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Kraft Dumps Artificial Food Dyes After Massive Petition!

The thousands of letters I have received from parents whose children have benefited from the removal of artificial food dyes are ringing in my ear this morning. We finally did it.

Kraft Victory Dyes

Kraft Dumps Artificial Food Dye After Massive Petition

Kraft is removing all artificial food dye from every kind of their mac & cheese by 2016. Millions of families across the United States and Canada will finally get the same safer versions that have been available in Europe for years. The double standard is finally ending for one iconic product and hopefully several more. A million boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese are sold everyday – that’s a lot of artificial food dye finally being eliminated from the North American food supply. We have a lot more work to do in this area but we are making some serious progress.

Please consider removing this additive from your diet because artificial dyes…

My heart goes out to everyone who is fighting for a safer food system, especially every one of you that signed this petition (all 365,000+ of you!), and of course the ‪#‎FoodBabeArmy‬ who has been actively working for this change for 2 years!

This is a revolution, consumers voices are finally being heard!



Official Press Release:




  • Kraft Foods pledges to phase out artificial yellow dyes and synthetic preservatives from Mac & Cheese after 365,000 people back food blogger Vani Hari’s campaign and The Food Babe Way book hits #1.

CHARLOTTE, NC – More than 365,0000 health advocates, consumers, and concerned families are celebrating the success of a popular petition led by activist and New York Times Best Selling Author Vani Hari. Faced with intense public scrutiny, Kraft Foods has just announced plans to remove artificial yellow dyes from all Macaroni & Cheese products by 2016.

Vani Hari, petition author and founder of, celebrated Kraft’s announcement. “This is a revolution – consumers voices are finally being heard.”

“This is a crucial first step on removing an unnecessary but potentially harmful additive from the food supply, millions of children could be affected by these artificial food dyes,” said Hari. In Europe, artificial food dyes require a warning that states; “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” This is required because of scientific studies conducted by European Safety Officials.

The Center for Science in The Public Interest has petitioned the FDA to ban these artificial food dyes because risks include hyperactivity in children, cancer (in animals studies) and allergic reactions. The British government and European Union have taken actions that are virtually ending the use of dyes throughout Europe.

“Consumers have been telling us, and parents in particular, that they want to feel good about the foods that they eat and that they serve their families,” Triona Schmelter, Kraft’s vice president of marketing for meals, told the Chicago Tribune.

Kraft’s announcement comes as many companies are removing artificial food dyes, including Hershey’s and Nestle.

“To be part of such a monumental turning point in the removal of artificial food dyes from the food system and to help raise up the voices of over 365,000 people is an incredible honor,”

“I hope Kraft’s decision to remove these artificial food dyes from Mac & Cheese continues throughout their entire product line including JELLO, Kool Aid and across the industry,” commented Ms. Hari.

“This is a real turning point for the food system – I thank the hundreds of thousands who joined the petition and the researchers and activists who have been pushing for this across the world for many years.”

The food industry, of course, is not too happy about this kind of activism. After Ms. Hari’s book The Food Babe Way hit best selling status (which included several chapters on the risks associated with consuming food industry additives and the introduction dedicated to her activism at Kraft), they have started a campaign to attempt to discredit Ms. Hari and her followers. Some recent articles about her have failed to report that many other consumer, environmental and health groups, plus eminent scientists and doctors, are also targeting these the same synthetic ingredients. These stories also fail to report that these same substances have been tightly regulated or banned in Europe and other nations based on science.




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289 responses to “Kraft Dumps Artificial Food Dyes After Massive Petition!

  1. I noticed yesterday that Chipotle is not providing pork right now. They have a sign shoeing that they gave supply issues with getting responsibly raised pork.

