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The Time I Almost Ate At Taco Bell… (I’ve Been Keeping A Tiny Little Secret!)

I am thrilled to announce we are expecting our own little Food Babe this winter. 

I know all you moms and dads out there have been waiting for this moment for a long time… I laugh just thinking about all the times you said to me “Just wait, until you have kids”…

Well – that time is almost here and you can finally get all your “I told ya so’s” ready to fire!

No, but seriously, we are SO EXCITED. It’s been really hard to keep this secret from you! I’ve been walking around with a ridiculous smile on my face for months trying to hold it in.


I’m obsessed! Baby investigations are underway!

I’ve been reading every natural pregnancy and baby book under the sun for the past several months.

How it happened…

Well I am not going to go into all the exact details (I’ll let you use your imagination – haha)… but late last year, I knew I was finally ready to be a Mom. My parents weren’t getting any younger, Mr. Food Babe and I were about to celebrate 10 years of marriage and the more I thought about my role in this life, I knew I really wanted to bring another force for good into the world. I have so many hopes for her – to be brave, confident, powerful, smart and have lots of tenacity!

When I looked at my husband and said I was ready, things happened quick. BOOM. I was pregnant. I honestly couldn’t believe it – I thought it would take a long time considering all the pregnancy stories and experiences I have heard about with loved ones and close friends, but I am incredibly grateful that it happened so easily for us. We are truly blessed – I can’t help but think the years of getting my health to its optimal state had to help – practicing my healthy habits, regular acupuncture and staying away from processed food!

I’ve never been more hungry in my life!

Now that I am pregnant – wow – have my eating habits changed. First of all, not in a million years did I think I would ever crave Taco Bell again. But it happened. I was walking by one on the way to another restaurant and I could literally taste a chicken soft taco and bean burrito in my mouth. Of course I didn’t get any – But man! It was the weirdest sensation I have ever experienced, especially considering I haven’t eaten at Taco Bell since it was like 2am in the morning and I was in college.

And then Burger King happened. Yes. That nasty excuse for food. I was in Spain (of all places!) promoting the Spanish version of The Food Babe Way and was stuck in an airport terminal with the smell of charbroiled hamburgers radiating the whole waiting area. I thought I was going to DIE if I didn’t have one. But thankfully my years of personal investigation and study of food toxins and industrial factory farming kept me FAR FAR away – there was no way I was going to feed my growing baby that tainted meat on that processed to death sesame seed bun!

As you can see, my pregnancy cravings have been INTENSE! To tame them, I’ve spent a lot of time making organic comfort food at home – I’ve made just about all my childhood favorites – grilled cheese, biscuits, pancakes and more. (Have you seen all the cooking on Snapchat? Follow me at “thefoodbabe”).

I have heard most mamas stop enjoying green vegetables during this time – thankfully that is not the case for me, I still LOVE kale and all things green (with a slice of hot cheese pizza please – haha). Actually my Melt In Your Mouth Kale Salad has been on serious repeat lately and is the one dish that doesn’t give me the pregnancy burbs! I’ll be sharing some more of the comfort food recipes I’ve been making soon.

Follow “Food Babe Mama” On Instagram for pregnancy & baby updates.

I have so many more pregnancy stories to share. Like in true Food Babe fashion, I have been reading every book under the sun to prepare for this moment and can’t wait to share all the good health principles I am putting in place.

If you’d like to follow along on my pregnancy journey, I’ll be sharing my insights here on occasion but also more frequently on my new Instagram account – Food Babe Mama – come on over and follow me there!

Pregnancy Q&A Coming – Let Me Know Your Questions!

Also – I know there are many of you mamas and dads out there that might have questions for me and wondering how I am handling all the ins and outs of child bearing, so I’ll be doing periodic Pregnancy Q&As. If you have a question you’d like to have the answer to, just let me know in the comments below.

This is such a wonderful time in my life – thank you for being part of this community, celebrating with us and for all your love and support!




