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Introducing Truvani’s Glorious Gut Probiotic Supplement

I’m a big believer that your overall (mind and body) health starts in the gut. After experiencing a health crisis and changing my diet, I found an incredible health practitioner who recommended I start taking a probiotic. They explained to me that this would help to restore healthy bacteria in my gut, which has a dramatic effect on your overall health. So, I began taking a probiotic – this was the first health supplement I ever took. Now over ten years later, I still take one daily. This one simple change helped support my health more than anything else I tried. After just a few weeks of working on balancing my gut, I started to notice some little things… My mind felt clear. My body felt good. My skin looked fantastic!

Since taking a probiotic was a BIG turning point in my health journey, when I co-founded Truvani I knew I had to create one.

And I’m not the only one who’s a mega fan of probiotics. It’s been our #1 most requested product since we launched Truvani. But the thing we learned is formulating a great probiotic is no small task. We considered making a probiotic powder, a probiotic tablet, a probiotic drink… and none of them were good enough. And a lot of funny things happen while working with these live strains of bacteria… like when we created a liquid one and it outgrew the container (yikes!) So, I went with my gut (pun intended) and waited until we got our product juuuuust right, and….

In the end we created one awesome probiotic capsule supplement. One that contains 15 incredible strains of healthy bacteria to support a balanced gut.

I’m proud to introduce Truvani’s Glorious Gut Probiotic. It’s been a long time in the making… and it’s available today at our special launch pricing!

Get Truvani Glorious Gut at special launch pricing (While supplies last – we’re selling out). 

Up until recently, the health of our gut has been largely ignored. But now, researchers are even calling this remarkable system our “2nd brain”, and some doctors have dubbed it “A new clinical frontier”. Thanks to all this research pouring out, we now know that much of our health is controlled by our gut. And it’s one of the reasons why everyone keeps talking about “Gut Health”. Silly health fads can get a little obnoxious… But gut health isn’t a fad. It’s a revolution.

Watch this video to see why gut health is so important and how Truvani’s Glorious Gut is the best probiotic on the market:


When it comes to probiotics, different bacterial strains have different benefits. So when formulating a probiotic you can choose to include ones that focus specifically on skin health, or immunity support, or digestive health. Well, I wanted one to do it all…

So, I put together my DREAM formula.

Most brands don’t do this. The cost to create a probiotic with more strains costs more money… and some companies cut strains to cut costs. But here at Truvani we believe in creating the best. We put our customers first, and if you can get all the good stuff in one probiotic, I say we do it.

We included 15 properly dosed strains to deliver a wide range of benefits. Some other brands “strain wash” their probiotic. This means the bulk of it only contains 2 or 3 strains, lightly “dusted” with other strains to save money and look better on the label. We don’t take shortcuts at Truvani. 

Click the link to see all 15 strains in Truvani Glorious Gut Probiotic and how they can help.

All of this is why I can proudly call Glorious Gut the best probiotic on the market. It’s vegan and non-GMO with 15 Strains and 15 Billion CFU’s per capsule.

And right now, you can get Glorious Gut at special launch pricing

If you ever thought about trying a probiotic, now’s the time to do it. Gut health is extremely important and I love giving my gut everything it needs to handle the day ahead. It’s going to be a game-changer for you too!  


P.S. There is a lot of complicated (sometimes conflicting) medical research about gut health. But really it all comes down to this: Your gut is a garden. It is where the seeds for health and beauty are planted. Probiotics are like fertilizer, they help the good stuff in the gut grow. This keeps our gut strong, so that bad bacteria (kind of like weeds), don’t overtake our beautiful blooming gut flora. Healthy soil makes for beautiful blooms, and a healthy gut makes for beautiful skin and a happy you. 



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