    1. Yes, Steve. And Panera Bread is taking Artificial Ingredients OUT of all their foods they produce!!!! They said today on the News, the only artificial ingredients will be in the sodas they sell. The hand writing is on the wall! Companies are going to have to change or as Mad Max said, they’ll go by the wayside like “Tang”. Organic Cucumbers at Trader Joes, 68 cents! “And the times they are a changin'” The artificial ingredients crowd? Well, too bad so sad. Maybe they can move to the poor 3rd world companies where all the garbage that’s left over is dumped. That’s not my wish for them, however. My wish is that they’ll wake up and stop being stupid.

  2. I heard this on the radio this morning and thought of all of the work you have done. Congrats on all of the hard work paying off. it just goes to show that you must keep on going. It is not over night, and it is not easy at times, but you are changing the way Americans eat. Thank You!

  3. I have been trying unsuccessfully to educate people about the artificial coloring FD&C yellow #5 & 6 for many years. This is not a allergen, it is a toxic chemical.

    Now we need to work on removing FD & C coloring from Progresso, Cains, relish, pickles and vinegar products. Candy, drinks and more!

    Thanks for Food Babe, “It takes a Village.”

  4. I am so happy to hear this! I am so inspired by your hard work, for it has gotten good results! My kids used to eat Kraft Macoroni and Cheese, but we stopped after hearing about the food dyes. We look forward to trying the new and improved version. Thanks for all your hard work Vani, you are truly an inspiration. 🙂 🙂

    1. really? they can knowingly poison your kids and you’d go back to them with your money….geez re-production should be licensed, poor kids. Try teaching them that you don’t reward bad behavior……never another dime from me, just like all the others I boycott Johnston and Johnston being another….

      1. I likely will not go to Kraft, either. But what is the point of pushing them to drop the dyes if we’re going to continue to “punish” them anyway? Once the bad behavior stops, you start rewarding the good behavior. Right?

      2. I agree with you Deborah! Do you disown your kids when then do something wrong but then make it right? Besides, I look at it like this….it’s a good way for other companies to see they need to make changes too!

  5. This Washington Post article doesn’t do a good job of addressing the real concerns of all Americans who are trying to eat a health diet of real, whole foods. You don’t have to be a scientist to inquire, investigate, and understand what is in the food you eat and how it affects your body. -just another responsible consumer

    1. In that article, Kraft makes it sound like they were going to do this anyway with barely a mention of the people who made it happen. They obviously would prefer that the public think that they thought of it first; why doesn’t that surprise me.

      1. It shouldn’t surprise you, sounds like some parents feel its ok to continue feeding their kids kraft products, if kids were #1 as parents like to have us believe then Kraft would have been out of biz the second the dyes were found out about, boycotted….obviously ease and cheapness come before kids and Kraft knows this, parent just wont admit it…..COOK real food already, its your job!!!

  6. Sorry, Kraft still makes 100% junk food. When they start producing organic products from whole foods, I’ll *consider* buying one of their products. But not until then.

    1. I agree. We’ve got to stop spending our money on companies who make toxic products. They’ll stop doing it when the profit isn’t there. Let’s support companies who make whole, healthy food products only. Then they’ll make more to choose from. This is wonderful news though and it shows progress. Thank you for all your hard work, Vani! You go girl; we’re with you all the way.

  7. SCORE!!!! This is awesome news. Now off to petition other companies to get rid of the dyes. Way to go!!

  8. If the FDA aka “Fraud and Death Administration” will not protect us then we have to raise hell and protect ourselves!!! Your work, Vani, is unprecedented ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! ALL packaged and processed foods targeting children are full of GARBAGE! When it hit the news yesterday about the Mac and Cheese, it was a great day. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog, however, if people choose to feed that empty “food” to their families, at least it will be less toxic than it was before. Inch by Inch, Step by Step, Foot by Foot, Yard by Yard, Mile by Mile!!!!!!!! They are going to HAVE TO STOP POISONING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!

    1. I suppose you would rather see your children starve or go hungry? Please don’t take away safe food away from poor people.

