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My Saving Grace In Combating Pollen Allergies

The news shared this photo of the pollen over Durham, North Carolina (not far from where I live) and yikes… just looking at it makes my lungs hurt…

{photo credit: Jeremy Gilchrist}

They are calling this green cloud a “pollenpocalypse” – which is kinda funny, but seriously – all of this pollen is no joke to anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. And it’s not just the pollen in the air making us feel bad…

Our air is polluted with bacteria, industrial chemicals, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, car exhaust, and more.

These substances lead to headaches, poor sleep, hormone imbalances, lethargy, and have been linked to a greater risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and cancer. Your air quality may be affecting your health right under your nose. Take this short quiz below to find out. 

Do you…

  • Find yourself sneezing and coughing more often than normal?
  • Live in an area with frequent wildfires and need to limit your time outdoors?
  • Feel tired and sluggish often?
  • Need to take seasonal allergy medicine?
  • Have a hard time recovering from workouts?

If any of those things are affecting you, your air could be making an impact on how you feel and may even lead to health issues down the road. Thankfully there are ways to improve it!

One place that I can control the quality of my air is in my home. I use a high quality air purifier (made by my partner Intellipure). Ever since I started using it I’ve slept better and don’t suffer from seasonal allergies – even during this pollenpocalypse!

The Intellipure is the most effective air purifier on the market. Here’s why I love it:

  • Their patented system removes 99.99% of harmful viruses, fungi, molds, and bacteria, leaving nothing but fresh, pure, healthy air.
  • Unlike HEPA filters, it doesn’t trap viruses and bacteria that can multiply and cause secondary pollution. The Intellipure kills them so that they do not accumulate.
  • It’s 40 times more effective than HEPA filters at trapping dangerous microscopic particles and VOCs.
  • It’s super quiet and I don’t notice any noise when I’m sleeping. This is super important aspect to me!

As I always want to share with you what works for me, my team was able to negotiate a special deal just for the Food Babe Army:

Take 15% OFF an Intellipure Air Purifier with the code: FOODBABE19 (expires Friday 4/26)

Even if I’m eating the purest, most organic food in the world and drinking the cleanest filtered water around, I know that the air I breathe is just as important! If I wouldn’t drink unfiltered water, why would I breathe unfiltered air?

If you can’t get an Intellipure right now, other ways you can protect the air around you is to thoroughly dust surfaces in your home with a damp cloth, mop floors, and vacuum often. Also get some indoor plants, which help to purify the air. I hope that we all get some relief from all of this pollen soon!

Get your new air purifier with the 15% discount code FOODBABE19 here.

If you know anyone suffering from this pollenpocalypse, please send this discount code to them. Let’s help everyone breathe cleaner, safer air!



P.S. While outdoor air pollution has been classified as a carcinogen (causes cancer) – the air we breathe inside of our homes can be even worse! The EPA says that indoor air pollution is about 5 times greater than the air outside, and is sometimes 100 times worse than the air you breathe outside. That is why it is so important to clean the air inside of your home.

If the price of the Intellipure is making you hesitant, let’s break it down. If you average out the price over one year, it will cost you less than $3 per day to breathe purified air. That’s less than what most people spend in breakfast each day. Don’t forget to use the code FOODBABE19 to save even more!


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8 responses to “My Saving Grace In Combating Pollen Allergies

  1. Unfortunately the kids will end up continuing to have these issues. That air purifier is WAY too expensive- even with a measly 15% off, and it’s saddening for many of us who have to suffer through this, the lower quality ones/common ones don’t do the job too well.

    1. Hi Malayzha, we have received similar feedback from many allergy and asthma, and multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers which is why we are so excited to introduce our new Intellipure Compact machine! The Intellipure Compact is half the size (and cost!) of the Intellipure Ultrafine 468, and it utilizes the same powerful DFS technology as the Ultrafine. It is ultra-quiet and has been specially designed to deal with ultrafine particles and medium to high gas and odor adsorption. The heavy duty, 5-stage gas and odor filter is the most effective filter in it’s class. Please visit our website to learn more!

  2. What people choose to do with their money is up to them. Do I find this air purifier pricey? Absolutely! But when you think of it as a one time purchase for a better way to breathe and live, it may be worth it. All depends on your air quality of where you live and think the unit price will better yourself and family. I know people who drop tons of money on elaborate birthday parties, presents, clothing, daily coffee and those things are throwing away money. Will I buy this? Not sure yet, depends on my needs and how much I have saved. But product does look amazing, need to do further research for myself.

    1. Sure, it may possibly save money and make the air better but the issue is some families, like ours, would not be able to make an expense one time for $999 at ANY given time. We do not celebrate birthdays due to severe food allergies and due to costs, we aren’t invited for holidays due to severe food allergies which means we aren’t spending extra money on presents/gifts, never have had coffee and isn’t in our household, the kids do not have a phone and that even includes the 13 year old, and clothing would be a pair of leggings around $3-6 dollars, a $4-7 dollar shirt, a simple bow hair accessory for the girls- no nothing extreme or expensive.

      1. Good grief you took the comment as a personal attack on you. I’m sorry your family has severe food allergies, my family and I do also. So we make our own food and when are with other people or at houses, we just don’t eat. People understand and I never make any one feel guilty about having to to cater to my family’s food allergy needs.
        And you like most of us are frugal with are expenses. I was stating that their are people (didn’t mean you, just a statement…) who will spend money on frivolous items but complain about spending a lump sum on a possibly needed purchase for health. I for one won’t be buying this product, just because it wouldn’t better our life, air quality isn’t an issue for us.
        So again my statement was clear “what people choose to do with their money is up to them.”

    2. I’m sorry about that. I sometimes don’t really get what someone is trying to say.

      When it came to the food allergies in our family. Most of the kids are allowed to visit other family and such but the one with the most severe allergies is excluded completely or some try to force her to have it despite them knowing the dangers. We never eat out in restaurants and everything is also made in home.

      Sorry again.

    3. Hi Susan, our commitment to quality and performance is what sets us apart! Each Intellipure air purifier is hand-crafted, and individually tested and certified to provide 40x the efficiency of HEPA standards. We do have financing options available via PayPal Credit which offers 0% interest for the first six months! Also, we are really excited to have launched a new product called the Intellipure Compact, which offers the same level of protection from ultrafine particles as the Intellipure Ultrafine 468, but is half the size, and half the cost! Please check out our updated website to see our newest products!

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