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Kraft Dumps Artificial Food Dyes After Massive Petition!

The thousands of letters I have received from parents whose children have benefited from the removal of artificial food dyes are ringing in my ear this morning. We finally did it.

Kraft Victory Dyes

Kraft Dumps Artificial Food Dye After Massive Petition

Kraft is removing all artificial food dye from every kind of their mac & cheese by 2016. Millions of families across the United States and Canada will finally get the same safer versions that have been available in Europe for years. The double standard is finally ending for one iconic product and hopefully several more. A million boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese are sold everyday – that’s a lot of artificial food dye finally being eliminated from the North American food supply. We have a lot more work to do in this area but we are making some serious progress.

Please consider removing this additive from your diet because artificial dyes…

My heart goes out to everyone who is fighting for a safer food system, especially every one of you that signed this petition (all 365,000+ of you!), and of course the ‪#‎FoodBabeArmy‬ who has been actively working for this change for 2 years!

This is a revolution, consumers voices are finally being heard!



Official Press Release:




  • Kraft Foods pledges to phase out artificial yellow dyes and synthetic preservatives from Mac & Cheese after 365,000 people back food blogger Vani Hari’s campaign and The Food Babe Way book hits #1.

CHARLOTTE, NC – More than 365,0000 health advocates, consumers, and concerned families are celebrating the success of a popular petition led by activist and New York Times Best Selling Author Vani Hari. Faced with intense public scrutiny, Kraft Foods has just announced plans to remove artificial yellow dyes from all Macaroni & Cheese products by 2016.

Vani Hari, petition author and founder of, celebrated Kraft’s announcement. “This is a revolution – consumers voices are finally being heard.”

“This is a crucial first step on removing an unnecessary but potentially harmful additive from the food supply, millions of children could be affected by these artificial food dyes,” said Hari. In Europe, artificial food dyes require a warning that states; “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” This is required because of scientific studies conducted by European Safety Officials.

The Center for Science in The Public Interest has petitioned the FDA to ban these artificial food dyes because risks include hyperactivity in children, cancer (in animals studies) and allergic reactions. The British government and European Union have taken actions that are virtually ending the use of dyes throughout Europe.

“Consumers have been telling us, and parents in particular, that they want to feel good about the foods that they eat and that they serve their families,” Triona Schmelter, Kraft’s vice president of marketing for meals, told the Chicago Tribune.

Kraft’s announcement comes as many companies are removing artificial food dyes, including Hershey’s and Nestle.

“To be part of such a monumental turning point in the removal of artificial food dyes from the food system and to help raise up the voices of over 365,000 people is an incredible honor,”

“I hope Kraft’s decision to remove these artificial food dyes from Mac & Cheese continues throughout their entire product line including JELLO, Kool Aid and across the industry,” commented Ms. Hari.

“This is a real turning point for the food system – I thank the hundreds of thousands who joined the petition and the researchers and activists who have been pushing for this across the world for many years.”

The food industry, of course, is not too happy about this kind of activism. After Ms. Hari’s book The Food Babe Way hit best selling status (which included several chapters on the risks associated with consuming food industry additives and the introduction dedicated to her activism at Kraft), they have started a campaign to attempt to discredit Ms. Hari and her followers. Some recent articles about her have failed to report that many other consumer, environmental and health groups, plus eminent scientists and doctors, are also targeting these the same synthetic ingredients. These stories also fail to report that these same substances have been tightly regulated or banned in Europe and other nations based on science.




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289 responses to “Kraft Dumps Artificial Food Dyes After Massive Petition!

  1. Hey Vani-

    I am a huge fan of yours. I think what you are doing here is amazing!!! I have been on on the same journey as you, picking and eating food based on their chemicals and ingredients. I too have lost a lot of weight and feel better than ever. I started my journey before I knew about you. But now, I actively want to help and join your mission. Please email me!!