15 weeks pregnant 

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324 responses to “The Time I Almost Ate At Taco Bell… (I’ve Been Keeping A Tiny Little Secret!)

    1. Congrats on your great news!! I’m in the very early stages of my pregnancy and boy do I feel repulsed by food. Usually my diet is very clean and organic but can’t cook. Please help!

  1. Such wonderful news, you look radiant Vani! Congratulations to you and Mr Foodbabe, look forward to following your progress,
    Be well, big hugs

  2. Vani, many people would love to see you become an anti-vaccine activist. People need to be educated on the dangers of vaccines. In my home state of NJ, the autism rate is 1 in 28 boys who were born in 2004. According to the CDC, 1 in every 6 American have a learning disability. Kids today are so sick with many neurological and auto immune disorders. It’s an epidemic!

    1. I’m right there with you Jersey Girl! Good for you for speaking up about it. I’m convinced that my horrible allergies, sinus issues, among other issues I have are as a result of the vaccinations that I received back in the late 70’s & early 80’s & then as an adolescent. (My Father, who was a single parent of 3 of us, SO regrets ever vaccinating us)! 🙁 The unbelievable amount of vaccines that are pushed now is FAR greater than ever in history. I can’t imagine that Vani, knowing so much truth in what is real food & how deceiving & downright dishonest the FDA is in our country, will not already be educating herself about the dangers of the numerous vaccines that are being pushed today. I’m sure she will if she hasn’t already. Once you know truth it’s near impossible to start believing lies. 🙂

  3. First I am so excited and happy for your family.
    I am really excited that you get to do the hard work of researching all the baby stuff. I wish this was sooner than now but I still have a little one that will need the insight. I stopped breastfeeding at 1, my daughter has a rare mitochondrial disease and the doctors know nothing about what helps her body with regards to nutrition and knows very little about what hurts her, so my question is since she still needs lots of calories outside of table food and is still taking a bottle, what is the best formula?

  4. Vani so glad to hear you got little bundle of joy may god bless you an yours take care again congratulations lol Robert

  5. Vani,
    As a mom of 4 young adult children I know the joy you are about to experience! Congratulations to you and Mr. FoodBabe.

  6. Hi vani,
    Congratulations on your big surprise. I am truly happy and excited for you, your husband and your family. God bless you all with an abundantly optimally healthy, intelligent, happy baby foodbabe.
    Your loyal well wisher.

  7. Congrats Vani. Babies are a beautiful blessing from above. I think your body is very healthy and that could be why it happened very quickly. God bless. TYSM again for all you do for our health. Aloha

  8. Congratulations and God bless your baby. What kind of cooking oil would you recommend for someone that is allergic to gluten. Than you.

    1. Ruben — I really love the following:
      grapeseed oil (non GMO) for high heat cooking
      avocado oil
      coconut oil (virgin, unrefined)

  9. Congratulations to you Vani and Mr. Food Babe!! May God Bless you and your family as you begin a new chapter of your lives together. You have made a huge difference in our lives, for sure!! We are a close family, 4 generations living from right next door to about 15 minutes away. We ALL are eating the Food Babe Way!! I’ve experienced amazing results for myself, and have seen my grandchildren come off of medicines for allergies and skin issues and tummy problems, incredible!!!
    Your baby is already getting amazing nutrition from you and will have the best start in life. Such a message of HOPE for future generations. Thank you for ALL you have done for so many people who benefitted abundantly from your gift!!
    Peace, Love, Joy

  10. So happy for you and your family. Kids bring so much joy to your life. This gives me a chance to say thank you for all you do. I’ve made many dietary changes in my life because you and I pass all your information onto my grown kids.

  11. Vanni I’m so happy for you and your husband. I wish that the arrival of Baby comes with a handful of Blessings. I’m sure of that, because all the good things you have done for the people teaching us how to eat right even sometimes putting yourself at risk fighting the big Corporations.
    Congratulations and God Bless you

  12. Congratulations to you & your husband! 🙂 May God’s blessings be with you all in this new & wonderful stage in your life.

