to your blog!!

    1. Thank you Mandev! Yes – Great Point on the “Fake” Black Henna – PPD or Para-Phenylendiamine is the substance added to Henna that can make it extremely dangerous!

      FYI – The link I provided in the post was to safe products for Henna available at Amazon.

      Here’s more info on black henna for the Food Babe Readers –

    2. Black henna should have “indigo” in it, not chemicals. You can buy indigo at the health food store or from an herb shop and add it to your henna to darken it or make it black, depending on how much you use.

  3. Right now I’m working my way through my old shampoos and conditioners, I have a ways to go

    My hair is down to my waist and thick… is a dime sized amount really enough?!

  4. I was just reading this article FoodBabe. It is sad to see that ActNatural is closing its doors – I just clicked on the link above and that’s what it said. I was looking for a natural hair dye option (besides henna) to discuss/provide to my hair styler.

  5. I have been using Light Mountain products to color my hair for about 8 years. It is a henna product. It has worked wonderfully for me. I love it because it leaves my hair so conditioned. And I love the beautiful color of my hair, very bright and rich. I have gotten many good comments on my hair.

  6. I’d like to know what folks have used for coloring gray too. I’m in dire need of coloring and don’t want to go to Chemicalville to get it taken care of! Sigh.

    1. i have been using henna for over 40 years. there is only kind to buy: avigal henna. you can get it online. it’s not expensive & it’s pure henna.
      i use the red & it covers the grey so beautifully my hair looks ombre. many many compliments, especially from hair stylists when i get my hair cut.
      it costs me approx. $15 a year!
      before i had grey i used the henna to perk up my drab brown hair & to give it much needed body.
      when i apply it, i add essential oils, a little coconut oil, etc. so it’s both a hair coloring & conditioning.
      worth a try?

  7. Vani,
    My family has been switching over everything to healthy chemical free products. From the food we eat to the products we put on our bodies.
    I just went into Whole Foods today to look for a new daily face lotion. What do you think of Everyday Coconut? I couldn’t find them on EWG.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. I was wondering the same thing about Everyday Coconut Hydrating Body Wash. I think it only has 5 -6 ingredients so it seems good! ?

  8. Hi! I use shampoo bars from, just another natural way to clean hair!

  9. Have you (or anyone) tried no poo? I am about 3 weeks into it and would love to hear others’ experiences

    1. I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda for three years and I can’t think of any reason to go back to shampoo, chem-free or otherwise. My kids and husband all use baking soda, too, and we spritz the ends with an apple cider vinegar and water mixture to condition (rinsing it out). My stylist (who is always in love with some new cancer-causing product) volunteered that my hair is smoother and less frizzy than when I used hair products. FYI, I used to use Avalon Organics and wash daily. Interestingly, when I went to the salon last week and had my hair washed, conditioned and sprayed with all the salon nastiness, my hair looked majorly greasy the next day AND for the subsequent two washes. With my baking soda regimen I wash every other day with great second-day hair, and when I’m in the mood I take another day off, too. For my family, ditching shampoo meant ditching decision making, expense, risk of exposure, and has even reduced water usage!

      1. Elin, would love to know your mixture of apple cider vinegar, I am just tired of all the choices and expenses at the store. My hair is very fine and I would like to try this and see if this works for me to stave away the frizz and hopefully still be able to manage tangles..

      2. To Erin
        I put a small scoop of baking soda, equal to about 2-3 tbsp, into a cup, then run a cup of hot water in it. When I get in the shower & wet my hair, I pour it on my head, then add a very small amount of an organic shampoo, because I like the suds to work in my hair & scalp. I keep a plastic ketchup-style bottle of apple cider vinegar in the shower, to squirt on my head after washing/rinsing, then give it a rinse before I get out. Note: both products can burn your eyes, but I allow them to run in mine, as they help to clear the fuzzy-eyes from systemic yeast/fungal infection/cancer.

      3. Stephan and Jimmy, hello!! I just wanted to let you two know that ive been using coconut oil,(just like you’d use for cooking) for about 5 years. I have a mild case of psoriasis on my jaw line and my wrists and elbows but as long as i dont skip my moisturizing routine nobody knows. Try it youll be amazed. Also i add essential oil for frangrance.