  2. I do believe that our food is full of chemicals, mostly because everything IS made of chemicals, but there are other things added to our food that may or may not be cause for concern. Being able to determine whether any of those chemicals are harmful is a totally different ball game. As consumers, we have participated in creating this problem over generations by demanding cheap food that tastes great, looks nice and lasts for weeks. While I agree that there’s some stuff that’s in food that doesn’t need to be there, I understand that it’s there because I’ve made certain demands of the food industry as a consumer and they are trying to accommodate my demands while also keeping their own costs down. Blaming the food industry for pulling the wool over our eyes is a total cop-out. Everybody wants to make a buck peddling their wares, even Vani! We are all involved in this, so let’s not fool ourselves that we’re all innocent bystanders, shall we? That being said…..however, we need to take responsibility for our own education on these subjects, as Dede has reminded me, so I will reveal what I’ve found in about 5 minutes about one of the studies Vani cites as proof that food colour causes hyper-activity in children. The Perdue University study that is cited in Vani’s article has been debunked in a recent article in Clinical Pediatrics where it first appeared. And not only once. In fact, other scientists started questioning it’s validity as early as November of 2014, although I don’t see anywhere that is mentioned on either the CSPInet site or this site. If a study is invalidated because of bad data, wouldn’t you want to know?? CSPInet has failed in it’s scientific integrity by not reporting this. Research complete! I’ve also read many other studies that claim the same thing and a large majority have been disputed and debunked. And petroleum?? Really?? Try petroleum derivative. Completely different thing. How do I know? I looked it up. Petroleum jelly has been used for decades for diaper rash and to aid healing and that is also made from a petroleum derivative. Also made from petroleum derivatives are: Zincofax, Chapstick, shampoo, contact lenses, toothpaste, lipstick, hair colour, etc. Sure petroleum is also used to make oil for cars, but that doesn’t mean that it’s derivatives are also toxic. That is basic chemistry and to claim otherwise is irresponsible and misleading reporting. Did you know that you can eat a pound of petroleum jelly and all that will happen to you is that you’ll have really soft poop. Why? Because it’s a lubricant and it’s also inert. What does that mean? Look it up! It’s important to also note at this point that if scientific studies are to be cited as evidence of toxicity and behavioral changes, that they at least use accurate data (not purely observational from a parent who knows that their child is part of the study), are double-blind, peer-reviewed studies done over time on a respectably large group. Read more than two, read 10, or more! And from different sites. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?? It is! If we are to be properly educating ourselves on the potential harm of additives in our food, we should be mindful of what constitutes a valid study, read it ourselves, be able to recognize bias, and not just rely on others to tell us what it means. Also, just reading an abstract for a study is not always the best way to accurately determine if the data gathered is valid. Be responsible for your own education on these matters. Don’t just read one or two studies taken from sources that already agree with your confirmation bias and then call it true. That is being intellectually lazy. Vani, if you REALLY, truly care about your cause, at least employ someone who can interpret these studies for you. I dislike saying this, but you often unintentionally shoot yourself in the foot where credibility is concerned because of very obvious errors in interpreting scientific studies and even basic science. Nitrogen in airplanes? Yes. I remember that one, even though it has mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. Credibility in this manner is paramount if you want to be taken seriously by the scientific community and by others who use critical thinking to verify claims of any kind. If you demand honesty, transparency and accuracy from food manufacturers, at least provide that yourself by ensuring your sources are not biased (by this I refer to using the same sources that ALWAYS back up your way of thinking) and that your investigative research is accurate. Not doing so makes you a hypocrite and leaves you open to ridicule, as I see happens frequently. Admit when you are wrong and try not to whine about it. It’s your own fault for not doing your homework. Again, I’m not saying this to be mean or cruel! Also, thank people for correcting you! By doing this on your blog, you will not only show that you can be gracious about admitting your errors, but also that you have some intellectual integrity and are willing to be humble and share this new knowledge with your Army. While I understand that this site caters to people who already have certain beliefs about the food industry in general and have not changed their minds even with strong evidence that many additives are not harmful (just an observation, not a value judgement), the information you are trying to convey doesn’t have to be incorrect/misinterpreted if you can have someone explain it to you in layman’s terms. You may then find that if the bulk of independent scientific research does not support a certain chemical or additive as harmful, you can then make the accurate determination that while it is not proven to be harmful, your Army can use their own best judgement in consuming whatever food-stuff contains it. Allaying some people fears about “scary” sounding ingredients that are actually not harmful can add to your credibility. If your real, sincere goal is to educate people, make sure that you’re actually doing it. Just some observations from someone who DOES do independent research on claims made by scientific studies, even if they DO confirm my existing bias.