      1. Oh please, misconstrue all you want to. What the Gov. gives poor people to eat in the food boxes is all full of processed food, dyes and additives. I’m not saying to take away safe food from poor people!!! I’m saying that poor people don’t deserve what they are putting out as “safe” “foods”. Get real! They don’t care if they are poisoning people who have to eat this toxic poor excuse for food in order to keep from starving.

      2. Dede

        How exactly would you feed poor people then? What are you doing to get safe food to disadvantaged people? The government isn’t the only provider. As long as you have good, safe food to eat it doesn’t matter what other people eat. Is that how it is?

      3. Toxic food like this junk from Kraft is NO safe food. That’s the whole point. Do you not understand what all this garbage is doing to people?! It’s destroying health, immune systems, shortening lives, and killing people/animals. Whole, safe foods are the only way to go but you’ll never get that from Big Food. Are you a troll from them? Sounds like it….

    2. Dede: I wouldn’t call Mac and Cheese garbage. Please tell me, how many people have been killed by Mac and Cheese? Why are you so afraid of modern food? Are you afraid to use a cell phone too? How about getting down to real food safety issues like listeria. Unlike Mac and cheese listeria actually kills people. Organic whole foods kill people too. Microbes can’t read the labels.

      1. You need to get educated! I am European, living in the United States, and what goes on in the United States with the greed and dishonesty of Congress and the lack of supervision of these mega-giant food corporations is appalling!
        Americans are, no doubt being poisoned with foods that are NOT foods anymore, but a concoction of deadly chemicals.
        The population is so sick, that it has become a charade! The Healthcare system thrives while people are lifetime “customers” of it!
        Autism, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and every Immune disease or disorder depend on this garbage to develop. What Vani does is KEY, to this! Education and revolution of the masses is what is working!

      2. Thank you Gabby Lewis… I couldn’t have written that better myself. The comments by “seriously” just show how deep the ignorance and complacency of some individuals goes. The brainwashed mindset and those who choose to believe the truth about what has happened to our food supply in the last 2 decades is appalling. Stupidity and ignorance be gone!!!
        Sooooo has anyone heard the bird virus that is killing millions of chickens in MANY states from CAFO’s ??? THIS WAS UNHEARD OF 20 YEARS AGO!!! Sick and dying animals are going to slaughter for human consumption!!! Baby Pigs are dying by the millions! Kept in cages their entire lives, unable to sit, turn around, or lie down!!! These people are sick, and unless things change, the population in HELL is going to get WAY BIGGER!!! The flames are licking at their heals!

      3. And is everyone aware of the battle Dr. Oz is going through with Drs. with criminal pasts and BIG CONECTIONS to the Hoover Institution who’s purpose is the Promote GMO production and products, Sales. and spending millions of dollars on the lobbying for the DARK ACT, which is now before Congress, to keep secret what’s really in our food! These “Drs”. have asked for his dismissal for Columbia Medical Hosp. These men are DEVILS and you should see their pictures!!! They’re all old and decrepid men who look like DEVILS! Henry Miller Gilbert Ross Scott Atlas to name 3 have said criminal backgrounds and ties to Big Pharma and Hoover Institution as I . Please get on Dr website and view the program! Find out about the DARK ACT and lobby your Congress to VOTE IT DOWN!!! The FOOD BABE ARMY must come into alliance to SPEAK OUT against the slanderous “men” who would try to vilify a man like Dr. Oz who is an advocate for healthier and safer food!!!!!!!!

  9. Way to go Vani !! Super Congratulations…You’ve done so much good for All of us. The Food Babe and her Army have Just Begun !! Watch out you food manufacturer’s !! We are sick and tired of the poisons you are feeding every single one of us !!

