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How A Food Babe Wakes Up! Come On Into My Home…

Several years ago, I adopted a simple morning ritual that is so valuable to me that I try to do it every single day (even when traveling)! I know from personal experience that adopting this daily habit has helped me stay lean, improve my immune system and reduce junk food cravings. Once upon a time, I had cravings for sugary foods like granola bars or muffins as soon as I got up in the morning, but those cravings vanished after I began this habit. Now I crave whole and satisfying foods instead. Starting my day with a healthy action sets me up for success for the rest of the day and is a reminder that my health comes first.

This is how I start my day, come on into my home and watch how I wake up…


There are some amazing benefits you’ll get from this one little habit!

1. It makes your body more alkaline.

Our bodies have different levels of acidity and alkalinity, and one of the keys to good health is learning to strike the right balance between the two. You can take control of your acid/alkaline balance and increase alkalinity through the foods you eat, and lemons have a alkalinizing affect on the body.

2. It stimulates your liver, which is the main detoxing organ in the body.

The liver has hundreds of vital functions that support health and a healthy liver can support clearer eyes, healthier skin, a better attitude, and a more balanced weight. The liver is at its most active in the morning, and the lemon helps speed up the elimination of toxins. Don’t be surprised if you have to go to the bathroom quickly; this indicates the habit is working.

3. It can improve your digestion.

If your digestive system is not working up to par, it’s nearly impossible to shed pounds or keep your weight in check. Faulty digestion can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients it needs to burn fat. 

4. It can prevent sickness.

One of the key nutrients in lemons is vitamin C. This amazing vitamin fights cell damage and chronic inflammation, strengthens your immune defenses, and accelerates wound healing. Drinking lemon juice every morning, spiced up with cayenne pepper (which is another natural antibacterial ingredient), has prevented me from getting colds and the flu and has kept me going strong. Another nutritious component of lemon juice is limonin, which has been shown to help prevent cancer.

5. It can boost your metabolism.

Cayenne is a little powerhouse that can boost metabolism, fight food cravings, and enhance blood circulation.

Here are the easy to follow steps to adopt this habit:

1. The night before:  Every night, I fill my electric tea pot with filtered water, and I take one lemon from the fridge and place it on the counter, along with the cayenne pepper bottle and a cup filled half way with water.

2. As soon as I get up in the morning: I put on my robe and walk into the kitchen to turn the electric kettle on. I then go into the bathroom and by the time I finish putting in my contact lenses and splashing my face with water, the electric kettle has finished heating up my water.

3. After the water is heated: I pour the hot kettle water in the glass half full with room temperature water. Using a lemon squeezer, I squeeze one half of the lemon on top, sprinkle with a dash cayenne pepper (optional), and drink. 

4. Sip and soothe: I sip this mixture with a glass straw so that my teeth aren’t exposed to the acid. I drink at least 12 ounces, followed by another 8 ounces of filtered plain water afterwards, before I eat or drink anything else.

I’ve done this every morning for several years. I even bring lemons with me while I’m out of town. I just toss them in my suitcase and ask my hotel for a hot water kettle upon arrival. If they don’t have one, I’ll request hot water in the morning. There have been a few times when I’ve been out of town without access to lemons or limes and thus haven’t been able to follow my morning ritual. On those days, I’ve noticed an immediate difference in how I feel and look – I tend to be drained and more sluggish. 

Also, I always use a straw to protect my teeth when drinking lemon water. I love using these Truvani Glass Straws because they are see-through, which makes checking cleanliness a breeze (They also come with a handy cleaning brush). And they’re surprisingly sturdy. I also like using them for smoothies because it’s wider than a normal straw, which makes drinking thicker beverages a breeze. Each time I use mine it puts a smile on my face knowing I’m not ingesting toxins or other nasty pollutants. Plus, it’s a great feeling to begin each day with an environmentally-conscious choice.

This is one of the reasons why we offer these remarkable glass straws at Truvani… and today we’re offering a special deal on them.

Pick up your glass straws before this special deal ends here. 


And, since I know that many of you are wondering… this is the citrus squeezer that I have used for years and it works perfectly to get the most juice from a lemon!

If you don’t like the lemon water and cayenne drink, try apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water. This type of vinegar has been used as a natural remedy for allergies (including those to pets, foods, and the environment), sinus infections, acne, high cholesterol, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, and gout. Remember to buy the good stuff. Bragg’s makes a great version that is organic, raw, and unfiltered.

This ritual is just too easy not to do – so drink up and start each day with this healthy habit!




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79 responses to “How A Food Babe Wakes Up! Come On Into My Home…

    1. yes, but not every time just by midnight you can separate the fibers and muse and that way it won’t suck. Keep in mind it needs to relay and moisturize frequently !!

  1. Is there any added benefit to the water being warm? I’ve read that warmer water makes the lemon more acidic and harsher on the teeth. On top of using a straw, would cooler water be just as effective for those worried about the acidity on the teeth?