    1. Dear Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. You couldn’t have been more verbose if you tried. And more grossly & ignorantly inaccurate than anyone of the paid GDS that are hopping on here so far! So you win the prize. Before you pontificate any further, just tell your boss that, Holy S#!t boss, these people aren’t going to listen to ignorant blathering, can I have a new script?

      1. Thank you for your comment. I could not have said it any better, and I had a good laugh!

      2. You’re welcome, Kathleen. I mean, do they not realize how retrograde and foolish they sound? It’s ridiculous really!!!

    2. Enjoy eating your chemically laden food and hopefully you won’t have health related issues in the future from the food you eat. As for me and my household, we have chosen wisely. I will not put this toxic crap in my body or in the bodies of those I love. Thank you to Vani, for working towards freeing us all from the dyes, additives, and preservatives.

      1. Uh, Erin, hoping you are not implying now that Kraft is not putting dyes in their product, that it is now going to be healthy? Please tell me that you would not now decide to bring this processed cheese food into your pristine household. It is very frightening to me that Vani may have attracted more followers for Krap (oops, I meant Kraft) by “accident.”

      2. Hi Max, I wasn’t implying that at all. I make my meals from scratch using high quality ingredients, but I realize not everyone has time for that or the money to buy foods that are organic/natural. So I appreciate Vani’s efforts for higher quality food for all people.

  3. Yet another example of big business bending over to the health nuts. I really think people need to mind their own business. I don’t think anyone would enjoy someone telling them how to raise their kids. so why force these company’s to change a product that millions of people have been raised on without a problem? If you people are so concerned about living a healthier lifestyle then go shop at the health food stores. So thanks for butting in and ruining the childhoods of millions of kids and to the kraft corporation i’m sorry that a company that once was a proud company that added to the happiness of millions of children could cave so easily. I can’t wait to see your sales sink next year.

    1. Yes I’m sure millions of childhoods will be RUINED because the color of mac and cheese will change slightly, and they will be exposed to less carcinogens. Get a grip.

      1. EVERYTHING is a carcinogen. You should really think about that the next time you are sunbathing, and not hiding under you covers.
        When did the world get so full of pseudo-science ninkenpoops?

      1. Yes! Trollie, Troll, Troll, Troll. Monsatan disinformation specialists from the Hoover institute and the
        GMA. We’re hitting the Jugular and they are fighting hard to keep us from knowing what is in our food. Pissant little ignorant cowards which would cause one to ask, who is feeding them their script! It’s so ridiculous it’s almost laughable!

    2. Mike — I understand what you are saying but the problem is many of us have been affected health wise because of what they allow to be in our food. Some people are lucky and it doesn’t affect them as much. But I am personally one of them that has some severe medical condictions that are directly related to food. You may ask how I know this. I have been on an extreme strict diet for the past 2 years that contains all nature food with no chemicals, artificial flavors, sugar or pesticides. Every time I have some thing small that may have these items in it I end up have a severe reaction. My regular doctors don’t understand but they state that something is wrong even though they can’t put their finger on it. They encourage me to stay on the diet and continue going to my homeopathic doctor. I have many friends who can eat these things and no problems but my question is what is it doing to their body that they may not notice. My body is more sensitive so I have to deal with more noticeable symptoms. My reason for fight for change is so that my children and their children won’t have to deal with the difficulties I have to endure everyday. I know some may say my diet is choice but when you deal with severe symptoms when you are not eating the right foods choice isn’t in the deal. It isn’t a choice it is a necessary fact. I just don’t know why people who know this stuff is bad for us allow it to be in our food or make food that has it in it. This is why we need to fight change.