  13. My first job was at Taco Bell around 1998.
    The only thing you need to know about taco bell is that it is a restaurant with no stove and no oven. You cook the meat (contains oats and other fillers) in boiling water still sealed in the plastic bag it comes shipped in. The re-fried beans are just powder that you add boiling water to.

  14. Congratulations!

    I am 2 months into my very first pregnancy, and I have so many questions. What are you best do’s and don’ts of eating habits for pregnancy? What should I ABSOLUTELY avoid? What about probiotics? Or kombucha? Or wheat grass? What foods do you think I should ABSOLUTELY incorporate? What about prenatal care/supplements? Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I want to do this the RIGHT way, and the healthiest way!

  15. Will you be drinking coffee while pregnant? I’m asking because I’m pregnant and REALLY wishing I could drink coffee lately. I like to hear opinion from women who are likeminded with their food intake!

  16. Congratulations to you, husband & the rest of your family!!!! Many Blessings for a happy, healthy pregnancy & baby. Your entire lives are about to change for the better! ☺

  17. Children are a treasure of the heart. Best wishes to you and your mister as parents.

  18. After reading all the books on the subject Vani, and with the notes you will be writing on your own experiences, you will become an expert and then you will write your own book on how easy child birth can be when you are a healthy vegetarian woman who also exercises. I have read somewhere that women who live and practice like you do have no pain during birth and the baby comes out so fast. Mr. Food Babe will of course be present to take more pictures and be ready to catch the baby upon delivery. I would suggest that he takes pictures every month to show the growth of your belly – a side view for children to see the wonders of nature. Ask him to take lots of pictures that you could use in a possible child’s book. And also, you will at home giving birth without any need of periodic checkups. I’m looking forward of reading and seeing your adventures.

    with love,

  19. Hi, I about 6 months away from “trying” to have a baby, and have also been trying to find all the good stuff for my future child. I was wondering, can you do some investigations on sunscreens? I know you must put sunscreen on your baby to avoid them getting burned, but I know all of them are toxic. Which can we use that is safe?
    (I live by the beach so we soak up the sun a lot!)

  20. Congratulations Vani. You will make a great mom.
    She or maybe He will get a good start at life with eating right from the start.

    God Bless you and your new little one. Praying you’ll have a safe delivery

  21. Congratulations! I wanted to give you a tip on baby bm, use olive oil on the bum and it keeps the poo from sticking and takes it off easily!! I also have a question, I know it’s a very touchy topic, vaccines?

  22. What a beautiful blessing for a wonderful couple. Many congratulations and blessings for your beautiful child. This will also pave the road to a safer, healthier world for the children of our future, allowing you to force these companies to STOP! the chemicals, additives and preservatives each company is ALLOWED to put in food items. Your strength will continue to grow, just as the Food Babe Army will! We will be here to fight for the good health of our future.

    God bless you, Mr. Food Babe, and Food Baby. Hugs.

  23. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Since you said you were doing a lot of reading, I would highly recommend reading the book The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care by Sally Fallon Morell. I also will encourage you to watch the documentary by Ricky Lake “The Business of Being Born”. If you are still considering of giving birth at a hospital, please consider using a midwife or doula. I had two home births, without drugs and no episiotomies and they were the most amazing experiences of my life. I also recommend going to a chiropractor that specializes on pregnant women, this will make your birthing go way smoother and faster because they will align your sacrum. You are going to be an awesome mom! Now your mission will be even more passionate, because we need to educate mothers and moms to be on how to eat right for HEALTHIER and more BEAUTIFUL babies.

  24. Wonderful .I have 2 Grown daughters both older then you and my married daughter gace us the Best Chrristmas Gift out first Granddaughter who withh be 2 this Christmas Eve and only grandchild .
    You are so Blessed and I wish you Bona Fortuna ..enjoy every moment

  25. Congratulations!
    What pregnancy books do you recommend? I just found out I am pregnant and need to get educated!
    Thank you and congratulations again!

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