      1. The straw helps keep the lemon water out of your teeth and down the hatch. Additionally you can do your morning tooth brushing after the lemon water and even ad a little baking soda to your brush which raises your mouth pH as it helps clean your teeth.

        Also one can take the cayenne in capsule form if you don’t want to drink it. I cap mine up by hand with veggie caps which eliminates all the toxic binders, fillers, and lubricants added any the encapsulation facilities

      2. Hi Vani, the straw tip is an excellent one, but do you have any insights about lemon water risks for people whose stomach acidity is high already? Or too low?

      3. Actually, my dentist told me NOT to brush my teeth right after doing this. Said that it will rip all the enamel away. Best thing is to dilute with more water (like she says) and then use a mouthwash (I use the Listerine Naturals with no food dyes etc.) to strengthen enamel daily.

  2. My Grandma used to drink a similar “warm water-Lemon” concoction but she would add Honey to it . . .

  3. Hi, I too enjoy this morning routine however I have never been able to find the claims you are making and that others make backed up anywhere. Actually only the contrary of that none of the claims are factual. I wish they were built where do you find the studies that support the heath advantages of drinking warm lemon water? I “think” it makes me feel good but other than my dentist telling me that it is dangerous for my teeth and to always since with non lemon water after drinking, I have no other facts.

    1. Jessice-there are tons of articles that you can find that say the same thing Vani is saying about lemon water. Simple google search.

    2. Check It is a website about diet for kids with autism. There Dr. Natasha Campbell also recommends starting your day with a warm lemon water.

  4. I want my son to use this for liver lyme detox, is this safe on a 24 year olds stomach ? I am worried about stomach acid and damage to the esophagus?
    I know that apple cider vinagar can be very hard on the system.
    We have an MD that is natural and she swears off Apple cider that its really bad for cancer of the esophagus. Even aloe water was not on her approved list and she is all about natural .

  5. Vani, Love the suggestion. My brother recommended the same as I have digestive system problems and endometriosis which really takes a toll on my immune system, liver and urinary system, somehow I forgot to keep up the routine! Starting this tomorrow, thanks for the timely post 🙂

  6. I have been drinking lemon water for over a month now, it has helped me quit drinking Starbucks daily. I didn’t get the usual side effect you get when you quit coffee, it also feels so good and energize it’s weird. I never really believed that t could happen. 🙂 I have also been wondering is this is something kids can have? Small children? I would assumed it’s safer than laxatives they put kids on now days.

  7. I have been doing this for years and love the way it makes me feel. I honestly feel more awake. Vitamin C helps support collagen production as well.

  8. If you use the ACV, instead of Cayenne, do you still use the lemon. I have been reading about this for years and just need to do it! Thanks for all you do.

  9. What are the benefits of an electric kettle over waving or stove top hot water?
    What’s a good water filter ?

  10. OK Folks, no more questions, just drink the warm water and lemon or lime juice anyway you want with anything you want in it. Have a great life.

  11. I workout at 5am and the idea is of drinking this and then exercising sounds like a bad idea. Would it be better to wait until after exercise?

  12. I’ve been doing this for a little over a year now and I have found the easiest way (when at home) is to squeeze about 10 lemons using my citruis juicer and freezing in cubes trats. That makes an easy 2-3 week supply ready in my freezer. Just pop a cube in a cup and add hot water. Makes it a perfect temp to sip through straw! I do like the glass straw idea- getting some now as I always feel guilty about them not being recycleable. Thanks!

  13. When I wake up in the morning I drink a cup of hot water (hate lukewarm or room temperature…) with a slice of lemon and some pieces of fresh ginger.
    I can’t eat anything for the first 2 hours or so after I wake up but this gives me the energy I need.

  14. I drink two cups of hot coffee, sometimes three, then stop at the little store down from my house and buy orange juice and a sausage biscuit. Maybe I should add cayenne to my sausage biscuit. I feel great as well. Healthy too. And it’s GMO and non-organic.

  15. Suprised to see microwave oven in the background of video. HA HA.
    You rock! Thank you for all the good info.

    1. I drink coffee before taking my thyroid meds & have never had a problem. Also, doc told me I can eat 20 minutes after taking them.

  16. I have been doing this for the last week however am finding I get heart burn about half an hour later… does anyone else??

  17. Hi, I have been making this a morning ritual for months. I also add about a teaspoon of organic turmeric. After you get used to the taste you will crave it!
    Thanks Vani

  18. I tried this drink in the mornings for a while and I couldn’t tell any difference in how I felt so I stopped doing it

  19. All I want to know is what kettle do you use? I’ve been searching for months trying to figure out what kind of kettle to go with.