      1. Jeannette, first, I can assure you that Mike is no ‘troll’ as he’s does not know the definition of a carcinogen and and the big boys at Monsatan do. As do the folks on the GMA. Some food companies are greedy like the Once-ler in my son’s favorite book the Lorax. He gobbled everything up until the last Truffala Seed, then told the young boy to plant it and one day he would see it grow. Who is the young boy, is it Vanity? Is it Krafty? No, my dear Jeannette, it is my son James, I am the Dr, the writer, he is my muse.

        Are all food companies bad? No way. They are all eating food just like you and me, millions of people work for to the food industry, just who’s wool is being pulled over who’s eyes? We all need to kindly ask the government to stop listening to big oil companies and filling or bodies with shoopity shlop with their petroleum waste products. Lest their be no more room for the sweet Barbaloots.

        So Babe, follow the yellow brick road straight to congress with your Minions (James’ fave) and get some laws changed. Um, could Marion Nestle please help educate babe on nutrition as she is quite a distraction. Needle in a haystack Babe, you found it!

        I am Max I speak for the kids. Cheers!

    3. Here’s a thought- If you don’t like this mac and cheese-DON’T EAT IT OR FEED IT TO YOUR CHEMICAL FREE (RIGHT!) CHILDREN!!!!!!!!
      I, for one, like it the way it is and resent you forcing your views on me.

    4. Agree with Sasha on this, get a Grip! And uh — Mike, Kraft is doing the victory dance here. This will pretty much make them dominant in the category. Annie’s is a distant second. If you like Kraft try Annie’s, it’s dye free now and will be healthier still when Kraft launches, because it is made with organic pasta. So no need to feel sorry for Kraft, Mike. Was that once proud company back when they were owned by Philip Morris? Kraft doesn’t even want to go back there!

      I am Max with all the Facts

  4. Smh Alot of peole on here I see that has way too much time on their hands and nothing better to do than either call people names like “troll” etc… What are you grade school children?
    Seriously. Anyway, I can really see KD going out of business in the near future all because 2 lonely little girls had a fit one day and decided ” i dont like kraft dinner” so they made a petition to try and look like a do gooder. Boring. Alot pf people love the mavaroni just the way it is and indeed grew up on it. Didnt you ever hear the saying, Dont fix what isnt broke? Same thing applies here. Leave it alone! If you dont like it, dont eat it.

    1. Lol…silly Amy poo. I seriously doubt kraft will go out if business because they decided to do the right thing and change some ingredients in their Mac and cheese. Sometimes you have to protest and complain to better things. Look at womens and black people rights in this country. If they didn’t fight for change they still would be under unjust laws.

      1. oh noes not those oppressed consumers of food products! we all need to stand up and fight for THEIR rights!

      2. Peppy, my dear, Kraft most certainly won’t be losing market share, Reuters projects they will gain. You think this will cause a revolution like voting rights for women? Ha, funny (lol). Sorry folks, Kraft had a recipe for this all ready to go in the UK, a no brainer for them to change, they are just happy it was validated in the US by the signatures of so many consumers. I suspect the taste will just be fine for you who eats junk, Amy– try eating up the box, more nutritious. You won’t see a new formula for Jello and Kool Aid, like ever, because there are no colorings found in nature to replace those. Get real Food Babe. Go after the FDA, they are the ones who can change the laws that effect all products. If you aspire to affect change like women suffragists, march on Washington. I DARE YOU.