  10. I found a product called “Shea Moisture” in the Ethnic Hair Care section @WalMart. It has a lot if organic ingredients and no Parabens, Sulfites, Petrols, etc. Can you please let me know what you think about this product? It’s Priced way right and I LOVE what it does for my dry waist length curls!

    I’m using Surya Henna Brasil, comes in a bottle just like regular toxic hair color. This color isn’t completely innocent, there are a lot of coloring in it, but to me it’s a lesser of evils. I use Silver Fox as a drabber with my brown haircolor.

    I have tried henna several times, it’s just too messy and doesn’t take, even when I slap it on as hot as i can stand it.

    I am looking forward to trying “Palete by Nature” hair color. It’s expensive and it’s gradual, but like these plant based colors, you have to use heat to get it to take.

  12. thank you for replying to my question regarding safe shampoo and conditioner.
    I listened to what you had to say and have ordered shampoo and conditioner you have recommended, to try. Thank you, Judy.

  13. Hey food babe! I was wondering if you heard about the “no poo” method. If you have, can you please share your thoughts? I’ve heard only great things about this method and despite the other healthy alternatives to using non commercial shampoos, this method seems to be the safest and most effective.

  14. Sorry to say, but that actnaturals link is misleading people to sponsored links for garnier and loreal under the ‘all natural haircolour! ‘ tab – which they are not. I have done a lot of research on this myself being a hairdresser and environmental science grad. I suggest you review this, cheers 🙂 ps I love ur blog

  15. Have you ever tried the homemade honey wash? I have some natural/organic shampoo that I use right now ( I prefer not to use conditioner ) and was going to try the honey shampoo after.. But I was just curious if anyone had tried it… 🙂

  16. I just went and had a friend who is a stylist do my hair. I told her what I use and I think it find well. I use a Loreal product that is sulfate -free. I’m trying to use more natural products. I’m a chronic Kidney Disease patient in Stage 3( not on dialysis yet). So, this info is helping. She recommended meto use the shampoo she uesed on my hair but the weird thing no conditioner. Any recommendations for me would be helpful .

  17. I love what you’re doing!!! I have been searching for an organic hairspray!!! Help if u can!! I use all Suzanne Somers non toxic organic everything that goes on my body!!

  18. I love the original sprout line from California
    I’m in Canada and have to order on line
    It’s developed by a hairstylist who works on movie sets
    Products are great
    They also have sun screen and body and face cream

  19. try to dye medium blond hair with cam tea looks great but did not cover greg i did use sage as well any other suggestions??

  20. Time for a change!! Give Morrocco method a go. Amazing raw haicare products. Research them. You will be impressed.

  21. Hey all, ive been using baking soda for years to clean my hair. It works like a charm! It gets oily hair sparkly without stripping my hair! Try it youll love it!

  22. I had an allergic reaction to my eye makeup about a year ago that drove me crazy and forced me to go without any makeup until the symptoms went away. This episode caused me to search out alternative, all natural products. Skin Deep became my new best friend. All products in my home that were scored 3 and over were tossed out. Including my hair products. The site recommended Henna so I began researching it and ordered the products with the best reviews. Light Mountain for black hair was the first I tried. It is a 2 step process. Henna goes on first, then the Indigo. After I got over the initial shock of looking like Bozo the Clown I managed to go to the second step. I love Henna! It makes my hair look and feel fantastic, and it covers my gray! (got lots of it too) I also tried Morrocco Method, Rainbow Research and Mehandi. Best results for me were Light Mountain and Mehandi. I mix the Henna with olive oil, lemon juice and a hot cup of dark tea and leave it in the dish covered overnight. The next day the paste is stirred up and applied on dry hair. The first time I used it I left the Henna on for 6 hours and the Indigo for 4. It was a very tiring day. Now I leave the Henna on for 3 and the Indigo for about 2 and get the same great results.

    Almost all Hugo Shampoos and Conditioners and some Acure Shampoos have great ratings on EWG’s site and Good Guide, which is another wonderful site.

  23. Hi Food Babe , I have dark blonde hair with some gray and need an alternative to traditional color?

  24. Hey Vani, a few years ago you mentioned that you used shampoo from a certain company and when I went to order they were all sold out. Do you remember who that was and if so are they still in business.

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