  10. Congratulations , Vani, and it’s all because of you. But did they once mention Vani Hari, the one person who fought to get the junk out of the Kraft Mac and cheese? No. It’s as if Kraft is taking the credit all by themselves . I am telling everyone you are the one that’s due the credit. Keep up the great work and we are behind you. Phyllis

  11. You are making a huge difference . We owe it all to you! GOD BLESS YOU. I have your book , its great!

  12. If you didn’t like what was in Kraft Mac-n-Cheese that’s fine. Don’t eat it, educate whomever will listen to you. Do what you feel you need to….FOR YOURSELF. You just killed a bit of childhood nostalgia. Thanks for nothing. I hope you choke on your plate of broccoli.

    1. She ruined nothing. It was the company that was poisoning the food. She only pointed out to the public that what exists in the food are known toxic chemicals.

      1. Kraft is not poisoning their food. How many people have died because they ate Mac and Cheese?

    2. Those chemicals probably are not so great for the environment to consume either. The foods we make don’t stop at us. All food is poison in the US, correct, but we can try to change that. People like you are why we can have nice foods.

      1. Lee I only wish I had that much power. I’d love to look into your pantry right now. I challenge you to buy products that don’t have any “poisons” in them. You’re a hypocrite just like the rest of these posers on here. FYI I farmed in my childhood and know real quality food from the field and farm. The occasional box of Mac-n Cheese we consumed didn’t hurt our health. We had fun eating it. It was a treat. People should just get out of people’s business.

      2. Lee

        That is really a put down to all the people that work in the United States to bring you food. Americans have the safest and lowest cost food around. Do you produce your own food?

      3. Safest and lowest cost? Have read the labels on food? Foods that are low cost tend to be processed and filled with poisonous chemicals. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are being sold to the general public at places like McDonald’s. How safe is that? But at least it is on the dollar menu.

    3. You are what you eat Todd; if you’re ingesting poisons, then you’ll spew ’em. Calling everyone “idiots” is a prime example of this.

    4. Do you really believe that God intended for people to eat food composed of or laced with chemicals?

      1. I am sooo sure he meant for people to eat natural wholesome foods…not chemically laced or genetically modified foods. After all, he was the one who created all the tress, fruits and vegetables t0 for us to enjoy. GMO’s were NEVER part of his plan.

  13. This is only one ingredient in a box that contains nothing nutritional to begin with except the butter and milk the consumer may add. Real change is real food. I do not buy anything in a box that has more unpronounceable chemicals than food ingredients. The best way to get huge changes in our food supply is just quit buying this junk. Once Kraft’s and other fake food producers profit margins begin to shrink, our message will hit home. Loss of revenue will command major attention.

    1. You’re the first commenter to point out this SO obvious fact. I don’t understand the hoopla about Kraft removing a dye from ONE product. And even with the dye removed, it’s not real food; it still other contains other ingredients that are harmful. It’s sad that people don’t make their meals from scratch anymore. It’s really not that difficult.

  14. Congratulations!!! Your success with Kraft, will cause all companies to comply with the standards, we as consumers want. God Bless You!

  15. I AM SOOOO EXCITED!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a feel good movement moment !

  16. y e s !!!! you go girl!!!! soooo happy about this!!!
    Keep up your commitment to health. i sure do.

    1. Because they are hungry and in need of protien and calories. Because they can’t afford to eat expensive food. I could go on but I won’t.

      1. Seriously, sweetheart, I really know where you’re coming from. I’ve worked with the underprivileged and I have been hungry myself. I once threw up after I ate a can of Beef-a-Roni from a food bank, when I was so starving I could feel my stomach walls touching. Baby, no one deserves to have to resort to eating that to keep from starving. Yes! And the food industry doesn’t care that the crap the are feeding the people is responsible for documented serious health problems.
        Aren’t you thankful that now at least the things like the Mac and Cheese they put in gov. food boxes and food banks are less toxic thanks to the efforts of activists willing to go up against the greedy powers that be? Ingredients list don’t HAVE to be 4 inches long with things in it that one can’t even pronounce! Prices on Organics are coming down and things will change for the better as long as there is BREATH in some of us. I know how offensive it can be that some, including myself can sound a bit elitist, when we say we wouldn’t feed that to our dog when some people in this country have to resort to eating dog food in order to keep from starving.
        God Bless you and I’m sorry everyone is jumping on you. I understand where you’re coming from.