      3. I’m sorry Peppy Poo, I don’t see any laws that have changed here, do you? Amy dear, this product is Krap in any color, you are far better off if you don’t eat the new formulation.

      4. Max Wax your so full of yourself. If you read my response, I was saying Kraft WONT go out of business because of this adjustment to their ingredients. Also, as for any laws changing WHO CARES…I DONT EAT KRAFT ANYWAYS. Im just commenting here you knucklehead. The victims here are the sheeples that eat their garbage like Amy.

      5. Max Wax I am sure kraft wont go out of business for a minor adjustment in their mac and cheese. Read my post to Amy CAREFULLY.

        No laws because the FDA is allowing these corporations to go “GUNG HO” on the consumers and feed them stuff that is both unnatural and unhealthy to cut corners and save themselves money. The real losers here are the people that eat this crap. I CHOOSE NOT TO eat crap food and I hope many people follow this as well to choose to eat healthy foods for themselves and their family.

        Thank you Vanni for your time and efforts into helping people WAKE UP and for your exposures into these corrupt greedy companies.

      6. Dear Peppy La Pew. So nice of you to care only about yourself and not others. Name calling is not nice, go in your room and have a time out. I can assure you I can read your nasty note. Happy you are note eating Kraft products.

      7. Dear Peppy La Pew. So nice of you to care only about yourself and not others. Name calling is not nice, go in your room and have a time out. I can assure you I can read your nasty note. Happy you are not eating Kraft products.

        As for the FDA, that is the governing body that regulates our food, it is called The Food and Drug Administration. Not sure if you learned about government in school but when something is deemed against the law, you are not allowed to do it. So if these toxic dyes would be illegal here as they are in the UK, that would effectively remove them from our lives period. Kraft makes crappy products but they are not trying to kill people in this country, and spare them in the UK. Are YOU reading carefully? Does that make sense to you? Kraft is following the law here and following the law there. The FDA is the problem my dear Peppy. And UNLESS We start caring about more people then ourselves, it will not change.

        I am Max I speak for the kids.

    2. Amy dear, my friends in the UK tell me that they like the new formulas just fine so I don’t think you will be bothered with it except the color won’t be the shade of a parking cone. And Kraft will not go out of business my dear, the merger with Heinz is lifting them out of their scary roots. Things do need to change though, and you will have to adjust. New science tells us that we must change. Being nostalgic about a product that was formulated before we landed on the moon, is like walking around with the first cell phone. Tang didn’t make it. Likewise, laws around the use of dyes in food have raised the concerns of many credentialed doctors and nutritionists. I have decided as a very well informed consumer, that I really don’t need more FDA lab rat tests to recognize what is safe for my only child, he will not be part of their tests. When LAWS are made to protect everyone based on science and not corporate greed, then I will celebrate a real WIN.

      So Amy, you will have to change with the times and it’ll be ok, and if you serve this product to your child, make sure it is as a side dish.

      I am Max I speak for the kids.

  5. My youngest son is can not have Red and Blue dyes which is in just about everything and is very challenging when trying to find things he can eat. Just recently a few fruit snack manufactures have jumped on the band wagon removing artificial dyes (yeah) . Take a few moments to read the labels I think it will amaze you how many products out there have Red 40 and Blue 1. I know when it comes to food products appearance has a big factor on what consumers buy but there are many natural coloring agents out there (turmeric = yellow, beets = red, blueberries – blue) Hats off to the companies out there that are looking for natural alternatives. Today mac & cheese tomorrow Poptarts…well we can only hope.

    1. James, I know quite a few months ago they came out against artificial food dyes… gave the whole run down on all the toxic garbage they are derived from. Yellow was the WORST, Blue Lake, Red 40! I believe an example the pediatrician gave was a child’s mother brought him in after eating a blue popsicle and his mouth was swollen and broken out in red rash. More and more children are being affected.
      We have to lobby to make further changes in this country which allows poisons in our food that are not allowed in other country’s diets. Vani has spoken out against it over and over. I HATE the jello commercials. Kool Aid, Canned Pie Fillings. It’s going to have to become the make your own generation and strong lobbying to make more widespread changes, as is exhibited by the ignorant paid disinformation specialists who want to hop on here and really and truly DISGRACE themselves!