  20. Great post and video Vani!!
    Folks – you definitely need to avoid the warm acid bath on your teeth enamel by drinking with a straw and following up with regular water. I did not use a straw so when i followed the warm lemon water habit everyday for over a year I ended up with a cavity. I’m positive the cavity was from doing the following things:
    1) I didn’t use a glass straw
    2) I brushed my teeth immediately after drinking the warm lemon water. I thought I was getting rid of the acid, but turns out this is one of the worst things to do. The warm acid bath makes your teeth enamel soft, so brushing at this moment weakens your enamel and increases the risk of cavities. This is why Vani says to drink regular water right after and wait to eat or drink anything else.

    I’ve stopped drinking the warm lemon water for now while I rebuild my enamel. Let me tell you I really miss it though. It gave me all the benefits Vani said it would.

  21. I have tried this routine in the past, but without the glass straw. I noticed the acid making a weird feeling on my teeth immediately. I am really excited about the straw recommendation (and discount!)….Thanks, Vani! P.S. Is it still okay to drink my daily dose of coffee afterwards, or should this replace your morning drink?

  22. Do you brush your teeth before drinking the lemon water? I have heard that it’s beneficial to drink a glass of warm water immediately after waking up, which is something I’ve been doing for a long time. I’d like to incorporate the lemon water into my morning routine however I was wondering if you drink it before or after brushing your teeth?

    Thanks Vani for everything you do. Keep at it!!!!

  23. I have gout and I had the habit of drinking lemon juice daily. My uric acid levels were very high and I had gout flares constantly. When I stopped drinking lemon juice my uric acid levels dropped dramatically and have remained low. Now I have few gout flares. My Rheumatologist says high uric acid levels are a clear sign of gout. So I don’t see how drinking lemon juice is a “natural cure” for gout.

  24. P.S. Hey Vani – if you *really* wake up to this cringeworthy alarm sound, maybe check out softer wake-up sounds for your smartphone because it’s good for you to be woken up gently. Check out the Windy app for instance. Or simply pick your fave song as your wake-up sound 😉 Here’s to a good morning start!

  25. Hey Vani,
    I’m not a huge fan of lemons. Can I use limes instead and still get the same benefits???

  26. Hey
    What if I can’t have citrus fruits, can I do it with applecider vinegar and get the same bennefits ?

  27. Don’t you people ever squeeze lemon into tea? Or flavor up your daily drinking water with lemons, or drink lemonade? This is not anything different! Get the sheep out of your brains and THINK.

  28. Yeah, I’m sure that really is your house and not just a bed behind a fake background. Everyone wakes up looking just like that. At least be honest about that.

  29. There we go again… I’m quite positive this article was posted before – with the same mistake: lemon juice is not alkaline. It contains citric acid, which as its name indicates, is an acid! There is no way drinking lemon juice can make anything alkaline. Anyhow, it’s probably harmless, except for the enamel, and I agree using a straw is definitely a good idea (also for orange juice)

    Now, the pH of the body is very carefully regulated, and absolutely you don’t want your body to become more acidic or alkaline, or you’ll be in serious trouble. The good thing is, you can drink lots of lemon juice (or beer, or wine, or any other acidic stuff) without disturbing your body pH too much (my guess would be your stomach might be the first one to complain), because it’s so good at regulating its own pH. Similarly, our body is very good at getting rid of all useless stuff – no need to go into convoluted detox programmes… let your liver do its work 🙂

    1. I was wondering how in the world an acidic substance like lemon juice could possible be “alkalizing”. I tried using google to find more information, but all I found was unsubstantiated statements about it “reacting with the body” but without going into detail about how it would react with the body to essentially reverse its natural acidity. A few sources did reference “minerals” in the lemon juice, but again didn’t provide enough detail for me to understand why the minerals in the lemon juice don’t make it alkaline outside the body, but do make it alkaline inside the body. Am I missing something? Or are maybe the benefits of lemon juice not due to an alkalizing effect and people are mistaken about that?

  30. I have been using essential oils and drink water with lemon oil daily. I imagine I could try this concoction with my doTerra lemon oil? Would aleviate the worry about the acidic acid ? Thoughts?

  31. With all your good ideas, Vani, I am surprised that you don’t add some of the lemon zest to your morning drink. It’s an excellent way to add even more goodness and health benefits. Your thoughts on this?

  32. Hey food babe! Since you recommend fasting 12 hours every night, is the lemon water included in that or is it ok to be had before 12 hours? I have to get up at 5 for work and I try to drink mine (and coffee-I’ll admit-before leaving my house). Thanks for any help.

  33. Never thought of adding cayenne, but I always put a little bit (maybe two twists) of pink himalayan salt in my lemon water when at home for the added mineral benefit as well .

  34. Thank you for this tip! I’d heard about lemon water before, but didn’t know all of the benefits. Perfect timing. I had not tried the cayenne pepper before either, but I did this morning. I will have to get a glass straw!

    One little concern I had was about using the water you put in the kettle from the night before. I heard that the evaporation process causes a higher concentration of lead in the water. I’m not sure if that’s all kettles or just ones made of certain materials, but I plan to put the water in fresh then boil in the morning. Thanks so much, going to try it for a month and see what happens!

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