  17. Congratulations on the big win! You are the David against their Goliath! Fighting for the better health of those people who don’t care what they eat. I mean really….. if they don’t care then why would they care that you change their world for the better, right? But when are we going to start the fight to clean up our oceans? All the fish are contaminated with mercury. And farm raised fish are fed GMO corn. I miss fish. My fish oils pills just aren’t the same….. even when I squeeze out all the oil and put it on toast. I know you can do it Vani!! You are so powerful you can do anything! It’s time to stop playing around with the tiny battles and do something that really matters. We are all behind you! Clean our oceans!

    1. Why are you so obsessed with this woman? Don’t you have better things you could be doing? If you don’t like what she stands for, don’t listen to her. Simple.

      1. Are you married to one of the Koch brothers or something? Their tactics of misinformation won’t wash here.

  18. while I’m sure the idea of Kraft removing the dye sounds like a great step in the right direction, wouldn’t eating fresh food be an even better solution to eating processed crap food that isn’t dyed orange? I can’t imagine that removing the dye puts mac & cheese any closer to becoming an actual nutritional source… Finding it hard to get excited.

  19. you made it happen Vani, so proud of you, you are the best, but I am vegan I won’t eat it

  20. All I can say is YES!!!! & FINALLY!!! Thank you Vani and thank you wonderful people who signed the petition.

  21. I was shocked to see an acquaintance complain about this development. She was angry that Kraft was removing the artificial food dyes! I just don’t get it!

  22. So does that mean, Vani, that you or any of you other folks are going to flock to stores to pick up a box of Mac N Cheese next year?

    Let’s be real: a good diet is a good diet. Period. Nothing out of a box, nothing processed. Nothing with a shelf-life longer than a few days. We shouldn’t really care much about the battle if we’re only putting good food into our bodies anyway. Which would involve decent pasta and a cheese sauce made with cheese and milk that is antibiotic free. Kraft will never sell that.

      1. Antibiotics may be given to dairy cows for prevention of disease. The antibiotics can pass from the cow into the milk. Same as for humans.

        Another similar situation exists with beta-agonists. They are a class of drugs that are fed to animals in the last 4-6 weeks before slaughter. They cause the animal to put on more meat and less fat, thereby bring a higher price.

        There is no rest period mandated for animals that were fed beta-agonists…no 30 days for the drug to flush out of the animal’s body. So if the animal was over dosed or even properly dosed, there is a potential for the beta-agonist to pass to humans.

        Approximately 60-80% of the beef sold in the US was fed beta-agonists. The drugs are also given to pigs and turkey. Possibly chicken as well.

        Because beta-agonists are drugs and not hormones or an antibiotic, they are not required to be listed on the package. The product can legally claim to be hormone and anti-biotic free but they still likely had beta-agonists added to their feed.

        Since most stores are too disconnected from the producers, your butcher/market will have no idea, and no way to know, if beta agonists were given to their meat/poultry.

        Many countries block US imports that were fed beta-agonists.

        AFAIK, the effects of beta-agonists in humans is not fully known.

      2. Hungry Man
        Milk is tested. The effects of eating meat are not fully understood. The results of not eating are fully understood. Not eating results in sickness and death.

      3. Yes, milk is spot tested. It is nowhere near 100% tested. The listeria infection at Blue Bell was likely occurring for a long time (several years?) before it was found. It was also discovered to be more widespread throughout the plant than originally thought. It was Blue Bell that found the infection, not the government. Had it been some other company, they could have just as easily swept everything under the rug.