      1. Goodie for you Dede, a few months ago you found out about Food Dies from Babe. My son is 9 (also named James!) has ADD and is helped greatly by proper nutrition, and no dyes. Only, I have known about it much longer, not breaking news from Babe. James hates Pop Tarts but had an Oreo once and begged me for it like it was crack cocaine. Had Krap Mac & Cheese once at a friend’s house and said it tasted like slimy snot. Kids develop a taste because parents give them Krap. Oreos, Jello, Kool Aid, Capri Sun, Cheez Wiz, all Krap products in my book. But that is just my opinion.

      2. Max, that’s my opinion as well. I don’t know where you got the idea that I only learned about the dangers of food dyes from Food Babe only a few months ago.
        I’ve known about it for years. I never fed my family this crap, i.e. the things you mentioned. And now they don’t feed their kids the garbage either. I served Mac and Cheese once in a while and I made my own. It’s so fast and easy! I also served a salad, or broccoli, or some other vegi we liked and, well what can I say, the slimy snot boxed stuff was not on my grocery list.

  6. Hi I was wondering if you had any info or thoughts on toddler/kids vitamins:
    organic yummi bears,
    garden of life
    mega food
    any others you would recommend?
    Thank you

  7. Food should not be bad for you…… processed food has too much fat, salt, sugar and additives in them making them unhealthy. People need to go to their favorite food processors website, click on the CONTACT link and send them an email asking them to reduce the amount of fat, salt, SUGAR and additives in the foods they produce. Their common answer is that they are producing what the customers want. You have to let them know that consumers want healthier food choices with less salt, fat and SUGAR in them. It only takes a minute to send them an email. Food should not be bad for you.

    There is an obesity epidemic leading to increases in heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

    Do something… Make a difference…..

  8. Um, great that Kraft is getting rid of the dye but kids grow up on powdered cheese product? Wow, not my kid. Try fresh noodles, butter and fresh shredded Parmesan with a glass of milk. Just as convenient. I don’t get the attraction, but I didn’t grow up on it, thankfully.

    1. Agreed and some yummy recipes on the internet to make Mac and cheese with good ingredients.

  9. People its not difficult to make your own Mac and cheese from scratch. Look it up the recipes the internet and this way your in control what ingredients you want to use in making it. Skip the kraft crap.

    1. Peppy you are such a little nasty thing. Who are these “people” you are referring to? I like Elizabeth’s super simple idea because I am not a good cook, luckily my wife is but since we are both working professionals, I do get stuck with the task. Thank you Elizabeth for the easy tip. Peppy, if I am full of myself, you are highly insecure. Why are you on this crusade, Minion? Because Babe needs people who do care about people, not cut them down for not knowing how to cook. Maybe when make your journey to the Emerald City, the Great and Powerful Oz can give you a heart, and a brain, and some courage.

      I am Max I speak for the kids

      1. Well maxwell you LEARN. I also am a guy and choose not to be a lazy bum like you and rely on my wife to cook and clean after me. My suggestion to make ac and cheese from scratch is a good suggestion and no need to go to the marker and buy a box….you can buy the little ingredients needed and make it for your wife and kids. Minion? I think not. Insecure? Nasty? Wrong again pal.

        If you have time to come in and say stupid things in here out of your busy schedule, then you can also make time to learn how to cook and make better meals for your kids and wife. So max shut up and put that apron on.

        As for Oz and emerald city…wrong again maxwell…I believe in God and we have the ability to do things for ourselves if we put in the effort. Next! I also speak for the kids.