        You probably think that all kosher food is inspected and blessed by a rabbi too.

  23. Yay!!! Awesome news!!! Great job!!!

    I’m still not buying anything Kraft unless they go organic, and anyway I can make my own mac-n-cheese. But this is a step in the right direction 🙂 No toxic dyes in food!!!!

  24. VANI!!! WE DID IT!!! I can’t believe that the petition got passed! Thank you for making the petition, I’m speechless. Differences can be made! Vani, you’re on a whole different level, you’ve inspired me and I’m sure the rest of the world.

    Vani is truly a golden gal.

  25. Wow. I’ve been eating Kraft Mac & Cheese for as long as I can remember (along with other processed & boxed foods). And you know what, I’m perfectly healthy. I got full bloodwork done at my doctor’s office about a month ago, and he said all my numbers were so perfect that the report was boring. (I have a good rapport with my doc.)
    Eating only organic and non-GMO is nonsense. You can be healthy with other foods included in your diet. Moderation is the key, not ignorance.
    Think for yourselves.

  26. I am seriously disturbed when I hear people say they can’t afford to eat healthy because they are on a fixed or limited income. Several years ago, my husband was laid off and many weeks I only had $26 for groceries – to feed a family of four. $26! I am a scratch cook and thankfully we have a garden every year and put up vegetables, as this greatly helped us get through. I couldn’t afford macaroni & cheese, or other “foods” in that category. Many times I had to make bread out of necessity. I had the ingredients at home but not the $2 for a loaf that week. Or we were out of bread and it was the weekend – we live 15 miles from town. Today we are still on a fixed income even though my husband is employed. We still have a meager food budget – and a daughter with food allergies. So there is alot of things we have to avoid. And as a result, I have become more educated about our food – fresh and processed. When the result of what you eat is very clearly seen through your child and how she reacts to foods, it makes you keenly aware of the fact that processed foods are crap and contribute to our countries decline in health. Even with fresh food you have to be aware of what is used on it during the growing, handling and processing before it reaches the grocery stores. It angers me that Americans are brainwashed into thinking they can’t afford to eat healthy. And continue to silently kill themselves through unhealthy, dead food. Vani, thank you for the work you are doing with the awareness and petitions to improve our food. I am fed up with our country saying things are GRAS, when in fact they are not. We are among the wealthiest nations, but suffer with the poorest health. Even many third world countries are healthier than we are! Why do you suppose that is?!

  27. You did it !!!!!

    We did it !!!

    Getting the word out, informing others the dangers of the food dye. Linked to ADHD, food dye banned in other countries as they know the dangers.
    Kraft – you heard our voices, you listened. .. YAY

  28. I posted earlier asking if there were any links to studies done on the claims made here. Perhaps it got lost?

    1. Danya… bless your heart, there are plenty of informative publications on Vani’s blog if you will just take the time to read… all the information you need will be there or if not, then try and other blogs Vani has researched and posted for our benefit.
      It’s not fair to asked to be spoon fed everything. Part of being involved in a coalition for truth and accurate information is to be proactive in your own education. I hope your journey to finding these answers will bring you to the great enlightening education on the true dangers of what the GMA, the agricultural and food industries have done to poison our food supply.

      1. I’m sure she lost weight due to the removal of a food dye… she probably lost it by reducing caloric intake.

      2. Oh, Fat, I guess then by your comment, you must be deemed hopeless. You can read all about how Vani made the transformation from unhealthy and overweight, to the gleaming, energetic and healthy person she is today. But obviously you don’t have the gumption, are too lazy, or you are just here to fight. I feel so sorry for you.

  29. When I had seen this last week on the news, I immediately thought of you! You go, girl!!! YES…it’s about time. Keep up the fantastic work. It’s much appreciated.

  30. Don’t see the need for the change but will give it a try. I will be the first to sign a petition to restore the ORIGINAL recipe if it does not look, feel, and taste the same.

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