  10. If you don’t want to eat the food dyes in Kraft, don’t eat the food dyes in Kraft. It’s pretty simple to make that choice. There are lots of macaroni and cheese options, including making it yourself. Why then do you have to wage a campaign against foods, and a brand and M&C that other people like? I absolutely hate the taste of olives. I’m not on some crusade to remove olives from stores and restaurants.

    Let people live the lives that they see fit, and eat the foods that they enjoy. This is busy body nonsense that serves no purpose other than to stroke your own narcissistic ego. Hey, look what I can do! It never matters to people like you whether or not you should actually do it.

    I have a mother and a doctor, and you are neither.

    1. I think the point here is that there are a lot of parents who wont take the time to cook or search for healthier products, and quite possibly can’t afford that healthier option. For the single mother of 6 children who works two jobs just to put some cheap and easy Kraft mac and cheese on her kid’s plate, these types of changes can really help. Why should children be harmed even if their parents aren’t sourcing the BEST ingredients for them? The parents might have the choice but their kids don’t.

      I have a mother and a doctor too, and I think they both would probably think you’re being an a-hole. Why are you reading this blog anyway?

      1. So because there are some bad parents out there not doing the best thing for their children, the rest of us have to change how we live? You do realize how idiotic that sounds? I know some drivers who can’t handle anything over 60 mph. Let’s lower all speed limits to accommodate them. There are people who can’t handle their alcohol. Let’s ban it. Anything else we all must change because a few people are too stupid to live their own lives responsibly?

        That’s great that your mother and doctor would think I’m being an a-hole. Would they also think that you’re being an imperious fascist?

  11. Jeff has a good point that some people can’t afford proper nutrition but they aren’t the only ones buying Kraft. The most popular brand of instant meals in the country isn’t consumed by only the poor. The fact is that eating nutritious and conveniently doesn’t have to come from a box. People are fooled by marketing claims. But equally bad are blog sites like this that would lead you to believe that taking up the crusade to eliminate food coloring from a product that has no nutritional value is some sort of great victory. What’s next, yellow #5 out of Twinkies? Big deal Food Babe.

    And if you want to enjoy junk once in a while, so be it. Let’s just call a spade a spade.

    1. Twinkles? No, she said she’s hoping for Jello and Kool Aid next. Oh joy, now kids can have their artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup just in muted colors. There is something wrong with this logic. How about we let them keep all their garbage ingredients intact and boycott the product? Seems if they can’t sell it they won’t make it. I am all for grass roots activism but let’s not pretend this solves the issue. Now, Nestle is taking the artificial color out of their candies next year (of their own doing, no petitions) which is a great story because that helps with Halloween! Can’t really call candy healthy but Moms know to give it in small doses. How many Moms will now think it’s ok to give their kids Kraft Krap on a regular basis? No, I’m with Elizabeth– call a spade a spade and just don’t buy it.

      1. Peppermint Patti, you win the prize for the smartest comment I’ve seen besides FiGuy! Yes, hats off to Nestle because kids need their treats now and then. And Nestle does not market them as meals. They did answer to consumer requests as all people wanting to sell their product do. But, I read about it in the Wall Street Journal business section. Krafty made national News with CBS’s Savanna Guthrie saying she grew up on it and her kids get plenty of it. Great reporting Savanna, on your salary how come you feed your kids Krap? Camera cut to Charlie Rose smiling. Good boy not to comment Charlie…. There may be a Kraft commercial in the cue.

        James thanks you Peppermint Pattie for your consumer insight, he will indeed enjoy his treats! And thanks Little Nest for thinking about the Who’s down in Whoville.

        I am Max I speak for the kids.

  12. You can buy 4 Kraft Mac and Cheeses at Walmart for $3.95. That’s a meal for under a dollar. From a finance perspective you need to make this product with cheap ingredients and sell a helluva lot of it to turn a profit. Consumers demand cheap and healthy– news flash– not gonna happen. You have to be willing to pay for good food. Kraft can only answer to certain consumer demands, this is obviously doable because they do it in the UK. Their profits will probably now go up because people perceive they are getting cheap and healthy. Sad.

    1. Hey Fi Guy, you are absolutely correct, look it up on Reuters. You might not know this but Federal Law in the UK prohibits the use of petroleum based dyes. In this country they are legal. That’s why Kraft does it there but not here. I am guessing the cost is the same or very close. It’s not like they are stepping up to organics. It is indeed very sad if they gain new users. The old ones will notice a slight change in flavor because of the spices but I am sure it is darn close to what my son calls “slimy snot” flavor. The problem is that it is marketed as a meal for kids with no nutritional value. Yes, very sad.

      1. Max… you are flying alright, but I’m not sure on what! Your judgments seem to be quite erratic as well as your syntax, grammar and spelling. I hope the teaching of your son somehow will reach a higher level…. your heart seems to be in the right place, but really you are not coming across very well stated at all. The “I am Max, and I speak for the kids,” Good gracious.
        Fly High, dear man, if that’s what you really are, but don’t forget to come down.

  13. I also noticed Kraft mac & cheese did toss the fdc dye(s) however, I understand that annato is processed with sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner) {added to tap water} but I am not yet sure if ALL annato for color is done using chemical extraction. Keep up the great work Vani

  14. vice nice appreciate for your well efforts its really good.
    So true about how, no matter if we follow another’s recipe to the ‘t’,
    the food we cook always tastes like our cooking!

    This is a great recipe. SOOOOO delicious.
    Thank you so much for sharing it! Simple and fresh tasting.

  15. Hello,
    Just wanted to say THANKS for all your passionate investigation. when i google fro yo ingredients and other times as well, you’re the only website where i can find this info. Thought of you with this Panera article – clearly another success. 🙂 progress is coming!

  16. Hello,
    Just wanted to say THANKS for all your passionate investigation. when i google fro yo ingredients and other times as well, you’re the only website where i can find this info. Thought of you with this Panera article – clearly another success. 🙂 progress is coming!

  17. This is really, really great news – and hopefully other companies will follow suit. FD&C Colorants are just not good – especially for children. We avoid them in cosmetics also.

  18. Just a heads up from someone with a chemistry degree… Not someone paid for by big companies or anything.. Just a person sharing my knowledge.

    Plenty of products can be synthesized from petroleum chemicals. Which as of right now, are our only source of most of the chemical compounds we use for almost everything. The end product is a something which is chemically identical to the product derived from natural sources. In most cases, we have to do this because we either cannot extract this chemical naturally or at least cannot do so in the quantities required to be economically viable.
    Just a heads up, don’t worry about chemical products made from petroleum products. They are a vital source of some of the products we use for medical, food and industrial purposes.

    When two products are identical at the molecular level, it doesn’t matter how it was derived.. Whether naturally or synthetically, it’s the same product. This fear of “artificial” products needs to end, as in most cases we would not be able to feed the world without them.

    I applaud your goals to a point.. Being aware of what you put in your body is something we should all be doing… But it needs to happen the right way… Not using chemophobia, but rather education. People need to educate themselves… And going organic isn’t necessarily the best method.. Choosing locally grown products is far better because not only are you accustomed to the area the plants are grown because you already live there but you save the planet more greenhouse gases by not having to transport these foods as far before they get to your plate. A product can be organic and great but if it had to come from across the planet to your plate, then its economical impact is very negative.

  19. Hi,

    I have not read all of the comments on here to know whether this was said or not. But I am glad to hear that the food dyes will be removed, but what about all the other ingredients that are not good?

  20. Here’s something else for you all to fight about.. Kraft now uses turmeric as one of its ingredients to color their Mac n Cheese. Recent studies show turmeric contains lead! Go…
    But seriously, I am looking into this, now.
    I am hoping, you, Vani Hart.. will also.

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